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Thursday, 16 November


Senator Dean Smith initiates same-sex debate in Parliament and more Zedlines "GroovUs Feed Aradio"

West Australian Liberal Senator Dean Smith has delivered an emotional second-reading speech in parliament this morning. Image source: Wikipedia Commons/JJ Harrison

Senator Smiths address is the first to accompany his bill to the floor of Parliament that seeks to legislate yesterdays Yes vote on the marriage equality postal survey.

Debate continues as Labor Senator Penny Wong and Greens Senator Janet Rice also speak to the Senate in favour of the bill.

Man finds enormous gold nugget in North Queensland

A lucky Townsville man has found a huge nugget of gold buried in the Queensland bush.

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Crocs putting the bite on nippers

November 16, 2017 The number of life savers available to patrol Port Douglas beaches will continue to fall because parents are no longer enrolling their children in Nipper programs for fear they will become victims of a crocodile attack.

 State KAP Leader Robbie Katter and Michael Bolt, vice president of the Port Douglas Surf Life Saving Club were united in their call for immediate action on the growing crocodile menace.

This is the tip of the iceberg of the unforeseen repercussions due to the expanding territories crocs are claiming which are impacting on North Queensland communities, Robbie said.


The runaway crocodile population in the Far North has chased lifesavers and tourists from the water. The exploding saltie population has see...


Yawny Tawny ignores Aussie mozzie tyto tony

Deep in the heart of Mozzieland sits the Tawny Frogmouth. Unmoving, as usual.

But wait. Things are stirring. Pesky Brown-backed Honeyeaters want the Tawny gone.

Which brings what counts as frenzy from Tawny. Sleepy eye opens. Head turns. Nothing to see here. Back to snooze.

Mozzies? Let them join crowd and cloud around photographer.

Wednesday, 15 November


Anyone happen to know the hourly rate at Cairns City Tattoo? Cairns

Want to get a tattoo while I'm in Cairns but want to make sure it's not going to be too expensive. I tried sending them a Facebook message but they didn't respond and I'd rather not book an appointment without knowing. Thanks in advance!

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MACKAY Bike wedged under car, on fire: Sarina womans wrong turn Search Results for mackay CrimeView

MACKAY November 15, 2017 at 05:30AM ,

Bike wedged under car, on fire: Sarina womans wrong turn

November 15, 2017 at 05:30AM ,

Jane Margaret Perry (Langdon), 51, from Sarina faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, pleading guilty to driving without due care and attention

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Pacific Islanders call on Australia and other nations, as climate change submerges islands "IndyWatch Feed"

Pacific Island nations urge world leaders to act as islands expected to sink

AUSTRALIAS tropical island neighbours may exist today, but their leaders have urged us to help them from sinking., Matt Young@MattYoung  14 Nov 17 
A LARGE swath of Pacific Island nations are slowly being eaten away until residents will be forced to evacuate and the islands eventually sink into the sea and its coming sooner than we think.

This modern-day Atlantis is thanks to sea levels across small island nations that have seen a dramatic rise over the past few decades, a rate of up to 3-4 times larger than the global average. Tuvalu, in the western Pacific Ocean, will reportedly be uninhabitable by 2050, while its island neighbour Kiribati, is expected to be fully submerged by 2100.

The Maldives, which has the lowest elevation in the world and a population of 427,000, may also have sunk by the end of the century.

It has led experts including Professor Tim Flannery, climate change expert and Professor at La Trobe University to believe we are on a trajectory that will see those nations compromised.

Five reef islands in the Solomon Islands have already been lost forever while a further six have been completely eroded. Last year, the island of Nuatambu had already lost half o...


Australian World Heritage sites at special climate change risk- International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN) "IndyWatch Feed"

From the Everglades to Kilimanjaro, climate change is destroying world wonders
Number of natural world heritage sites at serious risk from global warming has doubled in three years, says the IUCN, including the Great Barrier Reef and spectacular karst caves in Europe,
Guardian, Damian Carrington 14 Nov 17, From the Everglades in the US to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, climate change is destroying the many of the greatest wonders of the natural world.

A new report on Monday from the International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN) reveals that the number of natural world heritage sites being damaged and at risk from global warming has almost doubled to 62 in the past three years.

