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Sunday, 17 September


Long term arrivals pick up with the economy "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Immigration picking up

Long term arrivals into Australia slowed along with the economy from 2013.

But now they are rising again.

In fact annual long term arrivals rose to 504,560 over the year to July.

That's some +8 per cent higher than a year ago, and the highest figure on record.

New migrants to Australia mostly hail from Asia, and largely head to Sydney and Melbourne.

That said, at this stage in the cycle, many incumbent Sydneysiders will take their equity out to regional New South Wales, or up to south-east Queensland. 

And some are even moving internally from Sydney to Melbourne for cheaper housing. 

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Saturday, 16 September


Avi Yemini ~versus~ APEX : Make Victoria Great Again LOL (September 17, 2017) "IndyWatch Feed National"

This Sunday, September 17, Avi Yemini has organised a rally to castigate the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, for failing to stop African yoof from slaughtering Victorians. Or something. According to Avi: The government has failed us. Violent crime in Victoria Continue reading


Hillsong Brian Houston: My father, the child sex criminal "IndyWatch Feed National"

Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong a lifelong secret child sex abuser with his son Brian the current head pastor of Hillsong. Frank Houston confessed to a lifetime of secret child sex abuse in 1999. Brian Houston was found by an Australian Royal Commission to be guilty of pedophile protection crimes by not reporting his father Frank to the police and sheltering and protecting him for five years from 1999 to November 2004, when Frank died on Sydneys Northern Beaches in an old folks home.

The Australian

Hillsongs Brian Houston: My father, the child sex criminal

  • The Australian
  • June 20, 2015

Its not about you its about your father.

These words introduced me to a nightmare that would change my life. I was 45 years old and what developed after that sentence was a product of someone elses past that would frame so much of my future.

It was October 1999, and I was senior pastor of Hillsong Church, which my wife Bobbie and I had started from scratch in 1983 in a...


Hillary Happened "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Jeffrey St. Clair and cross-posted from

So someone has ghost-written another Hillary Clinton memoir. My biggest question when I picked it up was: Did Hillary stiff the writer out of the final payment as she did Barbara Feinman, the real author of It Takes a Village?

You dont have to read any further than the cover of the book to answer the question posed by its title: What Happened: Hillary Clinton. Glutton for punishment, I took a masochistic dive into its dark pages anyway.

It soon became apparent that Hillary shouldnt have treated Feinman so churlishly. What Happened would have greatly benefited from her stylistic enhancements. The prose in this book is as brittle as the mind behind it. Notice the lack of a question mark in the title. This is a telling punctuational elision. It signals that this text will not be an investigation into the dynamics behind the most perplexing election in American history.   Dont skim these pages in search of a self-lacerating confession or an apologia. What Happened reads more like a drive-by shooting rampage. The book is a score-settling scattershot rant, enfilading anyone who stood in Clintons way, from Bernie Sanders to James Comey. Amid Hillarys hitlist of villains, even toothless Joe Biden gets gut-shot.

There are, naturally, two ways of interpreting the results of the 2016 elections pitting the two most unappetizing candidates in American history against each: either Trump found some way to defeat Hillary or, more probably, Hillary managed to lose to Trump. But Hillarys psyche cant swallow either scenario. So, she endeavors to create a mystery where there is none. The outcome was so inexplicable, she reasons, that there must be some hidden mechanism at work: Russian hacking, press bias, left betrayal, FBI sabotage. Clinton summons a lineup of the possible suspects: Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin, Julian Assange, Jill Stein, the New York Times, CNN, and Jim Comey. Alas, Hillary and her ghost-writer are not John LeCarr. She cant spin a coherent and plausible cyber-spy yarn, in part because Clinton keeps getting sidetracked by a compulsion to wash her own hands of any culpability in blowing the election.

The closest Hillary comes to any admission of personal liability is when she discloses that she may have blundered when she smeared Trumps supporters as deplorables. Then she suddenly pulls back, recalibrates and defends her denunciation of white working class vot...


The Real Reason Behind Cloning and How the CIA Plans to Use It "IndyWatch Feed National"



A lot of infromation is coming to light about cloning. Ask yourself a question, when has the government not weaponized an invention of breakthrough? If you can answer that question, then you are ready to view the following video.



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A Problem Of Growing Proportions: 3 Things We Can Do Right Now To Tackle Obesity "IndyWatch Feed National"

Smoking has been on the government hit-list for decades. Why then are junk food and sugary drinks flying under the radar. Jonathan McGuane weighs in.

Obesity in Australia has risen steadily since the 1980s such that almost two thirds of adults are now overweight or obese, a phenomenon colloquially referred to as the obesity epidemic.

High body mass index (BMI) is linked to cancer, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, and cardiovascular disease, and costs the Australian economy $21 billion per year. High BMI also accounts for 5.5% and 14.1% of total disease burden (years of healthy life lost) among non-indigenous and Indigenous Australians, respectively; both second only to tobacco.


Sorry for all the boring facts, but its important to establish this right up front: obesity is a huge problem (pun intended). The question is, how did we get this way?

The vast majority of Australians put the blame squarely at the feet of obese people themselves after all, simply reducing ones caloric intake and increasing energy expenditure should theoretically decrease body fat and normalise BMI. However, this view ignores the fact that in modern Australia, people are exposed to a huge variety of strong influences that increase their propensity for developing obesity, and unlike the other major lifestyle risk factors (smoking and alcohol overuse), food consumption is essential to life.

Structural and cultural factors decrease the accessibility of healthy food, promote consumption of energy-dense nutrient-poor food, increase sedentary behaviour, and decreased levels of exercise create what has become known as an obesogenic environment. These include advanced advertising and marketing techniques, the low cost of energy-dense food, poor urban planning, inadequate food literacy, and human genetics/biology all factors outside the control of individuals.

(IMAGE: frankieleon, Flickr)(IMAGE: frankieleon, Flickr)

The fact that interventions focussing on individuals (e.g. pharmacological, educational and behavioural) have not worked reinforces this concept. The effect is most devastating among peopl...


Mobile speed camera fines are ILLEGAL "IndyWatch Feed National"

An enormous amount of detail can be written into why a or rather any fine before (prior to) a court appearance is not lawful, where the details are not going to be discussed in this post, but rather can be found in various other posts within the Corporate Australia blog.

SO, we'll start off with why a certain 'category' of fine can be dismissed IMMEDIATELY.

Let's look at one aspect of law that is advertised by your friendly 'city councils'.

They state that "Parking on nature strips is illegal - penalties apply"
(check with your local council, referring to state law - i.e. an Act to where this is 'claim' is referred to)

So, if you obtained a 'fine' from a person who parked their car like this:

(illustration of white Toyota speed camera equipped car parked on a nature strip)

or a fine from a person who is hiding their grey Mitsubishi behind some bins on a nature strip as shown in illustration below:

then should you choose to go to court over that matter you could ask the well versed at law magistrate or judicial registrar, who is at your service whether they support 'evidence' obtained illegally, referring to the relevant state law with regards to illegally obtained evidence.

Please note...


The Little Bird Weekly News "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Gruen Transfer came under fire from ProudBlackSista (Collen Lavelle) when one of the shows contestants (Creative Director of Loud) included footage of Dylan Voller in a spit hood for their mock ad aimed to convince Kim Jong-Un not to nuke Australia. Gruen seems to have removed the tweet from their feed since complaint was made but you can watch the video here (pitch 2).

Cashless Welfare was a big news in my circles this week with the publication of a feature-length investigative article in Independent Australia which I wrote at the request of Managing Editor, Dave Donovan. Anti-Poverty SA are running conference on poverty that features poor people a novice concept in a country renowned for our middle class talk-fests and are crowdfunding it here.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price published the article Greens should shut up and listen to Indigenous people including the video containing CCT footage of criminal behaviour in Indigenous communities funded by Andrew Forrests charity Minderoo. I have written to the OAIC to explore this use of CCTV for various reasons.

Andrew Forest went a step further branding the Greens as the party for pedophiles:

I have to hold the Greens accountable here; the Greens might...


Why Is Marijuana Banned? The Real Reasons are Worse than You Think "IndyWatch Feed National"

Across the world, support for marijuana legalization continues to grow in places where its currently illegal. But then the question becomes why was it ever banned in the first place?

The answer may surprise you because its not what you think.

In fact, we think youll find the answer downright shocking.

Back in 1929, Harry Anslinger was made director of a government department known as the Department of Prohibition. But, as it turned out, Prohibition was a disaster and when it was repealed, Anslinger needed a way to keep his department alive.

So, without a way to scapegoat alcohol any longer, he turned his eyes elsewhere on cannabis.

Cannabis, he said, would make a dangerous, insane criminal. Marijuana, he said, made people turn into evil beasts. And then, he said, there was the case of the boy Victor Lacata, whod recently hacked his family to death in Florida with an ax. That, Anslinger said, is what happens when you smoke weed.

Documentation now shows that Anslinger wrote to thirty leading doctors, hoping theyd sign off on his crazy statements. Twenty-nine said no. One said, sure. Anslinger used that doctor to give legitimacy to his ravings.

The United States banned marijuana then strong-armed other countries, such as Mexico, into doing the same.

Confused doctors, who knew that cannabis wasnt the evil Anslinger was making it out to be, asked where the scientific research was to support such wild claims.

Anslinger refused to hear it, writing only The marijuana evil can no longer be temporized with, and as such, he would fund no independent science, not ever.

But heres the catch. Years later, somebody went and looked at the psychiatric files for Victor Lacata and theres no evidence he ever used cannabis. Instead, there was a long history of mental illness in his family, and someone had actually suggested Lacata be institutionalized a year prior. There was no mention of cannabis in any of his files.

Theres no data anywhere to support the idea that cannabis causes pyschosis.

In fact, the scientific evidence suggests cannabis is safer than alcohol. Alcohol kills 40,000 people every year in the US. Cannabis kills nobodyalthough Willie Nelson says a friend of his did once die when a bale of cannabis fell on his head.

Isnt it time we listened to the scienceand finally put away Victor Lacatas axe?

Source EIC

The post...


PERTH Man, 19, charged over WA child sex crimes "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man, 19, charged over WA child sex crimes .

September 15, 2017 at 10:22AM .

one count each of indecently dealing with a child and possessing child exploitation material. He will appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Friday. .


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TSVs Most Famous Son "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Why did nobody tell me Julian Assange is from Townsville? Fuck Robert Towns, I think there should be a petition to call TSV St.Julians

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MACKAY Stalker released from prison on parole after hounding ex "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY September 16, 2017 at 03:26PM ,

Stalker released from prison on parole after hounding ex

September 16, 2017 at 03:26PM ,

Mitchell faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Friday after spending 144 days behind bars, pleading guilty to crimes which occurred in the midst of a

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Why Does Your Stomach Growl When You Are Hungry? "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Dr. Mercola

Your body lets you know every day, in a variety of ways, that it is alive and well. One such way is the familiar growl of your stomach, which, to most of us, signals hunger.

But, are all those rumbles and noises actually coming from your stomach? Are they really a sign you need to eat? The answer to both questions is a resounding No. Ill take this opportunity to remind you about whats really going on when you feel and hear a rumble in your belly.

Is All That Noise Coming From Your Stomach?

You may not realize stomach growling actually originates as muscular activity in both your stomach and your small intestine. To better understand what causes it, lets take a closer look at how your body digests the foods and beverages you consume. As you probably know, one of the primary components of your digestive system is a long hollow tube called the esophagus, which runs from the back of your mouth all the way to your anus.

Your esophagus connects with all of your various organs along your gastrointestinal tract, such as your gallbladder, liver, pancreas and stomach, as well as your small and large intestines (also referred to as your bowels).

The walls of your esophagus are primarily composed of layers of smooth muscle, which are squeezed and contracted as a means of digesting and propelling food through your body. This process is called peristalsis. As peristalsis does its work, the food and beverages you consume are steadily being moved along from your stomach to your anus.

Along the way, they are being mixed with a variety of digestive juices. These juices help your body transform liquids and solids into a gooey mixture known as chyme. Now, this is where the growling noises factor into the process.

The funny noises and rumbling sounds you experience are not hunger pangs; they are caused by pockets of trapped air and gasses that are compressed as your body churns food particles and chyme through your digestive system. Typically, stomach growling is no cause for concern. About stomach growling, the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders says:1

Whether audible or not, bowel sounds in the absence of other significant symptoms are normal phenomena of no medical significance. Their harm is embarrassment, a social, rather than a medical affliction.

Why Does My Body Growl Within Hours of Eating?

You may be surprised to know that growling sounds can happen at any time not just when you're hungry or when your digestive system is relatively empty. Sometimes the....


RISE Exclusive media Release: Ex-detainees Launch #sanctionAustralia Campaign: 16/09/2017 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

#sanctionAustralia Campaign

Today RISE: Refugee Survivors and Ex-detainees launches the Sanction Australia Campaign. Initiated and driven by a group of ex-detainees, Sanction Australia calls for international human rights bodies and the United Nations to sanction Australia for its inhumane mandatory detention policies and explicit refugee boat push back policies and to exclude Australia from participation in international humanitarian and human rights decision making processes until mandatory detention and refoulement of asylum seekers and refugees by Australia is abolished.

For the past 26 years, Australia has been progressively implementing punitive and cruel policies against people seeking asylum by boat. These policies have been maintained by successive Australian governments resulting in systemic torture and abuse of refugee/asylum seeker adults and children, and deaths in custody. Since RISE was launched in 2010, we are aware of at least 36 people who have died in Australian detention centres and many RISE ex-detainee members have witnessed deaths in detention well before this time period. How long, asks Abdul Baig, RISE director and ex-detainee, do we have to continue to face such cruelty in front of Australias eyes? Where is the justice?

Depression, suicide, and other mental illnesses are pervasive within Australian detention centres, and are often a direct result of the experience of detention itself. Recent Australian immigration department records reveal that over a period of just one year there were 188 incidents of self-harm involving asylum seekers on Nauru (roughly one every two days) and 55 incidents of self harm on Manus Island. The treatment of detainees within these camps, along with the indefinite detention they experience meets the definition of Torture under International law.

Further, he added We believe that Australias anti-refugee policies are not going to end unless there are international sanctions against the Australian government. We therefore urge international human rights activists and the UN to actively sanction Australia for such cruel acts.

US president Donald Trump has been widely criticised for his anti-refugee policies yet even he says that Australias policies are worse than the USA. Australia is the resource centre for anti-immigration policies in affluent liberal democracies around the world. Sanction Australia campaign coordinator and ex-detainee (unnamed) said We should sanction Australia on human rights to send a strong message to others who are intent on following Australias lead on this. Australia is the place to start on human rights sanction among industrialised countries. How many more from our community will be killed to serve Australian political interests? We dont need any more inquiries or reports, we....


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0002 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 4.40 AUD


Mysterious and Massive Tube-Like Creature Appears Off the Coast of Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

This strange creature was found bobbing along in the waters off of Port Douglas in Australia. While we already know the ocean is full of unique and terrifying things, who knew something like this would come to pay mankind a visit?

Divers came across this enormous translucent tube with an interesting pink sheen to its surface and felt as if they were looking at something out of a sci-fi flick. This creature is around 10-foot-long and to begin with, they were unsure of what it might be. That being said, we now know what this creature is, it is a giant pyrosome or is it?

Giant pyrosomes are not just one huge organism but a body of tons of organisms. They are individual cones that work together to form the hollow structure. At this time, we do not know much about these pyrosomes. They are bioluminescent, though, which is quite a sight. Their light is noted for being unusually bright and lasting a very long time.

Any damage done to the tube is easily repaired as they can reproduce clonally and each individual clone is a hermaphrodite, able to make both eggs and sperm. Strangely though when two of these masses bump into one another in the ocean they have sexual reproduction. Pyrosomes are also part of the tunicate group of animals meaning that each one contains a notochord and is classed as a chordate just like humans are.

While the divers seem to believe this is a pyrosome, many believe it may be diamondback squid eggs. Because of the pink sheen and the ruffles in the body of the mass itself, which makes sense to a degree. These two things look extremely similar so without doing some in-person research it is hard to know for sure. For more information on that click here. 

Of course, whether you believe this is a pyrosome or think it is squid eggs we can all agree these magnificent things are not seen often so those divers were able to make memories that will stick with them forever. Check out the images below of the massive pyrosome (or possible squid eggs) they found and then take a look at the video for more information on pyrosomes in general. Personally, I dont think it is either, I am pretty sure this is the water creature from The Abyss.




The Room I Entered Was a Dream of This Room: Scattered Reflections on the Poetry of John Ashbery "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

John Ashbery, a genius of modern poetry and one of the most influential figures of late-20th and early-21st-century American literature, died on September 3 in New York at the age of 90.

John Ashbery. Credit: Reuters

Im quite puzzled by my work too, along with a lot of other people. I was always intrigued by it, but at the same time a little apprehensive and sort of embarrassed about annoying the same critics who are always annoyed by my work. Im kind of sorry that I cause so much grief.
~ John Ashbery (1927-2017), in an interview to Contemporary Authors

A tale is often told about John Ashberys first book of poems, Some Trees (1956), winner of the Yale Younger Poets Prize. W.H. Auden, who judged the competition, had confessed later of not understanding a word of the winning manuscript. Hyperbole this, with more than a grain of truth in it perhaps, but despite some understandable incomprehension of Ashberys sometimes expansive and languorous, often fearsomely cryptic, poetry, Auden had felt, unerringly, the pulse of its urgency. He had sensed in his own poetic gut its standing-apartness, if we will, amid a slew of poets still in the throes of modernist adventurism in the 1950s despite the fact that Ashbery was a poet who grew to stand in contradistinction to the poet-as-editor figure that Auden as well as others like Pound and Eliot then embodied. It is not surprising perhaps that this young poet was largely inaccessible to the older man, nor unthinkable that Ashbery, however, named Auden as one of the earliest, strongest influences on his writing; and it is probably poetic justice that a youthful Ashbery still won his first prize adjud...


Saying goodbye to coral reefs "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

If we continue to have warm summers like we had in 16 and this year, the next one could wipe out the remaining coral. Now, I dont want to sound doomsday, but thats where were at right now. Its still a wonderful place to visit. But if we continue on this trajectory it wont be, very soon within our lifetime. I think that this is the wake-up call that we need. If losing the Great Barrier Reef isnt serious stuff, what is?

Farewelling coral reefs The Saturday Paper, Karen Middleton, 16 Sept 17  We hear much about trying to contain temperature rises to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Why is that the magic number?

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg The 2-degree guardrail came out of the 2009 Copenhagen meeting. When you looked at how ecosystems were responding, you got into an unmanageable area at 2 degrees above the pre-industrial period, which was where the CO2 concentration had been stable for a long time. The trajectory were on today could raise temperatures by as much as 5 or 6 degrees on history.

One of the problems with 2 degrees is that generally people have the idea that its a guardrail. You go up to the edge of 2 degrees and look over it and see where you dont want to go and its all very safe here. But its more like a slippery slope. Things get progressively worse until they become unmanageable. At the latest Conference of the Parties, the UNFCC [United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ] gover...


Gov Scott Ignores Requests For Immediate Assistance, Florida Nursing Home Loses 8 Patients "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills is under a criminal homicide investigation because 8 of the residents of the nursing home died after they lost air conditioning.

After Hurricane Irma rolled through, they lost power, and it was so unbearably hot and humid that the elderly people were literally dying.

The worst residents were sent to the hospital across the street as they struggled to find solutions for air conditioners. They had portable A/C units and fans, but the heat and humidity was too much, reported Raw Story.

But according to CBS4 Miami reporter Jim DeFede, the center kept calling Florida Gov. Rick Scott begging for help.

They actually called 36 hours before the the first death, but the calls for immediate help were not answered.

The reason they were calling Scott was they were told to call a special cell phone that Scott gave out to healthcare executives saying they should call if there are any problems. So, they did exactly that, and no one came to the rescue.

Scotts office refused to accept any blame after they ignored the pleas for help on the special help line for healthcare.

The tragic and senseless loss at Hollywood Hills Rehabilitation Center is the subject of a criminal homicide investigation by law enforcement, a statement from Scotts office read. Lets be clear this facility is located across the street from one of Floridas largest hospitals, which never lost power and had fully operating facilities. It is 100 percent the responsibility of health care professionals to preserve life by acting in the best interest of the health and well-being of their patients.

CBS4 reported there are still dozens of nursing homes across Florida still without power.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


FU RUOK Day "IndyWatch Feed National"

Not everyone wants to be asked if theyre okay. Joshua Dabelstein explains, and a warning to readers while hes a brilliant writer, hes got a bit of a potty mouth.

This week was RUOK Day again.

I was just accosted by a smiling young woman who, after experiencing travel anxiety on a holiday in between her undergraduate and her masters degrees at USYD, has joined the campaign.

It got me feeling feelings, and then those feelings led to thinkings, and now my thinkings are going to become writings in the hope that by the time I hit the sack this whole thing has coalesced into a puddle of meaning that I can learn from.

On that front tokenistic gestures to mental health issues are causing more harm than good.

For every RUOK day you celebrate, countless young people are coaxed onto a path of pill-paved chemical-adulteration.

We must distinguish between mental health and mental illness if we want to build campaigns that have the capacity to do more good than harm.

Access to labels of anxiety and depression are free and fast. Many peers have walked out of university doctors clinics, and local GPs practices, with scripts for drugs that they identify by brand names, not knowing that Eleva and Pfizer are not actually the names of the antidepressants that theyve been prescribed.

