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Monday, 16 April


IFC highlights niche-market investment needed to drive tourism in Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

April 16, 2018

 IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, in partnership with the Tourism Promotion Authority of Papua New Guinea, says new research shows developing niche market tourism has the potential to attract an extra 40,000 tourists to Papua New Guinea, contributing $286 million (K929 million) annually by 2027.
The scenario is part of highlights from an assessment into tourism demand in Papua New Guinea, which IFC launched today in conjunction with the results of the 2017 International Visitor Survey (IVS), which looks into current tourism trends.
The findings show that last year PNG had 86,403 air visitors, who spent around $205 million dollars.
Sixty percent of those visitors traveled to the provinces in 2017.
Currently, business travelers make up the highest proportion of people arriving by air in Papua New Guinea, but the research shows holiday tourists are the biggest spenders, outlaying $2859 per trip.
With holiday makers to Papua New Guinea making up only about a quarter of all visitors, its clear the country is lagging behind its regional competitors, Fiji and Vanuatu, where tourists account for 75 percent of all visitors, said John Vivian, IFC Resident Representative to Papua New Guinea.
Greater investment can help Papua New Guinea boost holiday arrivals and close that gap, increasing revenue, diversifying the economy, and spreading the benefits to rural areas where tourists like to travel.
The highlights of the demand assessment show how Papua New Guinea could better target tourists from high value niche-markets, including cultural tourism, soft adventure, birdwatching, diving and historical tourism. Collectively, these markets are worth over $970 billion dollars globally of which Papua New Guineas share is about $93.5 million.
Both government and the private sector will need to make long-term investments in infrastructure, capacity building, product development and marketing to realize this change, said Jerry Agus, CEO of Tourism Promotion Authority.
If we do this, Papua New Guinea has the potential to become a world-class destination over the next ten years.
IFCs tourism project in Papua New Guinea, supported by Australia and New Zealand under the Papua New Guinea Partnership, is focused on supporting the development of tourism business, improving tourism-related conditions, and helping attract investment in the tourism sector.

About IFC 

IFCa sister organisation of the World Bank and member of the World Bank Groupis the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. We work with more than 2,000 businesses worldwide, using our capital, expertise, and influence to create markets and opportunities in the toughest areas of the world. In FY17, we delivered...


Papua New Guinea LNG project resumes exports - data "IndyWatch Feed Niugini" | April 16, 2018

SINGAPORE, April 16 (Reuters) - A liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker has left Papua New Guinea laden with the first export cargo of the supercooled fuel since the countrys giant LNG project resumed production after a major earthquake triggered a shutdown in February, Thomson Reuters Eikon shiptracking data showed on Monday.
The tankers destination wasnt immediately clear, but the resumption of shipments could put pressure on spot LNG prices, traders said.
ExxonMobil Corp restarted output at the project near the capital Port Moresby a fortnight ahead of schedule, its Australian partners said late last week.
ExxonMobil did not immediately reply to an email requesting for comment on the matter.
The 172,000-cubic metre capacity LNG tanker Kumul, custom-built for the PNG LNG project, left the project terminal with a draft of 91 percent, suggesting it is nearly full, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon shiptracking data.
The Kumul unloaded an LNG cargo at the PNG terminal on April 4. It was anchored nearby until April 14, before loading the cargo from the terminal on April 15, the data showed.
ExxonMobil had said in early April that it had imported an LNG cargo to the projects terminal in order ensure tanks at the PNG facilities remained cold.
Meanwhile the 170,000-cubic metre capacity LNG tanker Papua is currently anchored near the Kumul Marine Terminal, while the 165,000-cubic metre capacity LNG tanker Bishu Maru is headed to Port Moresby, the Eikon data showed.


Australian Authorities Charge Woman Over Darkweb Bitcoin Drug Buys "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian federal authorities have pinned multiple charges on a 32-year-old Brisbane woman for purchasing illicit drugs from the United Kingdom, using bitcoin. People shouldnt assume the dark web is invisible to Australian agencies warned Australian Border Force (ABF) Queensland regional commander Terry Price while announcing details of a joint-investigation with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Continued

The post Australian Authorities Charge Woman Over Darkweb Bitcoin Drug Buys appeared first on CCN


LinkedIn deceptive conduct for data harversting using Dark Patterns "IndyWatch Feed National"

LinkedIn is another corporation that should be in the courts if not at least in Australia, but also other jurisdictions, e.g. the U.S and E.U.

The way LinkedIn is doing this is by deliberately hiding text when a user sets up an account with LinkedIn, something that the industry calls Dark Patterns.

Let's see how long the Australian authorities will catch on.

It took 2 years for the Australian authorities to act on a post we posted regarding Domain name fraud.

It seem there's not much interest in protecting the Australian consumers (or rather data providers), as it's better cheaper for corporations, that the slaves compile and later provide their data to corporations for 'free'.

We do not recommend using LinkedIn.

See detailed document outlining LinkedIn's deceptive conduct;


Lessons From the Fiftieth Anniversary of the King Assassination "IndyWatch Feed National"

Martin Luther King Jr. addresses crowds during the March On Washington at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, in 1963. (adapted photo credit Agence France Presse/Getty Images)

By James ONeill*

The 4 of April 2018 marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of American civil rights leader Martin Luther King. The media coverage in Australia followed the same pattern that has been observed in the previous anniversaries. Tribute was paid t...


Hillsong Churchs debut in the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras "IndyWatch Feed National"


Gay Lord Brian

Gay Lord Brian Houston of Hillsong

Below is an article in ABC Australia on-line about Sydneys Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2015.

It is anticipated that Brian Houston of Hillsong Church will be ready for Hillsong Church to come out in March next years Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and will lead the Hillsong float.

Darlene Zschech may sing for gay Sydney as she sang so gloriously for Pope Francis the head of the greatest gay church on the planet the Roman Catholic Church, which is also the greatest pedophilia church on the planet.

Ive embellished the gayness of the ABC Australian article and its gay pictures by adding a series of Hillsong gay pictures in the later part of this article.

In the ABC Australia article my comments are made after each photograph and the photographs comments by the ABC journalist.



Sydney bushfire deemed highly suspicious as threat eases "IndyWatch Feed National"

A large bushfire that has threatened homes in Sydney is likely to have been deliberately lit, Australian authorities say.

BBC News

Helicopters water bomb a bush fire at Alfords Point and Menai. Picture by Damian Shaw

Helicopters water bomb a bush fire at Alfords Point and Menai. Picture by Damian ShawSource:News Corp Australia

A large bushfire that has threatened homes in Sydney is likely to have been deliberately lit, Australian authorities say.

The blaze, which began on Saturday, has burnt through 2,500 hectares of land in the citys southern suburbs.

Some residents had been warned of immediate danger to their lives, but firefighters say the threat has eased.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) described the blaze as highly suspicious.

How dare anyone if they are deliberately involved in lighting fires endanger our firefighters and also [put] all these communities in harms way, said Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons.

The bushfire forced some locals to evacuate their homes on the weekend, while others were told it was too dangerous to leave.

Recent weather in south-eastern Australia has been unseasonably hot, with strong winds fanning bushfires.

Firefighters use helicopters to dump water on the blazeImage copyrightEPAImage captionFirefighters use helicopters to dump water on the blaze

Authorities said wind speeds were not as severe on Monday, making it easier to battle the blaze.

Mr Fitzsimmons said flames travelled right up to the back fences of houses, but no properties had been lost.

While the threat has eased, it is still a fairly vigilant fire ground and we want people to remain vigilant, he said.

There is a lot of work still to be done today and maybe into tonight before we can call the fire contained.


127 South-African Athletes To Storm Asaba For 2018 African Athletics Championships "IndyWatch Feed National"

South Africas Akani Simbine (gold) wins the athletics mens 100m final during the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games at the Carrara Stadium on the Gold Coast on April 9, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / SAEED KHAN

LAGOS APRIL 16TH (URHOBOTODAY)-On the heels of its good outing at the just-concluded Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, South Africa is aiming for more glory in international athletics.
Athletics South Africa at the weekend unveiled an ambitious 127-member national preparation squad for the 2018 CAA African Senior Championships in Asaba, Nigeria between, scheduled to hold from August 1 to 5.
The squad features several athletes that won medals at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, including sprinters, Akani Simbine and Henricho Bruintjies; long jump stars, Luvo Manyonga and Ruswahl Samaai.
Also in the squad are middle-distance star, Caster Semenya, hurdler Wenda Nel and Javelin thrower Sunette Viljoen.
The biennial continental championships will be another opportunity for South Africa to defend its continental crown won in 2016 in Durban with a total of 33 medals, 16 of them in gold.
Kenya followed in the second position with 24 total, with eight in gold.
This years hosts, Nigeria ended with four gold medals from a total of 16.
South Africa will utilise as...


US Attacks Syria: Disregards Evidence and International Law "IndyWatch Feed National"

US Attacks Syria: Disregards Evidence and International Law By James ONeill, On 13 April 2018 the United States, the United Kingdom and France carried out military strikes against Syrian government positions. This was claimed by the United States Government and its allies, including Australia, to be in response to the use of chemical weapons by []


Against neo-peasantry and the desire for self-sufficiency "IndyWatch Feed National"

In a recent Griffith Review essay from the Millennials Strike Back edition, writer and farmer Sam Vincent says, I do want to be a peasant when I grow up. Restoring lost links between consumers and producers in a broken food system is rewarding and empowering. He describes his outlook as peasantry with the fall back of an education, options. Post-materialistic rather than circumstantial peasantry.


The Benefits of Baobab "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Dr. Mercola

If you should visit the markets across the African continent, youd find an interesting looking fruit harvested from the baobab tree (pronounced bay-oh-bahb, emphasizing the first syllable) has earned not just popularity in its native regions but superfood status worldwide. A member of the silk-cotton family (Adansonia digitata), the baobab tree typically reaches as high as 90 feet and 60 feet wide, with a broad trunk.

Merriam-Webster dictionary1 notes that its native to Africa and bears an edible, acidic, hanging fruit resembling a gourd and weighing about 3 pounds. Madagascar, the Middle East and Australia have trees related to the baobab, and theyre all incredibly resilient and long-lived, surviving up to 500 years. The bark has been (and still is) used to make cloth, rope, clothing and paper, but every part of the baobab tree has been utilized. The fruit has also been used as a natural preservative, according to Medical News Today.2

This is the only fruit in the world that dries naturally on the branch after baking in the sun for six months. Then, the large, brittle, teardrop-shaped baobab fruits (or shells) are wild-harvested in a process that involves splitting them open with a hammer or large knife to reveal a dry, cream-colored pulp surrounded by (but separated from) the seeds, which sound like a rattle when theyre ready for harvest. Pounding the pulp into a fine powder using pestles and mortars is the final step of a rather labor-intensive process.

