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Wednesday, 22 March


NSW Teachers Association - all talk - nowhere when needed "IndyWatch Feed National"

A NSW teacher is goaded by little shit kids in the classroom to the point of breaking. The teacher is stood down and charged with assault. Life rolls on for the little shits who video it and post it all over the internet. The local community stands up for the...


Armed soldiers observed patrolling in Kurrajong, NSW "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

New Boxer armoured forward reconnaissance vehicle which reports say have several technical issues

Kurrajong NSW

These soldiers patrolling a street have their Steyr rifles at ready it seems without red Blank Firing Attachments which means they mean business. The picture was posted on March 20, 2023. Unfortunately with a lot of Twitter postings there is little information attached. We have contacted Army Media for comment.



Freaks vs Fanatics. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Who do you think is getting ready to win the long game?


Jury retires to consider their verdict in Malka Leifer sex abuse trial "IndyWatch Feed National"

Malka Leifer attending one of many hearings in Jerusalem about her extradition to Melbourne, Australia where the abuse of school kids occurred. She was their principal.



How many more Covid vaxx victims have to die excess deaths a global catastrophe Senator Antic "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Senator Alex Antic dared discuss the catastrophic rise in excess deaths in sync with the rollout. The censorship industrial complex is rife and health bureaucrats, politicians and blinkered corporate media hand maiden journalists dont want you to know !


New Species of Trapdoor Spider Discovered, Opening Doors for Conservation "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

A new species of spider has been discovered in the Brigalow Belt in central Queensland.

Researchers at Queensland Museum are the first to describe the species, naming it Euoplos Dignitas, a nod to the large size of the spider and the DIG program at Queensland Museum.

Experts are hoping the discovery of this species will help advance the cause of conservation in the state, as the habitat of the spider is small, fragile, and at risk from the local agricultural industry.


Image: Image: Queensland Museum

Produced By: Jono Wakeley

Featured In Story: Jeremy Wilson Research Fellow at Queensland Museum

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 22 March 2023

The post New Species of Trapdoor Spider Discovered, Opening Doors for Conservation appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


The Hague Issues Warrant for Putins Arrest "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

The International Crimes Court (ICC) has put a warrant out for the
Russian President Vladimir Putins arrest.

The Kremlin will not extradite their Leader to The Hauge as Russia
along with the US, China, and India do not recognise the ICCs

Mr Putin my never be charged for his alleged war crimes but the
allegations are still damaging to his already battered international

Image: Image: Shutterstock: oliverdelahaye

Produced By: Dominic Giles

Featured In Story: Dr Alexey Muraviev, Associate Professor of National Security and Strategic Studies at Curtin University Perth.

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 22 March 2023

The post The Hague Issues Warrant for Putins Arrest appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Changes in work rights for international students "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Many students will have to start changing their lifestyles due to the new work-hour cap. During the pandemic, the restrictions for international students were relaxed and removed entirely in January 2022 in order to help meet workforce shortages. But from July 1st  2023, the number of work hours allowed will be 48 per fortnight, which means 24 per week. 

This has caused concern and uncertainty in the student community because a lot of international students depend on work income to pay for their expenses, including tuition fees and living costs. The government argued that they intended to ensure that international students focus on their studies and will not be overwhelmed by the demands of work.

Image: Image: Shutterstock mavo

Produced By: Juana Vargas

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 22 March 2023

The post Changes in work rights for international students appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


New Endorsement Model for Cosmetic Surgeons in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

A new endorsement model for cosmetic surgery will be coming into effect soon.

It aims to provide accreditation for qualified cosmetic surgeons and help improve safety in the Australian cosmetic industry.

While some are supportive of this change, others worry that unqualified medical practitioners will be recognised as cosmetic surgeons.


Image: Image: Shutterstock Puhhha

Produced By: Josie Lu

Featured In Story: Dr Chris Rudge Law lecturer at the University of Sydney, Dr Anoop Rastogi President of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine, and Dr Sally Langley President of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 22 March 2023

The post New Endorsement Model for Cosmetic Surgeons in Australia appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Yeah Nah Pasaran! #155 w Jayne Persian on Ustae in Australia : March 23, 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week on Yeah Nah Pasaran! we talk to Jayne Persian [Twitter]. Jayne is an historian and the author of Beautiful Balts: From displaced persons to new Australians (NewSouth, 2017) and the co-editor with Evan Smith and Vashti Jane Continue reading


Victoria Police recruitment "IndyWatch Feed National"

Victoria Police are on a recruitment drive in 2023 for 500 new officers in 2 years...