There is significant therapeutic value in having an issue identified, and then subsequently treated. I work in horticulture, and I see the interactions I have with clients as to the diagnoses, prognoses, and treatment plans for plants and gardens in strife that mirror interactions with doctors regarding mental health issues.

I cannot and will not name friends who have been incorrectly taking their meds without appreciating how this affects basics like sleep, and appetite, and libido, and alcohol/black market drug use. Its not their fault that a celebratory blanket has been draped over the shoulders of sufferers.

But judging solely from what Ive seen first hand, we are treating mental health related drugs with a degree of smiling and carefree malaise I daresay exists as a result of the normalisation of these issues by campaigns like RUOK Day.

The problem is, if the Fiddle Leaf Ficus doesnt shake root rot it can be replaced. When you cant treat the curl grub in your veggie patch with Confidor you can just rip out those brassicas and replace them with summer loving edibles!

You cant do this with your own brain.

(IMAGE: Jennifer H, Flickr)(IMAGE: Jennifer H, Flickr)





I .. (name).. from (location) urge . (insert human rights group) to sanction Australia and exclude Australia from participation in all international humanitarian and human rights decision making processes.

Australia has been committing crimes for over 26 years against refugees who are seeking protection by boats. Lack of transparency and accountability in Australian run detention centres is something that has been widely reported and acknowledged by International human rights groups including the UN. There have been many inquiries and many reports of deaths and sexual abuse within these camps yet nothing has changed because the Australian government is not being held accountable. Refugee cases have been mishandled, unfairly dismissed and processed without proper adherence to refugee rights protocol and this should stop immediately.

There have been 36 deaths in Australian detention centres since 2010. There have been multiple incidents of abuse and sexual violence against asylum seeker/refugee adults and children. People who are fleeing harm in their country of origin, experience a compounding of their trauma under Australian government policies that are designed to punish people who are exercising their human right to seek asylum in Australia. Depression, suicide ideation and other mental illness is pervasive and often a direct result of the experience of detention itself. The Australian governments own detention records in just a year to July 2015, indicate that there were 188 incidents of self-harm involving asylum seekers at Nauru (about one every two days) and about recorded 55 incidents of self-harm at Papua New Guineas Manus Island. The detainees treatment within the camps, along with the indefinite detention they experience meets the definition of torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment under International law.

We should not wait until one more refugee is murdered, sexually abused, tortured, or refouled by Australia.

Seeking asylum is not a crime and it is a universal human right.

Please take immediate action and sanction Australia until mandatory detention and refoulement of Asylum seekers and Refugees is abolished in Australia.




Samsung won't partner with Korindo following outrage over forest destruction in Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

14 Sep 2017 | MongabayUnder fire from watchdogs and consumers of its smartphones, Samsung said it would not pursue a joint venture with Korindo amid an NGO campaign highlighting Korindo's rainforest destruction for palm oil in Indonesia's Tanah Papua region.


Biologists are warning that tiny microbial organisms are being moved around the planet on an unprecedented scale. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Biologists are warning that tiny microbial organisms are being moved around the planet on an unprecedented scale.
They're worried the usually unseen ecosystems will get out of balance in the same way that larger animals and plants can become pests.
With bacteria in our oceans providing most of the oxygen we breathe it could become a matter of life and death.


The Grand Guignol has the Wind at it's Back and the Precipice before It. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... it's one of those days for the self righteous to stand up and be counted. Here is a beaut, a truly revealing expression of deep and abiding caring from a real Nimrod. He says (and I quote) Relatives and friends of those who died were just as desperate for clarity.

Kenny Nova, who was briefly married in the late 1960s to one of the deceased residents, Gail Nova, said he was consumed with anger when he learned of his ex-wife's death.

"I can't come to any reasonable idea of how this happened, how people could be that careless and that cold," he said.

Nova had not spoken to his ex-wife in about 10 years, but knew she was living in a nursing home.

"She had no way to take care of herself," said Nova, 73. "When you're dependent on somebody, people have got to step up. You can't just walk away."

I love the fact that he hasn't spoken to her in ten years but at least he knew she was in care. He had been briefly married to her in the 60's and he is consumed in anger now; sounds like my kind of guy- NOT.

Oh it is a festive day these days, as Mr. Apocalypse is ringing the bell at Notre Dame ...with the hunchback's head. They're doing it in broad daylight folks. Jeff Bezos, being the sweet and generous tax paying patriot that he is, is also loyal to that group of people he gets together with every now and again, when they don black and red robes and kick back to the one who leads them, in ceremonies held in the basement of a French chateau or somewhere in Colorado. You probably think they're dilettantes in the non traditional worship of the horned goat of Mendes ...but it's no mean feat to recite the Lord's Prayer backwards, while plunging a dagger into a gender fluid six year old. I mean, they're probably not half bad at chewing gum and patting their stomachs either.



14 Psychological Tricks That Will COMPLETELY Change Your Social Life "IndyWatch Feed National"

Look, weve all been there. Were trying to do something that will actively make our life better, but our brain keeps getting in the way.

We often find ourselves overthinking, plagued by doubt, or giving in to anxietybut we can all do better, and these fifteen mental hacks can help. Check them out, and let us know about your successes!

Fifteen mental hacks to start using today:

1) Practice silence

You know how sometimes you ask someone a question and they only sort of answer the question, or sidestep it? Try maintaining eye contact while staying silent, then just wait. Most people will be uncomfortable enough with the silence that theyll answer the rest of the question.

2) Chew gum to lessen anxiety

A natural reaction to stress, nervousness, or anxiety is to eatbut that doesnt always help, and can have adverse effects on our waistlines. Chewing gum, however, can have the same effect (tricking your brain into relaxing) without the added calories.

3) Watch group dynamics

When youre in a group, pay attention to what people do when they laugh. When people laugh, they tend to instinctively look at the person they are closest to, or wish they were closest to.

4) Drop the I believe

When you use phrases like I believe or I think it undersells the point youre making it. If youre saying it, you clearly already believe or think it, so drop the extra clause. Doing so will help you appear more confident.

5) Stay cool, calm, and collected

The easiest way to gain power in a disagreement is to stay calm; loosing your cool is a way of giving your power up. Stay calm, and youll have a much better chance of coming to an agreement in the future.

6) Act the way you want to feel

Research has shown that not only do we tend to act the way we feel (our actions serving as an emotional outlet, such as stomping when angry), but this can work the other way around, too: If we want to feel happy, acting like we are can help us do so. In other words, fake it until you make it is very real. So if you want to be happy? Act happy. You may be surprised how quickly you notice your mood turning around in response.

7) Treat others as if they were friends

Think of tense situations like interviews. Most of us get nervous, uptight, and cold, forgetting that our interviewer is human, too. If we treat the people around us like they are old friends, and consequently stay respectful and relaxed, we may just be surprised by the results.

8) Confidence begets brilliance

If you are confident in something, people will buy it. Sometimes the best part of bri...


What works in conservation? In-depth series starts next week "IndyWatch Feed National"

How do you solve a conservation problem? Do you protect a wild leopard that has entered a village by removing it and releasing it into a forest far, far away? Or do you work with the people living in the village and help them live with the leopards and other wildlife that might stray into their backyards? Do you save a patch of tropical forest by declaring it a protected area and keeping people out? Or do you let local communities take charge? The answers to these questions are, as might be expected, not straightforward. But we do need answers. The endangered Indochinese lutung (Trachypithecus germaini) is native to Southeast Asia. Photo by Rhett A. Butler. We are in the middle of what some scientists call a sixth mass extinction event. Our planet is losing species at least 100 times faster than historical levels. Halting this ongoing human-induced extinction will be neither easy nor cheap. Nearly every country has committed to reducing the loss of globally threatened species and protecting their habitats under the Convention on Biological Diversitys (CBD) 2020 biodiversity targets. This would cost about $80 billion per year, scientists estimated in 2012. But the overall picture is poor, CBD noted in its 2016 report. With just three years left, most countries have made inadequate progress in achieving the 2020 targets and have weak levels of future ambition to do so, the report found. Funding for conservation, too, is becoming increasingly scarce. So figuring out how to spend this money prioritizing


Common Sense 101: Some Really Simple Solutions To The Housing Affordability Crisis "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ian McAuley has written two articles on the problem of housing affordability and the related risk faced by those who have high housing debt. One reader has asked him to respond with suggested solutions. Over to Ian.

Responding to two articles I wrote on housing policy (Part 1 on financiers, Part 2 on borrowers), Kathy Hyne wrote, I hope there is a part 3 on mitigation.

There are two related problems non-affordability for those who find themselves locked out of the market, and financial stress for those who have become heavily indebted in an over-priced market (while my article on borrowers is about individuals, Greg Budworth has an excellent article in New Matilda this week on affordability that goes into its social aspects).

To an extent the interests of the two groups those who cannot afford housing and those who are over-committed are at odds: what is done to bring down housing prices will probably leave others exposed to financial risk, particularly those who have high debt and little equity.

When prices fall debt stays constant, resulting in a disproportionate (levered) effect on equity, which can easily go negative. For example: if you owe $800K on a $1 million property, you have $200K equity; if its value falls by 10 per cent your equity falls to $100K (the debt doesnt fall) meaning it halves; and once its value falls again by a similar amount, your equity is wiped out.

Thats the essence of the political problem facing the government, because many of the Coalitions so-called aspirational voters have taken the bait of low nominal interest rates, permissive bank lending practices and tax breaks to buy investment properties.

The Commonwealth Bank logo, pictured in Sydney. (IMAGE: Phil Desveaux, Flickr)The Commonwealth Bank logo, pictured in Sydney. (IMAGE: Phil Desveaux, Flickr)

Apart from their real estate they are not necessarily wealthy: rather many are taking advantage of what they see as a chance to get ahead materially in a country described by Cameron Murray and Paul Fritijers in their work Game of Mates: How favours bleed the nation, as a class-society, with an elite that robs the rest who are scrambling to salvage some self-esteem by secretly hoping to join that elite.

Even though their self-image may be one of rugged self-reliant...


Episode-2086- Expert Council Q&A for 9-15-17 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tweet Today its Friday so its time for expert council show. To ask a question for a show like this, just send an email to me at jack at with TSPC Expert in the subject line. Today the expert council answers questions on vehicles, alternative health, plants, cooking, ETF investing, concealed carry, old guns and more. In the body of your email first tell me the council member your question is for. Second ask your question concisely in one to two sentences maximum. Third any and all details after that. This is the formula to give you the best chance of getting on the air. I do what I can to get as many of your questions as possible on the air but cant always get to all of them. Our council is made of a wide variety of experts in everything from the tactical to the practical and everything in between. To get more information on our Expert Council visit our Meet the Expert Council Page to learn more about them and their specific areas of expertise. Join Me Today As Our Experts Discuss Choosing the correct oil for an older motor Tim Glance Using DE for health reasons Doc Bones Overwintering of potted perennials Nick Ferguson Cooking with wild mushrooms Chef Keith Snow Making buy and sell decisions with a silver ETF John Pugliano Duty to inform about concealed carry with LEO contacts Dan Ohmann Hunting with old shot guns and vintage hunting/fishing gear in general Jack Resources for todays show Join the Members Brigade Join Our Forum The Year 58 Walking To Freedom TSP Gear support TSP when you shop on Online Grandaddys Gun Club Bullhead Fishing Information I Want it All Queen Websites of the Expert Council Members MT Knives Humble Mechanic Living Free in Tennessee Harvest Eating Old Grouch Military Surplus Permaculture Classroom A Bee Friendly Company Investable Wealth NW Edible Primal Power Whole Systems Design Doom and Bloom Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one mans opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK (866-658-4465) and you might hear yourself on the air. Join the MSB Today Want Every Episode of TSP Ever Produced? Remember in addition to discounts to over 40 vendors who supply stuff you are likely buying anyway, tons of free ebooks and video content, MSB Members also get every edition of The Survival Podcast ever produced in convenient zip files in blocks of 24. More info on the MSB can be found here. `


wp Journalist Faces Defamation Probe for Comparing Indonesias Treatment of West Papua with Myanmars R ohingya "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Journalist Faces Defamation Probe for Comparing Indonesias Treatment of West Papua with Myanmars Rohingya

Posted 13 September 2017 20:59 GMT
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Cartoon in support of Dandhy Dwi Laksono, drawn by Iwan Sketsa/ @Sketsagram on Twitter and Instagram. Published with artists permission.

Indonesian police in East Java are investigating a veteran journalist for comparing former President Megawati Sukarnoputri to Myanmars Aung San Suu Kyi in a Facebook post.

On September 3, 2017, journalist and documentary filmmaker Dandhy Dwi Laksono wrote on Facebook that Megawati and Suu Kyi are alike in many ways, noting that both are former opposition leaders who now head the ruling parties in their respective countries. Dandhy added that if Myanmars government is being criticized for its treatment of ethnic Rohingya, the Indonesian government should similarly be held liable for suppressing the independence movement on the Indonesian island of West Papua.

He further compared Suu Kyis silence on the persecution of the Rohingya to Megawatis role as party leader of the government, which has recently intensified the crackdown on West Papuan independence activists.

Rohingya people born and living in Myanmar are...


Scientists Cured Nut Allergies in 80% of Children! How? With Probiotics "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article is shared with permission from our friends at ZME Science. Australian scientists have cured nut allergy in 80% of the children taking part in a probiotic clinical trial. These childrens lives how now been transformed forever, with many more child or adult to follow soon. Nut...


The post Scientists Cured Nut Allergies in 80% of Children! How? With Probiotics appeared first on Healthy Holistic Living.


On independence day, its time to look for a birthday present "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PNG's human development index - off the cliff


CANBERRA - 16 September 2017 marks Papua New Guineas 42nd anniversary of independence. How have things been going?

A good benchmark for measuring progress is PNGs Vision 2050 document. This set out a blueprint for making PNG a smart, wise, happy and fair society by 2050.

The visions primary measurement indicator is we will be ranked in the top 50 in the United Nations Human Development Index by 2050.

So how is PNG going towards meeting this goal? This graph shows PNGs progress in improving its Human Development Index (this is a composite index of factors such as life expectancy, education, and incomes).

Since the 2050 Vision document was released in 2010, PNG had its lowest rate of improvement since 1990. After doing well in the early 1990s and during the 2000s, PNG has gone back to even worse rates of development than the disastrous late 1990s.

To meet the goal of being in the top 50, PNG needs to move from its 154th ranking of 188 countries in 2010 and jump forward by at least two places every year. So from 2011 to 2015, did PNG jump some 10 positions? No, it stayed exactly in 154th position by 2015 (the latest available data).

Indeed, it is now in equal 154th position as Zimbabwe has moved forward and it now ranked exactly the same as PNG. PNG is in the bottom 20% of countries and not moving forward. This is not good news.



Dutch teenage soldier abused sexually, top brass covered up "IndyWatch Feed National"

This August 2016 video from the USA is called 12 Harrowing Stories About Military Sexual Assault.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant:

Defense department covered up abuse of soldier

For the first time, a male victim of sexual abuse in the armed forces is telling his story. The abuse took place at the Royal Military School, and was covered up by the senior officers.

By Maud Effting and Willem Feenstra, September 15, 2017, 20:27

The armed forces covered up an abuse case at the Royal Military School (KMS) in Weert in 1982. A male soldier, attacked by five soldiers and abused sexually by one of them, was sent away by the platoon command when he reported the incident. The perpetrators still have impunity. Three of them still work in the armed forces, two of them in high ranks.

In an interview with the Volkskrant that will be in tomorrows printed edition and will be online, former soldier Ronald Vreeburg (52) tells about the abuse, the subsequent cover up and the far-reaching consequences for his life. His story is largely confirmed by three (former) fellow soldiers.

It is for the first time that a male soldier in the Netherlands tells so openly about abuse. In the USA and England, in recent years, men in the military have been increasingly victims of sexual abuse. In the USA, even more than half of the victims of abuse in the army are male.

According to experts, this disclosure can serve as a catalyst for other male (former) soldiers who have experienced sexual abuse. Abuse scandals in the sports w...


Is underutilisation falling? "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Slack, but tightening

Yes, gradually, underutilisation in the labour force is declining.  

Down from 14.8 per cent in 2014 to 14.1 per cent. 

Some states are faring better than others. 

Much of the increase since 2012 has related to Western Australia, and to a lesser extent Queensland and South Australia. 

But looking at the trend figures, South Australia has seen a turnaround in fortunes lately - partly because of people moving to Melbourne, and partly due to an improving economy. 

Western Australia and Queensland also seem to have turned a corner, following a prolonged resources construction downturn. 

In New South Wales underutilisation continues to improve to the sort of levels historically associated with decent wages growth.

Meanwhile, stamp and transfer duty take in New South Wales is still going absolutely nuts, helping to fund an infrastructure boom.

Overall, the figures suggest that there is a way to go before the labour force slack is taken up, but some inroads have at least been made. 

And perhaps the start of a gentle lift-off too for Adelaide?



Market Talk- September 15th, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

North Korea spooked markets yet again by launching a missile that reported flew over Japan, which came a day after North Korea claimed it would sink Japan. The events were short-livid however and after a brief flight to safety in gold, treasuries and the Yen markets quickly corrected back. The JPY traded into the low 110s but by US trading had drifted into the 111s. Gold did have a bid in Asian trading but by the late US session was testing $1320. The recovery had already taken place by the time Asia closed with the Nikkei closing in positive territory (+0.55%) with exporters and financials setting the pace. The Australian ASX closed down -0.8% led by industrials and miners. SENSEX and Hang Seng were both little changed but we saw a positive return for the core Shanghai index closing up +0.55% as the Yuan drifted again.

UK was the talk of the market today with both good and ad news. Sadly, there was an explosion on a London underground tube where it is to be people hurt and talk that it was terrorist attack. The markets were thin for about an hour but then returned to focus on a rallying Sterling and the declining FTSE. Late in the day the UK raised the terror threat level to critical. GBP made around 200 points against USD taking levels to 1.3610 before settling high 1.35s, a gain today of around 1.3%. Much of this was a direct result of weaker than expected US Retail Sales but the market does appear to be a positive spin top the latest BREXIT talks and the fact the BOE could be back in play soon. The forwards market now prices-in a 60% probability of a November move and February a done deal. Elsewhere in Europe both the CAC and DAX closed small down (-0.2%), while the Spanish IBEX was a little heavier losing -0.4% on the day.

US stocks hit yet more record highs even in the face of poor data but probably benefited on the back of marginally weaker currency against the basket. Retail Sales were 0.3% weaker than forecast at -0.2% and also the Industrial Production number was down almost 1% in August. We have just closed the week at record levels with the geopolitical uncertainty and US Dollar at almost the years lows. Volumes continue to be an issue but with many still on the side-lines, a market...


What can Australia do to help with elections in PNG? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

TERENCE WOOD | DevPolicy Blog

Australian-aid-for-elections-2002-2017 (estimate)
Australian aid for PNG elections 2012-17

CANBERRA - For decades Australia has been at the centre of international efforts to improve elections in Papua New Guinea.

Australia has spent almost US$60 million since 2002. Despite this, the 2017 elections were blighted by a frightening pack of problems.

Given PNGs electoral woes, it is tempting to conclude aid hasnt helped. Tempting, but mistaken. Elections may not be good in PNG but good is not the right yardstick for aid success in this area.

As I described in an earlier article, Whats the matter with elections in PNG, Papua New Guineas domestic political economy produces forces that are at odds with well-run elections.

As I discuss in this paper, international engagement has served as a countervailing force against these. Because of this, it is very likely that elections in PNG would be worse still without Australian involvement.

This doesnt mean that Australian efforts cant be improved. Here are some suggestions. Because this is a blog post they are, by necessity, broad. I hope many others will offer a lot more in coming months; for now, treat these ideas as a start.

First up, recognise the road to the next elections starts today. Improving them will be an ongoing effort. It will require engagement, pressure and assistance, every year from now to 2022.

The chart above shows my estimates of Australian aid spending devoted to elections in PNG since 2002. As you can see, the post-2012 effort was inconsistent and less than previous elections.

This isnt the aid programs fault. In between aid cuts and the death of AusAID, it was a tumultuous time.

Even so, theres still a lesson from 2017: improving elections requires substantial, sustained engagement. It requires staff devoted to the task and it requires the steady accumulation of contextual knowledge.



The Flag "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


I see my flag
I see Pride
I see Hope

we bleed, we suffer
the socio-economic injustice

we are neglected,
we are lost
our heritage at stake

yet we are precious
soaring like a kumul
we are always proud

in the face of darkness
we are shining stars
we have hope

All arise!
All you children of this land

Happy 42nd Anniversary!
Papua New Guinea


First Port Moresby writers conference was a real success "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The panel
John Kasaipwalova, Baka Bina, Alphonse Huvi, Caroline Evari, Emmanuel Peni


PORT MORESBY - A group of about 30 people gathered at World Bank Information on Friday 8 September to participate in the first ever writers conference spearheaded by My Walk to Equality contributing writers Loretta Bele, Alu Ravusiro, Leila Parina, Alphonse Huvi and Caroline Evari with the theme Be Inspired to Write.

The aim of the conference was to celebrate the success of the book and to use it as an means whereby writers, editors, publishers and like-minded individuals could collaborate.