According to The Guardian, baobab fruit contains high levels ofantioxidants, potassium and phosphorus, along with high levels of vitamin C, calcium and fiber.3 Besides commodity marketing in areas of gin and beauty products, baobab fruit, described as having a sherbet-like taste, has been diversified to make baobab yogurt, salads, smoothies, cereals, granola bars and butter, the latter being used for things like pan-frying wild-caught Alaskan salmon and flavoring baobab popcorn.

However, for manufacturing purposes, the powdered pulp is often packaged and transported to grocery stores and outlets all over the world. Some are sterilized and otherwise processed, but you may be able to find the raw, natural powder in some supermarkets.

Health Benefits of Baobab Powder

As the source of traditional medicine, the leaves an...


Qld researcher shifts focus on racism "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dr Lorraine Muller. Photo James Cook University

BRISBANE, AAP Putting non-Indigenous Australians under the microscope could be key to closing the gap and cutting out racial discrimination, a Queensland researcher says.

As part of her PhD James Cook Universitys Dr Lorraine Muller interviewed non-Indigenous Australians to understand how their values and beliefs differ from Indigenous Australians.

Theyve never had to explain their culture. We have to explain our culture, but no one ever bothers explaining non-Indigenous culture, Dr Muller told AAP.

Dr Muller interviewed senior health professionals, public servants and academics on their understanding of respect, gender roles, spirituality and time, and gave examples of how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people perceive these ideas.

On respect, she found non-Indigenous people view it as something that is earnt and commodified whereas Indigenous Australians see it as something everyone should receive.

Respect is often linked to money, power and social strata and Indigenous people are the lowest on the social scale, Dr Muller said.

She said these differences in beliefs can underpin behaviour including accidental racial stereotyping, particularly in healthcare.

She cited a doctor dismissing an Indigenous Australians health problems as alcohol-related despite the patient not drinking.

In that particular case, if the patient had taken offence and walked out of the doctors surgery, the consequences could have been fatal, health-wise, Dr Muller said.

She said the doctor was shocked by how instant his reaction had been to the wrong conclusion.

He knew immediately that his comment was triggered by deeply embedded cultural differences. And he didnt like it. Im sure he never did it again.

She hopes her work will help non-Indigenous people better understand themselves and their relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Theres an ulcer that hasnt been healed in Australian culture, Dr Muller said.

People have a f...


Power, position and pragmatism the judiciary vs the executive in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By PNG Echo Cast your minds back to 2011/2012 a significant time in the annals of Papua New Guineas (PNG) political history It was a time when a defiant executive government squared up to a rampant judiciary in a struggle for supremacy that, arguably, was ultimately won by the executive government (who retained power) However, during the struggle, the judiciary (embodied by the Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia) never retreated and many a lesson about the effective wielding of power was learnt by the government players, especially in that which concerns the power, actual and assumed, of the Chief Justice (CJ) Many would argue that this history is reconciled, forgiven and forgotten but two contemporary coinciding events are likely to bring it into sharp relief. They are the recent decision of the Leadership Tribunal to recommend the former Deputy Prime Minister, Belden Namah, be dismissed from his parliamentary office Continue reading Power, position and pragmatism the judiciary vs the executive in PNG


Barrick Calls For State Intervention in Porgera "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Women search for gold downstream from the Porgera mine

After more than 25 years of mining by international companies, local people are still waiting to see the promised development benefits. They are becoming increasingly frustrated and desperate

Post Courier | April 16, 2018

Barrick (Niugini) Limited , operator of the Porgera Mine in Enga, reported that operations in the Porgera open pit were temporarily suspended last week after a violent confrontation broke out between groups of illegal miners.

The company reported that mining operations in the open pit were suspended at around midnight, after two large groups of aggressive illegal miners, including some armed with firearms, began a violent confrontation near the stage 5C area of the open pit mine.

The fighting between the groups continued until about 2:...


I shot at a UFO "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi all,

I have read of cases from overseas where individuals have claimed to have used a gun to fire at UAP. However, until today, I had never come across such a reported occurrence here in Australia.

I was browsing through a global collection of data, compiled by US researcher Michael Swords and located an Australian sighting, sent to the USA, by the Australian Centre for UFO Studies.

Part of the report form

What I found was an investigation report by R Delillo and R H Marx (reference number NA78072.) They interviewed one of the two witnesses on 12 June 1978.

Part of the investigation report
Mr G Cooke was then a 27 year old motor mechanic from Liverpool, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He was married with two children. At the time of the incident he was with a friend on a property near Orange, New South Wales, in June 1969. His statement reads:

"We went to Orange to go shooting. It was at a place about 10 miles out of town and fairly hilly and very rocky, with large boulders six feet in diameter and a few trees.It was a grazing property but we were on a slope which was above the area used for grazing. We had been out for quite a while, about 3 hours.

We were going up a hill which was fairly steep in a four wheel drive vehicle and were getting no further. My friend and I g...


Is It Russian Surrender that Is on the Agenda or World War 3? "IndyWatch Feed National"

If Russia and China do not take steps to defeat the US before Washington forces nuclear war on the world, we are all doomed. The American people are denied information, are uninformed, and helpless. The same is true for Europe and Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan. Even if the peoples knew, they are impotent.


Ocean Camo Leggings Localish Surf Apparel "IndyWatch Feed National"

Localish represents the feeling of belonging to the areas and communities, whether youre a native, part-time resident, or just visiting by. Inspired by this idea, Localish apparel is made with original designs made somewhere between Hawaii and California. Localish offers wide range of surf apparel including surf leggings, womens surf t-shirts, mens surfing t shirts, mens surf apparel, womens surf apparel, mens sweatshirt hoodie, surf tank tops for men, surf tank tops for women, and many more. Yoga and Surfing leggings of Localish include the following: ocean camo leggings hibiscus leggings sup leggings women's surf leggings digi camo leggings sunset leggings camouflage legging / camo leggings surf capri digi camo leggings sup yoga leggings blue camo leggings upf leggings mens surf tank tops surfing t shirts surf tank top men's tanks surf capris Visit the website to see all products. Order now!


Change the rules and fight for democracy "IndyWatch Feed National"

Editorial comment

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) led Change the Rule campaign is necessary, if the decline in the reward for and quality of work is going to be arrested and turned around.

While it concerns work, the right to belong to a trade union and exercise the right to pursue collective interests, it is also about how we want Australia to operate as a society.

The campaign should be supported for both reasons.

And it captures the mood of the times. Anger over the cumulative restrictions that are leaving most people worse off and with fewer rights is growing.

This could prove to be an historical opportunity. Organising by the ACTU, the advertising campaign, delegates mass meetings and plans for big marches around Australia, lay a very good foundation to build a movement for change. What is going to take place over the next few weeks is part of an ongoing effort.

Victory can be won. The Turnbull government is already looking terminal and it can be pushed over. This is the immediate focus, and rightly so. For this reason, the ACTU and unions are sighting the election due next year. It is an obvious strategy.

This government does not have the legitimacy to speak for most of us. It exists to serve privilege and the interests of big business only. In doing so, it has been screwing the rest of us and selling our future down the drain. It must go.

But if experience should have taught us just one lesson, it is that we should not leave it at this. What happens after the election is just as important.

The biggest mistake of the WorkChoices campaign during John Howards time was that the organisational structure built to win it, was undone after Howard as thrown from office, and it allowed the creep back of a significant part of WorkChoices. The strength was an organised union/community alliance that brought a huge number of Australians into united and ongoing action. Its absence meant that the grass roots movement was disempowered, and the barrier towards returning to WorkChoices removed.

A movement like this is needed again, and it is up to all of us to make it a reality.

A rotten law must go. But replacing this with another one is not enough.Improvement needs action. Building a movement through the Change the Rules campaign, must be a vehicle to make Australia a more democratic place.

There is considerable support for raising the demand for the right to strike to be legislated. While this would also be a considerable advance that deserves support, it will still only be as good as it is able to be implemented. The right to strike has never existed in Australia. Although this makes industrial action more difficult, it does not illuminate it, when the dete...


Pacific Swifts at over Redcliffe Golf Club (Silcock Street entry) reported by Marie Tarrant, Marion Roper, Jack Whiting et al (Clontarf Bird Survey Group) on 16-04-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Two Pacific Swifts hawking the sky above us for at least 20 minutes this morning from 9am and seemingly in no hurry to move on.


Challenging day faces Syd bushfire crews "IndyWatch Feed National"

A helicopter water bombs a bushfire threatening homes in the suburbs of Voyager Point, Pleasure Point, Sandy Point, Illawong, Menai and Bangor, in Sydney, Sunday, April 15, 2018. Photo AAP/Brendan Esposito

SYDNEY, AAP Exhausted firefighters are facing another challenging and difficult day battling a bushfire, believed to have been deliberately lit, that is still burning out of control south of Sydney.

The fire, which started at about 2.30pm on Saturday, has blackened more than 2400 hectares and continues to burn towards Barden Ridge.

More than 500 firefighters faced walls of fire, fanned by 70 km/h wind gusts on the citys southern fringe on Sunday and through the night.

It is still an active fire ground but we are not seeing the sort of weather extremes, particularly with the wind that we saw yesterday, Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons told reporters in Sydney on Monday.

Heathcote Road remains closed on Monday in both directions from Lucas Heights to Holsworthy.

About 250 firefighters are still working to halt the fire while a fleet of 15 aircraft will water-bomb the dynamic firefront, Mr Fitzsimmons said.

Fire chiefs have ordered crews to backburn in an effort to contain the blaze while simultaneously stopping the fire from advancing toward properties.

Westerly winds are expected to pick up again on Monday afternoon but will not be as extreme as conditions at the weekend.

Its certainly not the reprieve were looking for, Mr Fitzsimmons said.

Its still going to be challenging, its still going to be difficult.

A strike force has been established to investigate the blaze which is believed to have started in Wattle Grove.

So far no homes have been lost though there has been some property damage, Mr Fitzsimmons said.

He said it was extraordinary that the only reported losses had been fences, cubby houses and garden sheds.

I am not being dismissive of the loss in any way, but the fact is thats the loss we are talking about rather than peoples homes being badly damaged or destroyed, he said.