A percentage of officers resigned during the pandemic, as they were not comfortable in assaulting the general population based on unlawful policies.

To obtain training of the calibre shown in the illustration above, being a wife basher helps tremendously.

Some officers think that it is acceptable to assault their wife because they are police officers, where they can and do get away with this heinous crime.



Russia warns UK not to send depleted uranium ammo to Ukraine: will result in nuclear response "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

News Updates From CLG

21 March 2023

All links are here

Breaking: UK to Send Depleted Uranium Ammunition to Ukraine Russia has previously warned the use of depleted uranium will be considered an attack by a dirty nuke | 21 March 2023 | United Kingdom Deputy Minister of Defense Annabelle Goldie publicly stated today that the UK will supply Ukraine with depleted uranium (DU) ammunition for some of the weapons systems supplied by NATO. Russia has previously warned the use of depleted uranium will be considered an attack by a dirty nuke and will result in a nuclear response On January 25, this web site reported that Konstantin Gavrilov, the head of the Russia Delegation to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has just publicly thrown down the nuclear gauntlet to the collective west, in an official statement. Gavrilov said that he has been instructed by his government to announce: We know that the Leopard-2 tank, as well as the Bradley and Marder infantry fighting vehicles, are armed with uranium-core armor-piercing projectiles, the use of which leads to [radioactive] contamination of the area, as happened in Yugoslavia and Iraq. If such shells are delivered to Kyiv, we will consider this as the use of dirty nuclear bombs against Russia, with all the ensuing consequences.  



Tricky trannie Tosh wangles a seat on woke Western Victoria council "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Tosh-Jake Finnigan as he appeared on election material that deceived Victorian electors in 2022. The Restore Democracy Sack Dan Andrews Party was a vote harvesting sham set up by notorious election fixer Glenn Druery.


Standing at Solidarity Park "IndyWatch Feed National"

In 1997, in response to anti-union legislation, 30,000 unionists marched on WA Parliament, and were ignored. On May Day, directly across the road from Parliament, aka Bullshit Castle, a site was pegged and legally claimed by unionists using the Mining Act. Remarkably, Solidarity Park is now Heritage Protected. The site is not just historic though, its alive. We ought to keep it overflowing with our movements.

The post Standing at Solidarity Park appeared first on Overland literary journal.


NSW Labor publishes its lousy, bullshit attempt at filthy smear in individual dirt files. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Comrade, Theres something seriously wrong in the Liberal and National Parties. Weve been conducting some in-depth research on their candidates over recent weeks and what weve uncovered is alarming. Many of their candidates have a history of anti-vax conspiracies, climate denialism, misogyny, homophobia, and rorting. Its become clear that...


We all live in a magic submarine "IndyWatch Feed National"

Morrisons dream, brought to you by the ALP and a mere 368 billion dollars.

Several commentators have remarked that, while the mainstream media is locked in furious agreement with the government over AUKUS and the trillion dollar submarines (a guess at the final price tag), social and independent media are telling quite a different tale.

The whole scheme originates with Morrison, which should ring alarm bells (did he secretly install Hillsong cultists in the defence department?), and they ring louder when we consider that the USA doesnt have the political stability to promise support through the next two or three decades. A president called Trump or DeSantis would likely disable the treaty with budget cuts or dismantle it outright. Similarly the UK government has no political strength, no social capital, and it has no economic stability either.

But somehow most members of the major parties, and mainstream journalists, with a few honourable exceptions, have swallowed whole the colonial Anglosphere will save us from the Chinese bullshit, and tumbled over each other to affirm what a brilliant act of statesmanship Albanese has performed.

It is by no means sure that this is what the electorate believes, and notably two former prime ministers have criticised the scheme, but the difference between them and Albanese is that Keating...


Voting guide to preferencing in the NSW lower house "IndyWatch Feed National"

The NSW election, to be held on Saturday March 25, uses optional preferencing in both houses of parliament which means that many votes will be unwittingly exhausted and wasted.