The event included a panel discussion on relevant topics, experiences and challenges faced by writers; mens involvement in literature and the need for collaboration; how writing can be used as a platform for addressing issues such as violence, women and youth empowerment, politics, etc. and; what the Port Moresby based MWTE writers would want to see emerging from the books success.

The panel comprised Emmanuel Peni from the Crocodile Prize committee, John Kasaipwalova from the UPNG Bookshop, Baka Bina and MWTE contributing authors Alphonse Huvi and Caroline Evari.

I loved reading but never wanted to become a teacher, and it was my passion that got me into writing, said Alphonse Huvi, who is now a teacher.

For most of us who find ourselves isolated, trapped or imprisoned by our own thoughts and emotions, writing gives us that space to escape and be free, said Emmanuel Peni.

Writing is not rocket science, John R of Creative Grafiks stated. You just need to find a time and be committed in order to achieve your goal in writing.

The conference also had an open microphone session where members of the audience took turns to share with the group samples of their writing.

There was much passion surrounding contemporary writing and most writers included lines of their own indigenous dialects.

Papua New Guinea is a nation with 800 different languages and a rich cultural heritage and there is still much to explore.

We as writers have...


Australian gay politicians. Part one. Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating. "IndyWatch Feed National"


And then I recalled all the gossip about all the prime ministers since Ive been a journalistPaul Keating he and Annita would divorce because he was secretly gay.

Sydney Morning Herald article below

In 1993 I received my Australian citizenship from then Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating at the Sydney Town Hall in front of thousands of people at a special commemoration citizenship ceremony.

I was chosen because I was a New Zealand emigrant businessman whod done well in Australia. I was the only Anglo-Saxon and the other candidates for citizenship came from all over the world. The Australian government was illustrating the multiculturalism of Australia.

Paul Keating arrived with a large entourage and fanfare. Assistants and media, the whole shebang. He was quite something in those days and knew how to play the game, maintain the invincibility and aura.

Paul Keating made a total mess of the Australian economy.

When Paul Keating was Australian Federal Treasurer in the late 1980s, under his economic governance, and as a direct result of him dismantling Australian tariffs on imports carte blanche, the Australian economy went into a major recession. It was all Pauls fault and yet to this day Paul sees himself as an economic hero.

Paul Keatings gayness

I really dont give a toss about whether Paul Keating is gay or not.

Paul lives with his boyfriend in Potts Point so he must be gay....


Cassini, NASAs 13-year Saturn mission, has ended "IndyWatch Feed National"

As per plan the Cassini mission to Saturn is over.

Contact has been lost with the Cassini spacecraft after it completed a death dive into the upper atmosphere of Saturn and transmitted its final signal, according to NASA.

The spacecraft deliberately sank into Saturns upper atmosphere at a high speed and plunged itself into the planet just after 6:30 a.m. ET Friday. Given the amount of time it takes signals to reach Earth, the final signal and last bits of data reached the Deep Space Networks Canberra Station in Australia about an hour and a half later.
NASA confirmed the spacecrafts demise at 7:55 a.m. ET, as predicted.
For about a minute, Cassini was able to transmit new data about the planets composition as long as its antenna remained pointed toward Earth, with the assist from small thrusters. Then, the spacecraft burned and disintegrated due to the heat and high pressure of the hostile atmosphere. It became part of the planet it set out to explore.
It was a perfect spacecraft, said Julie We...


Blair Cottrell - Australian Nationalist Found Guilty of Opposing Islamization - Hour 1 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Blair Cottrell is an Australian political activist, carpenter, and the leader of The United Patriots Front. Blair joins us to discuss his legal battles, the Islamization of Australia, antifa, and much more. But first, Blair tells us about his background, including how he came to be involved in right-wing politics. Next, we discuss the recent court decision in which Blair was found guilty of inciting contempt for Muslims. This leads to a consideration of Islam in Australia, which Blair tells us is growing at an alarming rate. The show explores many other topics, including Australian antifa and Blairs thoughts on the American Alt-Right.


Carbon tax by stealth Down Under - To save the world by banning *old style* two-stroke lawn mowers, weed whackers, outboard boat motors! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cory Bernardi outlines legislation that has just passed banning *old-style* 2-stroke motors from 2019 - meaning lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, weed whackers, and outboard boat motors. In Australia mowers and fishing tinnies are heritage material. It's a new carbon tax by stealth, pretending to be about health. h/t to Tim Blair who adds a movie of Australians dancing with lawn mowers for the Sydney Olympic opening ceremony (just to give you foreigners some appreciation of how attached Australians are to them). Stock up now. You may not be able to buy them (legally) after 2019. I predict a high black market value decent prices for "Vintage models on ebay".


Come back, youre forgiven: Kerenga urges MPs to switch sides "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Kerenga Kua
Kerenga Kua


WELLINGTON - A leading Papua New Guinea opposition MP has called for government MPs to cross to the other side.

 Former attorney-general Kerenga Kua said new MPs could be excused for not knowing the real picture before being elected to office but returning MPs are staying with Peter O'Neill for the wrong reasons.

He said there was no money in the government coffers and its 100-day plan was ridiculous, given it had been running the country for the past six years and was responsible for where PNG is socially and economically.

Mr Kua said crime was out of control in Port Moresby, Lae and Madang. The morale in the police force was at an all-time low because of divisive actions by Commissioner Gari Baki. He said the recent election saw the highest number of deaths and said social unrest would continue because, when a government had compromised itself in the eyes of its people, lawlessness sets in.


'Sense of Congress': Senate Intel slips sentence into bill that could lead to spying on US citizens "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Senate panel may be stealthily trying to give federal law enforcement a new tool to go after the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks and its U.S. collaborators. A one-sentence "Sense of Congress" clause was tacked onto the end of a massive 11,700-word bill that was approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee and is likely to come before the full Senate later this month. The clause says that WikiLeaks "resembles a non-state hostile intelligence service" and that the U.S. government "should treat it as such." The intended target might not be Julian Assange, the Australian-born founder of WikiLeaks who has been holed up at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London since 2012. Federal law enforcement, experts say, is likely targeting anyone collaborating with his organization.


Dear Jamie Dimon: Predict the Crash that Takes Down Your Produces-Nothing, Parasitic Bank and Well Listen to your Bitcoin Prediction "IndyWatch Feed National"


This is the begging-for-the-overthrow-of-a-corrupt-status-quo economy we have thanks to the Federal Reserve giving the J.P. Morgans and Jamie Dimons of the world the means to skim and scam the bottom 95%.

Dear Jamie Dimon: quick quiz: which words/phrases are associated with you and your employer, J.P. Morgan? Looting, pillage, rapacious, exploitive, only saved from collapse by massive intervention by the Federal Reserve, the source of rising wealth inequality, crony capitalism, privatized profits-socialized losses, low interest rates = gift from savers to banks, bloviating overpaid C.E.O., propaganda favoring the financial elite, tool of the top .01%, destroyer of democracy, financial fraud goes unpunished, free money for financiers, debt-serfdom, produces nothing of value to society or the bottom 99.5%.

Jamie, if you answered all of them, youre correct. The only reason you have a soapbox from which you can bloviate is the central bank (Federal Reserve) saved you and your neofeudal looting machine (bank) from well-deserved oblivion in 2008-09, and the unprecedented, co-ordinated campaign by global central banks to buy trillions of dollars of bonds and stocks.

Central Banks Have Purchased $2 Trillion In Assets In 2017

This 8-year long central bank intervention has:

1) transferred billions in what were once interest payments earned by savers and pension funds to banks such as J.P. Morgan

2) boosted your sales by flooding the financial system with low-cost credit

3) lifted your stock far above its value in an unmanipulated market and thus

4) awarded you immense stock-option and bonus-based wealth for doing nothing but letting the central banks enrich J.P. Morgan and its peers.

In other words, your claim of financial genius is based solely on central bank intervention. J.P Morgan would have done very well in the past eight years if theyd replaced you with a crash-test dummy. In fact, the shareholders would have done much, much better if the crash-test dummy had a Post-It note on its chest reading buy bitcoin.

Compare the return for an investor who believed your shuck-and-jive claim to financial genius and &...


Australia: Girls as young as 9 trafficked into forced marriages "IndyWatch Feed National"

More than 50 girls in New South Wales were trafficked into forced marriages to older men, with some brides being as young as nine years old. These girls are children in need of protection, but the Islamophobia ploy has become yet another weapon to terrorize infidels into immobility. The West in effect is being turned []


MACKAY Mackay man charged with attempted murder "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY September 15, 2017 at 01:45PM ,

Mackay man charged with attempted murder

September 15, 2017 at 01:45PM ,

Mr Sprott faced Mackay Magistrates Court via videolink from prison on Wednesday for a brief mention, represented by solicitor Antoinette Morton,

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Bucasia man faces police assault charges "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY September 15, 2017 at 03:15AM ,

Bucasia man faces police assault charges

September 15, 2017 at 03:15AM ,

Boyd Elliot Tass, 41, did not face Mackay Magistrates Court for his scheduled mention yesterday, though barrister Phillip Moore appeared his behalf.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Mackay dad threatens to hurt his kids in horror DV "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY September 15, 2017 at 08:52AM ,

Mackay dad threatens to hurt his kids in horror DV

September 15, 2017 at 08:52AM ,

The man, who we have not named to protect the identify of his victims, faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday via videolink. His charges left the

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Ex-cop accused of holding up pub with knife "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY September 15, 2017 at 10:00AM ,

Ex-cop accused of holding up pub with knife

September 15, 2017 at 10:00AM ,

Michael Gordon Gilmont, 58, did not appear in Mackay Magistrates Court yesterday (due to a video technical issue) but was represented by solicitor

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Company facing charge over speedway grandstand collapse "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY September 15, 2017 at 08:41AM ,

Company facing charge over speedway grandstand collapse

September 15, 2017 at 08:41AM ,

Robnjosh Pty Ltd were listed to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court on Friday, charged with failing to comply with its health and safety duty on May 21

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Company due in court over speedway grandstand collapse "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY September 15, 2017 at 08:41AM ,

Company due in court over speedway grandstand collapse

September 15, 2017 at 08:41AM ,

were transported to Mackay Base Hospital after suffering fractures. Court lists show the company is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court this

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Queensland's largest university to ban smoking by July 1, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Queensland's largest university will become a smoke-free zone within 10 months. The University of Queensland announced today it intended to be a smoke-free campus from July 1. The university adopted the policy after consulting with the State Government and health experts, a spokeswoman said. "The decision aligns with UQ's responsibility and desire to provide healthy and vibrant campuses, and reflects evolving societal norms," she said. The university would offer support to students and staff who currently smoke.


A Q&A with Chuck Marohn "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today we're bringing you a video from a Strong Towns event earlier this year in Calgary, Alberta at the Building Resilience - National Urban Planning Conference. This is the Q&A following a presentation on Strong Communities by Chuck Marohn.

You can watch Part I and Part II of the original presentation, but we wanted to especially highlight the question and answer portion because the questions raised are insightful and invite a valuable discussion on how to build strong towns, particularly from a planning perspective. Some key questions include: 

  • What's the best way to approach the political establishment with a Strong Towns message?
  • As we make improvements to urban cores, how can we reinvest in these communities without pushing low income people out?
  • Upzoning is one way to encourage broader uses in a neighborhood, but you have concerns about that. Why? Can you explain those?

You can find all our videos on YouTube.

Related stories


Another 6,000 US Ground Troops Set for Deployment to Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed National"

Officials say 6,000 more US troops are likely set for deployment to Afghanistan in early 2018.

(ANTIWAR.COM)  Adding on to the 3,500 troop escalation already announced for the Afghan War, officials are now reporting that another 6,000-plus ground troops from Fort Carson are also slated for a future deployment to the country.

Its part of the increasingly complicated way in which the US reports, or rather, doesnt report, on troop levels and details in its ongoing wars. The report on the Fort Carson troops includes a lot of questions, including timing of deployment, and how many are new deployments,as opposed to replacing existing troops simply rotating out of the country.

Those are big questions, and there are simply no answers. The Pentagon isnt officially confirming any of the details on this matter, and while those familiar say the deployment is likely to happen sometime in early 2018, even that is just speculation.

While Defense Secretary James Mattis had promised improved transparency, President Trumps declaration that Americas enemies must never know our plans is indeed ushering in a new era of unprecedented secrecy, and these reports about deployments from bases might be the closest we ever get to confirmation of overseas escalations in the future.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

This article was chosen for republication based on the interest of our readers. Anti-Media republishes stories from a number of other independent news sources. The views expressed in this article are the authors own and do not reflect Anti-Media editorial policy.


'Culture of celibacy' to blame for Catholic Church child sex abuse - study "IndyWatch Feed National"

A five-year study into sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has found that mandatory celibacy and a culture of secrecy within the entirely male-dominated clergy were "the major precipitating risk factor[s] for child sexual abuse." Former Catholic priest, Des Cahill, and co-author, theologian Peter Wilkinson, compiled information from 26 royal commissions and inquiries from Australia, Ireland, the UK, Canada and the Netherlands since 1985 in their report. Cahill, now married but still a practising Catholic, began the research after he discovered he had lived and worked with several pedophile priests throughout his career in the priesthood. He told Guardian Australia: "After the issue of abuse first became public, around 1978, I began wondering: 'Why did this happen?' I knew some of the priest perpetrators and I studied with them and I lived with one of them. And yet I was never aware while I was in the church. You have to understand, a priest offender is very secretive and doesn't want to be found out."


Australian media promotes the chip "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian media are heavily promoting biometric chip implants as a good thing that will make life easier and possibly save lives.

Microchips Make Life Easier..

The mainstream media continues to push biometric implants, tiny microchips upon which personal data is stored that are inserted under the skin, as a matter of convenience that is something out of a science fiction movie.

Take, for instance, this new report from an Australian television station:

From opening doors to riding the bus and paying for lunch, subdermal microchips are the way of the future for people embracing a digital future. Remi Baker and Mitch Hunter from PHD Media are two early adopters of the microchip technology.

We dont need any ID cards, we dont need any pin codes, we dont need any access cards or anything so we can live a much freer life, Mr Hunter said.

The microchip, which is the size of a grain of rice, sits beneath the skin. Data from your bank card, LinkedIn profile or even your medical history is cloned on to the chip which is then implanted in the hand.

Using the same technology as tap and pay cards, the chip can be used to do anything that has been programmed on to the chip.

The report even suggests such implants can save lives, if a person has stored medical information on it.

TruNews copy


Endangered birds in Victoria, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 2012 video from Victoria in Australia is about mallee emu-wrens.

This video says about itself:

In September 2014, I had the excitement of finding a population of at least 3-4 Mallee Emu-wren, an endangered species, at Wyperfeld National Park in northwest Victoria, Australia. My video here is hand-held and rough but, along with the pictures I got, I hope it shows you that these tiny vulnerable birds are present at this location.

From BirdLife:

14 Sep 2017

Irreplaceable Murray-Sunset, Hattah & Annuello, Australia

In our Irreplaceable series, we cast a light on the globally-significant bird habitats that are in danger of disappearing forever.

By Alex Dale

Stretching across three national parks and covering 7,004 km2 of semi-arid shrubland in North-Western Victoria, this area is one of the last refuges for a number of endangered bird species dependent on its unique mallee habitat for survival.

Mallee is a term used to describe species of eucalypt plant that have adapted to survive in hot, dry areas prone to bushfires. They boast a swollen root crown laced with buds. When the plant is destroyed by fire, the dormant buds allow it to grow back in multi-stemmed form. After 15-20 years of unburnt growth, they offer the perfect environment to deliver sanctuary and shelter to several specialist species.

These include Malleefowl Leipoa ocellata, a chicken-sized megapode once widespread across Australia, but now restricted to scattered locations across southern Australia. Other resident species are scarcer still. A small colony of 20-40 breeding pairs of Black-eared Miner Manorina melanotis in Murray-Sunset National Park is considered one o...


SOTT FOCUS: The Health & Wellness Show: What's the deal with AIDS? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The disease we now call AIDS burst onto the scene in 1981 after a group of gay males in New York City and Orange County were stricken with a rare type of pneumonia and sarcoma. A year later GRID (gay related immune deficiency) morphed into AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) and in 1984 the 'probable' cause of AIDS was named. It was called HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and the entire world recoiled in fear whilst subjected to a publicity campaign the likes of which had never been seen. According to HIV/AIDS researchers, everyone -- not just gay men and IV drug users -- is susceptible. The science was clear and to be diagnosed was a death sentence. But is it? From the beginning there were disturbing questions raised regarding the shoddy scientific methods involved in identifying HIV and the unreliable testing parameters required for a definitive diagnosis. These questions were never fully answered by mainstream science and what we're left with is a morass of confusion, contradiction and of course, suffering and death. On this episode we dip our toes into heresy and denialism and ask the question: What if the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is just that -- a hypothesis? Running Time: 01:23:31 Download: OGG, MP3 Listen live, chat, and call in to future shows on the SOTT Radio Network!


Michigan Teacher Becomes Violent After 6th-Grader Refuses to Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance "IndyWatch Feed National"

A sixth-grade student in Michigan says he does not want to go back to school after he was assaulted by his homeroom teacher for choosing not to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Stone Chaney, who attends East Middle School in Farmington Hills, Michigan, said his teacher violently dragged him out of his chair and attempted to force him to stand for the pledge, leaving the young man confused and unwilling to return to that school, reported ClickOnDetroit.

The teacher consultant comes up behind me and snatches me out of my chair violently, Stone told the news site. I was so confused. I didnt know what was going on.

Stone, who is very adamant about not standing because he does not pledge to a flag, said that the day after the initial incident, another teacher yelled at him for remaining seated during the pledge.

I dont stand because I dont pledge to a flag, the child explained. I pledge to God and family.

Stones parents are still looking for answers as to how the September 7 incident occurred.

His father addressed the district directly at its last board meeting, defending his sons right to do what he wishes when the pledge is being spoken.

Its his choice to sit, Brian Chaney said. I dont make him sit. And they should respect that.

Even though he was yelled at and physically ripped from his chair, the superintendent of Farmington Public Schools released a statement detailing that the district does support the right of students to opt out of the pledge, announcing that it was conducting an investigation and that the teacher involved has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome.

Stone and his family are looking into other options and will probably leave the district.


A Few Words to My Personal Once Upon a Time Handler Col. Michael Aquino "IndyWatch Feed National"

No matter what you think of the man- he is top in his field and is quite brilliant- so it can be EASILY said that I learned from the very best.


PERTH Teenager charged with 22 child sex offences "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Teenager charged with 22 child sex offences .

September 15, 2017 at 10:22AM .

Narrogin detectives have charged the man with eight counts of sexual penetration of a child, six counts each of indecently recording a child and .


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The Final Solution, words Hitler borrowed from an American "IndyWatch Feed National"

Who first used the phrase the final solution in reference to exterminating a race of people?

The first Geneva convention wasnt a response to Nazis. It was a response to the Americans. 1863 the entire civilized world was shocked and codified rules of war that had been up to this point followed for centuries. The world was horrified at the Union armies for attacking civilians, burning property, raping, looting, and even targeting children in the American Civil War. The same barbarity by the same Northern generals was brought to the American Indians after the Civil War had concluded.

If you want to know more about Abe Lincoln my choice starter book it this

the title speaks for itself.

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Australia Have You Sold Your Soul To The (Pharma) Devil? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Opinion by Meryl Dorey Former President  Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN)   In 1992, Carl Scully was the Member for Smithfield in NEW South Wales Australian Parliament. That year (1992), he spent his entire annual budget preparing and printing a report critical of vaccination. Entitled, Immunisation: Is it Worth the Risk? Mr Scully showed himself to be Continue reading Australia Have You Sold Your Soul To The (Pharma) Devil?

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Intimidation of 9/11 Commission witnesses: the minders "IndyWatch Feed National"

Intimidation of 9/11 Commission witnesses: the minders

by Jon Rappoport

September 15, 2017

Lets say you work for a large corporation, which is undertaking an internal investigation of possible corruption and fraud within the company.

Youre sitting in a room, and an employee of the company is interviewing you.

But next to you sits your boss. He hears all the questions, and he hears your answers. He takes notes on the interview. He answers questions you are supposed to answer. He is your minder.

Getting the picture?

On October 2, 2003, during the 9/11 Commission investigation into what happened on September 11, 2001, a memo was sent to two Commission attorneys, Daniel Marcus and Steven Dunne. It was ominously titled:

Executive Branch Minders Intimidation of Witnesses.

The memo was written by members of the 9/11 Commissions Team 2: Kevin Scheid, Lorry Fenner, and Gordon Lederman. There is no indication that any official subsequently acted on their highly serious charges:

When we have asked witnesses [in interviews] about certain roles and responsibilities within the intelligence community, minders [in the room] have preempted witnesses responses by referencing formal policies and procedures. As a result, witnesses have not responded to our questions and have deprived us from understanding the intelligence communitys actual functioning and witnesses view of their roles and responsibilities.

[M]inders have positioned themselves physically and have conducted themselves in a manner that we believe intimidates witnesses from giving full and candid responses to our questions. Minders generally have sat next to witnesses at the table and across from Commission staff, [falsely] conveying to witnesses that minders are participants in interviews and are of equal status to witnesses.

[Minders now and then] answer questions directed at witnesses.

[Minders write] verbatim notes of witnesses statements [which] conveys to witnesses that their superiors will review their statements and may engage in retribution.