Musk Lorikeet at Solander Esplanade near Col Fisher park reported by Jenny Murch on 15-04-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

We saw more than 3 birds but were only able to capture three in the photo. Late in the afternoon when Scaly Breasted Lorikeets and Rainbow Lorikeets were active


NZ EPA seabed mining court case a fight for the future "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Scoop NZ | April 15, 2018

The future of the South Taranaki Bight lies in the hands of the High Court next week, which will hear appeals against the Environmental Protection Authoritys decision to grant a marine consent to Trans-Tasman Resources bid to dig up the seabed for its iron ore.

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM), with Greenpeace, is appealing the decision, alongside six other appellants.

The EPA decision was released in August 2017, a year after Trans-Tasman Resources submitted its application to dig up 50 million tonnes of the seabed a year in a 66 square kilometre section of the South Taranaki Bight for 35 years. A total of 95% will be discharged, resulting in a large sediment plume, to get five million tonnes a year of iron ore. Of the 13,733 submissions (a record) received by the EPA, all but 147 one percent were either opposed to the consent or neutral.

This is a fight for the future of our precious oceans, said KASM chair Cindy Baxter. The outcome of this case will set a precedent for a numb...


Leserbrief zur Lawrow-Theorie:Das mit dem BZ ist ein ... "IndyWatch Feed National"

Leserbrief zur Lawrow-Theorie:

Das mit dem BZ ist ein claim den man innerhalb von Minuten als haltlos wegsortieren kann. Kurz ein paar Fakten, vielleicht magst Du die publizieren, dann kann sich jeder selbst ein Urteil bilden.

BZ ist in der Tat ein militrischer Kampfstoff, wurde in den 50ern im Edgewood Arsenal des US Militrs entwickelt und dort auch in den Vorluferprogrammen zu MK Ultra an Rekruten und Strafgefangenen getestet. Das klingt fies, war fies, hat aber den Vorteil das wir darber heute eine ganze Menge wissen. "Moment, MK Ultra sagt der gebildete Leser jetzt, da haben die doch nicht Nervengifte getestet sondern LSD und so'n Zeug" und zwar vollkommen zu Recht.

BZ ist kein Nervengift, sondern ein Psychokampfstoff. Sinn und Zweck war nicht das Ableben der Zielpersonen, sondern die kurzfristige Aussergefechtsetzung. Das kann BZ auch recht gut, zumal das Dosisfenster breit ist, eine lethale berdosis tritt erst ab der ca 40fachen berdosierung ein (geschtzt bzw aus Tierversuchen extrapoliert, was auf dasselbe rauskommt). Die postulierte Todesart wre wohl Versagen der Thermoregulation (hyperthermia), man war auch in Edgewood nie abartig genug das herauszufinden.

Und wenn man sich jetzt ein paar Dokumente ber BZ anguckt merkt man das da was nicht stimmen kann. In der Tat ist die bentigte Dosierung sehr gering, Schwellendosis die man gerade so merkt betrgt 0,5g pro Kilogramm. Aber der "peak", also die strkste Phase der Intoxikation nach Aufnahme tritt bereits nach 8h ein. Es wirkt lange fr einen Psychokampfstoff, aber trotzdem ist man selbst bei einer satten Dosis nach 48-72h nach der Aufnahme wieder auf dem Weg in die Normalitt, und nach 5-7 Tagen wieder ganz der Alte. Die Wirkungen gehen im normalen Dosisbereich eher in den psychischen Bereich (optische und akustische Halluzinationen, Verwirrung, "mad as a hatter") und erst im hheren Dosisspektrum wirkt die Substanz deliris. Physiologisch spielt das Zeug primr am kardiovaskulren Regelkreis (Blutdruck, Puls) und spter wie gesagt an der Thermoregulation.

Die Skripals wren also entweder wegen absoluter berdosierung sptestens am Folgetag nach der Aufnahme verstorben oder nach etwa einer Woche oder 10 Tagen wieder fit gewesen. Die beiden (und der britische Cop) wurden am 4. Mrz aufgefunden und zwei der Opfer befinden sich jetzt immer noch in Behandlung. Das passt nicht zusammen.

Ich bin weder NATO-Fanboy noch RT/Sputnik-Jnger, fr mich ist der Angriff auf Syrien durch USA/UK/FR eine Farce, zumindest von Seiten der USA und des UK vielmehr ein Ablenkungsversuch von heimischen Skandalen und eine gefhrliche Eskalation des Konflikts.

Aber das was die Russen da verbreiten ist einfach ganz billiges FUD, und das widerliche ist das die sich nicht mal ETWAS Mhe gegeben haben. Law...


Stadiums Qld is a financial drain "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The Sunday Mail yesterday hinted the Queensland government may replace the current board of Stadiums Queensland, given that the allegedly high charges for the use of its stadiums, such as Suncorp, are causing financial issues for football clubs. I must say I have some sympathy for the current Stadiums Queensland board, which appears to be making the best of a bad situation. They have been put in charge of a loss making government-owned business with no prospect of ever making a genuine profit. The Sunday Mail reported yesterday that:

Stadiums Queensland says taxpayers should not foot the bill for costs associated with hosting sporting events when the Government had made considerable investment in construction of the facilities. Levy prices were fixed by TransLink and Queensland Police.

Under this model, the hirer receives the majority of game-day revenue such as ticketing, signage, sponsorship and this means in Queensland, unlike many other states, our clubs have a greater potential to derive revenue from their events, a spokesman said.

Stadiums Queensland made some excellent points there. Consider the massive capital costs of its operations. Its financial accounts from its Annual-Report 2016-17 reveal depreciation and amortisation account for 49% of its expenses from current operations, $59.3 million out of total expenses of $121.5 million (see figure below).



The bombing of Syria is wrong "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

The hype over the bombing of Syria has one major flaw. It was not a response to the Syrian governments use of chemical weapons. The allegation was worked in as a faint, to cover up that the real purpose.  The missile strikes are a continuation of the ongoing support for the continuation of a war that has already cost half a million lives so far and created five million refugees.

No one should use chemical weapons under any circumstances, and if they do, they should be held to account. But this is something entirely different from carrying out raids based on an allegation, which has not been properly investigated and the real facts revealed. It is said that the first casualty of war is the truth. This is no exception. Almost all western media has gone along and censored anything that suggests other than the official line handed down.

Moves to set up an international inspection team have been thwarted. Syrian government facilities can be checked out. The offer has already been made. Western backed anti-government groups should be investigated as well, give that some of them have in the past been implicated in using this type of weapon. Leaders of the countries that dropped the bombs have made it clear that they do not want an investigation. Why is this?

After failing to get support from the United Nations, the three countries violated international law and took matters into their own hands. It is likely they even violated their own law as well. This is not the first time. American president George W Bush and British prime minister did this to start the Iraq war. So did Australias John Howard.

Arguably, without supporting certain groups, and the key ones with fire power on the ground have been associated with Islamic State and al Qaeda, there would not have been the terrible toll. But saving peoples lives seem to be far less important than the strategic goals of the western powers.

That the bombing raids were carried out by the United Kingdom and France is no accident. Both are former colonial powers with interests in the region, seeking to retain an influence. They have been involved in Syria for a long time.  The participation of the United states is no surprise either. Washington has had a major hand in the war since day one.

even if by any chance the bombing had really been motivated by the use of chemical weapons, attacking a facility in or near a heavily populated place is a crimi9nasl act in itself. There is no way of ensuring that the poison will not escape to kill and injure civilians within range.

And provoking  of a confrontation with Russia is extremely dangerous, and risks plunging the world into conflict, especially when there are those who seem to be angling for a new global cold war.



Te Khui o Rauru to appeal seabed mining in NZ High Court "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Iwi representative group , Te Khui o Rauru, will appear in the Wellington High Court to appeal the Environmental Protection Authoritys decision last year allowing Trans Tasman Resources Ltd to mine the Taranaki seabed.

Tema Hemi | Maori Television | 15 April 2018

West Coast Taranaki has been the interest of mining companies for decades. But local iwi Ngaa Rauru is making a final stand to stop mining along their coastline. 

Iwi representative group , Te Khui o Rauru, will appear in the Wellington High Court to appeal the Environmental Protection Authoritys decision last year allowing Trans Tasman Resources Ltd to mine the Taranaki seabed. 

The mining operation involves the excavation of 50 million tonnes of seabed per year for 35 years over an area of 65 square kilometres, down to 11 metres deep. 

CEO of Te Khui o Rauru, Anne-Marie Broughton, says, We want a moratorium on seabed mining because the...


Relax: The Japanese Government is Chill With Your Tattoos "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its dark outside, and Ive found myself bent over a toilet seat with a hand on my bum and a foot in my face. Grunting softly, my companion pushes harder on my exposed posterior the Band-Aid just wont stay put. Meanwhile, our other accomplice is gingerly bandaging up her ankle, inspecting for any signs of ink peeping out from the sides.

Our mission? Cover six tattoos using just four Band-Aids (impossible, just in case you were wondering).

Our purpose? To bathe in a traditional Japanese onsen.

Onsen are public bathhouses that source their water from natural hot springs, and are said to improve cardiac health and clear the skin; however, many people simply visit for some good old R&R. Public bathhouses that use heated tap water are called sento, and although generally not as luxurious, they are pretty much indistinguishable from onsen to the untrained Western eye. Whether you plan on visiting an onsen or a sento, you will likely run into the same problem if you have tattoos.

Tattoos in Japan are taboo due to their association with the Yakuza, Japans notorious organised crime gang. To paint a picture of how tough these guys are, many members are missing a pinky finger thanks to an initiation process somewhat akin to an extreme college hazing ritual. Naturally, many Japanese citizens are wary of the Yakuza and try to have as little to do with them as possible.

The Yakuzas association with tattoos came about in the days when tattooing in Japan was used as a form of punishment by law, both for the physical pain it inflicted and the shame it symbolised.

However, middle fingers held firmly to the law, the branded criminals began to reclaim their tattoos by transforming them into individual pieces with their own designs. This was the genesis of irezumi, or the full-back tattoo that many Yakuza members still sport today.

It is because of this tie between tattoos and Japans underworld that my friends and I found ourselves in hot water. Because interestingly, although the Yakuza is almost exclusively a mens only club, the nation-wide prejudice against tattoos also extends to women with ink. Despite wanting to experience bathing in a natural hot spring at the base of Mount Fuji in the nude, we didnt want to be those baka gaijin (stupid foreigners) disrespecting local customs by strutting in with our inked-up skin. So we continued to tear Band-Aids in half with our teeth and even contemplated drawing blood with the onsen restaurants complime...