Click here for our handy upper house voting guide.

Last week, The Echo covered the importance of continuing preferencing in the upper house (the Legislative Council), to ensure not only the party with majority support wins, but to give a chance to minor party and independent candidates.

Now, lets turn to preferencing in the lower house (the Legislative Assembly).

There is little chance locally for minor party or independent party candidates to be elected to the lower house. Only the major parties, ie Labor, the Greens and the Liberal/Nationals Coalition, are likely to have successful candidates locally.

In the Ballina electorate (Byron and Ballina Shires), we elect a candidate to represent us in NSW Parliament.

The Greens Tamara Smith has held the seat for two terms, and has won with preferences from Labor and the minors.

If you do not preference properly, there is a chance the Nationals Party candidate could win, as the Nationals will almost certainly be ahead on the primary vote before preferences are counted.



Homeless koala house hunting in Manly "IndyWatch Feed National"

Blinky settled into a big Norfolk Island pine on the foreshore in Manly. Photo supplied

As the trees continue to fall at the hands of the NSW governments Forestry Corporation in Yarret State Forest, Blinky the koala has had to abandon his home, it had been chopped down, and seek a new place to live. 

Police calling Blinky about his housing situation in Manly. Photo supplied

Yarratt is high-quality koala habitat but Blinky has had to move on. He travelled down the exceptionally high-quality road (if only we had such good roads in places like Main Arm!) made by NSW Forestry Corporation who received $60 million of NSW Flood Recovery money.

It certainly made it easier to access the trees that my family and I were liv...


We Conspiracy Theorists Were Wrong about Nine-Eleven "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Today, by the grace of God, I turned 76. For some time, Ive been hoping it would all end soon, but now I find that I wish I were 16.

So what brought this on?  This new desire for youth? Its all thanks to a scientist named Judy Wood. You may have heard of her as a kook that came up with a far-fetched theory as to the means by which New Yorks World Trade Center towers were attacked on...


The three big questions Australias leaders must answer about the AUKUS deal "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former foreign minister (1988 to 1996) under a Labor government, Gareth Evans questions the wisdom of the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal. This comes from the viewpoint of some who favours the alliance with the United States. Even so, he sees significant problems in this deal, which are enough to question the wisdom of going along with it. His words ae important. Evans joins a growing list, including Paul Keating, Kim Carr, Bob Carr, and Peter Garrett. They add to the growing tide of opposition. This has been confirmed by the latest Essential poll. This article was published as an opinion[piece in The Guardian (21 March 2023).

Love Paul Keating or loathe him, admire or abhor his invective, he has raised questions about the AUKUS deal which are hugely important for Australias future and demand much more compelling answers than we have so far received from government ministers past or present.

The big three for me are whether, for all the hype, the submarines we are buying are really fit for purpose; whether an Australian flag on them really means we retain full sovereign agency in their use; and if it does not, whether that loss of agency is a price worth paying for the US security insurance we think we might be buying.

On any read of Australias defence needs focusing on potential adversaries capability, not presumed intent a very strong submarine fleet is a crucial component, along with air, missile and cyber power. And there is no question as to the greater capability of nuclear-powered submarines when it comes to speed of movement, time on distant station and probably though this is contested detectability. They are a hugely effective asset.

Only one is paying. Our bloke: Pa...


Andrews-the-Virtuous flying the 'Trans' flag outside Victoria's Parliament House "IndyWatch Feed National"

The "Transgender Pride Flag"was created by American 'trans woman' Monica Helms in 1999. The designer describes it thus: The stripes at the top and bottom are light blue, the traditional color for baby boys. The stripes next to them are pink, the traditional color for baby girls. The stripe in...


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sooner or later the mob work you out.


Poccums Law: the blueprint to fix the Andrews governments discriminatory bail laws "IndyWatch Feed National"

The family of Veronica Marie Nelson, a strong Gunditjmara, Dja Dja Wurrung, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta woman who passed away in custody, are calling on the Andrews Government to implement urgent changes to the state's bail laws and have asked that these reforms are referred to as Poccums Law.

Poccum was the nickname Veronica received from her family; as a child they took Veronica out to see a possum in the tree, and she would pronounce possum as poccum.