[Minders making notes] facilitates [government] agencies in alerting future witnesses to the Commissions lines of inquiry and permits agencies to prepare future witnesses either explicitly or implicitly.

[T]he net effect of minders conduct, whether intentionally or not, is to intim...


Hunters support Cancer awareness "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Peer pressure was the main message highlighted by SP PNG Hunters full back Stargroth Amean emphasized, when speaking to students of St Michaels Primary School today.

Amean urged students not to involve in any groups in schools going on drinking and smoking rather live a healthy life style.
He made this known during a cancer awareness drive in partnership with Cancer Foundation with four other hunters players.

Also during the awareness PNGCF Health Educator Mr Jacob Oburi said research by PNG Institute of Medical Research suggested that one in ten deaths in PNG is because of cancer.
He said one in three of cancer cases are preventable by simply choosing a healthy lifestyle.
This was PNG Cancer Foundation in partnership with ExxonMobil (PNGs ) Healthy Teens School Program for grades 6-8 students at St Michaels Primary School.

Furthermore, PNGCF were pleased to have Silas Gahuna, Karo Kauna Jr, Butler Morris, Stargroth Amean and Watson Boas from SP Hunters participate in the Healthy Teens School Program as part of their community program in promoting healthy and active lifestyles in schools they visit.
Meanwhile, PNGCF will continue the Healthy Teens School Program to more schools in Central Province, Port Moresby, Hides and Moro in 2017 and 2018 under the partnership with ExxonMobil (PNG) Ltd.  PNGFM/ PNG Today


World Rugby League Cup Trophy goes to Bulolo Wau "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Rugby League World Cup Trophy toured Bulolo and Wau on Tuesday as the people turned up in style to welcome the trophy.
The RLWC Trophy is on its 30 day tour of the countrywith the Bulolo-Wau leg sponsored by Harmony Gold.The trophy was first taken around Bulolo Town as people lined the streets for a glimpse before it made a brief stop at the PNG Forest Products head office.

The Trophy was then taken to Harmony Golds Hidden Valley mine where company staff took photos and met with the tour team made up of Oil Search staff, PNG National Rugby League, and media.
Hidden Valley General Manager, Gary Davies, said it was an historic occasion for the World Cup trophy to visit the mine staff and the people of Bulolo District. We know how much Papua New Guinea loves rugby league and so Harmony Gold has sponsored the Bulolo-Wau leg of the journey, Mr Davies said.
Two former PNG Kumuls players who work at the Hidden Valley mine, Robert Sio and Ati Lomutopa, were present and acknowledged for their contribution to the game.
The Trophy was then taken to Wau Rugby League Oval for the main ceremony, where traditional dancers, students and the Wau people welcomed the team. Lead organiser Sampson Bonai thanked Harmony Gold for sponsoring the trip and Oil Search for being the major sponsor.
Touring Manager and Oil Search General ManagerStakeholder Engagement,Leon Buskins, said Oil Search was proud to sponsor the trophy tour around PNG. The first day of the tour, we brought it here because this is where the first rugby league game was played in the 1930s. Right here on this rugby field, Mr Buskens said.

Former Kumuls players in Bulolo and Wau were presented to the people and acknowledged for their continued work behind the scenes to strengthen and grow rugby league in the region.
After the formalities, the trophy was taken back to Lae to continue its journey into the Highlands region.


United States Air Force (USAF) Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy 87-0032 Returns to Rockhampton Airport - But Looks to Break Down Again! "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

A week after it visited and sadly broke down, United States Air Force (USAF) Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy (L-500) 87-0032 returned to Rockhampton Airport on Thursday 14 September, flying in directly from RAAF Base Richmond again as "Reach 340".  

It again taxied in and parked on Gate 6 on the Southern end of the parking apron.



Journalist Faces Defamation Probe for Comparing Indonesias Treatment of West Papua with Myanmars Rohingya "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Indonesian police in East Java are investigating a veteran journalist for comparing former President Megawati Sukarnoputri to Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi in a Facebook post. On September 3, 2017, journalist and documentary filmmaker Dandhy Dwi Laksono wrote on Facebook that Megawati and Suu Kyi are alike in many ways, noting that both are former opposition leaders who now head the ruling

Journalist Faces Defamation Probe for Comparing Indonesias Treatment of West Papua with Myanmars Rohingya was originally published on

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Apple Is Turning Its Stores Into Town Squares. Is This The Future Of Shopping? "IndyWatch Feed National"

What is a store for? Its definition appears to be changing, increasingly illusory, as consumers embrace digitalization and the virtual.

For many, running to the grocery store is replaced by ordering groceries on Amazon Fresh. While trips to the shopping mall are still relatively popular, depending on where one lives, many malls are now ghosts of themselves: empty holes of space, surrounded by a mass of unused parking lot.

As the world increasingly turns to computers for an easy shopping alternative, retail stores are attempting to reinvent themselves: to assert their usefulness and relevance in a digitalized economy. But many seem to be finding their answer to this dilemma not by burying into retail practices of the last several decades, but rather by reinventing their stores experience entirely. Take Nordstrom, for example.

A Nordstrom With No Clothes

Nordstrom just announced their creation of a store without merchandise last week: a 3,000-square-foot space called Nordstrom Local which would offer experiential amenities, such as a spa and a bar, hair salon and tailor.

Stylists will be on hand to guide shoppers to a personalized wardrobe, which customers can then order online to be delivered to the store that same day, reports the Washington Post. Or the stylists will visit one of the nine local traditional Nordstrom locations to retrieve the purchase. The idea is to keep shoppers from feeling overwhelmed by too much choice.

Its a fascinating idea, especially at a time when online retail stores offer a mind-numbing array of choices. We have more options than ever beforebut that doesnt mean shoppers are happier than ever before. We still have to return clothes that dont fit, dont work, or dont look like they were advertised. As people experience information overload online, they increasingly turn to expert curatorsvia newsletters, podcasts, and blogsto give them the most important information of the day. Maybe this is what shoppers want, too.

Retailers are, very consciously, promoting these in-store experiences, Joe Pinsker writes for The Atlantic. Its a reaction to the fact that buying is now something that can be done anywhere, and that reaction can be detected in a linguistic shift.

When A Store Becomes A Tow...


Victor Yeimo: Cara Menyikapi Dialog Sektoral "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Begitu mendengar Jokowi setuju Dialog Sektoral yang diusulkan 14 orang Papua di Istana Presiden, Jakarta, KNPB mengambil sikap menolak. Alasannya, bukan karena alergi dan takut pada dialog. Juga bukan karena kedengkian terhadap setiap orang yang berupaya mencari solusi damai. Penolakan KNPB jelas, yakni adanya perspektif, metode dan tujuan yang salah dalam dialog. Ketika membaca isi

Victor Yeimo: Cara Menyikapi Dialog Sektoral was originally published on

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The Day of the Generals: Winning Armageddon "IndyWatch Feed National"

8821 Journal NEO Collage

In a room, somewhere deep inside the Pentagon generals and admirals met recently in order to prepare an assessment for the United States Senate Armed Services Committee. Present at the metering were General Mark Milley, the U.S. Armys Chief of Staff, the Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson, the Commandant of the Marine Corps General Robert Neller, and U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein. At such a meeting theres no doubt that Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford attended seeing hes the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The agenda for this meeting was serious as a heart attack Americas most brilliant and powerful military men gathered that day to discuss Armageddon.

The minutes of this fateful meeting are top secret. Only a handful of people will ever know what was discussed. But the end result of the strategy session was revealed on September 15, 2017 before the people of the United States. The top generals of the most powerful nation on Earth advised congress that America could in fact win an all-out war with Russia and China. It must have been a scene right out of Director Stanley Kubricks classic Cold War film, Dr. Strangelove. I was not there, so I can only imagine the gathering of war hawks, the stoic expertise and military intellect, and the obtuse arrogance being conveyed across the congressional forum that day. The vision makes me wonder, Who in the hell ordered such an assessment in the first place? But I think we all know the answer.

General Milley expressed his only concern over World War III by citing the U.S. Armys lack of resources and training to execute Americas national security strategy without high military risk. Admiral Richardson agreed with Milley, but his level of confidence in the U.S. Navys dominance seemed somehow higher. Milley told committee:

I concur with Gen. Milley. If we get into one of those conflicts, well win, but it going to take a lot longer than wed like and its going to cost a lot more in terms of dollars and in casualties.

Marine General Neller parroted these opinions, only with a typical Jar Head obtuseness and psychosomatic bravado proclaiming America...


The Trump Administration Was Ordered to Disclose the Legal Basis for its Syria Strike. It Handed Over Squat. "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Alex Emmons, September 13, 2017, The Intercept.

In this image provided by the U.S. Navy, the guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) launches a tomahawk land attack missile in the Mediterranean Sea in April.

After President Donald Trump launched a cruise missile strike against Syria in April, his administration struggled to justify the legal basis for the attack. For months, a watchdog group has hounded the Trump administration for its legal reasoning. Under court order, the government has finally produced documents that reveal little, if anything.

One document the administration saw fit to release is simply an aggregation of praise for Trumps strike from pundits, lawmakers, and world leaders. It was prepared by Trumps National Security Council.

On April 6, the United States fired 59 tomahawk missiles at Syrias Shayrat air base in response to the regimes use of chemical weapons in Khan Shaykhun, Syria, two days earlier.

The day after the missile strike, an advocacy group called the Protect Democracy Project filed a request with multiple agencies for documents that outline the administrations legal basis for the attack. After the Pentagon and State Department denied the groups request for expedited processing, a judge ruled in July that there was a compelling need for the information to get out and ordered the administration to provide answers as soon as practicable.

In response, the administration on Friday released nearly 60 pages of responsive documents, none of which contain any legal reasoning beyond what appears in the White Houses public statements. The Protect Democracy Project has published the documents on its...


Creative Rebellion "IndyWatch Feed National"

Date and Time: 
Saturday, October 28, 2017 -
3:00pm to 10:00pm

Join us and participate in a festival of creativity on Sat 28 October.

As part of Jura's 40th anniversary celebrations we would like to host a celebration of creative rebellion on Saturday 28 October. Were calling for proposals from musicians (acoustic), poets, actors, comedians, jugglers, video-makers, artists, DIYers, vegan cupcake bakers, and anyone else with creative talents, to be part of this participatory celebration.

The act of creating or performing something for our own pleasure and the enjoyment of our community can be a profound act of rebellion against the consumerism and commodification prevalent in contemporary society. We know that Juras community of supporters is full of talented people. We are seeking people to fill a 10 or 20 minute slot with something creative that can be shared with others. Why not join us on 28th October and share your creative spirit with like-minded people?

The festival is planned to run from the afternoon into the evening, with a presentation by Melbourne poet TTO as the anchor event in the evening. The purpose of inviting proposals is for programming. Apart from TTO, the program will depend on proposals received.

To get involved please email your proposal to with these details:

  •     Your name & contact and names of any co-collaborators
  •     Type of creative activity (eg music, poetry, talk, video, workshop, etc)
  •     Time required generally a 10 minute or 20 minute slot, but we're flexible
  •     Any preferences you have for a timeslot between 1pm and 6pm
  •     Any special equipment / set-up you need, and if you can provide it yourself
  •     Any other details that may be relevant


Seeing through all the noise "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ive mentioned this odd duck conference sponsored by Mythicist Milwaukee beforenow Martin Hughes clarifies what bugs him about it, too. The meeting has been doing some unusual things. Theyve been advertising some well-known attendees not speakers, just popular atheists who will be doing the hard work of showing up which is the first time Ive seen that.

On Saturday, September 30th, 2017, several atheist celebrities will be at the fourth annual Mythicist Milwaukee Mythinformation Conference. The more well-known names include Matt Dillahunty, Richard Carrier [Wait! I thought we destroyed his reputation and his career! At least, he claims we did that, and is suing us for one million dollars for it], Aron Ra [edit: Aron Ra has recently decided not to attend. His wife cited the reasons here), and Seth Andrews. Their presence at this conference is being well-publicized.

But the people coming to hear these people speak are going to be disappointed. Because none of them are giving a talk.

Which isweird. I mean, Matt Dillahunty, the one exception, will only serve as a moderator for a debate; hes not speaking.

Some of them, like Seth Andrews, have been awfully defensive (and offensive) about it, too. Im curious about a couple of things.

  • Are you being paid, or at least having your travel costs covered, to be an attendee and to promote the meeting?

  • Are you comfortable being window-dressing?

No condemnation if they were to answer yes to either of those questions its just that it would make me a little uncomfortable, and I wouldnt accept an invitation to a conference on those terms.

But then the next question is, when youve got Dillahunty and Andrews and briefly, Aron Ra, why are they being sidelined? Who are the even more brilliant speakers being showcased at this meeting?

Why, in a conference attended by so many shining stars of the atheist movement, arent any of the celebrities speaking?

Its a simple mystery. Heres the clue: All the speakers at this skeptic conference are anti-SJWs who, for the most part, havent had a prominent voice on the atheist conference scene before.

A bit of background: See, the three YouTubers speaking were not given opportunities to speak at VidCon 2017, the major YouTube conference. In spite of the fact th...


United States Air Force (USAF) Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy 87-0032 Departs Rockhampton Airport for Andersen Air Force Base in Guam as "Reach 340" "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

After arriving into Rockhampton Airport the previous day and seemingly again being unable to be loaded due to recurring problems with its front landing gear, the visiting United States Air Force (USAF) Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy (L-500) 87-0032 departed to Andersen Air Force Base in Guam on Friday 15 September again as "Reach 340".  It appears that nothing was loaded into the Galaxy and so it departed empty.

Local plane spotters Ben O, 'IAD' and Daniel B were at different parts at and around Rockhampton Airport and they captured some great photos as the massive USAF military transport aircraft made a spectacular departure off Rocky's Runway 15, completing a nice left-hand turn to set course for Guam.



RAAF Airbus A330-203 / KC-30A (MRTT) A39-001 Missed Approach at Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Also noted in the skies around Rockhampton on Friday 15 September was Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Airbus A330-203 / KC-30A Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) A39-001 which completed a missed approach at Rockhampton Airport as "Dragon 30".

RAAF KC-30A A39-001 departs Rockhampton Airport last Friday  (File photo)

The MRTT looked to fly into Rocky from the North and after completing the approach, it continued to RAAF Base Amberley.

Photo taken by Daniel Bishop  


Energy and economics: @albericie Vs @chriskkenny Twitter battle @Qldaah #auspol "IndyWatch Feed National"

After Emma Alberici questioned Malcolm Turnbulls commitment to liberalism, Chris Kenny lept to the defence of the PM. So we now have a Liberal PM who's whacking a tax on banks, interfering in energy mkt & now using taxpayer $ to prop up commercial media Emma Alberici (@albericie) September 13, 2017 The green left []

Author information

David Marler

David Marler

Queensland reporter at No Fibs

David is a full time carer for his son and in quiet times contributes to NoFibs. More at:


Were Firing Trillion Watt Lasers into the Sky: Top Scientist Admits to Weather Modification on CBS "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the aftermath of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Jose brewing in the Atlantic, many people are looking for answers as to the increasingly volatile weather being witnessed.

And while climate change is one potential cause, there are other lesser known activities that could potentially be playing a role in the manifestation of these weather anomalies.

While weather modification and geo-engineering are still somewhat taboo subjects to the mainstream, often considered to be in the realm of conspiracy theory, there is a significant body of academic research and science that confirms that these technologies not only exist but are being operationalized.

No, the Free Thought Project is not claiming the government, nor anyone else is making hurricanes or actively controlling the weather. We are only presenting this information because it exists and people should be aware that it exists.

In a segment aired on CBS in 2013, respected scientist Dr. Michio Kaku, a physics professor at City College of New York, discussed with Charlie Rose and Norah ODonnell the science of weather manipulation.

During the interview Kaku, in discussing the experiments with weather modification notes that Were shooting trillion watt lasers into the sky, referencing the use of lasers to induce changes to naturally occurring weather phenomena.

Later in the conversation, Kaku briefly touches on the history of weather modification that has been carried out for decades by the government with the CBS hosts quickly interrupting him to note these programs were only alleged.

Of course, these hosts must be ignorant of the declassified history of Operation Popeye, which was a weather manipulation program enacted during the Vietnam War as a means of creating ongoing monsoon conditions in an effort to impeded the Viet Congs mobility in the region.

This is no conspiracy theory.

In fact, research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences specifically notes that laser beams create plasma channels in air, which in turn, cause ice to form.

Professor Jean-Pierre Wolf and Dr. Jerome Kasparian, both biophotonics experts at the University of Geneva, actually organized a conference at the World Meteorolog...


Sir Nagora disappointed with Basil's decision to join the government "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A public outcry and dismay continues in Morobe province over the move by the Leader of PANGU Pati, Sam Basil and 11 other members of the party joining the government.
Prominent Morobean, Sir Nagora Bogan, who had contested the Lae Open seat under a PNG National Party ticket, is the latest to join the chorus of disappointments.

In a statement, Sir Nagora says it is painful to see the move after Mr Basil had put much into resurrecting the PANGU from near demise.
Sir Nagora says Mr Basil was also given much support from one of the partys founder, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare when handing over the party leadership to him, and even campaigning strongly for him and candidates under the PANGU.
The once academic and former Tax Review Committee Chairman also says Morobe has had strong roots into PANGU through eminent leaders like Tony Voutas, Sir Boyamo Sali, Sir Jerry Nalau and Tony Ila among others, and the move is disapproving.
Morobe province had spoken loud about the leadership it wants; voting in PANGU Pati in 9 of the provinces ten electorates, and Sir Nagora says he cannot understand which voice, if it was from the people, Mr Basil was listening to.

He also mocked the term friends to all enemies to one Mr Basil had coined at the end of the elections, as only a betrayal of the people of Morobe and the country, when their expectations are ditched.
NBC News


After Cops Stole His Cash for Selling Unlawful Hot Dogs, The Internet Gave Him $70,000 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Berkeley, CA Berkeley police are in the spotlight this week after one of their officers not only cited a man for selling hot dogs to willing customers without a permit but then opened up his wallet and robbed him of his cash as well.

The entire robbery was captured on video and subsequently went viral. But that was only the beginning. Showing how much society respects hard working entrepreneurs while decrying the police state that robs them, a Go Fund Me for the hot dog vendor has raised over $70,000.

The Go Fund Me campaign was started by the person who was brave enough to question authority and film the road side robbery. According to the campaign:

The funds raised will be utilized to cover legal and personal loses. In addition, funds in excess are to cover other vendors who have been robbed of their hard earned living through citations and removal of their carts. It is my goal to locate Juan in Berkeley. Any and all help to support and locate him is welcome.

On Monday, the video became so viral that UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy had to issue a statement, in which he justified the theft of the hot dog vendors money.

While I cannot comment on the specifics of this particular case, our practice is to issue warnings before giving a citation, Biddy said. In a case such as this, it is typical to collect any suspected illegal funds and enter them into evidence.

According to NBC 5, UCPD officials said that three other people were warned about vending without a permit, but the vendor in the video was the only person who was given a ticket.

Perhaps it was because he had the thickest wallet.

Whether or not the money in the mans wallet was from selling unlicensed hot dogs remains to be answered. However, that was apparently of no importance to UC police officer Sean Aranas who found it necessary to confiscate it all.

Yes, selling food without first paying the government for permissionknown as a permitis against the law. However, this does not in any way justify this incident.

Thats not right man, thats not right, Martin Flores, the man who took the video, said as he used his phone to record Aranas issuing the hot dog vendor, Beto, a ticket.

Thats how it works, the male officer responded. Take it to a judge, and the judge can decide whether or not its right.

The officer then took the money out...


Andrew Bolt picks up a #GoldKenny award @Qldaah #auspol #qldpol "IndyWatch Feed National"

Andrew Bolt breaks Godwins Law in marriage equality campaign. The Mike Carlton inspired Gold Kenny award for this week has gone to Andrew Bolt for his column claiming that Labor will implement a gay gestapo.  Labor will pay a gay gestapo to hound you once its made gay marriage law, whatever the result of next months plebiscite: LABOR []

Author information

David Marler

David Marler

Queensland reporter at No Fibs

David is a full time carer for his son and in quiet times contributes to NoFibs. More at:


PNG Prime Ministers XIII squad named to face Australia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) has today announced the Papua New Guinea Prime Ministers XIII team that will take on the Australian Prime Ministers XIII this September at the National Football Stadium.

Coached by Stanley Tepend (Lae Tigers), the Prime Ministers XIII features players from the PNG National Rugby League competition, the Digicel Cup, and from the PNG Hunters Queensland Cup team.

Papua New Guinea Prime Ministers XIII Squad:
Brendon Gutono (Port Moresby Vipers)
Charlie Simon (Lae Tigers)
Eddie Dafa (Lahanis)
Jason Misian (Agmark Gurias)
John Josep (Enga Mioks)
Joshua Imane (Lae Tigers)
John Andy (Lae Tigers)
Junior Rau (Hela Wigmen)
Junior Rop (Lae Tigers)
Karo Kauna Jnr (PNG Hunters)
Buka Kula (PNG Hunters)
Silias Guhana (PNG Hunters)
Stanford Talita (Hela Wigmen)
Stanley Olo (Agmark Gurias)
Tim Lomai (Lae Tigers)
Tuvi Lepan (Agmark Gurias)
William Mone (PNG Hunters)

Stanley Tepend (Lae Tigers)

Assistant Coaches:
Steven Nitingale (Agmark Gurias) & Roderick Puname (Hela Wigmen)


Minister announces changes to immigration and Citizenship Services "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Minister for Immigration and Border Security has announced a number of changes to improve fraud detection and abuse in migration services in the country.