Travelling With My Dead Grandmother "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ive never been very good at following traditions. I dont have any annual family meetups, Saturdays are almost never for the boys and I cant even dedicate myself solely to one coffee shop. So when I travel and I see all these people buying a pin in every country they go to, or religiously tracking the stamps in their passports or even just knowing the exact number of countries theyve stepped foot in, I find it really hard to relate.

There is, however, one thing I do every time I visit a new country, but it has nothing to do with tokenising my travels and everything to do with my dead grandmother.

See, Im not religious. I was raised a Catholic, but pretty much as soon as said grandmother died, the whole family stopped pretending like it was something that mattered to us. We dont even do the religious holidays anymore, which Im not that sad about, because Easter is no fun when youre lactose intolerant and Christmas is just downright hell when you work in retail. But every time I travel, some part of me (the Holy Spirit perhaps?) drives me into a church for the one tradition I have yet to forgo.

My grandmother died when I was four, and even though I remember very little about her, she and I were apparently very close. She was a tough lady who loved her family, her cockatoo and her scotch with cheese and bikkies while Wheel of Fortune was on. She was a scripture teacher and a devout Catholic. As Ive grown up, members of the family have told me various things about her, including that she would definitely not be down with me being gay (but she loved me then, so she would love me now, in my opinion), that I inherited my aptitude for cake decorating from her and that she wouldve loved to have travelled.

Now, the 70s and 80s were a different time: leisurely travel was nowhere near as common and even if it was, they did their best with the money they had. Gran wouldve been content with a trip to Queensland, but sadly travel just wasnt an option for her as it is for us now, and I always remind myself how lucky I am to be able to travel and to see the world when so many still cant.

So maybe it is this, or perhaps my ever-present guilt that I dont remember her, or maybe just the tiny piece of Catholic left in me that drives me into a church in every new country I visit to light a candle for Gran. In my mind, every time I do so, she is there with me and its another country ticked off her bucket list, as it is mine.

When I started travelling with friends, I had not prepared for having to explain why I, an atheist, wanted to vi...


Violent Home Invasion! Home invasion victims left defenceless by Australian government anti-self defence laws! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Home invasion victims left defenceless by Australian government anti-self defence laws! Surely protecting one's self & family from harm should be a human right ???!!!


Cheerleader for Rio Tinto and BCL elected to Parliament "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A delighted Sam Akoitai (in red tie) outside the National Court yesterday after winning back his Central Bougainville seat in the National Parliament. Photo: Sally Pokiton/Loop PNG

Akoitai is regarded as a cheerleader for Rio Tinto and Bougainville Copper Limited, having worked for the company for eight years. He also fought against the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) during the regions 10-year civil war.

ONeill government suffers first election court rebuff in Bougainville

Pacific Media Centre | April 14, 2018

Bougainville Affairs Minister Fr Simon Dumarinu has been ousted by four votes as the first casualty of the Peter ONeill government in Papua New Guinea after last years general  election, reports Loo...


April 16 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1788 - Governor Phillip and his party were having a stickybeak about the Fair Isle of Oz when they became the first known Europeans to see Aboriginal rock carvings at Manly Cove.

1816 - The horrific Massacre at Appin (NSW) began on this day when word came through to the soldiers charged with "rounding up the hostile natives" that a group of Dharawal people were camped near Broughton's farm at Appin. Investigating at 1am (17th April) the soldiers heard children crying at the camp before the dogs roused the sleeping Aboriginals who leapt to their deaths over the cliffs while others were shot by soldiers.

1819 - Thomas Ray ,  John Jones and Thomas Smith were hanged at Sydney for highway robbery.

1827 - While it is not possible to give the exact number of each tribe of blacks in the (Gosford) district, says a letter of April 16 1827, there are five tribes viz., the Mial or Broken Bay tribe, the Tuggerah Beach tribe, the Wyong tribe, and the Narara and Erina tribes. The three first as well as I am able to judge consist of about fifteen each and the two last of about ten each, being in all about sixty five men, women and children.

1831 - Government Order published, prohibiting the importation of preserved heads of New Zealanders.
News I'm sure gladdened the hearts of Kiwis.

1834 - Joseph Greenwood was hanged at Hobart for cutting and maiming, with intent to kill, Constable Terry.

1838 - William Bean, farm servant aged 27, tried in Kent. Dark brown hair, brown eyes; blind in left eye. Absconded from W. Cox.
You can stop looking, Bean was found and returned to the loving ? care of his boss.

1849 - The steamer ship "Thistle" sprung a leak near Spectacle Island.
The irony of the name prickles even at this distance.

1867 - Denis Murphy was hanged at Ballarat for the murder of Patrick O'Meara at Bullarook.

1868 - Again in QLD there was undoubtedly cream sponges, shortbread bikkies and the obligatory Iced Vo-Vo passed about with gay abandon when the railway line from Dalby to Ipswitch was done and dusted today.

1873 - The naval chap turned policeman turned explorer Colonel Peter Egerton Warburton suffered from Itchy this was not Rampaging Footrot but merely the urge to go trotting about the vast continent called Oz he didn't bother with any over-the-counter creams.
Instead he set off for a stroll from Central Australia today to have a Captain Cook for an overland route between here and being Alice Springs and there being Perth.

1876 - Remember them thar Fenians who were plotting and planning the escape of their compatriots from the drear Fremantle Gaol back in 1876?   Well, they'd parallel parked their ship the Catalpa between Rottnest and Garden Isl...


Britains MI6 blamed for falsifying chemical attack in Syria "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

by Alex Bruce


The footage of Syrian children being hosed down with water in a hospital after an alleged chemical attack has run in thousands of loops all over Western Mainstream Media. On Thursday, Sergey Lavrov, Russias Foreign Minister and Permanent UN Ambassador claimed that these scenes were staged by British Intelligence with the White Helmets.

He referred to a video testimony of two medics from Central Hospital in Douma who say they were treating victims of smoke inhalation from a bombing when unknown people with cameras ran into the hospital, yelling about a chemical attack, which caused a panic and for people to start pouring water all over their kids. They say that no patients showed any signs of chemical exposure but they were too consumed with their tasks at hand to pay attention to those filming them.

After nearly twenty years of Americas unrelenting illegal wars in the Middle East, can we be blamed for doubting allegations of Assads use of chemical weapons?

The White House is rebuking non-believers of the Douma chemical attack. We are to believe that Western powers are responding in Syria to a Red Line that has been crossed due to Bashar al Assads alleged use of chemical weapons. This, after hed already won the civil war and supporting troops were in retreat. This, after these same powers have been spending the better part of the past two decades killing over one million Iraqis, an untold amount of Afghans, destroying Libya (at that time the most prosperous country on the African Continent) and causing the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and bombing the Hell out of Syria for the past 7 years.

Jake Morphonios asks, If we are to believe that Bashar al Assad is gassing his people, that this was a chemical weapons attack, that is the justification to go in and bomb Syria and risk World War III with Russia, folks; if Donald Trump goes forward with this, without really putting out to the public irrefutable proof and after that, going first to the US Congress to get a Constitutional Declaration of War, if Donald Trump does not do those things, I think that Donald Trump should be impeached because he is putting the lives of every single one of us at risk

If he puts my life and the lives of my wife, my children, my country, the people of the Earth at risk by going head...


Mine Refutes Slime Spillage Claims "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Nirmala Devi, 58, at her home in the Toko area in Tavua on April 13th. Behind her is mud residents claim is mixed with slime. Photo: Waisea Nasokia

Waisea Nasokia | Fiji Sun | April 15, 2018

The Vatukoula Gold Mine Limited (VGML) says its activities and operations pose no direct threat to its surroundings and residents in the area.

VGML made the comment after reports that the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources was investigating  claims that the Nasivi River in Vatukoula may have been contaminated by what has been described as toxic slime, which overflowed into the river at the height of Tropical Cyclone Keni.

Vatukoula Gold Mine Limited Corporate Services Manager and Senior Adviser to the General Manager Dinny Laufenboeck said the torrential ra...


Redcliffe account for Hunters "IndyWatch Feed Niugini" | April 14, 2018 

The Redcliffe Dolphins overcame a spirited PNG Hunters side at home to claim their fourth victory in a row, winning 20-6.
The Hunters had come to Dolphin Stadium  with a point to prove; starting the game by moving the ball quickly in attack, while fronting up in defence.
This didnt stop the Hunters relentless attack, and they managed to find a gap in the line in the 9thminute after a grubber from hooker Wartovo Puara sent rookie winger Junior Rau in for their first points of the game.
The Dolphins, who seemed a little rattled by the Hunters fast start early, managed to maintain their composure.
It wasnt until the 31st minute that the Dolphins scored their first try of the game thanks to second rower Scott Schulte, off a short ball from the hooker, Sheldon Pitama.
Redcliffe captain Cameron Cullen then regained the lead in the 36th minute with his try, giving the home side a 14-6 advantage at the break.
While the Hunters were fast starters in the first half, the Dolphins maintained their momentum after the break, when fullback Tony Tumusa continued his try-scoring form and scooted over the line in the 47thminute from dummy half.
Despite being pleased with his teams defence throughout the evening, ball control was something that Mogg said the Dolphins clearly needed to work on throughout the middle of the game.
We trained really well during the week. We were obviously pretty disappointed with the control of the footy, but defensively I thought we were good, Mogg said.
I think weve got a bit to work on with the footy clearly, I know we scored 20 points, our completion rate was really low but our effort and defence Im really happy with.
The Hunters were giving Redcliffe plenty to contend with all game and gave themselves a number of opportunities to score out wide during the second half and were happy to chance their arm.
With four minutes to go they tried kicking on the first tackle, turning the play into a foot race between Dolphins fullback Tumusa and their wingers, but they couldnt nab themselves another try.
It remained a heated game right down to the last few seconds, with the frustrations of both sides reaching its tipping point just before full time.
I really thought that they (the Hunters) came to play tonight, they were really physical, so it was a really, really good game of footy, Mogg said.
PNG are obviously a fantastic team, and if you dont get the defensive part right then youre no chance.
While it remains early in the season, Mogg knows his team still has so...


50 days on, World Health Organisation continues to serve communities affected by PNG quake "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

16 April 2018, Port Moresby -- Fifty days after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Papua New Guinea (PNG), limited delivery of essential health services has resumed in earthquake-affected provinces.
Dr Luo Dapeng, WHO Representative to Papua New Guineas, immunises a child in the Southern Highlands. 
Credit: WHO/JRivaca
 However, thousands remain vulnerable to health threats as they continue to live in crowded temporary settlements with inadequate access to clean water and medical services.
More than 500 000 were affected by the earthquake that struck on 26 February. At least 25 000 people have been displaced, while many communities continue to face compromised water and food supplies, significantly increasing threats of disease outbreaks.
Of the 77 health facilities that were damaged by the earthquake, only 10 remain closed.
However, services remain limited at most of the re-opened health facilities.

