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Wednesday, 21 March


Ailing Hilary should be drained with the swamp

What is going on with Trump?

by Brent Wordman

If were to believe the mainstream media, in particular the ABC, the Trump administration is a chaotic mess ruled by an egomaniacal despot.  But appearances can be deceptive.

Trump always had the mission to go to Washington as a populist, to kick heads and drain the swamp i.e. radically change the political landscape of Washington DC with its entrenched, corrupt interests and the anti-American neo-liberal globalist agenda of the wealthy east coast aristocracy (e.g. Rockefellers).

Trump also has to deal with a corporate elite called the Senior Executive Service highly-paid bureaucrats who essentially decide what governments should and shouldnt do, based upon their corporate expertise. The SES also exists in Australia, and probably many other countries as well, e.g. to provide APS (Australian Public Service) wide strategic leadership of the  highest quality that contributes to an effective and cohesive APS in other words make the APS more self-serving than public-serving as it should be.

So undoing a highly controlled corporatocracy is no easy job, which is why Trump is reported to have approached the matter military style with the help of the US military e.g. former marine and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Encoded details of Trumps operation are being leaked out on Twitter (deliberately I guess) by an anonymous source called variously QAnon or QAnon8chan.
Veteran journalist Jerome Corsi has spent time decoding the messages (like the decoded one below) and the picture has emerged of the highly organised Trump operation to drain the swamp.

In fact it was revealed early this year that Trump had invoked emergency powers under an anti-human trafficking executive order.



Borderforce raids huge solar farm to inspect imported Chinese labour being paid with taxpayer funds

21 March 2018: KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has joined forces with Mick Robinson and Grant Harridine from the CFMEU in North Queensland to deliver a scathing attack against the state and federal Governments funding the construction of three solar farms in Central Queensland, after hearing news that one of the farms was visited by the Australian Border Force, a move that could only be associated with the interstate and foreign labour the farms engage.

It is reported that the Australian Border Force officials entered one of the solar farm sites, RCR Collinsville, late last week to monitor and observe operations.

Imported Chinese construction workers at the Collinsville solar facility have taken hundreds of Australian jobs while being paid a reported $15 per hour with Federal and State Government grants. A great deal of the wages paid to the Chinese workers will be sent back to China.

Mr Katter said this was just another example of how foreign fly-in workers are disadvantaging Australians.

Our Party, KAP, has a close relationship with the CFMEU because they are the only mob in Australia fighting against the 640,000...

Tuesday, 20 March


MACKAY Violent offender avoids being sent back to prison Search Results for mackay CrimeView

MACKAY March 20, 2018 at 05:07AM ,

Violent offender avoids being sent back to prison

March 20, 2018 at 05:07AM ,

A MORANBAH man avoided being sent back to prison after abusing his partner, chasing a fellow with a broken bottle and speeding a motorbike through a crowded school crossing, all while addicted to ice. Zack Matthew Grove, 20, fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on March 15 for sentencing.

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Liberal government heading down the Chinese social score slippery slope using facial recognition to identify dissenters

by Alex Bruce

Australia on track with Canada to catalogue its citizens

No sooner has Xi Jinping donned the mantle of Paramount Leader-for-life and ramped-up Internet censorship than the social credit system outlined in 2014 has been unleashed upon the Chinese public, with people now being barred from air travel or riding on trains if their social credit score is found to be lacking, under the Once untrustworthy, always restricted policy.

A few months ago, I researched a story about Chinas new Sesame Credit-powered social rating system, with Chinas answer to Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group Ltd. as one of its architects. The new Chinese social credit system merges individual credit and legal records and social media accounts, claiming to foster sincerity culture and traditional virtues to improve the honesty a creditworthiness of society as a whole.


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