A statement by Minister Petrus Thomas, says the changes, which will come into effect over the next few weeks, will also include a system to improve revenue collection for the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority.

Top among the changes is a direction to the Chief Migration Officer, to suspend the services of all freelance agents dealing with passports and visas.
A policy will be put in place to regulate freelance agents, in move to deal with fraudulent applications particularly from freelancing agents.
The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority will also start collecting fees starting next year, which Minister Thomas says will help in revenue collection, while also setting up a receipting system, to counter fraudulent receipts presented to the agency.
There are also directions for a review into all APEC Business Travel Card holders, to deal with foreigners who abuse it to enter the country to look for work.

The PNG Immigration is also preparing a submission to go before Cabinet to revive the Taskforce dealing with illegal foreigners.
This taskforce will be working closely with other law enforcement agencies to crackdown on foreigners who enter the country illegally.
A Foreign Investor Review Committee will also be soon established to vet investors coming into the country to do business or to invest in reserved activities.
NBC News


How Far Away is the Tipping Point To World Sanity "IndyWatch Feed National"

Note the curvature and the word flat has been blocked from this post

By Dee McLachlan

With the new website up, I reflected on why we keep chipping away. Why stay committed?

For a very long time humanity has been ruled by a small war-mongering elite, that have used violence and deception, including a debt based money system to controlling governments. They have also been using earths precious resources for created wars and they seem to have no regard for the planet, or its people. Please correct me if Im way off the mark.

So when will this madness end?

Mary Maxwell wrote an important article about two weeks ago. In Call To Action she concludes:

The hour grows late. We are making a huge mistake in tolerating the cabal, the evil ones, or whatever you want to call them.

Well if you read alternative sites, many declare that more and more people are waking up and that the world is undergoing a Paradigm Shift (towards a better world). For several years I had thought so, but sadly, I am not so sure. I do think a percentage of the population has had a huge awakening especially in the last decade (including myself) through accessing information through the internet.

But, for another percentage, it has had a devastating dumbing down effect. This is partly due to media control, and now how Facebook and Google algorithms serve up more of the same information.



Gay Greens and GetUp to call the gay marriage shots "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

from Larry Pickering, the last surviving iconic commentator, journalist and cartoonist 

Its got me stuffed. Australians hardly ever pass changes in the law by ballot. They have on only 8 of 44 occasions, and although this survey is not a referendum, or even a plebiscite, the survey if successful, will lead to fully gazetted legislation. So why are 70 per cent of citizens going to vote yes? But is it really 70 per cent? Or is it really about the question the pollster asked?

More likely it is the question, a highly biased question designed to evoke only a YES answer: Do you agree with marriage equality?

That question will almost always get a yes, and the GGGGLL will ride a wave of confidence all the way to where they want it to finish and where they want it to finish they dare not tell you.

I read the question on the survey paper and it asks if you want the Marriage Act changed to accommodate gay marriage. That is not what will happen if a yes vote gets up. 

In fact the Marriage Act will be abolished completely and a new gender neutral Act will be drafted by the Gay Greens in the Senate, an Act that will please only the wind chime and bong manufacturers in the inner suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, Byron Bay a...


North Korea fires second ballistic missile over Japan "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

North Korea has fired a ballistic missile across Japan, its second such provocative move in weeks.

South Koreas military says the missile reached an estimated altitude of about 770km (478 miles) and travelled 3,700km before landing in the sea off Hokkaido.

Japans PM Shinzo Abe said Japan would never tolerate North Koreas dangerous actions.

If North Korea continues to walk down this path, it has no bright future, he said in a statement.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also condemned the launch, but put the burden of response on China and Russia, nuclear-armed North Koreas main economic partners.

China supplies North Korea with most of its oil. Russia is the largest employer of North Korean forced labour, he said.

China and Russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless missile launches by taking direct actions of their own.

Guam within range of rocket
The South Korean military said the latest launch took place from Sunan, the district where Pyongyangs international airport is located, just before 07:00 local time (22:00 GMT on Thursday).

The US and Japan said it was likely an intermediate range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

According to the initial estimates, it flew considerably higher and further than the missile fired on 29 August.

Japan had called that launch an unprecedented threat, while Pyongyang warned it was only the first step in its military operations in the Pacific.

The US Pacific territory of Guam, which North Korea claims to have plans to fire missiles towards, is 3,400km from Pyongyang, so would be within range of the latest missile

As with the last launch, the rocket flew over Japans northern Hokkaido island before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean.

People were warned to take cover as raid sirens sounded.

In South Korea, President Moon Jae-in held an emergency National Security Council, while the military conducted its own ballistic missile drill in the Japan Sea, known as the East Sea, Yonhap news agency reports.

The UN Security Council will meet on Friday in New York at the request of Japan and the US.

North Korea, which insists it needs a nuclear and weapons programme to protect itself from invasion, has repeatedly conducted missiles launches in recent months, disregarding...


$3.6 Billion in Injury Payouts Is Not Enough Reason to Debate Immunisation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Has Minister Jill Hennessy (L) seen the light? while Dr John Piesse (R) wonders why he can no longer provide Inform consent

by Dee McLachlan

Following allegations that Dr John Piesse had helped families avoid compulsory childhood vaccinations, his practice in Mitcham was raided last week by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and police officers last week. I wonder on what legal grounds?

Was Dr Piesse just following the (Hippocratic) Oath he gave when becoming a doctor? Ill ask him next time I speak to him, whether he said, help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury

Then yesterday the Medical Board of Australia suspended Dr John Piesses registration making it illegal for him to treat patients.

The Herald Sun quoted Minister for Health Jill Hennessy:

The fate of Dr Piesse should stand as an example to rogue clinicians who tout lies about vaccination. This decision is long overdue It is completely irresponsible for clinicians entrusted with the health of our community to ignore the science and encourage parents not to immunise their children.

There is no debate around immunisation. The science is clear: vaccinations save lives,

Vaccination may save lives, but the real question in this debate is: Do vaccination cause injury?

Vaccine Injury

Why has $3.6 billion been paid out for injury in the US, if there is no debate?



Act Three: The Imminent Stockley Verdict "IndyWatch Feed National"

The post Act Three: The Imminent Stockley Verdict appeared first on It's Going Down.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it

The tension mounting in the city is all too familiar, with politicians calling for peace, the federal courthouse scheduled to be closed tomorrow, and the Missouri National Guard on standby. Governor Greitens has been afoot, meeting with area clergy and holding a press conference this evening, echoing stagnant calls for peace and saying what the city needs now is love and compassion. Where was the love and compassion when Anthony Lamar Smith was murdered in cold blood by a foot soldier of the state? And why is it always after the state murders that its time for love and compassion and peace?

Ultimately, the question is who wants their peace anywaywhen their peace means acting as an occupying force, rolling like a gang, and murdering people at will? An oft-argued critique over the years of the SLMPD is the lack of accountability of the policethat theyve been answering to the state, not the city, for decades and that they only internally audit their shootings and murders. Some of this has changed, with the Circuit Attorneys office now reviewing all police shootings and with the control of the police department returning to the city from the state in 2013. And yes, the Board of Alders did pass a bill to establish a Civilian Oversight Board in 2015, an effort that activists have been working tirelessly at for years. But has anyone heard anything meaningful come of this board that is supposed to investigate complaints against officers, that has no actual power and can only make recommendations? Anyone, anyone, Bueller? No? Moving on.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig

How can it be expected that an institution that has its roots in slave patrols ever be anything but? Lets step back in time, shall we?

A few years after Missouri officially became a territory, St. Louis formed its first quasi-steady police patrol, naming it the constabulary. It had four members drawn from a pool of all able-bodied white men over the age of 18. Another way of looking at this is the state saw white people as the potential watchmen of people of color. Constables were expected to serve for four months and then wer...


London Grenfell Tower disaster inquiry, false start "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 14 September 2017 video from London, England is called Grenfell Tower inquiry opens.

By Will Stone in Britain:

Judge snubs Grenfell survivors

Friday 15th September 2017

Inquiry chief walks out on residents lawyer in cold and clinical launch of fire probe

GRENFELL Tower survivors were left with little hope of justice yesterday after they were disrespectfully snubbed at the launch of the inquiry into the devastating inferno.

Inquiry chairman Sir Martin Moore-Bick promised the packed gathering at Grand Connaught Rooms in Holborn, central London, that the probe can and will provide answers.

However the retired judge, who was once accused of social cleansing during a previous case, rejected calls for survivors to serve on the panel, claiming to do so would risk undermining my impartiality.

And he snubbed a request for lawyer Michael Mansfield QC to speak on behalf of the survivors he represents.

The barrister, who also represented the Hillsborough families, asked: Sir, before depar...


Gowdy: H.C.s Crimes are Much Worse Than Anyone Imagined "IndyWatch Feed National"

This actually answers the hard question.  Why are we not seeing real prosecutions?   Criminal activity and high crimes have taken place in broad daylight over many years no less.

In fact the Clintons set up Corruption inc in order to accommodate the whole political class for the purpose of accepting illegal bribes.  The idea was simple.  if everyone is on board then no one is able to blow the whistle.  This system would have drawn in almost every elected official top lobbyists and top civil servants as well.

Then they actually lost the cooked political war and we are seeing the desperate actions to destroy evidence and to obfuscate. 

Soon enough Trump will have a dossier on the high crimes of all these fine folks.  When that essentially includes everyone, both Democrat and Republican, it may be necessary to have a large retirement party just before the mid terms and 2020 to allow a whole new set of electors to come on board.



A Forgotten Sphinx and Faked Cartouche: Changing the Course of Ancient Egyptian History? "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is interesting. I had never heard of a possible additional sphinx here.   It could be possible and again the whole complex demands extensive mapping with remote sensing tools along with serious imaging work.
In the meantime no one is able to confirm something  on the ground.
As i have posted, this is the most single important ancient site out there and it deserves complete excavation along with restoration..
A Forgotten Sphinx and Faked Cartouche: Changing the Course of Ancient Egyptian History?
29 August, 2017 - 18:58 Malcolm Hutton

When Gerry Cannon invited me to co-author his forthcoming book, The Giza Plateau Secrets and a Second Sphinx Revealed, Im sure that neither of us could have foreseen the most explosive revelation in our subsequent hunt for answers from our discoveries.

An Unexplored Mound

Gerry already leaned towards a time frame for the building of the three large pyramids as well as the Sphinx as being many thousands of years older than many of us have been led to believe. He also discove...


Part 45: Australias irrelevant Crimes against humanity. High Court case 15/2017: Barnaby Joyce. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Below is the text of an emailed public submission to the High Court In the matter of questions referred to the Court of Disputed Returns pursuant to section 376 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Cth) concerning The Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP

NOTE: The short link URL for this posting is:

Case No. C15/2017

 [My email to the High Court to be re-submitted as a formal document, with appropriate evidence, for consideration by the High Court.]

Re: MP dual citizenship hearings before the High Court as a Court of Disputed Returns.

A naturalized Australian citizen born in the United Kingdom of 17th May 1948, I am not eligible to stand for Parliament as I am officially a British Overseas Citizen under British nationality laws, policies and principles. On 20th May 1992, I married a 3rd generation Australian citizen, Leonie Jean Whitford. On 25th February 1997, our son Daniel Thane Medlicott was born in Adelaide. Approximately 6 years ago, my son Daniel used a certified copy of my birth certificate and applied for a British passport. Once the appropriate fees and security checks were completed, Daniel was issued with a British passport and subsequently toured Europe and Britain using that passport.

At this point in time, neither Daniel nor myself are eligible to stand for the Federal Parliament. The fact that the Australian Electorate Commission failed to verify the eligibility of candidates for previous federal elections, including the last election, which was held on 2nd July 2017, does not validate candidates who, by birth and right of heritage, do not qualify for election to the Federal Parliament. It would be Manifest Ostensible Bias for the High Court to validate the election of sitting Members, e.g. Barnaby Joyce, whilst people of British heritage, e.g. my son Daniel and myself, across Australia cannot stand as a candidate for the Federal Parliament until such time as we decide to formally revoke our British citizenship, pay the appropriate fees and due process of law occurs in Britain and the British Government achieves Functus Officio on the application to have British citizenship cancelled.

 Williams & Ors v Spautz is a July 1992 High Court decision that made it quite clear that when an abuse of process occurs, the Court has both a responsibility to protect its powers and to ensure justice is done by issuing a stay of proceedings. At paragraph 15 of the majority decision the High Court stated:  As Lord Morris of Borth-y-Gest observed in Connelly v. D.P.P. (7) (1964) AC, at p 1301. (A) court which is endowed with a particular...


Correspondence with industry: Australian Property Council "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dear Ms Smith,

I am researching the impact of the national roll out of the cashless debit card on the private rental market. The reason I am concerned that a national roll out of income management in this form will impact on the private rental market is because the Conditions of Use clearly state that it can not be used to pay private rent or mortgage without special arrangements made by the card holder with Centrelink and Indue.

I am concerned that the initial trial areas are in locations that do not reflect conditions across the country in that I suspect that most working age welfare recipients in the existing trial areas of Ceduna and East Kimberly may be housed predominantly if not exclusively in public housing. At this stage this is just an assumption on my part as I am, at this time, seeking data that would either confirm or dispute this.

I am curious to know if the Property Council has this kind of information specifically, the proportion of the private rental market in Ceduna and the East Kimberly that house working-age income support recipients (i.e. cashless debit card trial participants) as I am keen to get an idea of how generalisable the experiences underpinning of the Final Report from Orima to the rest of the country?

While not commenting on potential impacts on the housing market, the Australian Banking Association did make a strong case in their submission to the Forrest Review that denying certain purchases while allowing a card to function like a normal bank card is technically unfeasible and it is not clear to me how the government has managed to get around the technical impracticalities identified by the ABA.

The ABA submission has since been removed from public view but is available at

The Indue Conditions of Use are online at

Final Report from Orima Research Cashless Debit Card Trial Evaluation


Rosie Wiliams



Egret flaps, Ibises stand out, Neon Bee shines "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Oops, toes too long, twigs too tiny, Intermediate Egret fights for balance in the Town Common today.

But casting shadow of its head on inside of wing is a nice touch.

Sharing fast-dropping small pool with the egrets, Australian White Ibis stands shadowed in shallows.


New Gumshoe Website Check Back In A Few Hours "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is to alert subscribers and followers that the new website will be up and running in a few hours. Dont use this post link (as it wont exist) so CHECK BACK on in a FEW HOURS. Update: We are now live so CLEAR YOUR CACHE Thank you for your patience and support.


Exciting News Chocoholics: Scientists Have Created a New Type of Chocolate! "IndyWatch Feed National"

It is believed that white chocolate was first invented in Switzerland in the 1930s. While some dont believe that it is real chocolate, as it doesnt contain the cocoa beans, Americans have embraced this third type of chocolate with all of its uses.

Since this time, we have seen many different variations of our favorite chocolates with the addition of nuts, caramels, fruit and so much more, however, everything came back to the same three basic types of chocolate: dark, milk and white.

Source: Confectioners News


Now, 80 years later, Switzerland has done it again, unveiling a brand-new type of chocolate Ruby Chocolate!

Chocolatier Barry Callebaut explained that the new chocolate is the result of several years of research and testing, looking for a solution to the shift in the declining chocolate market. The recent shift towards healthier living has hit the industry hard, however, the chocolatiers believe that ruby chocolate answers the desire for new, healthy options. Made from the Ruby cocoa bean, the product doesnt contain any flavoring or coloring. Its distinct pink coloring and fresh berry-fruitiness are all natural!

Source: The Telegraph


Furthermore, the companys chief innovation and quality officer, Peter Boone, says that the chocolate appeals to the ever-growing niche of luxury products. The naturally smooth, berry flavor of the bean creates a chocolate that isnt bitter, milky or sweet. It is definitely its own, unique taste experience.  Revealed at an exclusive launch event in Shanghai, China on September 5th, the chocolate has already been tested by a number of global research agencies in the UK, US, China, and Japan.

Boone stated, Barry Callebaut has established itself as a pioneer and innovator in chocolate and cocoa, globally. Consumer research in very different markets confirms that Ruby chocolate not only satisfies a new consumer need found among Millennials Hedonistic Indulgence but also high purchase intent at different price points. Were looking forward to working with our partners on introducing this innovative breakthrough to the market and making the new Ruby chocolate category available to chocolate manufacturers and consumer around the wor...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.0002 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 4.60 AUD


Burns Chronicles (1 of 9) The Unredacted Informant Articles archived in opposition to U.S. District Court Judge Anna Browns Order to Gary Hunt "IndyWatch Feed National"

Burns Chronicles No 40
Allen Varner (Wolf)


Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
November 15, 2016

When I wrote What is Brandon Curtiss?, I had nothing but gratitude for Wolf.  He had stepped up when I was faced with Brandon Curtiss and his goons.  His involvement allowed me to continue packing in order to leave Burns.  The above picture was taken during this event.

There were some unanswered questions from an earlier incident.  When the shootout occurred at Camp Lone Star, back on August 29, 2014, Varner was with Kevin KC Massey and John Foerster, on the Texas Border near Brownsville, when a Border Patrol (BP) Agent fired in the direction of Foerster.  (See The Arrest of K. C. Massey.)  Now questions arose as to Foersters role, but Varner appeared to be without sin.  Varner, however, was the first to offer his pistol, in his belt under his shirt, to the BP agent, which led to Massey then turning his pistol over to BP.  In hindsight, there were other questionable actions by Varner, though unrelated to the topic at hand.

Varner was quite cooperative in my interview with him and provided some information that only he had, which indicated that much of what BP did, out of sight of Massey, was not consistent with the testimony they offered in court.  This could be interpreted as an attempt to ingratiate himself to Massey and myself.

According to Massey, Varner left Camp Lone Star within a couple of days of the shooting.  He did not return until two days before Masseys arrest.  Was he there to report when Massey was going to spend the night in the motel room?  Only someone at Camp Lone Star would have that information.  At that critical time, Varner was at Camp Lone Star.

Now, often people have suspicion that someone could be an informant.  I may have reason to believe someone is an informant.  However, I will not write that someone is an informant unless I can prove that someone is an informant.  So, ironically, the person that helped me while I was in Burns is, well, an informant.

Lets get to the heart of the matter.  To do so, I will be referring to FBI documents that I have obtained.  They are marked, at the botto...


North Korea fires another missile over Japan; launch came from Pyongyang; landed in Pacific Ocean "IndyWatch Feed National"

ABC News Australia

North Korea fires another missile over Japan; launch came from Pyongyang; landed in Pacific Ocean

15 September 2017

North Korea has ratcheted up the tension in its nuclear stand-off with the US, firing a ballistic missile which flew over Japan before landing in the Pacific Ocean, 2,000 kilometres to the east of the country.

Key points:

  • The missile was launched from the Sunan district of the North Korean capital, Pyongyang
  • It landed in the ocean east of Japans north island of Hokkaido
  • Japanese Government told people to take shelter

These repeated provocations on the part of North Korea are not permissible and we protest in the strongest words, Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said.

The missile was launched at 6:57am Japan time (7:57am AEST) and splashed down at 7:16 am (8:16am AEST), some 2,000 kilometres east of the northern islands Cape Erimo, Mr Suga said.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urged China and Russia to take direct action against North Korea in response to its latest missile launch.

China and Russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless missile launches by taking direct actions of their own, Mr Tillerson said in a statement.

He said China supplied North Korea with most of its oil and Russia is the largest employer of North Korean forced labour.


Join Global Hobos Writing Workshops in Japan "IndyWatch Feed National"

Are you a wannabe travel writer or an aspiring journalist with itchy feet? Do you want to spend a month in the Land of the Rising Sun learning a language, studying with media industry pros and getting real-world writing experience?

Were on the hunt for a team of hobos who want to live, work and study in Tokyo one of the worlds coolest capitals. Over the course of four weeks, youll be living and breathing all of Tokyos quirks, attending daily writing workshops taught by passionate young people from the media industry and studying Japanese with a top language school. In your spare time, youll will be writing their butts off, preparing two pieces to be pitched and published online and putting together a comprehensive city guidebook in teams.

The course has been expertly designed to be a bridge between studying and entering the workforce as a freelance writer, starting a publication or transforming your own blog into a workable commodity. If youre a high-school leaver, its the perfect mini escape before you hit the books again next year. If youre...


IRMAGEDDON: Who Geoengineered Superstorm Irma and Why? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Geoengineers Expose the Globalist Agenda by Manufacturing Hurricane Irma

(State of the Nation) Make no mistake about it: Hurricane Irma was quite deliberately geoengineered as a highly destructive and deadly superstorm just as Hurricane Harvey was.

The NWO globalist cabal has ordered the geoengineers to fabricate this frankenstorm as a direct threat to President Donald J. Trump and his administration.

Even if Palm Beach does not take a direct hit from IRMA, Trump has been sufficiently threatened and warned by the shadow government.  His vacation home Le Chateau des Palmiers on the island of St. Martin now sits in the middle of a full-blown disaster area.