WHO on the ground within 24 hours 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) was on the ground in the affected provinces within 24 hours of the earthquake. WHO immediately activated the Incident Management System to coordinate the organisations response.
WHO responded right away, deploying medicines and supplies to the earthquake-affected areas to treat those who were affected, said Dr Zhang Zaixing, Incident Manager from WHO. 
Our people were out there in the field, alongside the National Department of Health and partners, assessing the damage to health facilities and working to re-establish life-saving health services.
WHO has designated the earthquake a Grade 1 Emergency and has deployed additional staff and supplies to the Country Office in PNG.
To date, WHO has repurposed and mobilised 19 national and international staff for the earthquake response, covering areas such as partner coo...


Suicide machine draws crowds at Amsterdam funeral show "IndyWatch Feed National"

A controversial suicide pod that enables its occupant to kill themselves at a press of a button went on display at Amsterdam funeral show on Saturday.

Called the Sarco, short for sarcophagus, the 3D-printed machine invented by Australian euthanasia activist Philip Nitschke and Dutch designer Alexander Bannink comes with a detachable coffin, mounted on a stand that contains a nitrogen canister.

The person who wants to die presses the button and the capsule is filled with nitrogen. He or she will feel a bit dizzy but will then rapidly lose consciousness and die, said Nitschke, who has been dubbed Dr Death for his work to legalise euthanasia.

Via Yahoo News
Featured Image: Fairy Heart /Flickr

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U of Sydney academics back BDS as Israel guns down Palestinian protesters "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dozens of academics at the University of Sydney have declared their support for the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, reported The Australian. According to the paper, the move comes as a response to the lethal crackdown by Israeli occupation forces on Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip. The Australian notes that signatories to the BDS pledge say they "will not attend conferences sponsored by Israeli universities, participate in academic exchange schemes, or otherwise collaborate professionally with Israeli universities until the stated goals have been fulfilled." The BDS campaign, describes the paper, is an international movement "inspired by the success of boycotts in bringing an end to apartheid in South Africa". Nick Riemer, a senior lecturer in English and linguistics at the University of Sydney and a member of its BDS group, "said the response from fellow academics was encouraging" and expressed his hope that the pledge would spread to other Australian universities. "People are already talking at Melbourne about the possibility of something like this," he said. According to the Sydney BDS website, some 40 academics have currently endorsed the pledge.


Thank you all for empowering me to carry on writing "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


Francis Nii & new laptop
Disabled author Francis Nii and new laptop: 'Without a computer and a reliable mobile phone, I am truly handicapped'

KUNDIAWA - A personal computer can be an important tool for any writer but for a disabled writer like me, composing my words and sentences from the confines of a hospital bed, a laptop and a reliable mobile phone are essential tools of trade.

Without them, I am truly handicapped. With them, I am liberated to access information and to write, write, write.

When the screen of my Asus computer, given to me by my good friend Murray Bladwell in 2016, experienced a major breakdown while I was trying to upload the second edition of my novel Tears, I knew I had hit a desperate moment. Hopelessness overwhelmed me. Tears indeed!

Luckily I had saved the entire manuscript in a Samsung phone given to me by Patrick Haynes so I emailed the valuable document to Philip Fitzpatrick to upload to my CreateSpace publishing page.

I told Phil that I couldnt upload it myself because my laptop had encountered a serious problem. I had no idea that the piece of information relayed to Phil would prompt a fundraising effort that would result in me getting a brand new HP laptop and a Canon printer.

The next day I received an email from Keith Jackson enquiring about the condition of my laptop and I was surprised because I hadnt mentioned this to him. I guessed immediately that Phil had passed on the news.

I emailed Keith telling him had happened to my laptop and he said a new one was a goer. Knowing Keith, I understood straight away that a new computer would somehow make its way to me. I provided Keith the prices of the laptops sold in the shops in Kundiawa.

Next morning when I routinely logged in to PNG Attitude to read the daily stories, I saw the appeal was underway and was both surprised and glad.

I was glad because I knew my PNG Attitude family of writers and readers would help me to get a new laptop. Indeed you did me proud. Your support was awesome and ex...


How Australia Is Becoming A Cryptocurrency Continent: Markets, Regulations And Plans "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia has taken the lead when it comes to cryptocurrency regulation, and has done so with many positive and balanced intentions #ANALYSIS


A lit fuse but uncertain whether it'll be fireworks or a damp squib "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Rashmii Bell
Rashmii Bell


BRISBANE - Emma Wakpis recent commentary, Foreign aid didnt work. Then we started to look at tradition, gave cause for PNG Attitude readers to reflect on the effectiveness of aid in Papua New Guineas nation building.

The subsequent discussion stoked an audience question I posed to a literary panel last week which I attended as part of a six-month My Walk to Equality writers fellowship generously sponsored by Paga Hill Development Company.

The panel, part of an event at the Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art, was a collaboration between Griffith Universitys Asia Institute and Griffith Review journal and was billed as a conversation between Jane Camens, Annie Zaidi and Salil Tripathi.

Jane Camens is co-editor of Griffith Review and founder of Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Inc, a regional network of authors and literary translators.

In the journal and on the panel, books by Annie (Dangerous Little Things: an account of turning political) and Salil (Without Hindsight: were here because you were there) were featured.

Annie is a contributor to the anthology Walking Towards Ourselves: Indian Women Tell Their Stories (Harper Collins 2016) that was one of the inspirations for our own Papua New Guinean anthology, My Walk to Equality.

In the journals own words, the most recent issue of Griffith Review (number 59), published to coincide with the Brisbane Commonwealth Games, showcases outstanding writers from 25 countries whose diverse voices shine light on enduring imperial legacies, and describe a present that is vibrant yet nuanced, familiar yet unexpected.

This all proved a most sa...


Problems of addiction are blighting many of our families "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Prescription-abusePHILIP KAI MORRE

KUNDIAWA - Alcoholism and drug addiction are progressive and fatal diseases that undermine the family unit. Addiction is a family problem with every member, not just the addict, suffering from its effects.

In our highlands society, families operate as a system and family members interrelate to each other for a common purpose.

As a system, families seek to maintain a balance in life. They preserve functional boundaries and support each other in work, finance, problem solving and in many other ways.

When there is no food, all family units work to find some. When there is no money to pay school fees, the family rallies to get it. When a family member is sick, the others provide care and comfort.

However, in families where a member is an alcoholic, drug addict or gambler, this balance is lost and there looms a great risk of dysfunction including divorce or separation, child abuse, sexual exploitation, economic manipulation, intimidation, psychological abuse and much more.

Children of alcoholics and drug addicts exist in a dubious moral environment and frequently lack a full understanding of the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, lawful and unlawful.

Juvenile delinquency or youth crime is increasing especially in urban areas.  Psychological and spiritual problem are common among the children of alcoholics, who become confused and lose a sense of who they are.

Life in the alcoholics family offers only continuing grief and trauma and problems with no solutions. Children who grow up in such a hostile environment suffer physically and emotionally and tend to accept dysfunction as the norm.

Dysfunctional families are defensive in their actions and denial is a major problem and one that gets in the way of change.

In dysfunctional families, there are usually enablers, especially wives, who try to protect their husbands problems. Shame and fear motivates them to become enablers who make the problems worse rather than assisting the addict towards treatment and recovery.

Ultimately, this means the whole family not just the addict needs support, counselling, therapy, guidance and education.

Every family has its own rules and norms. In healthy functional families, rules are realistic and support a purposeful life with every member benefitin......


Gen. TRWP Mathias Wenda: Negara West Papua Sudah Dideklarasikan Tahun 1961 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Yang mendeklarasikan Negara Republik West Papua itu siapa? Mereka datang dari planet mana? Mereka sudah tahu ka tidak, Negara Republik West Papua sudah ada sejak tahun 1961, dunia sudah akui sejak itu, dan diproklamirkan 1 Juli 1971. Yang kita perjuangkan hari ini bukan untuk deklarasi, tetapi untuk pengakuan dunia atas deklarasi yang sudah ada. Demikian

Gen. TRWP Mathias Wenda: Negara West Papua Sudah Dideklarasikan Tahun 1961 was originally published on

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For You or Your Followers? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Shes young, pretty and bored.

She fake tans and applies makeup. Cleans her room and makes her bed. She changes out of her brothers old T-shirt she wears as pyjamas and into a new dress, clicking away at the iPhone screen.

She slides back into the daggy tee, swipes through 284 photos, marks her favourites and begins the editing process. A handful of filters make her teeth whiter and others her skin darker. Once the images have endured multiple different editing apps, shell decide which makes the cut.

Hours have passed. When her 7:30pm primetime alarm goes off, she jumps on Pinterest in search of an inspirational quote, but it gets too hard, so she decides on Day with the girls as her caption.

Validation in the form of likes begins to roll in, each comment boosting her self-esteem like nothing else in her life can.


Reality is, the majority of society will visit that waterfall, buy that eyeshadow pallet or order that smoothie bowl because theyve seen it glorified across Instagram by someone whos probably paid to do it.

On many occasions, Ive found myself forgetting to enjoy whatever I am taking a photo of.

Im out to breakfast with my friend. The food is served, but not eaten for 10 minutes. Within that time, the sugar bowl and small flower vase have been aesthetically positioned with our aai and Buddha bowls. Standing on our stools for high angle shots has caused a few unfriendly stares, but the mouth-watering snap story and cute Insta Boomerang was totally worth it.

Instagram has exploded in popularity within the past few years because its a way of social networking that connects peoples solely through visual elements. The app provides a powerful means by which to capture and sustain our attention.

Considering cafes, bars, stores and resorts will pay thousands for an influencer to po...