Those at high risk include iconic places from the Galapagos Islands to the central Amazon and less well known but equally vibrant and unique sites such as the karst caves of Hungary and Slovakia and the...


Australia business leaders Michael Myer and Geoff Manchester oppose Adanis coal mine project "IndyWatch Feed"

THEY know how to make a million and these two successful Australian businessman say claims about Adanis coal mine are delusional. 14 Nov 17

OPPOSITION to Adanis coal mine continues to build as two prominent Australian business leaders come out against the project.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Michael Myer of the prominent Myer retailing family, and Intrepid Travel founder and chief executive officer Geoff Manchester, have both decided to speak out against the $16.5 billion project in Queenslands Galilee Basin.

The two men share similar concerns but were not aware of the others views before going public.

The mine itself is an outrage, Mr Myer told

Its a stranded asset and the proponent (Gautam) Adani is basically doing a very good job at conning our politicians at all levels of government.

But he said the fact that governments were subsidising the project was also concerning. Federal, state and local governments have all agreed to, or are considering, providing the project with financial assistance.

Mr Myer said the economics of the project did not stack up and the leading supporters of the project were politicians, not those in the business world.

The whole line that this is good for Queensland jobs is farcical and delusional, Mr Myer said.

It doesnt stack up economically and as time goes on the economics get even worse.

While the governments have continued to spruik the 10,000 jobs that will be created, Adanis own expert has admitted the figure will be closer to 1400 once jobs lost in other areas are taken into consideration.

Mr Myer believes the 10,000 number is mythical and the real number will likely be even less than 1400 as many operations can now be automated.

These jobs could also come at the expense of others.

At risk is Australias lucrative tourism industry with many concerned about the impacts of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef.

Tourism operators are very concerned about this because weve already seen some negative impact on the Great Barrier Reef from bleaching in the last couple of years, Intrepid CEO Geoff Manchester said.

Weve already had seen some local tourism operators i...


Last Green Drinks for 2017 CAFNEC

Green Drinks Friday 24th November 5.00 til 6.30 pm

Cairns and Far North Environment Centre 

27-29 Greenslopes St North Cairns 

Join us for the last Green Drinks of 2017! Networking and socialising for our environment Bringing together a lively mix of people in the environment/conservation/sustainability realm of FNQ from local conservation groups to NGOs, academia, government and business.


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Financial peril for Adanis Carmichael mine company "IndyWatch Feed"

Profits of Adanis Carmichael mine company tumble, leaving it in financial peril

Owner of Carmichael project cant walk away from mine without descending further into distress, says energy expert, Guardian, Michael Slezak, 14 Nov 17, Profits of Adani Enterprises the company in Adani Groups complex structure that owns the proposed Carmichael coalmine  have collapsed almost 50% year-on-year, according to a half-yearly report released this week which does not mention the mine.

The results further show the company is in financial distress, according to Tim Buckley from the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, who says they also reveal the company cant walk away from the unviable Carmichael project without descending further into financial distress.

The Carmichael coalmine, which would be the largest ever built in Australia, has struggled to find financing for either the mine itself or the associated infrastructure such as the rail line that would transport coal to an export terminal on the Great Barrier Reef.

Every major Australian bank has said it will not be involved in the project, and the company has been seeking subsidised government finance from the Australian government and possibly also from China.

If they tried to exit the project now, they would either have to write it off or find someone willing to buy it, said Buckley.

If the project was written off or sold for significantly less than its current book value...


Best way to see some wildlife near Cairns? Cairns

Hi again Cairns!

I'll be traveling in mid Feb to Cairns and would love to see some wildlife in their natural setting if possible. I'm guessing this may be a day trip drive to a bit more rural area or something like that. It would be fun to see animals unique to your area like kangaroos, koalas, etc.

Can you recommend a place we'd be likely to run into some animals hanging out and enjoying their day?


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MACKAY Drunken pie run lands man in court Search Results for mackay CrimeView

MACKAY November 15, 2017 at 04:56AM ,

Drunken pie run lands man in court

November 15, 2017 at 04:56AM ,

Yowyeh faced Magistrate Scott Luxton in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, pleading guilty to driving under the influence about 1am on October

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