Read Entire Article


Join Global Hobos Writing Workshops in Bali "IndyWatch Feed National"

Are you a wannabe travel writer or an aspiring journalist with itchy feet? Do you want to spend a month on an island paradise in Indonesia learning a language, studying with media industry pros and getting real-world writing experience?

Travel to the hip Balinese surf town of Canggu with Global Hobo. Over the course of four weeks, a team of word-savvy hobos will be given intensive writing and blogging tutelage focused on travel and digital media, as well as cross-cultural training with a local language school. In their free time, hobos will be exploring every nook and cranny of southern Bali so they can put together a comprehensive online destination guide in teams. Theyll also be producing two pieces to be pitched and published online either for Global Hobo or elsewhere  which will be heavily workshopped over the course of the program.

If youre a high-school leaver, this program is the perfect mini exchange to squeeze in before you hit the books again next year. If youre already in the throes of university and studying something like journalism or communications, you may even be eligible for a full subjects credit. And if youre not studying and youre just on the hunt for a sweet project that combines travel and writing, this is the ultimate opportunity to get some real-world industry experience.



Intelligence sharing a threat to democracy: privacy and human rights organisations launch international campaign "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Government must ensure transparency of its intelligence sharing with other countries to safeguard Australian citizens' private information, a coalition of privacy and human rights organisations said with the launch of a new campaign.

An international coalition of 30+ organisations led by Privacy International (PI) have written to national intelligence oversight bodies in over 40 countries, including Australia, seeking information on the intelligence sharing activities of their governments.

Countries, including Australia, may be using secret intelligence sharing arrangements to circumvent international and domestic rules on direct surveillance. These arrangements can also lead to the exchange of information that can facilitate human rights abuses, particularly in countries with poor human rights records or weak rule of law.

National intelligence oversight bodies hold intelligence agencies accountable to the public by exercising scrutiny over the legality, propriety, effectiveness, and efficiency of the intelligence activities of their governments. Recently it was revealed that intelligence from the Pine Gap base in Alice Springs is being used by the US in its deadly, covert drone strike program that has caused significant civilian casualties overseas.

Specifically, organisations are seeking more information about whether these national oversight bodies:

  • Are informed about the intelligence sharing activities of their governments;
  • Can independently oversee the intelligence sharing activities of their governments;
  • Can access all relevant information about the intelligence sharing activities of their governments;
  • Can review decisions by their governments to share intelligence and/or conduct independent investigations into the intelligence sharing activities of their governments; and
  • Cooperate with other oversight bodies to supervise the intelligence sharing activities of their governments.

A deadline of 31 October 2017 has been given for each national oversight body to respond. PI has created an interactive map, which illustrates the countries included in the campaign and the national intelligence oversight bodies that have been contacted in each country. The map will be updated when responses are received.

PI has also provided national oversight bodies with a briefing highlighting the international human rights implications of intelligence sharing arrangements betwe...


There's a pattern here... "IndyWatch Feed National"

Breitbart Editor: Trans Activism a Plot Against Dumb People 

Two of the editors of Breitbart, Neil Munro and Alex Marlow, had a rather bizarre conversation on the Breitbart Daily radio show about transgenderism. They think that activism for trans equality is really about clever people making society too difficult to navigate for dumb people.

 Munro claimed the push for transgender rights is a preposterous effort by a small bunch of clever, ambitious, selfish people to rewrite the basic rules of society and that the effort is deeply damaging to ordinary and low-IQ people who suddenly find themselves without any social rules, without any voice in how people should behave in such a jungle where then only the strongest and cleverest can prosper"
Munro continued, Thats the goal in the end, to mess up society, to mess up tradition and practice roles for the advantage of the clever and few. Its a really rotten, rotten thing.

Flat Earth Society Is Not A JokeIts Real And Its Growing 

Flat Earthers dont have a very clear idea why NASA would want to convince the globeor rather, worldof a lie. Its not about money, said Bob Knodel. They want complete mind control. They want to create two classes: the ultra rich and servants. At that point they wouldve taken over the world, and enslaved the population, and controlled everything.


We are being softened up for the re-opening of Panguna mine "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Panguna mine now back in play

Leonard Fong Roka | PNG Attitude | 15 September 2017

PANGUNA There is a lot happening in central Bougainville around the now derelict Panguna mine.

Two local groups, with external financial backing, are engaged in awareness programs campaigning if you like for re-opening the mine that operated for about 20 years until hostilities closed it in 1989.

Thence followed the loss of some 10-15,000 Bougainvillean lives and millions and millions of kina worth of damage to assets and property.

Both of these groups on the make are yet to explain to us who suffered directly in the 10 year civil war how this awareness or campaigning for the re-opening of the mine will affect us and what our role may be.

The English word awareness (Concise Oxford 11th Edition) is defined as having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact while campaign has two meanings: the military definition which Ill ignore and the other an organised course of action to achieve a goal....


Not disabled enough "IndyWatch Feed National"

I live with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), commonly referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Far more of a handicap than commonly thought, it is a devastating invisible burden we know very little about. ME is an umbrella term simplifying a host of smaller conditions and symptoms. Coming wave after wave, they adversely affect the bodys systems, severely cutting ones ability to think, sleep, concentrate, work, exercise, filter toxins and fight infection.


New law for Centrelink to punish people for being unemployed "IndyWatch Feed National"

The administration of the penal colony called Australia can even use brute force against the tax slaves of this country.

What the people in government do, is import (more) slave labour who take jobs from Australians.

The Aussies that are 'forced' out of work, in order to apply for welfare, must do so with a company called Centrelink.

They are then being punished for being unemployed, a 'welfare problem' the people in government created in the first place.

Centrelink (together with a host of Job Network Agencies) has been 'punishing' people for being unemployed for quite some time, whereas now it's going to be 'legal'.

See article from 12 Sep 2017 by of the headline:

The Jobless Did Not Ask For This!

Who is responsible for jobs? Should we punish the jobless? Is welfare a right or a privilege? These are the questions the Government is too gutless to ask. By accepting the Governments answers to these issues without question, it may be shaping a future we havent asked for. The Jobless didnt ask for this!

The term welfare is often touted as synonymous with the word problem. The question we are not asked is, Is welfare a problem?

The Government is asking us to argue vehemently over answers to a question they are too gutless to ask. We should ask the Government questions.

Welfare Reform is a complex issue. However, the wider narrative has a huge impact on how we address reform in this space.
Welfare Reform

The Welfare Reform Bill currently before the house, is focused on using punishment as a blunt force to solve the welfare problem. The Government is quite brazen in no longer hiding punishment as a measure.

One system of punishment is a demerit point system. Another is drug testing. Therefore, the Government has predetermined, that the jobless do the wrong thing.

The Liberal National Coalition have successfully chipped away at society, along with the opposition in some respects. That is, to create a sub-human welfare class who society appears comfortable to punish.

Punishment sits well with a large section of society. This is due to continuous stigma aimed at the jobless. In the words of Erving Goffman, we have actively inflicted upon the jobless a spoiled identity.

The Labor opposition opposes these measures. However, since the late 1980...


Violence Against Women Is The Greatest Hurdle To Genuine Equality "IndyWatch Feed National"

Gender equality cannot be achieved until woman and girls everywhere are freed from sexual violence, writes Olivia Wells.

At a higher rate than ever, 1 in 3 women and girls in Australia will experience sexual violence. Numbers are higher in young women and higher still in our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.

Anecdotal evidence demonstrates a major portion goes unreported and its prevalence has been unbroken and intensified through the decades. It is an intergenerational issue.

Working with families and communities I see the damage it causes every day. It is difficult to describe its crushing impacts on children, on women and men, on families on entire communities day after day, year after year.

Eliminating sexual violence is unlikely until we genuinely, as a whole community, address how we respond to it. I remember the speech by UN Goodwill Ambassador and actor Emma Watson to the UN. Parts of the HeforShe campaign she championed, imperfect as it was, are integral to how we respond to violence against women.

Emma Watson. (IMAGE: Marco Bond, Flickr)Emma Watson. (IMAGE: Marco Bond, Flickr)

HeforShe urges boys and men to take up the cause of feminism and advocate for womens rights. Its language inspired a global movement of young and old in what many felt was one of the first campaigns to invite boys and men to participate in the fight for gender equality.

Watson raised important truths about the state of gender equality, and the disempowerment felt to change its trajectory. That is, no country in the world can boast gender equality and conversations around it have become preoccupied with semantics. Despite its achievements as a movement, feminism is a word that many women and men no longer use nor identify with.

Anti-feminists have dubbed those who identify with the word as aggressive and man-hating and those who write or campaign in its name are often described as too divisive or impassioned to be effective. Because of this, the effort to achieve gender equality has been hijacked and used to attack those who speak in favour of it.

True gender equality, globally, may not be inevitable. In the age of Trump, the reproductive rights of women are consistently challenged and in the USA, just this year, severely compromised. Many ultra-conservative leaders and the policies they enact, sanction sexual violence.

People in the western world who describe themselves as neo masculinists actively advocate for the legalisation of rape on private property, within a marriage or to any woman without the protection of a man. One such person, pro-rape American blogger Daryush Valizadeh, perpe...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Speaking Notes at the Young Communist League Ruth First Memorial Games by SACP Central Committee Member & Former National Secretary, Buti Manamela
27 August 2017

Had she been alive, Ruth First would have been 93 years old in 2017. As a struggle veteran, a senior citizen, a mother, a communist, a gender activist, a promoter of youth development - what would Ruth First make of South Africa today?

Would she be proud of the South African society that we have created? Would she understand the modern day struggles of this middle-income developing country? What would she think of the situation of the most vulnerable in our society - children, youth and women. As the former National Secretary of the Young Communist League, what advice would Ruth First give to us?

Unfortunately, we cannot get direct answers to these questions because a bomb by apartheid assassins murdered our comrade. They took away her life but her voice still lives on. It still speaks to us. We can indeed know what Ruth First would think about South Africa today because of her writings, the causes that she fought for, the positions she adopted on key issues and the information that we attained from comrades who worked closely with her.

For those who are not familiar with Ruth First, allow me to present a short biography of our struggle icon.

Ruth First was born into the politically conscious home of Jewish immigrant parents, Julius and Matilda First, in Johannesburg in 1925. Her father was a founder member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA), later known as the South African Communist Party (SACP). Her home was regularly visited by political activists of all races who discussed and debated the apartheid State. This left an immutable political impression on the young Ruth in shaping her ideas on race, class and gender.

She graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Studies in 1946. Her studies deepened her insight into the nature of political societies in general, and the political system in South Africa in particular.

Spurred by her political vision of a just society, she helped found the Federation of Progressive...


The opportunity cost of the Melbourne Grand Prix "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Last Sunday, my wife Nancy and I had a great weekend in Mooloolaba, where I took part in the Ironman 70.3 event, along with a thousand or so other competitors from around Australia and the world as well as hundreds of spectators. As Nancy said, even though the Sunshine Coast isnt far from Brisbane, wed never get around to going if there werent an event like this, but the beautiful setting makes us keen to return.

While I was there, a friend mentioned that the Melbourne Ironman event had been cancelled because the date of the Grand Prix had changed, producing a clash. That got my mind away from transition times and back to economic policy.

The Grand Prix is subsidised to the tune of $60 million a year, a payment justified by the supposed benefits of tourism, estimated at 35 000 interstate and international visitors. Every serious economic analysis Ive seen suggests that the net benefits are nothing like $60 million.

But, although Im always banging on about opportunity cost, this particular example hadnt occurred to me. In addition to the subsidy cost, the Grand Prix costs Melbourne events that would otherwise attract visitors without any subsidy**. The last Melbourne Ironman attracted over 2000 entrants, of whom a large share would have been visitors with accompanying family. Its probably not the only event lost to Melbourne because of the Grand Prix. Add to that the potential visitors who choose an alternative destination to avoid the noise and congestion of the race, and youve cancelled much of the tourism benefit attributed to the Grand Prix.

* There are also nebulous benefits said to be gained from global TV viewers, who are supposed to be attracted to Melbourne by hours spent on the couch watching fast cars doing laps of Albert Park, interspersed with a promo clips/coffee break opportunities. Im dubious.

** Various tourist bodies are listed as event partners for Ironman, but as far as I can tell, the monetary value of their support is trivial.


Mackay Remembers Royal Navy Corsair Plane Crash "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Barely a month after the official Japanese surrender ended World War II, some Mackay residents witnessed the unusual spectacle of a war plane crashing into the sea and exploding into flames.

The crash occurred on 11 September 1945, when a Royal Navy (Great Britain) Chance Vought F4U Corsair crashed in the sea near Flat Top after the pilot had bailed out.

The Corsair was one of a flight of four Corsairs which had taken off from a Royal Navy aircraft carrier cruising off the coast and they while they were on a goodwill visit to Mackay.

Photo sourced from:


Civil Society Calls for Agroecology not GMOs at FAO Meeting in KL "IndyWatch Feed National"

Following is the final statement made by civil society organisations at the recent FAO meeting in Kuala Lumpur:

FAO Regional Conference on Agricultural Biotechnologies in Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition in Asia-Pacific

13 September 2017

Civil Society Statement

 If we see biotech as part of a small farmer's 'toolbox', then we must ask what it is we are 'fixing':

  • Ensuring resilience in the face of climate change
  • Ensuring smallholders livelihoods are maintained & promoted
  • Ensuring everyone has access to nutritious and culturally-appropriate food produced in ethical and ecologically sound ways, and their right to democratically determine their own food and agriculture systems.

The focus of our discussion here was proposed to be on sustainable food systems for small farmers not high yield to generate more money from small pieces of land. And yet the meeting has presented many solutions that are still in the lab, and products with very initial results. The current supply of food already exceeds demand but there are serious issues around good governance and equitable distribution of food. Merely securing a high yield of a few select crops does not solve the problem of hunger nor secure livelihoods for smallholders, and leads to high levels of post-harvest spoilage and food waste.

There has been a lot of discussion about what we mean by biotechnology, and yet the majority of the focus of the conference has been on GMO products. It is malicious and deceptive to refer to GM crops as "biotech crops".

Those technologies that manipulate DNA artificially increase corporate control over seeds, diminish rich, diverse diets of local communities, promote monoculture, increase biosafety risks to health and environment, and need high investment and complicated regulatory frameworks which many countries lack. We ask those from the private sector who are calling for international acceptance of their products once approved in one country whether they are prepared to accept global liability for their products once disseminated?

Wed like to remind the group that 80% of the worlds food is produced by small farmers and farmer autonomy is critical to maintaining current and future food security and food sovereignty for everyone. We reject solutions that increase the cost of production for farmers due to the high cost of inputs from transnational corporations. We respect farmers as true in-situ innovators and not as passive consumers of the biote...


Baw Baw Food Security Coalition "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Food security is an individual or communitys ability to access healthy, affordable and appropriate food.  Food insecurity can therefore be defined as having limited or irregular access to safe and secure nutritional food from a non-emergency source.

Food insecurity has been prioritised in the Central West Gippsland region in 2007. Subsequently, research and food system mapping was undertaken, which showed that the individuals found to be most affected by food insecurity in Central West Gippsland include the people on low incomes, older people, young people and people living in isolated areas.  The result of this research was a Food Security Recommendation Report which was published in 2012 and provided guidance on the types of interventions that the CWGPCP and its partners could implement in order to tackle food insecurity.  The Baw Baw Food Security Coalition was then developed to lead this work in the Baw Baw Shire."

Read more about the history and impact of the Baw Baw Food Security Coalition.

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Australia to welcome more Pacific Islanders with new visa Programme "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The new Pacific Labor Scheme will allow 2,000 people from Nauru, Kiribati and Tuvalu to work in parts of Australia for up to three years.

By Grant Wyeth

At a meeting of regional Foreign Ministers in Suva in August, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop spoke of a renewed regional engagement in the Pacific, and stated that The Australian Government is focused on three goals to strengthen our engagement we seek stronger partnerships for economic growth; we seek stronger partnerships for our security; and we seek to support relationships between our people.

This sentiment seems to have emerged from last weeks Pacific Island Forum (PIF) in Samoa with Australias signaling that it will facilitate what could be its most positive contribution to the region: greater labor mobility. It was announced at the PIF that Australia would create a new Pacific Labor Scheme that will allow 2,000 people from the microstates of Nauru, Kiribati and Tuvalu to work in rural and regional parts of Australia for up to three years.

While this may not initially look like too grand a gesture, it seems Australias strategy is one of gradually opening up its visa programmes to Pacific Island countries, and this latest visa scheme could be an indication of greater openness to come. It was only in December last year that a previous pilot visa scheme allowing 250 citizens of these Pacific Island states to work in Australia started to be utilized. And while that scheme restricted work to areas of northern Australia, and to the agricultural and tourism sectors, this new visa scheme will expand the areas of Australia that allow participants to work in (although still in rural and regional areas) and lift restrictions on applicable industries.

The Australian government seems to have recognised that providing labor market access is Australias most effective development strategy for the South Pacific region. Increased access, particularly longer stay visas and wider industry access, will not only generate significant remittances for Pacific Island states, but also allow visa holders to obtain valuable skills with which they can return their communities.

In December last year the Lowy Institute a Sydney-based foreign policy think tank released a report detailing that were Australia to adjust its labor market access and migrations programmes from Pacific Island states, this could quadruple the income of many of these states and provide a USD $20bn enhancement to the regions economy.

Coinciding with this economic analysis is als...


FixedIt: What if women arent the problem? "IndyWatch Feed National"

From Yahoo UK: In women only, low interest in sex was linked to having three or more partners in the past year, having children under five in the household, and not sharing a partners sexual preferences.

Women whose general interests differed from those of their partners also experienced a lack of sex drive.

Hey, what if women arent the problem here?


Asylum seekers face detention in PNG and more zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Asylum seekers in Manus Island detention centre may face indefinite detention in Papua New Guinea. Photo from Flickr.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said approximately 200 men, who have been found "not to be refugees", will be moved to an alternative detention centre.

This comes after the PNG Supreme Court ruled to close the detention centre, stating it is against the countrys constitution.

The detention centre is due to close on October 31st.

Chermside building fire

Residents of a Chermside building were forced to evacuate overnight due to a fire in one of its units.

Flames first broke out on Thursday afternoon and were extinguished.


Vanuatu to highlight West Papua human rights violation at UN General Assembly "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai says the issue of West Papua was not successful during the recent Pacific Islands Forum Leaders in Samoa.

Salwai said this will not stop Vanuatu's support to voice its concerns on the violation of human rights of its Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua.

He added that Vanuatu is no longer the only country in the region to speak out about human rights violation in West Papua.

According to Salwai, several other Pacific island countries support West Papua and they will raise the issue during United Nations General Assembly in New York next week.

Prime Minister Salwai made the comments after returning home from the PIF leaders summit in Samoa last week.

He will leave for New York over the weekend to attend UNGA.

Forum leaders said they recognised the constructive engagement by Forum countries with Indonesia regarding elections and human rights in West Papua and Papua.

They called for dialogue to continue in an open and constructive manner.

Forum Chair and Samoa Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi rejected claims the language surrounding West Papua in the Forum communiqu is weak.

At a post-Forum press conference, Tuilaepa said it was the most powerful wording you could find, adding the issues are very sensitive.  

Republic of Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Palau have also raised the raised the plight and struggle of the West Papuan people at UNGA in the past.



Aust Catholic Church lags on child safety "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Catholic Church in Australia lags behind other countries when it comes to safeguarding children. Photo: Shutterstock

The Catholic Church in Australia lags behind other countries when it comes to safeguarding children. Photo: Shutterstock

The Australian Catholic Church lags behind rather than leads other countries in protecting children from sexual abuse, research into the global tragedy of immense proportions has found.

The Australian church has been pushed into acting and still has much to do to catch up to the likes of Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States, the researchers say.

It has lagged significantly behind other comparable countries in developing policies and protocols to safeguard children and vulnerable adults, the study of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church worldwide has found.

While many steps have been taken to address the problems associated with abuse, the Australian Catholic bishops have not, despite proclamations to the contrary, been in the lead in implementing child protection measures, the report by Melbournes RMIT University said.

Any suggestion that the Catholic Church in Australia has led the way in child protection is not sustainable in face of the initiatives in other countries nor has there been much accountability or evaluation in Australia.

The researchers said there would most likely have been minimal movement on the part of the official church if not for the work of the child abuse royal commission, state inquiries, the media and the determination of abuse survivors themselves supported by their families and advocacy groups.

The report, released on Wednesday, said the Australian Catholic Church has not imitated the preventative measures of other countries.

These include regular audits, putting safeguarding mechanisms in every parish, better monitoring and training mechanisms and initiatives such as hotlines or helplines.

Report authors Professor Des Cahill and Dr Peter Wilkinson, both ordained Catholic priests who resigned from the ministry in the 1970s, noted there has been a substantial decline in clergy child abuse worldwide since the 1980s.

They warned this did not apply in developing countries where the veil of secrecy has not been lift...


LOA Today 09.14.17 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Were up to Chapter 4: How Can I Get There from Here? This chapter answers one of the most common questions asked by new practitioners of the Law of Attraction: Why is it taking me so long to get what I want? It has nothing to do with not wanting it enough, not being intelligent enough, not being worthy, or ...