Sunday, 15 April


Bill Shorten, man of the people, eating rissoles on a Turnbull dinner setting "IndyWatch Feed National"

Yeah but its what you do with them! Bill Shorten (@billshortenmp) April 15, 2018 "Whaddaya call this darl?" "Rissoles. Everybody cooks rissoles darl." chloe shorten (@chloeshorten) April 15, 2018


Leopards could reduce rabies by controlling stray dog numbers in India, study finds "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Leopards are among the most widespread of all big cats, with a historical range covering large parts of Africa and Asia. Though humans have whittled away about 80 percent of that area, the big cats still overlap with some of the worlds largest concentrations of people. That convergence can be a recipe for conflict, but a recent study finds that leopards in India could be helping to keep people in India safe from rabies-laden dog bites. While leopards often conflict with people over livestock like cattle and sheep and are frequently persecuted throughout their range, we show that these unique predators can also be beneficial to human societies, Christopher OBryan, an ecologist at the University of Queensland in Australia and co-lead author of the paper, said in a statement. Stray dogs in Mumbai. Photo  Steve Winter/National Geographic. Dog bites exact a heavy toll on people in India, leading to perhaps 20,000 deaths each year from rabies, according to the World Health Organization. OBryan and his colleagues were curious about whether Indian leopards (Panthera pardus fusca) had any influence on stray dog numbers in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which sits in the midst of Mumbai. With more than 20 million people, Mumbai is the fourth-largest city by population in the world. The team mined past studies for clues about what leopards living in the city park ate, and discovered that stray dogs made up about 40 percent of their diets. Only about 41 leopards are thought to live in the parks vicinity. But according


Diamond Dove at Lake Samsonvale--Forgan Cove reported by Ken Jones on 15-04-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Single bird feeding beside the walking track with a Peaceful Dove.


Doublethink "IndyWatch Feed National"

Image may contain: outdoor 

The doublethink of the disability sector just astounds me. 

In case you don't know about that book...there is a book by George Orwell called 'Nineteen Eighty Four'.  Lots of people will have read it. It's a book that was written almost 70 years ago. 

The book was about this society which was run by 'the Party' - this grey, awful, brainwashed society where everything you did was watched by the government (the Party), where everything was strictly rationed, where your thoughts were controlled by propaganda, where independent thought and action or a perceived lack of loyalty was swiftly and brutally punished. 

And then there was double-think. 

Doublethink was a word that Orwell invented. The characters in the book had to learn doublethink to be regarded as a 'good Party member' - if you ever deviated from what the government was saying, it was akin to blasphemy. People who disagreed with the 'party line' were shunned.

Doublethink was about holding two contradictory beliefs in your mind simultaneously and accepting both of them. Forgetting any fact that was inconvenient, but 'bringing it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed'. It's about tampering with reality, rejecting morality while laying claim to it, consciously inducting unconsciousness.



Selamat Beristirahat Untuk Selamanya: Heni Lani, Perempuan Pejuang Papua Merdeka "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Semalam Aku Terjaga Sampai Ketika Fajar Pagi Bersinar Sambutan Hangat Yang Aku Terima Adalah Kau Perempuan Penginspirasiku Selalu Menjadi Panutan Dalam Hidupku, Kau Telah Mengakhiri Perjuanganmu Dibumi ini. Dengan Pergi Kealam Sana Untuk Beristirahat Dengan Tenang Dialam Baka. Ternyata Semalam Aku Terjaga dan tidak bisa menutup mata ini karena kau Perempuan Hebat telah pergi Meninggalkan

Selamat Beristirahat Untuk Selamanya: Heni Lani, Perempuan Pejuang Papua Merdeka was originally published on

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Why forcing countries to choose sides in a trade war could benefit China, not the US "IndyWatch Feed Niugini" | April 15, 2018

In a China-US trade war, many countries around the world would come under pressure to take sides. We pray it does not come to this. But lets say it does. Whose side will they take? Even five years ago, that question would have been a no-brainer the US, by a mile.
But today? The answer would be trickier, and not at all comforting to US consumers, companies or the trade war battle team assembled around the White House.
To help gauge an answer, I looked at the worlds top 20 economies. Then for good measure I looked at the 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) economies. I browsed each of these economies 2017 export and import numbers to discover how important the US and China were to these economies, either as sources of imports or as leading destinations for their exports. I looked at just goods trade, omitting the services trade which is messier to compute.
The results were perhaps not unexpected, but were sobering nonetheless. As for the worlds 20 largest economies, China is the leading source of imports for 11. It is the second most important source of imports for a further four. For only two countries France and Switzerland is China not one of their top five sources of imports.

By contrast, the US is the major source of imports for just two Canada and Mexico, and is in the top five for just 13 more. That means that for five of the worlds top 20 economies, the US was not among their top five sources of imports.
Now look at China as an export destination, and it is the most important export market for seven of the top 20, and one of the top five export markets for seven more. Of the other six economies for which China is not in their top five destinations, five are European economies (France, the UK, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands) and the sixth is Turkey. Since Europes economies mainly trade among themselves, this is not surprising.
And the US? It is the main export destination for six of the worlds top 20 economies, and in the top five destinations for a further 12. Only for Russia and Spain does the US fall outside their top five export d......


Financial crisis in PNG leaves ammunition stockpile sitting unclaimed in Geelong region "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

An ammunition stockpile the height of a house, which was sent to Australia to protect world leaders including US President Donald Trump, is sitting unclaimed in a Geelong region warehouse because the Papua New Guinea Government cant pay for it.

The huge ammunition order, which required US State Department approval to send to Australia for forwarding to PNG was, according to exporters, made specifically to arm officially designated police and security forces preparing for the APEC leaders forum in Port Moresby later this year.

But for more than eight months it has sat abandoned in an undisclosed secure warehouse believed to be in the Geelong region, with a cash-strapped PNG Government unable to pay for it.

The issue has raised concerns about the preparedness of the security programme for the APEC summit this November, which will host some of the most powerful leaders in the world including Trump, Russias Vladimir Putin, Chinas Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and leaders and dignitaries from Canada, South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia and Japan.

The stockpile includes 250,000 .9mm pistol bullets, 200,000 rounds of 5.56mm assault rifle ammunition and 20,000 40mm rounds.

The order from Americas Winchester Ammunition Inc. was worth about $800,000 (US$621,000), with the purchase order signed in February 17 last year by PNGs Police Commissioner Gari Baki.

Winchester confirmed a consignment of 200,000 Australian-made shotgun shells had been shipped to PNG police in October last year, but the bulk of the order was being stored outside Melbourne.

A spokesman for the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary said they were aware of the issue.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has budgeted $50 million (US$38 million) for APEC but with in-kind contributions and staffing at least double that is expected to be spent by the Federal Government.

Australias Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who visited PNG last month was assured all preparations were on track for the important summit.

A huge conference centre that was looking like a white elephant with poor fittings and acoustics will be ready after the Chinese Government recently paid AUD$35 million (US$27 million) for its construction and completion as well as other infrastructure projects in Port Moresby.

The Chinese Government recently donated firearms to the Philippines and may wel...


PNG Tourism Promotion Authority Gears up for APEC "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) has announced that preparations are well underway for the APEC 2018 Tourism Week to be held in Port Moresby on May 28 to June 2.

Chief executive officer Jerry Agus confirmed that the authority was gearing up to showcase the best of Papua New Guineas unique and diverse cultures and to engage with other 20 APEC member countries using digital technology to explore opportunities in the global market.

The weeks program will start with a Women in Tourism Dialogue themed Women as Prime Movers of Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism in the Digital Age which captures the APEC 2018 PNG theme of Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing the Digital Future.

This will be followed by the 52 tourism working group meeting, the 10 APEC tourism ministers meeting, a ministerial gala dinner and a regional visit to Kavieng, New Ireland Province.

PNGTPAs Boldly Go Papua New Guinea a new online marketing campaign will also be launched during the second APEC senior officials meeting (SOM2), leading up to the tourism week.

This campaign will engage with social media audiences, including the visiting delegates to share their experiences of APEC 2018 PNG by posting photos of themselves with PNGTPAs social media corflute frames onto their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages with the hashtags: apecpng2018 and #visitpng to promote PNG.

PNG APEC ambassador Ivan Pomaleu said the PNG APEC secretariat was excited about what PNGTPA was planning towards the event.

Mr Pomaleu also commended PNGTPA for its support towards the APEC secretariat in it hosting of all major APEC 2018 meetings held thus far in Port Moresby. Press Release


WERE BACK Letter to 21WIRE Readers "IndyWatch Feed National"

A NARRATIVE IN TATTERS: Propaganda poster for the UK-funded White Helmets, the Free Syrian Police and Aleppo Councils (Photo: Patrick Henningsen, May 2017, East Aleppo, Syria)

Dear Readers,

Glad to have you back. Firstly, we would like to apologise for being offline most of last week. Weve been working hard behind the scenes to get back online.

On Tuesday April 10th, 2018 at approximately 2pm EST, sustained a heavy Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber attack and were only able to restore our systems yesterday afternoon. We were not the only ones. Other leading alternative news websites were also hit at this exact time, including South Front, Hands Off Syria (Australia-based antiwar organisation), Fort-Russ, Syria News and others each covering the situation in Syria closely and truthfully. Based on the number of page requests or bots that were hitting us each hour, this seemed similar to what happened to Craig Murrays blog two weeks prior. In addition to the online attacks on alternative media outlets, Facebook was blocking similar content on their platform including South Front who appealed and were eventually reinstated. Based on these facts, we believe that its not highly likely but 100% certain that the party(s) attacking us and other similar platforms did so on behalf of a state actor and in the interests of prosecuting another illegal war by way of deception based on a false pretext. The entire false case for this latest US, UK and French missile strike relied on spurious claims made by US-funded opposition group called the...


Chemical Attacks in the Schizophrenic Age "IndyWatch Feed National"

[Editors Note: This article is a reaction to the US firing missiles at three facilities in Syria on April 13, 2018.] 

by G5

Trump was politically captured by the bullshit momentum of the Douma non-event False Flag. Do you remember the big International consensus serenade concerning the Iraq WMD Lie, or the Congressional Human Rights Caucus and the Humidicrib evidence in 1991?

Israel and the Golan Heights

There is unrevealed consensus from the US, the UK, Syria, Russia, and France, that Israel was involved in a number of incidents in Syria, from 2012.

Israel is concerned that Syria will retake...


Redcliffe Dolphins down PNG Hunters 20 - 6 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By Emily Clooney

The Redcliffe Dolphins overcame a spirited PNG Hunters side at home to claim their fourth victory in a row, winning 20-6.

The Hunters had come to Dolphin Stadium  with a point to prove; starting the game by moving the ball quickly in attack, while fronting up in defence.

This didnt stop the Hunters relentless attack, and they managed to find a gap in the line in the 9th minute after a grubber from hooker Wartovo Puara sent rookie winger Junior Rau in for their first points of the game.

The Dolphins, who seemed a little rattled by the Hunters fast start early, managed to maintain their composure.

It wasnt until the 31st minute that the Dolphins scored their first try of the game thanks to second rower Scott Schulte, off a short ball from the hooker, Sheldon Pitama.

Redcliffe captain Cameron Cullen then regained the lead in the 36th minute with his try, giving the home side a 14-6 advantage at the break.