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Aussies name PMs 13 side to take on Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

MAL Meninga has named six debutants as part of the Australian Prime Ministers 13 to take on Papua New Guinea Prime Ministers 13 in Port Moresby on Sept 23.
Valentine Holmes, Andrew Fifita, Api Koroisau, Dylan Walker, Jack Bird and Paul Vaughan will take their place in the team travelling to PNG next week, with the match to be played at the National Football Stadium in the nations capital.
A further six players in the squad represented the Kangaroos in the Anzac test match earlier this year, with Tom Trbojevic the only player yet to have played a representative match at senior level.
With a little more than a month to go until the Rugby League World Cup, Meninga said the annual invitational match would be used as a genuine selection trial for players pushing for spots in the Kangaroos World Cup squad.
Meninga, pictured, looks forward to a tough match against PNG
Im absolutely delighted with this team. Weve chosen the best available players in each position with 15 of the 18 players having represented their state already, Meninga said.
To get these guys together so close to the Rugby League World Cup is a real coup for our preparations, which will really kick into gear following the NRL grand final.
Some of them have been fortunate enough to have already experienced playing in PNG, but for the new guys, it really is something to cherish. Theres nothing else quite like it.
Im looking forward to seeing how everyone gels together in a short timeframe and handles the occasion.
Meninga also confirmed Wests Tigers captain Aaron Woods would skipper the PMs XIII.
Aaron has been a fantastic leader at club and state level for a number of years now and has fully earned this honour, Meninga said.
Im looking forward to seeing him lead from the front on Saturday week against an always tough, physical and entertaining PNG Prime Ministers 13 team.
The Prime Ministers XIII will also be involved in a series of events alongside the Australian womens team the Jillaroos including community visits and coaching clinics while on the ground in Port Moresby and are supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).
Australian PMs 13: 1. James Tedesco (Tigers), 2. Dane Gagai (Knights), 3. Josh Dugan (Dragons), 4. Tom Trbojevic (Sea Eagles), 5. Valentine Holmes (Sharks)*, 6. Jack Bird (Sharks)*, 7. James Maloney (Sharks), 8. Aaron Woods C (Tigers), 9....


Aussie space centre captures Cassinis end "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dusk at the south polar vortex on Saturn's moon Titan. Image from the Cassini probe

Dusk at the south polar vortex on Saturns moon Titan. Image from the Cassini probe

Canberras deep space station is on a countdown to begin beaming live footage of the final hours of NASAs Cassini spacecraft before it burns up in Saturns atmosphere.

The Deep Space Communication Complex will train its massive antenna dishes on the NASA spacecraft from about 1.15pm (AEST) on Friday, for the final hours of its 20-year mission to study the ringed planet and its nearby moons.

Live data will be streamed for the first time from Cassini via Canberra to the world in the early evening before the bus-sized spacecraft uses its last drops of fuel to manoeuvre directly into Saturns atmosphere and begins its expected disintegration.

Travelling at more than 110,000km/h, scientists expect it will only take minutes for Cassini to break apart and melt at about 10pm.

The Canberra space complex was given the key role of transmitting Cassinis final images of Saturn because the planet will be hovering above Australia on Friday.

Other space stations in Madrid and California will also help monitor Cassini.

The $US3.26 billion ($A4.06 billion) mission has given scientists vital information about two of Saturns moons, Titan and Enceladus, as well as the planet itself and its icy rings.

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Call for PNG NRL team "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

DEPARTING Canterbury Bulldogs captain James Graham says Papua New Guinea should be seriously considered for inclusion in the NRL.
Impressed with the countrys passion and performance, the English forward is adamant that any expansion plans should include the country where rugby league is the national sport.
The PNG Hunters qualified for their first Queensland Cup final on the weekend, in the clubs fourth campaign since entering the competition in 2014.
Boasting a big fan base in Queensland, the Hunters grand final at Suncorp Stadium is tipped to be the best attended in the competitions history.
They pack a punch on the field too, said Graham who was left impressed after the two tests he played against the Kumuls during the 2010 Four Nations and the 2008 World Cup.
Graham, who will play for St George next season, said any talk of competition expansion had to include Australias northern neighbour.
You talk about adding a second Brisbane team or a team on the Central Coast I think we have to get a team there, Graham said on Fox Sports NRL 360.
They really do epitomise what it means to lift (when playing) for your country.
Canadian side Toronto Wolfpack are on track to one day play in the English Super League after earning promotion to the second tier Kingstone Press Championship on the weekend.
Graham said if that could work, then there was no reason an NRL side could not be based in PNG.
If England can get a Toronto-based team playing in the Super League theres so much potential there (PNG) and its something that, if expansion is on the table, youve got to talk about a team from PNG, he said.
The Prime Ministers XIII will play PNG at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby on Sept 23, while the country will also host three World Cup games later this year.
NSW prop Aaron Woods will lead the Prime Ministers contingent and is expecting another tough clash against the men built like granite.
  Sunshine Coast Daily


Alternative detention for men on Manus "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hundreds of detainees on Manus Island could soon be moved to alternative detention options as existing compounds are demolished.

A March 21, 2014 file image of Asylum seekers staring at media from behind a fence at the Manus Island detention centre, Papua New Guinea. AAP Image/Eoin Blackwell.

A March 21, 2014 file image of Asylum seekers staring at media from behind a fence at the Manus Island detention centre, Papua New Guinea. AAP Image/Eoin Blackwell.

Roughly 800 men remain on the island six weeks out from the closure of its immigration detention centre, with several buildings already dismantled.

About 100 men have applied to return to their country of origin, while talks are still under way to determine how to handle 200 others found not be refugees.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says they could be moved to alternative places of detention away from the regional centre, given they have no lawful claim to be in Papua New Guinea.

There is capacity at an East Lorengau transit centre to accommodate about 400 people.

We will work with the PNG government in helping them provide the services to those people, Mr Dutton told parliament on Thursday.

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Transactivists attack feminists at meeting in London "IndyWatch Feed National"

Charlie Rae covers the dark side of transactivism once again in this story of violence.

On September 13th, a feminist meeting was supposed to take place at New Cross Learning. The meeting was called What is gender? and was led, in part, by a transwoman, Miranda Yardley. When transactivists learned about this talk, a group called Action for Trans Health London created an event on Facebook to attack the free speech of feminists, and physically attack feminists themselves. This was allegedly organized by Goldsmith Student Union President Eva Crossan Jory who has not responded to The Fifth Column for comment.

In this footage of the attack, you can witness first-hand the unprovoked attack on a 60 year old grandmother and Humanist Maria MacLachlan. She was punched by young, male transactivists. Notice how transactivists chant when TERFs attack, we fight back, but are clearly the ones doing the attacking. At 0:28 you can also see another male aggressively confront and walk towards a woman who backs away and puts her guard up. They believe in self defense from non existent threats, but not that attacking people unprovoked is this same threat they invented to oppose. This is Orwellian doublethink: the acceptance of or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination.

This violent rhetoric coming from transactivists is not new, but they vehemently position themselves as victims when transactivists calls for violence against women are rampant.




My fellow PNGeans! Let me express to you all my profound gratitude for your steadfast solidarity to me during the 2017 elections and my 15 years as a member of your Parliament! My seat was robbed but my leadership is God-given which I love to play in any position or status my creator places me!
My loss, thence suffering, or, my win thus rejoicing, and whatever, that befalls me is all to illustrate God's purpose in the humanity of our young nationhood. Every one of us was designed and manufactured through the assembly line of life experiences to live and fulfil the purpose of our Maker! Our God!
Our personal seasonal experiences in life are allowed us to test our steadfastness in living uprightly and Godly. Living in uprightness and Godliness, in Practicably and genuinely combating all forms of evils, threats and set - backs to what is good and righteous are God"s Purpose!!! Everyone in PNG was created to live and promote this purpose...and non-other!
To deviate from this heavenly intended purpose is a choice one makes....over time. I definitely would hate to see our nation deviating from that Heavenly purpose! We must all abhor and oppose all elements of evil making our nation follow after materialism in place of leading PNG to seeking this Divine purpose!
We must be selfish and rebellious to perpetuate a character ungodly and personalise issues for our own gratification which is a direct defiance to serving God's purpose!!!


MACKAY News Headlines for Mackay & the Whitsundays, 15th September 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY September 15, 2017 at 05:07AM ,

News Headlines for Mackay & the Whitsundays, 15th September 2017

September 15, 2017 at 05:07AM ,

The accused is due to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court this morning. Almost double the number of offenders in Mackay are breaching domestic

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY $100k haul of stolen cars, property and weapons uncovered in raid "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY September 14, 2017 at 05:07PM ,

$100k haul of stolen cars, property and weapons uncovered in raid

September 14, 2017 at 05:07PM ,

Police will allege the break-and-enters had occurred for a number of months. The man is due to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on Friday

, ,

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MACKAY Ice addict blamed domestic violence on sex games "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY September 14, 2017 at 07:11AM ,

Ice addict blamed domestic violence on sex games

September 14, 2017 at 07:11AM ,

But he had a different story when facing Mackay Magistrates Court, pleading guilty to contravening a domestic violence order earlier this year.

, ,

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MACKAY Ice addict, burglar released from prison on probation "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

MACKAY September 15, 2017 at 06:06AM ,

Ice addict, burglar released from prison on probation

September 15, 2017 at 06:06AM ,

Benjamin James Ostwald was placed on probation in Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday, despite committing some crimes while already on

, ,

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FixedIt: Trent Thorburn did not have sex with Tiahleigh Palmer "IndyWatch Feed National"

Trent Thorburns sexual abuse of Tiahleigh Palmer and her subsequent alleged murder have been widely covered in the Australian press.

Tiahleigh was 12 years old when her 18 year old foster brother committed the crime of incest against her, for which he pled guilty yesterday. He also pled guilty to perjury and pervert the course of justice and was sentenced to four years jail.

The Guardian reported that Tiahleigh Palmers foster brother confessed to having sex with the 12-year-old.

The Brisbane Times reported he was sentenced after confessing to having sex with the 12-year-old.

The ABC reported Thorburn had sex with Queensland schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer before her alleged murder.

The Australian reported Thorburn had also admitted his sexual relationship with Tiahleigh in a Facebook Messenger conversation with his cousin.

The Courier Mail reported Trent Thorburn was 18 when he became sexually involved with his young foster sister.

Yahoo 7 reported hed had a sexual encounter with 12-year-old Tiahleigh.

Other variations of this reporting happened in The Daily Mail, The Queensland Times, News Mail,...


A Lesson on Bodies From a Sex Show in Amsterdam "IndyWatch Feed National"

In a dimly-lit basement under the streets of Amsterdam, I sat, surrounded by people I barely knew, watching a woman pull an impossibly long string out from her vagina. I clutched my vodka cranberry tightly in my hand, fighting the urge to look away. What seemed like an age later, all the string was out, and the woman bowed and strutted off the stage. I clapped along with the crowd and sighed a breath of relief. Maybe this wouldnt be so bad.

Ive always had a slightly awkward relationship with my body, with bodies in general. Its not that Im majorly unhappy with the way I look. Im just not super comfortable exposing myself to people. Blame my conservative upbringing, my problem with intimacy or just the Western attitude towards public nudity (strip down in public as an adult and youre doomed to forever wear the label of attention-seeker, hippie or slut).

The same extends to other peoples bodies: theyre great, Im sure, but ask me to look at them and Ill turn into a blushing, uncomfortable mess. So when a sex show, of all things, was suggested as a (non-officially sanctioned) group activity to mark the final nights of our tour through Europe, I was a little concerned.

There was a significant amount of umming and ahhing, but eventually, FOMO won out against the potential embarrassment. Cut to two nights later, and I sat in a room bathed in purple light, heart thumping in time with the royalty-free EDM track playing in the background, waiting for the show to start. I had been lucky enough to score a front-row seat, with my boyfriend on one side and a rich stockbroker in his mid-30s on the other. The room definitely wasnt spacious enough to fit a group of 25 people, so we were jammed in, shoulder-to-shoulder.

Problems with intimacy and physical contact? Dont worry about it.

Soon enough, the lights went out, the music was turned up and string-vagina lady, clad in purple leather, strutted onto stage, a wicker box of props under her arm like an erotic magician. And in a way, she was. The ability to write legibly on a mans bare chest with a Sharpie held in their nether regions has to be some kind of witchcraft.

By the end of the first performance, my heart had stopped pounding, and I was actually having a decent time. The next half an hour was a blur of impressive pole tricks, impossibly high stilettos, and a surprising amount of banana consumption.

Finally, a couple was announced. Apparently, the sex part of the sex show was about to begin....


Strong jobs figures for Qld, although much of recent increase was in part-time employment "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The August jobs figures released yesterday by the ABS confirmed the Queensland economy is clearly on an upswing and jobs growth is currently strong, with through-the-year growth in employment at 3.7% compared with a national rate of 2.6% (chart 1). The unemployment rate is trending downwards, and is now at 6.0% compared with the national average of 5.6%. My feeling is the upswing is fairly broad-based, but with tourism and health, aged and disability care services being stand-out sectors.


A large fall in the seasonally-adjusted Queensland unemployment rate in August to 5.7% (from 6.2%) suggests the trend unemployment rate will continue to fall in September. This would be welcome news for the Government when the next set of figures are released in mid-October, as I expect the Government will then be in an election campaign. The Premier wont waste much time before she calls an election after footy season has finished. Note the NRL Grand Final is on Sunday 1 October, and an early November election is highly likely.

So far, the Government can point to over 115,000 additional jobs since the last election (Chart 2).



42 years of independence marked in a 50,000 year old culture "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Stone club head from the Nomad area
Stone club head from the Nomad area


Read more about this story in GenomeWeb here

NEW YORK On the eve of Independence Day, a fascinating story about how genome researchers have been able to confirm the uniqueness and long history of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Reinforcing that PNG evolved independently from the rest of the world for much of the last 50,000 years, the research reported in the journal Science - analysed genome profiles from almost 400 people in many different communities throughout the country.

"Using genetics, we were able to see that people on the island of New Guinea evolved independently from rest of the world for much of the last 50,000 years," said senior author Chris Tyler-Smith, a researcher at the Sanger Institute.

Another significant finding was that the split between highland and lowland populations occurred between 10,000 and20,000 years ago.

The research team found dramatic levels of genetic diversity in PNG, which has genetic differentiation often exceeding that found between Eurasian populations.

PNG is noted for its linguistic diversity, with residents speaking around 850 different languages.

The team speculated that the pronounced diversity and population differentiation was due to a lack of any large-scale expansion of the population, which contrasted with Bronze Age European and African expansions.

"[In Papua New Guinea], we may be seeing the genetic, linguistic and cultural diversity that sedentary human societies can achieve in the absence of massive technology-driven expansions," the report said.

Archaeological evidence has uncovered evidence of human habitation of PNG that dates back 50,000 years, with consistent crop plant cultivation over the last 10,000 years.

The researchers found the split between highland.....


Im Going to Strip You Naked and Whip You Like the Slave You Are: Man Sends Racist Messages Before Killing Innocent Black Man "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: The Root

An innocent black man was shot in the face and killed on Labor Day after attempting to keep an angry, racist white man from entering his home and confronting his roommate, according to reports from local law enforcement in Fort Worth, Texas.

Sammie Jones, 28, answered a knock on his door to find 38-year-old Kevin Ashley Parnell standing there angry and looking for Jones roommate, Jordan Briggs, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

An arrest warrant affidavit says that Parnell, who is white, was angry that his stepdaughter had been arrested for prostitution, and he blamed Briggs for it, but police say that Briggs denies having anything to do with the stepdaughters arrest.

According to the Star-Telegram, Parnell allegedly sent several racist messages to Briggs via Facebook, calling him the n-word, threatening to hang him and saying, Im going to strip you naked and whip you like the slave you are.

Briggs told police that a couple of hours later, Parnell showed up in a white pickup truck at the home that Briggs shared with Jones and began banging on the door.

Briggs told the Star-Telegram that he warned his roommate not to answer the door, then went to the back of the house and hid himself.

Briggs said he then heard Parnell ask for him, and Jones telling Parnell that Briggs was not there. It was then that Parnell went on a racist tirade against blacks.

Jones reportedly apologized and attempted to calm Parnell down. Briggs told investigators that Parnell then said, You know what kind of gun this is, boy? It is a Glock 40.

This was followed by the sound of a gunshot that both Briggs and a neighbor reported hearing. The neighbor also reported seeing a white man with a gun walking to a pickup truck and speeding off....


Thank You: An Open Letter To Hritier Lumumba "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Projects inability to grasp the message Hritier Lumumba is trying to deliver has not gone unnoticed, anymore than the courage of the man himself. Yassir Morsi pens an open letter.

Thank you.

I do not know you. But I am urged to tell you. I saw your interview on Channel Tens The Project. It drove me to grimace, caused me to look away, made me pause, draw courage, and look again.

I guess, my double take works as a metaphor to further explain the root of my gratitude. Its so easy to look away when racism confronts us. Especially for those who think it is largely a thing of a past Australia. So, thank you for giving a face, a name, a body and a pain to say: look again.

It was more than your words. It was a tone that caught me. A defiant and brave vulnerability came through saying what you said. Especially, towards the end, especially about how we must say it and say it out loud.

But I write too for I suspect many suffer in the silence you wish to break. Although as a non-black person of colour my experience is not yours. Yet, I have chosen silence more often than not. I write this for as a writer I know no other way than to commit to paper my double take.

I could be wrong, so forgive me if I am, but I also write because you might be in the usual place of self-doubt right now. For racism always hit backs the moment you say its name. You might be where many anti-racists live when they put their face to its cause. It is a space where we search for internal strength with question marks. It combines well wishes from friends and the hateful comment of others. A place where fingers point at you. Your character, your mental health, your supposed motives become their debate.

They keep asking: Are you sure? Are you sure its not you thats the problem? Like when Waleed Aly asked you: Isnt it (Collingwood) just an organisation that doesnt know how to deal with this?

From Nicky Winmar to Eddie McGuire, if Collingwood does not know how to address this then it is, as you say, an indictment. It is proof. How many times does it have to happen to the same club?

I felt Aly was putting you on the spot, as many others do. We must prove racism is, prove its experience as if its some rare bird. We always hear about it but cannot see it. To ask whether you had considered the clubs difficulties is the sad state of where we are at.

This country does not stare at racism long enough. We always talk about racism without talking about it. Its an excellent way to hide it. Hiding it through saying everything but nothing of what it is. Like a TV with white noise, the conversation is always on, but nothing is showing.



There is conflict of interest in the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Queensland

The revelation that three out of the six board members of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (Naif) are tied to mining. Australian governments have a long tradition of appointing corporate representatives onto bodies dealing with the concerned industry.

The exposure by Joshua Robertson   in the Australian edition of the Guardian (13 September 2017), raises the existence of conflict of interest. No argument. There certainly appears to be, when Naif is there to hand out up to $5 billion.

One example is Balla Balla Infrastructure Group (BBIG), which reportedly sought a  loan to help with its $6 billion Pilbara iron ore venture. Naif chair, Sharon Warburton, happens to be a director of this company. She is also a director of Fortescue Metals, which also mines iron ore in the Pilbara.

Another Naif director is Justin Mannolini. He is a partner in law firm Gilbert and Tobin, which has been working for BBIG to secure an agreement with the Western Australian government. He is also chair of Jindalee Resources, another Pilbara company. The third is Karla Way-McPhail. Her businesses provide services to the mining industry.

These three individuals play key roles in determining who gets access to taxpayer funded money. By any definition, there is a clear-cut conflict of interest. They should stand down or be removed. This is especially so, when it is claimed that Naif is an independent body.

Nor is it reasonable to pass this off as an accident. Appointments like this are not made so lightly. One justification that could be put forward is that these people bring knowledge of the industry. Perhaps. But this can be accessed if they are appointed as advisors. They should never be given the power to give money to ventures that they have a personal interests in.

Making it all the worse, is the lack of transparency over who makes specific Naif decisions. Warburton is reported as saying that directors had significant experience in deciding whether their personal circumstances give rise to an actual, apparent or potential conflict of interest, and that it is appropriate for them to be the ones to decide when to or when not to stand aside form specific cases.

At this point, there is no move by the government to change anything. Given this, Naifis poised  to blow out to a new headache for Turnbull to deal with.  More so, with an application coming in from Adani, asking assistance for the Carmichael venture in Queenslands Galilee Basin.

In May, there was the revelation that there is a connection between possible co...


Baking Company Ordered To Pay $60,000 To Mom Fired While On Maternity Leave "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ashley Ruiz-Lopez with her children. Source:

In Vineland, New Jersey, the Office of the Attorney General has ordered the contract bakery Omni Baking Company to pay $60,000 to defendant Ashley Ruiz-Lopez. Omni violated state law by firing Ruiz-Lopez while she was on maternity leave.

Ruiz-Lopez had worked as a receptionist at Omni Baking Company since June 2014. Despite giving clear notification and communication regarding her planned start and end dates, the company fired her while she was on leave.

The totality of the circumstances, including her submission of medical certificates showing her expected recovery dates, repeated visits to the office, repeated attempts to reach (the HR manager), and the nature of her leave, was sufficient to trigger Respondents legal responsibility to engage in the interactive process, said Division of Civil Rights director Craig T. Sashihara in a release.

Omni facilities. Source: Omni Baking Company

Ruiz-Lopez submitted a claim for temporary disability benefits when she started leave at the end of January 2016. She also submitted paperwork that including a doctors note stating her due date of Feb. 27th, and expected return date in mid-April.