While the Hunters were fast starters in the first half, the Dolphins maintained their momentum after the break, when fullback Tony Tumusa continued his try-scoring form and scooted over the line in the 47th minute from dummy half.

Despite being pleased with his teams defence throughout the evening, ball control was something that Mogg said the Dolphins clearly needed to work on throughout the middle of the game.

We trained really well during the week. We were obviously pretty disappointed with the control of the footy, but defensively I thought we were good, Mogg said.

I think weve got a bit to work on with the footy clearly, I know we scored 20 points, our completion rate was really low but our effort and defence Im really happy with.

The Hunters were giving Redcliffe plenty to contend with all game and gave themselves a number of opportunities to score out wide during the second half and were happy to chance their arm.

With four minutes to go they tried kicking on the first ta...


Jennifer Hart Murder/Suicide "IndyWatch Feed National"

Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Jennifer Hart Foster Parent Murder Suicide

Foster Child Abusers Murder/Suicide

When you think about your children being removed and your situation, what do you reflect on?

Were you on drugs, were you an alcoholic? Where you struggling to cope for other reasons, or simply did you ring the department of child protection to get some advice or help, for a child rather than yourself?

Did you have a stressful situation, were you leaving domestic violence and still in the danger period where the abuser is trying to protect himself against allegations of violent behaviour, and you were trying to share parenting or co parent with someone who would never do that with you?

Did you have a sick or disabled child you needed help with and instead the child was removed? I could go on and ask many questions from you, about why you lost your child, but in your wildest dreams when losing your son or daughter to the system, none of us are prepared to think that the system is not providing a safe environment for the child.

None of us prior to the explosion of the internet websites and Facebook pages and groups, would have understood the wicked web that is child protection and the dependency of what has been created as a tool to provide a multi billion dollar industry today.

This tool as a child protection industry requires a willing workforce that has the backing of the legal system and the courts of a number of western countries and utilises the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 44/25 of 20 November 1989 entry into force 2 September 1990, in accordance with article 49 to process children who are removed through their system and pump them into waiting foster homes where the money trails of government funding extend as they draw towards the end of the line. 



Do a Writing Retreat in Bali With Global Hobo "IndyWatch Feed National"

Are you a wannabe travel writer or an aspiring journalist with itchy feet? Do you want to spend a month on an island paradise in Indonesia learning a language, studying with media industry pros and getting real-world writing experience?

Travel to the hip Balinese surf town of Canggu with Global Hobo. Over the course of four weeks, a team of word-savvy hobos will be given intensive writing and blogging tutelage focused on travel and digital media, as well as cross-cultural training with a local language school. In their free time, hobos will be exploring every nook and cranny of southern Bali so they can put together a comprehensive online destination guide in teams. Theyll also be producing two pieces to be pitched and published online either for Global Hobo or elsewhere  which will be heavily workshopped over the course of the program.

If youre a high-school leaver, this program is the perfect mini exchange to squeeze in before you hit the books again next year. If youre already in the throes of university and studying something like journalism or communications, you may even be eligible for a full subjects credit. And if youre not studying and youre just on the hunt for a project that combines travel and writing, this is the ultimate opportunity to get some real-world industry experience.



Mary River Turtle, Hang On! "IndyWatch Feed National"


Thanks to the Guardian for bringing this to our attention:

Green-haired turtle that breathes through its genitals added to endangered list

With its punky green mohican the striking Mary river turtle joins a new ZSL list of the worlds most vulnerable reptiles

3500 (3)

The Mary River turtle, found in Queensland, Australia, features on a new list of the most vulnerable reptile species on the planet. Photograph: Chris Van Wyk/ZSL/PA

It spo...


Its Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride, Kid: A Note to my 13-Year-Old Self "IndyWatch Feed National"

Looking down at my feet, I have to keep reminding myself Im wearing takeaway boxes as shoes. I curl my toes as I feel the heat from the tarmac penetrating the not-so-durable cardboard that protects my feet. I never thought I would find myself in the middle of an airport clad in such footwear, in the driest heat imaginable, waiting for a 200-seater plane to finally take me home.

At the ripe age of 13, I was not like most girls of today with their nips popping out of their shirts. Rather, I had pimples popping out from under my horrendous fringe. I remember lying on my bed with its flannelette, mandala-print sheets, hopelessly wondering what the world had to offer me in the future in terms of travel.

I dreamed of sunsets over sand dunes and exploring vast deserts on camel back, sipping champagne on terracotta terraces and, maybe, finding love with some foreign prince charming like in the clich chick flicks I would fill my Friday nights with.

When it came time to head out on my own, I soon realised that travelling is not a blockbuster movie. I didnt have a million-dollar budget; I wasnt surrounded by Clooneys and DiCaprios; and to be quite frank, camels stink like shit and champagne tastes revolting. Travelling, like the rest of life, is just a series of good and bad moments in different places that are defined by your attitude towards them.

Some may ask if Im qualified to make these accusations against a multimillion dollar industry that captures the spirit of the young and the old, and undoubtedly, I am.

So Im standing at the airport, worlds away from my naive 13-year-old self, with takeaway boxes as shoes. This odd predicament begins with a goat that I met at an animal wildlife sanctuary on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With a few hours to fill in before my flight back home to Australia, I figured a quick visit to a local attraction, such as the animal sanctuary, could do no harm.

Making my way through the animal enclosures, I noticed a figure following me from one to the next. Enter Jonathan the goat: a small, pudgy, white-bearded creature that was fond of my company. Parading around, we took photos, we shared a salad sandwich and even fed the ducks together at a rather small pond (puddle) in the middle of the property.

It came time to leave, so I went to exit the way I came in: through a one-way turnstile activated by the ticket I purchased upon entry. Jonathan seemed quite keen to accompany me, and checking with the keepers, they seemed fine with...


C wealth Games 2018: Team Nigeria increases medal haul "IndyWatch Feed National"

As wrestlers, athletes shine   It was another flurry of medals for Team Nigeria at the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, with the countrys wrestlers and relay team joining the winners. In wrestling Aminat Adeniyi made it a back-to-back victory at the Games after retaining the title she won at the last games []

The post C wealth Games 2018: Team Nigeria increases medal haul appeared first on Newtelegraph.


Leaked Congress Document Confirms Second Las Vegas Shooter "IndyWatch Feed National"

A leaked House Intel Committee document reveals the existence of a second Las Vegas shooter Australian concert producer Brian Hodge.  Hodge was staying in the room next door to Stephen Paddock during the Mandalay Bay [...]


Jessie Joe Parker has two milestones in his sights for Whitehaven "IndyWatch Feed Niugini" | April 14, 2018

JESSIE Joe Parker will reach one milestone on Sunday and should make it to another.
Jessie Joe Parker: Need one more to record his 100th career try.

The popular, laid-back Papua New Guinea centre will make his 150th appearance for Haven against West Wales.
If he gets over the Raiders line it will be to record his 100th career try.
Seventeen of those tries were scored for his first English club Featkherstone in only 15 appearances during the 2010 season.
After a brief spell with Wakefield in 2011 he joined Haven the following year and has been a fixture in the team ever since.
Parker was on the score-sheet on Sunday at Coventry for his 99th career try.
His eyes will light up when he sees that Sundays visitors West Wales have conceded 204 points in just three League One games.
On their last visit to west Cumbria they crashed 72-6 at Workington Town, playing the whole game with just one option from the inter-change bench.
Already seen as the League One whipping boys, the Raiders are desperate for a good result to kick-start their season.
Haven player coach Carl Forster is mindful of the Raiders poor record, but insists there will be no complacency.
It wont be a question of going into the game with one eye on Rochdale Hornets in the Challenge Cup tie the following week.
We will be completely focused on West Wales and on ensuring we get the points to maintain our top four push, he said.
Bradfords defeat at Workington on Sunday suggests it is going to be a really open league this season.
At least half of the 14-strong...


Papua New Guinea Defence Force buys 4 P-750s from troubled New Zealand planemaker "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

For staff at Hamilton planemaker Pacific Aerospace, the work day has become a waiting game.

Waiting for a judge to hand down a sentence for illegal indirect exports to North Korea, waiting to hear who is leaving next, waiting for news of some firm orders, waiting for the redundancy rumours to turn to fact.
Sources say the privately-owned Waikato business icon, which traces its origins back to the 1950s, is a workplace riddled with uncertainty, the worst atmosphere they can recall on a site which, by the very nature of its industry, has survived plenty of ups and downs.
The chief financial officer and the commercial general manager left within a month of each other this year. Since late last year, say sources, other staff have been heading for the door, either squeezed out or seeking better job security elsewhere. Only one complete aircraft has been rolled out of the Hamilton hangar since February last year, said one source.
Chief executive and shareholder Damian Camp concedes cashflow has been "tight" and that last year was challenging. But he says the future is "positive", with solid orders in the pipeline and a new aircraft type soon to be rolled out.
The company is known for its multi-purpose P-750 XSTOL (extreme takeoff and landing) aircraft. The planes are believed to sell for about $2 million apiece, though the exact price depends on the specifications of each plane.
"Tight cashflows are not unusual for us, at times it gets pretty bumpy," says Camp. "It's about timing deliveries and payments against those deliveries. It's normal stuff."
Underpinning staff jitters is a joint venture with Chinese state-owned aviation juggernaut Beijing Automotive, promoted in 2016 as solving Pacific Aerospace's historic cashflow troughs and peaks once and for all.
Back then, Camp said "a $30 million company that's been pottering along" would, thanks to the joint venture, double annual production and delivery of its P-750 aircraft from 2017, with at least 20 planes to be made that year. Half would go to China and the rest to markets Pacific Aerospace had established itself before the partnership with the Chinese, he said. Forty aircraft a year would soon be rolling out of Hamilton.
But all manufactur...


Overboard Passenger from Pacific Dawn Raises Questions Regarding P&O Cruises' Credibility "IndyWatch Feed National"

The disappearance of a 47 year-old woman last week from P&O Cruises' Pacific Dawn was one of 213 people overboard from cruise ships in the last decade and one of 7 disappearances in less than 4 months this year alone. The incident raises the fundamental issue whether it is, in fact, possible for someone to fall off a cruise ship. 

I have written about nearly 200 overboard incidents since I started this blog eight and a-half years ago.  The single most common comment which I hear is that it's impossible for someone to fall off of a cruise ship. When I reported on the recent overboard incident on the Pacific Dawn, the first comment was passengers don't just fall off of a cruise ship.

But based on some of the eye-witness accounts, that is exactly what might have happened on the Pacific Dawn. 

The 47-year-old passenger from Brisbane, Australia, was reportedly with her husband on an exterior Pacific Dawn Overboarddeck, about 15 feet away from where other passengers were playing table tennis inside the cruise ship. Several passengers said the woman "went outside to vomit as she was seasick," according to an Australian newspaper the Courier Mail.

One eye-witness told the Courier Mail that the woman began to vomit while leaning over a railing when she lost her footing and went overboard.

Another passenger, who expressed condolences to the family of the woman, posted a somber photograph (right) of an empty deck and the railing where the woman apparently went overboard. The low railings immediately caught my eye. 

A standard sized life-ring, which you can see mounted slightly above the deck, is only 28-30 inches in diameter, which suggests that the top of the top of railing is probably no more than a total of 40 to 42 inches in height. 

One of the eye-witnesses took a photograph of the railing (below right) which was published in several newspapers. The photo shows four crew members standing around the deck railing. Two of the crew members are leaning on the railing with one crew member is standing in the middle nearby the railing, which appears to barely come to the crew members' waists and the middle crew member's hips.

Several years ago, when I attended a series of Congressional hearings in....


April 15 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1788 - Arthur Phillip, who'd had a decent night's snooze, led a bush walk to Manly and eyeballed the Blue Mountains.

1790 - Arthur Phillip wasn't feeling too well (probably a lack of rest at night) and so he penned a missive to Lord Sydney asking for permission to return to England.

1793 - Tuki Tahua and Ngahuruhuru were kidnapped by the British and arrived in Sydney on this day.

1794 - Armed watchmen guarding the crop of maize at Toongabbie shot three Darug Aboriginal men and beheaded one to prove their tale; on this day Judge Advocate Richard Atkins scribed in his diary how,
The head of one is brought in and the Lt. Govr [Major Francis Grose] has preserved it, as a present for Dr. Hunter.

1800 - Phillip Gidley King rocked up, as fresh as a daisy, to take over as Guv from Hunter.Among the great unwashed on board were naturalist and explorer George Caley, engineer and explorer Francis Louis Barrallier and 50 convicts.

1804 - The Sydney Gazette employed sharp, on the ball reporters - who obviously got their 8 hours dreaming - who mentioned a new gambling game called "Chuck Farthing" which later became known as Two Up.

1822 - An Illawarra Aboriginal woman was fired at, and set upon by dogs, whilst in the act of appropriating corn from a local settler near Lake Illawarra. Whilst a number of convicts were initially involved in the attack, one Seth Hawker later returned to the scene, shot the woman in the stomach, and again set the dogs upon her. As a result she died in the field, unattended. Hawker was subsequently tried in Sydney for wilful murder, and acquitted by the Judge Advocate, with the womens act of theft clearly identified as culpable and Hawker commended for endeavouring to protect that property that was confided to his care.

1823 - Allan Cunningham departed Bathurst to find an easier overland stock route to the Liverpool Plains.

1828 -  The persecution of Tasmanias Aboriginal population intensified on this day, with a government proclamation banning them from all settled areas. The Lieutenant Governor Sir George Arthur said the order was designed to reduce the incidence of violence between the Aborigines and the white settlers, which had led to death, injury and dispossession on both sides.

1833 - Governor Burke visited Newcastle having made the voyage from Sydney on the Steamer Sophia Jane where an address was presented to him by some of the leading citizens of the Newcastle district.

1834 - Dr. John Lhotsky, the Polish born naturalist, explored parts of the Bega region in 1834 visiting unsettled country before any European system of settlement or roads had been established that decreed how traffic should go from and to. In a letter to the Sydney Gazette on this day he r...


Futurologist Claims Humans May Become Immortal By The Year 2050 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Futurologist, Dr. Ian Pearson seem to believe the ability to live forever might be within our grasp very soon. He claims people who are born after the year 1970 could have a very real chance at immortality.

Pearson told The Sun that he believes we are very close to achieving immortality and in the future, we will be able to live forever. As you probably know, we have been wanting to figure out a way to live forever and avoid death since well, basically the beginning of everything. Living forever is something that we consider to be highly controversial and without a doubt fascinating.

According to The Sun Pearson has said as follows:

There are quite a lot of people interested in living forever. There always has been, but the difference now is tech is improving so quickly, lots of people believe they can actually do it.

No one wants to live forever at 95 years old, but if you could rejuvenate the body to 29 or 30, you might want to do that.

A long time before we get to fix our bodies and rejuvenate it everytime we feel like, well be able to link our minds to the machine world so well, well effectively be living in the cloud.

The mind will basically be in the cloud, and be able to use any android that you feel like to inhabit the real world. If you want to spend the evening in Australia, going to the Sydney opera house, you could use an android.

He even went over the world of sex dolls and has this to say:

The current state of sex dolls are starting to look quite human-like. Give them another 30 years of development and theyll be extremely human-like. You can take any android body and they will look human-like, and download whatever mind you want. You could share one with someone else, or have one yourself, or own dozens of them.

While of course, the first people to use these robotic bodies will be the rich people, in the end, prices will drop down to where everyone else will have access as well. He says that regardless of what happens to our bodies, in that time our minds will....


WPP CEO Martin Sorrell resigns after misconduct investigation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sir Martin Sorrell today resigned as CEO of WPP, the worlds largest advertising agency holding company, after an internal company investigation into his personal conduct. The 73-year-old Sorrell founded WPP 33 years ago, and grew it to more than 200,000 employees in more than 100 countries. Sorrell said in a statement: Obviously I am sad to

Sir Martin Sorrell today resigned as CEO of WPP, the worlds largest advertising agency holding company, after an internal company investigation into his personal conduct.

Read Full Story



Note under video below:

I wrote this little song Come Holy Spirit at my piano in Melbourne, Australia in 1985. Since then, thank the Lord, it has been all over the world as have I. The Lord truly chooses the simple things. So grateful.


Works Minister Nali under pressure in roads corruption case "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Brian Alois
Brian Alois
Michael Nali
Michael Nali


PORT MORESBY Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) has demanded that Works Minister Michael Nali provide evidence that a senior Works Department officer was lying when he said contracts for road construction has been corruptly inflated.

President of the PNG Institute of Engineers Brian Alois who is Momase regional works manager, was suspended by the Works Department after making a presentation at a national planning summit on the economics of building roads in Papua New Guinea.

Mr Alois had spoken at the invitation of National Planning Minister Richard Maru.

In his presentation, Mr Alois provided details of the spiralling costs of each kilometre of road construction, saying it currently costs up to an average of K3 million a kilometre.

He said the PNG government is paying well in excess of what it should for road construction and maintenance projects, referring to inflated contract prices and deficient tendering processes.

The Works Department then suspended Mr Alois and Minister Nali accused him of lying.

TIPNG has come out strongly with a public statement saying the Department must present data to justify the suspension of Mr Alois.

Otherwise the public can a...


Bomkop The time strange objects fell upon Simbu "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

An unexploded World War II bomb
An unexploded World War II bomb


KUNDIAWA - Apart from a few incidents, World War II had little impact on the highlands of Papua New Guinea. However, there was one tragedy that occurred in Simbu.

This event is remembered well by the people of Elimbari, near Chuave in western Simbu.

Sometime during the war, probably in 1944, an American military aircraft encountering problems while flying over the Central Highland area jettisoned its load of bombs.

The bombs landed near Mount Elimbari in the vicinity of Wangoi village some kilometres east of Monono Lutheran mission station.

One of the bombs exploded on impact but caused no casualties. The other two bombs did not explode and remained in the area.

One morning, sometime after the war, a man of the Yagari tribe went hunting in the bush with his dog at Garmar under Mount Elimbari. As they were hunting, his dog sniffed something in the ground and barked and then began using its paws to dig into the ground.

A strange object was exposed.

The man came back to check what was happening and saw a big metallic object, mostly buried in the ground. He tried to pull it out but it was heavy and solidly stuck.

The man returned quickly to Wangoi village and then came back to the bomb site with more men whereupon they dug out the object.

It was big, heavy and as shiny as the metal roof of the mission houses and the axes the mission and kiaps had given them.

Discussing what it was, they concluded that many of the good things the white men had brought would be inside. They tried to break the object open with sticks and stones but it was too strong.

The people then carried the strange object back to the village, having strung it to a pole which was carried by two people. The story of the strange discovery travelled and many people from the Kegu and Wanogu clans came to see it.

Wanting to see what the object contained, the people made a bed of split dry casuarina wood,...


Lets make Belt & Road a model in the Pacific: foreign ministers "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Pato and Wang
PNG foreign minister Rimbink Pato meets Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi in Beijing on Friday (Xinhua)


BEIJING - Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi on Friday met with visiting Papua New Guinean foreign minister Rimbink Pato.

China is supporting PNG in holding the annual summit of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) this year and is ready to enhance bilateral coordination and cooperation under the APEC framework, Mr Wang said.

He also said Chinese president Xi Jinping will visit PNG for the APEC economic leaders' meeting in November.

Both sides should take this opportunity to promote bilateral cooperation in various fields and deepen cooperation in the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as making joint efforts to maintain the multilateral trading system and push the bilateral strategic partnership into a new era, Mr Wang said.

Mr Pato said the people of PNG are looking forward to President Xi's visit, adding that PNG is ready to work with China to boost cooperation in the Belt and Road Initiative so as to make it a model in the Pacific region.


An open secret: Childhood allergy epidemic launched by alum adjuvant vaccines "IndyWatch Feed National"

The epidemic of allergy in children was launched in the period between the late 1980s and early 1990s. ER admission records, back-to-back United Kingdom (UK) cohort studies and eyewitness accounts of teachers confronted by the flood of severely allergic children confirm this period of change. This allergy epidemic occurred in specific countries (UK, Australia, Canada, US primarily), involving just children and at the same time. What has the power to do that? In my book, I traced some of the history of allergy and anaphylaxis-words coined to describe an outcome of having for the first time paired a vaccine with the needle. Thus, doctors became keenly aware of the danger of contaminant proteins in any injected product. Using the theory of food oils in the vaccines to explain the sudden nature of epidemic allergy does nothing to forward the conversation. We did not suddenly put food oils, bee venom, latex, dust, pollens, etc. in the vaccines.


Capilano Honey CEO fails to sign affidavit declaring their honey is safe "IndyWatch Feed National"

Capilano Honey CEO Ben McKee has failed to sign an affidavit declaring that the honey Capilano sells under its numerous brands is safe in an application by me to have Capilanos defamation case against me summarily dismissed. Instead Capilano and Mr McKee have relied on an affidavit from their lawyer Richard Keegan, who has a []

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