According to Ruiz-Lopez, she made multiple attempts in person and over the phone to contact the companys human resource department but never received an answer. The bakery fired her o...


What can Australia do to help with elections in PNG? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

For decades Australia has been at the centre of international efforts to improve elections in Papua New Guinea. Australia has spent almost US$60 million since 2002. Despite this, the 2017 elections were blighted by a frightening pack of problems. Given PNGs electoral woes it is tempting to conclude aid hasnt helped. Tempting, but mistaken. Elections may not be good in PNG but good is not the right yardstick for aid success in this area. The appropriate yardstick is vis--vis a counterfactual of no international help. As I described in my first post, Papua New Guineas domestic political economy produces forces that are at odds with well-run elections. As I discuss in this paper, international engagement has served as a countervailing force against these. Because of this, it is very likely that elections in PNG would be worse still without Australian involvement.

This doesnt mean that Australian efforts cant be improved though. Here are some suggestions. Because this is a blog post they are, by necessity, broad. I hope many others will offer a lot more in coming months; for now, treat these ideas as a start.

First up, recognise the road to the next elections starts today. Improving them will be an ongoing effort. It will require engagement, pressure and assistance, every year from now to 2022. The chart below shows my estimates of Australian aid spending devoted to elections in PNG since 2002 (data and sources here). As you can see, the post-2012 effort was inconsistent and less than previous elections. This isnt the aid programs fault. In between aid cuts and the death of AusAID, it was a tumultuous time. Even so, theres still a lesson from 2017: improving elections requires substantial, sustained engagement. It requires staff devoted to the task and it requires the steady accumulation of contextual knowledge.

Estimated Australian aid for elections 2002-2017



Is Corbyn a Marxist? "IndyWatch Feed National"

This answers the question on where Corbyn stands on various issues very well. It was posted on by gamas a Labour Member

If we intend to have a proper discussion on this, it depends on what we mean by Marxism.
If by Marxist, we mean he supports Marx's ideas that:
  • Capitalism leads to the alienation of groups of people
  • That, under capitalism, segments of society exploit other segments of society
  • That capitalism cannot maintain the living standards of the population
  • That industry should move towards co-operative ownership
  • That the country should focus more on what satisfy human needs rather than on private profits.
Then yes, Corbyn is a Marxist, as is Liz Kendall, as is Yvette Cooper, as is Andy Burnham, as is over half the Labour party.
(Of course, classical Marxism also advocates the idea that socialism is inevitable and that the proletariat will rise up in revolution. I have omitted this because a) We can all agree Corbyn isn't trying to be a revolutionary and b) Marx suggested this before universal suffrage became a thing, and he believed that as the upper classes controlled the government, there was no hope the governments would look after the working-class. Later in his life, he rescinded this view, noting how society had changed towards universal suffrage and came round to the belief that socialism could come about through democratic reform)
Now if you mean Leninism/Marxism-Leninism (i.e. the political ideology that the Soviet Union said is the only legitimate development of Marxism), then that depends on the particular aspect. If we take the social aspects of:
  • Support for a universal social welfare system.
  • Improving public education and health systems
  • Provision of child care
  • Provision of benefits
  • Ending the exploitation of women
Then Corbyn supports those as does the entire Labour party and some members of the Tory party... If we mean the social aspects of
  • abolition of private property
  • The use of propaganda to teach people to abide by the ideals of communism
Then he does not support these.
If we take the economic aspect of Marxism-Leninism that:
  • Market forces should be replaced with scientific planning
  • That the value of a good or service sh...


Were Firing Trillion Watt Lasers into the Sky: Top Scientist Admits to Weather Modification on CBS "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: The Free Thought Project   By: Jay Syrmopoulos

In the aftermath of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Jose brewing in the Atlantic, many people are looking for answers as to the increasingly volatile weather being witnessed.

And while climate change is one potential cause, there are other lesser known activities that could potentially be playing a role in the manifestation of these weather anomalies.

While weather modification and geo-engineering are still somewhat taboo subjects to the mainstream, often considered to be in the realm of conspiracy theory, there is a significant body of academic research and science that confirms that these technologies not only exist but are being operationalized.

No, the Free Thought Project is not claiming the government, nor anyone else is making hurricanes or actively controlling the weather. We are only presenting this information because it exists and people should be aware that it exists.

In a segment aired on CBS in 2013, respected scientist Dr. Michio Kaku, a physics professor at City College of New York, discussed with Charlie Rose and Norah ODonnell the science of weather manipulation.

During the interview Kaku, in discussing the experiments with weather modification notes that Were shooting trillion watt lasers into the sky, referencing the use of lasers to induce changes to naturally occurring weather phenomena.

Later in the conversation, Kaku briefly touches on the history of weather modification that has been carried out for decades by the government with the CBS hosts quickly interrupting him to note these programs were only alleged.

Of course, these hosts must be ignorant of the declassified history of...


We are being softened up for the re-opening of Panguna mine "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Panguna mine - now back in play


PANGUNA - There is a lot happening in central Bougainville around the now derelict Panguna mine.

Two local groups, with external financial backing, are engaged in awareness programs - campaigning if you like - for re-opening the mine that operated for about 20 years until hostilities closed it in 1989.

Thence followed the loss of some 10-15,000 Bougainvillean lives and millions and millions of kina worth of damage to assets and property.

Both of these groups on the make are yet to explain to us who suffered directly in the 10 year civil war how this awareness or campaigning for the re-opening of the mine will affect us and what our role may be.

The English word awareness (Concise Oxford 11th Edition) is defined as having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact while campaign has two meanings: the military definition which Ill ignore and the other an organised course of action to achieve a goal.

Last Monday I sent a text message to Bougainville Copper Ltd manager Justin Rogers, who was about to board a plane from Buka to Port Moresby. The missive was about mine-related activities in Central Bougainville, especially about the mine re-opening which is being pushed aggressively by the leaders of both the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the Panguna New Generation Leaders (PNGL).

Mr Rogers reply said: The issue at the moment is interests in mineral rights. Our interest is to start a project to see if mining is viable. There is no mine until someone proves it is commercially and technically [viable].

This communication shed some light that the current campaign to re-open the mine is a home-grown strategy devised by economically and financially uncreative leaders; a leadership that is not oriented to nation-building but blinded by a characteristic Third World dependency syndrome.

That is why the current themes being pushed down the throats of our poor people are, no mining, no referendum and no mining, no independence.

It is clear to me that both the ABG and PN......


Making Money With Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed National"

Making Money With Cryptocurrencies

Dear Reader,

Yesterday, I attended a blockchain conference in Houston, Texas. Its focus was on how to implement blockchain technology into energy businesses.

I heard from data scientists and engineers from Exxon Mobile, Chevron, BHP Billiton, Halliburton, and Microsoft.

In 2012, we profiled Bitcoin at $13. I remember attending a few conferences that year. At the time, it was a bunch of geeks and libertarians, and here I was in 2017, surrounded by Fortune 500 companies talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum.

By the way, I should take a moment to address this Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan) comment yesterday. Him calling Bitcoin a fraud was hilarious to me, and it shows you just how ignorant the mainstream media is about this entire space.

Jamie Dimon has been hating on Bitcoin since it was $50 its now $4,000.

His company, JP Morgan, is one of the principal investors in Ethereum, so what you really have here is a competitor of Bitcoin doing some trash talking.

The blockchain is the most certain investment Ive ever been a part of, and people like Jamie Dimon know it, which is why they are heavily investing into it both through blockchain implementation and Ethereum.

As of June 2017, there is now more money heading into this space than there is venture capital thats invested in other non-blockchain tech companies.

The U.S. Department of Defense is planning to use blockchain technology for secure communications.

Homeland Security even helped seed four security companies that will be using blockchain technology.

In Australia, Japan, Germany, Canada, and even here in the U.S. with the NASDAQ, all are either running prototypes or trial runs to do commodity and stock trading using blockchain technology.

The blockchain reduces costs, self-validates, is unhackable, secure, and eliminates settlement risk.

Here is a screenshot of some of the companies that are using the Ethereum blockchain platform.



Christy Clark's LNG Sham Turns To Pixie Dust--2017 B.C. Election Edition "IndyWatch Feed National"

September 14th 2017....Aurora LNG officially pulled plug on BC LNG proposal for Ridley Island Prince what I reported on CNOOC and Aurora LNG proposal in below post.

The Straight Goods NAILS it again

Written by Grant G
It's time for a B.C. LNG update...what's going on with LNG in British Columbia....The answer is nothing but meaningless staged photo-ops and gobbly goop press releases churned out by Christy Clark's 220 member gang of public affairs propagandists...Christy Clark is still trying to sell a promise of untold riches deriving from technologies of the past....The riches from LNG will never come to B.C....even if a LNG plant is built the riches won't accrue..
Before I get started on B.C.,,,this is where the future is going, renewable power, solar power, wind power, geothermal power.....LNG, the big fraud will not be the promised bridge fuel, as of today, the LNG industry is mired in a 15 year glut of supply....With massive gas discoveries everywhere..


The West Papua dilemma: Rockefeller and the demise of Ibu Pertiwi "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Rockefeller And The Demise Of Ibu PertiwiKERRY B COLLISON

Kerry Collison is an author and Asia desk foreign correspondent for Washingtons Defence and Strategic Affairs. You can find out more about his books here. Kerry's latest book Rockefeller and the Demise of Ibu Pertiwi will soon be available in hard copy and as an ebook

IT was towards the end of my tour at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta when, in 1969, West Papua became the twenty-sixth province of Indonesia after the so-called Act of Free Choice sponsored by the UN saw the transfer of official administration from the Netherlands to Indonesia.

I have found in my travels that few understand the history of West Papua, and concerned with the growing number of nations voicing their support for the United Nations to revisit the flawed plebiscite, I decided to write this story, part-fact, mostly fiction, in an attempt to offer an insight into a scenario that could bring Australia and Indonesia into conflict.

Jakarta should indeed be concerned that they could eventually lose the resource-rich territory an event that could drag Australia into conflict with its restive neighbour.

Over the five decades that Indonesia has held official control of West Papua, the indigenous population has endured a repressive and unjust system of Javanese-colonial occupation. Based on reports filed by church organizations, missionaries and West Papuan diaspora, Indonesian security forces continue to commit gross human rights abuses against the indigenous population with estimates of civilians killed reaching half a million since occupation commenced.

There has always been a deeply-felt sense of kinship and common heritage amongst the Melanesian Spearhead Group of nations towards West Papua. Vanuatu has always been a place of refuge for West Papuan dissidents and independence activists.

Indonesia has been aware of this support within the Vanuatu body politic for many years, and has recently sought to counter it. This open diplomatic confrontation was evidence that Indonesias diplomatic offensive over West Papua was well underway.

The Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) came into being on July 17, 1986 as a result of an informal meeting of Heads of Government of Papua New...


Australian ski fields and thundersnow: Global cooling has started "IndyWatch Feed National"

Twisting weather in Australia sees record heat one day followed 18 hours later by snow in the same location. Snow pack for Australian alps at five year highs and more late Spring snow coming through the next week. Tasmania late season snows down to 100 meters, nearly on the beaches in spring, unheard of. Australian MSM claims warmest winter ever, but we all know how the BOM rigged temperature stations to stop registering temperatures cooler than -10.3C, so is this truly the warmest or were the records falsified? Sources


Brave Australian Doctor Attacked After Telling Truth About Vaccines "IndyWatch Feed National"

A brave Australian doctor has penned an extraordinary open letter, published in the nations largest newspaper, taking the sword to Big Pharma and the culture of mainstream media deception fueling the vaccine debate.  Australia has [...]


Dear Jamie Dimon: Predict the Crash that Takes Down Your Produces-Nothing, Parasitic Bank and Well Listen to your Bitcoin Prediction "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dear Jamie Dimon: quick quiz: which words/phrases are associated with you and your employer, J.P. Morgan? Looting, pillage, rapacious, exploitive, only saved from collapse by massive intervention by the Federal Reserve, the source of rising wealth inequality, crony capitalism, privatized profits-socialized losses, low interest rates = gift from savers to banks, bloviating overpaid C.E.O., propaganda favoring the financial elite, tool of the top .01%, destroyer of democracy, financial fraud goes unpunished, free money for financiers, debt-serfdom, produces nothing of value to society or the bottom 99.5%.

Jamie, if you answered all of them, youre correct. The only reason you have a soapbox from which you can bloviate is the central bank (Federal Reserve) saved you and your neofeudal looting machine (bank) from well-deserved oblivion in 2008-09, and the unprecedented, co-ordinated campaign by global central banks to buy trillions of dollars of bonds and stocks.

Central Banks Have Purchased $2 Trillion In Assets In 2017

This 8-year long central bank intervention has:

1) transferred billions in what were once interest payments earned by savers and pension funds to banks such as J.P. Morgan

2) boosted your sales by flooding the financial system with low-cost credit

3) lifted your stock far above its value in an unmanipulated market and thus

4) awarded you immense stock-option and bonus-based wealth for doing nothing but letting the central banks enrich J.P. Morgan and its peers.

In other words, your claim of financial genius is based solely on central bank intervention. J.P Morgan would have done very well in the past eight years if theyd replaced you with a crash-test dummy. In fact, the shareholders would have done much, much better if the crash-test dummy had a Post-It note on its chest reading buy bitcoin.

Compare the return for an investor who believed your shuck-and-jive claim to financial ge...


They Bring Up Something that Happened 37 Years Ago While Demanding Results from a Baby Rape Study "IndyWatch Feed National"

Obviously they have an issue with self perception- but I am dealing with the stuff left this morning about me


Damaging Damages: Australias Actress Rebel Wilsons Defamation Case "IndyWatch Feed National"

Featured image: Rebel Wilson (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

There is very little to be gained pondering whether celebrity journalism should be protected with the zeal that some of its advocates do. A person with the dirt-directed fanaticism of a Piers Morgan


The Criminal Injustice System: Beyond Platitudes and Bleeding Hearts "IndyWatch Feed National"

Aotearoa (New Zealand) has a lot of serious problems. Neoliberal reforms have been imposed against the will of the people here and it is only our pride and our racially informed sense of kinship with imperial power that keeps us from recognising that we are a neocolony a privileged neocolony perhaps, but a neocolony nonetheless.

Recent decades have been an affront to our sovereignty and our progressive and socialist history. We were the first country with a 40 hour working week, the first to allow women to vote, the second to have a comprehensive public health system, and the first welfare state. It cuts against the grain, therefore, that in 30 years we have gone from a country with no poverty or unemployment and near the worst income inequality in the OECD (7th worst in 2014). With relatively low wages and one of the highest costs of living in the world, neoliberalism is ripping apart our social fabric. We have a housing crisis that is worse than those hitting the US, UK, Australia and Canada, but it is even more of a shock because 30 years ago the idea of homelessness and of people begging in the streets was simply alien to us.

Make no mistake, neoliberalism has fucked this country, and I do blame the US and the UK along with those traitor scum politicians who serve the empire and not their own people. But in one key respect, neoliberalism was pushing against an open door. Neoliberalism seeks to shrink the social support offered by the state but it also seeks to grow the coercive powers of the state the police and the prisons. The latter harmonises much more easily with traditional Aotearoan values. We are a punitive people. We are not ruled by fear of malefactors to the extent that the US seems to be, but we still have a strong attraction to law-and-order.

Our prison population has traditionally been high, but as incarceration rates have grown in other countries we have kept our place in the leading pack (excluding the US which is in a league of its own). We imprison people at nearly twice the rate of Canada; 45% hi...


Were Firing Trillion Watt Lasers Into The Sky: Top Scientist Admits To Weather Modification On CBS "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the aftermath of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Jose brewing in the Atlantic, many people are looking for answers as to the increasingly volatile weather being witnessed. And while climate change is one potential cause, there are other lesser known activities that could potentially be playing a role []


With China in Mind, Japan, India Agree to Deepen Defense Ties "IndyWatch Feed National"

GANDHINAGAR, India The leaders of India and Japan agreed on Thursday to deepen defense ties and push for more cooperation with Australia and the United States, as they seek to counter growing Chinese influence across Asia.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived this week in his counterpart Narendra Modis home state, skipping the tradition of visiting the capital of New Delhi, for the tenth meeting between two leaders since Modi came to power in 2014.

Image result for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in india, photos

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Relations have deepened between Asias second and third largest economies as Abe and Modi, who enjoy a close personal relationship, increasingly see eye-to-eye to balance China as the dominant Asian power.

Almost everything that takes place during the visit, including economic deals, will in part be done with China in mind, Eurasia analysts said in a note.

Abes visit comes days after New Delhi and Beijing agreed to end the longest and most serious military confrontation along their shared and contested border in decades, a dispute that had raised worries of a broader conflict between the Asian giants.

In a lengthy joint statement, India and Japan said deepening security links was paramount. This included collaboration on research into unmanned ground vehicles and robotics and the possibility of joint field exercises between their armies.

There was also renewed momentum for cooperation with the United States and Australia. Earlier this year, India rejected an Australian request to be included in four-country naval drills for fear of angering Beijing.......


Took time and heaps of effort and tears "IndyWatch Feed National"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Friday, 21 October 2016
Period debt occurred: 
July 2010 to June 2011
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Carer Payment
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes & I won
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

Shocking situation this was a payment that I was recving for caring for my dementia suffering 90 year old mother.
Who had since passed away.

Recieved the notice close to her death anniversary and christmas and was plunged into depressive state about the past and how I was going to pay this back.
Still couldn't figure out how I owed this so after repeat phone calls and threats from my side of legal action got it appealed and ended up paying $939.33 .

Still don't think that was right but he...


Canadian coyote survives being stuck on car "IndyWatch Feed National"

Coyote stuck on car

After the snowy owl and the Australian koala stuck in a car grill now, by Georgie Knox, from Alberta, Canada:

9 September at 12:13

Last week on my way to work in the early morning, a coyote darted in front of my car and I hit it. I heard a crunch and believed I ran over and killed it. Upon stopping at a traffic light by my work, a construction woman notified me that there was in fact a coyote still embedded in my car.

When I got out to look, this poor little guy was looking up and blinking at me. I notified Alberta fish and wildlife enforcement right away who came to rescue him. Miraculously, he was freed and had minimal injuries despite having hitched a ride from Airdrie to Calgary at highway speeds! Their biologist checked him over and gave him the good to go. They released him in Kananaskis. Clearly mother nature has other plans for this special little guy!


Thursday, 14 September


If Psychiatrists Took Truth Serum, What Would They Say? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Do you know a psychiatrist/pediatrician who has treated half the kids in your town for ADHD for the past 20 years? Is there now a heroin epidemic in your town? If so, you may want to talk to him or her about his/her possible role in it. Before you do, you should know that psychiatrists dont use the same language that others do the meaning of what they say isnt always so clear. I can translate psychiatrist speak, since practicing within the field for over 30 years enabled me to gain easier insight than most people into understanding what their words really mean. Here are 13 examples:

If a psychiatrist says: Your son has a brain disease called ADHD. Its like having a Ferrari with bicycle brakes, he/she really means: Your son is perfectly fine; he just hasnt been raised yet. Its me who is sick. I suffer from EDHD (Ethical-Deficit Hypersedativity Disorder). I only told you that because a mechanic just told me that my Ferrari has CNSD (Car Not Starting Disorder), so I need money for a new one.

When psychiatrists say: We now know that childrens emotional/behavioral problems are not due to anything parents do or do not do, they really mean: We now know that we can make more money by lying and telling parents what they want to hear than by telling them the truth.

When a psychiatrist says: Your kid has a brain hard-wiring defect which impairs his/her ability to learn how to manage his/her temper/impulses, it really means: Of course your child can learn to alter his/her behavior; even simple animals like mollusks can. You shouldnt trust me so much.

When psychiatrists say: Kids with ADHD do better in school once they are treated, they really mean: We have managed to change Americas school motto from: If at first you dont succeed, try, try again to If at first you dont succeed, give up and get accommodations such as: Fewer correct answers may be required in order to achieve a test grade if a child has an ADHD diagnosis.

When psychiatrists say: ADHD symptoms will greatly improve with medication, and the earlier treatment begins, the better the outcome, they really mean: Weve succeeded in tricking parents into replacing child-raising with sedation from age six on, and are trying to get them to begin even earlier. We hope to someday tell pregnant moms whose babies kick a lot: Your fetus has ADHD.

When psychiatrists say: We now know that ADHD persists to adulthood, they really mean: We now know that treating ADHD effectively creates lifelong clients, since kids who are shot with daily tranquilizer darts never really mature; their wildness returns each time they awaken from it.

When psychiatrists say: You have a chemi...


Watch As No-Nonsense Dad Calmly Shuts Down Daughters Temper Tantrum "IndyWatch Feed National"

When it come to parenting, there are often are no easy answers. Most parents say theyve learned the best parenting techniques that work for them by trial and error. They learn as they go along. While one approach might not work for every parent, one dad found an effective way to handle his daughters tantrums []


Erroneous, but small, debt "IndyWatch Feed National"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Tuesday, 12 September 2017
Period debt occurred: 
March 2013 to June 2013
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Newstart Allowance
Appealing Debt?: 
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

I got hit with Robodebt recently requiring me to detail *exactly* all my income from 2013.

I ended up with a bill for $154.52 which I paid because I couldn't deal with the stress of objecting.
(I cannot imagine how people deal with the ridiculous debts raised!)

How do you feel about the way the Government has handled this process?: 

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