Thousands of people continue to be funnelled into Victorias prisons following knee-jerk amendments to Victorias bail laws. Since 2018 the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in prison has almost doubled, and right now a staggering 41.9% of people in prison are unsentenced and awaiting a court hearing or trial.

Victorias bail laws destroy families and communities and put peoples lives at risk. They have led to a soaring prison population, even though Victorias crime rates have flat-lined.

The Coronial Inquest into Veronica Nelsons passing labeled the bail laws a complete and unmitigated disaster. The Coroner found that the bail laws discriminate against Aboriginal people, are incompatible with Victorias Human Rights Charter, and should be changed urgently.

56 organisations in the legal, human rights and health sectors, including the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, Robinson Gill Lawyers, Dhadjowa Foundation and the Human Rights Law Centre, support the familys calls and urge the Victorian government to immediately implement Poccums Law by:

  1. Removing the presumption against bail.

  2. Granting access to bail unless the prosecution shows that there is a specific and immediate risk to the safety of another person; a serious risk of interfering with a witness; or a demonstrable risk that the person will flee the jurisdiction.

  3. Explicitly requiring that a person must not be remanded for an offence that is unlikely to result in a sentence of imprisonment.

  4. Removing all bail offences (committing an indictable offence while on bail, breaching bail conditions and failure to answer bail).

Learn more about Poccum's Law here

Quote from Aunty Donna Nelson, Veronicas mother

My Poccums pleas for help must be heard by all lawmakers to correct a bail system that is broken.

I want these reforms to be made in honour of my daughter, Veronica, so lawmakers can always be reminded of how cruel and inhumane prison can be to our mob.

Any reform falling short of our demands will not be supported by me, and cannot have my Poccums name associated with it.

The Victorian Government has an opp.....


Help planning Cairns leg of Australia trip "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Hi! I am travelling to Australia in May with my Fianc and will be in Cairns for 6D / 6N in the first week.

We are currently booked at the Hilton Cairns for all 6 nights but happy to change it up if better.

We are interested in snorkelling, diving (our first time), nature, wildlife and great experiences (no hiking).

We are open to renting out a car as we both are good drivers and would like to visit Daintree, Kuranda, Mossman Gorge and also get our fill of the GBR (hope to visit one of the islands as well).

Please share any recommendations and itineraries for the 6 days! Any great places to eat are also welcome

Thank you!

submitted by /u/Thin-Asparagus4707
[link] [comments]


UK to Hand Depleted Uranium Ammunition to Kiev Alongside Challenger 2 Tanks: Deputy Defense Minister "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sputnik 21.03.2023

The British government will give Ukraine radioactive depleted uranium ammunition for the tanks it has promised the Kiev regime.

Alongside our granting of a squadron of Challenger 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, we will be providing ammunition including armour piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium. Such rounds are highly effective in defeating modern tanks and armoured vehicles, Deputy Defence Minister Annabel Goldie said in an answer to a Parliamentary question on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunaks government has already pledged 14 of its Challenger 2 main battle tanks (MBTs) to Volodymyr Zelenskys regime in Kiev. The tanks have been out of production for over 20 years and only 227 remain in service with the British army.


Always Wanting More "IndyWatch Feed National"

Always wanting more is an operational definition of hedonism. This brief article is my mea culpa. Inexplicably, I overlooked hedonism per se as a trait in my psychoscope of the evil superpower elite in Americas corpocracy.1 In my defense, I did briefly allude to greed as an outgrowth of ambition.

Why Always Wanting More?

The ancient Greek poet Ovid had an answer, the Goddess of Plenty. Americas power elite are like Erysichthon, the greedy timber merchant in Ovids ancient tale. Erysichthon cuts down a sacred tree, angering Ceres, the Goddess of Plenty. She condemns him to eat everything in sight including himself after all else had been consumed.

Well, thanks Ovid, but Id like several other sources to chime in with their explanations, not that I expect them to be anymore edifying than you explanation.

The Journalists Answer

I always rely on good journalism as a source for my writings. Guess what I found? A handbook on hedonism, no less! Its a step-by-step guide to gluttony. The author is a New York Times best-selling author.2 I bet it is a best seller among Americas super rich!

The Philosophers Answer

While there must be millions of PhD philosophers on our planet who think for a living, trying to find them on the Internet is a chore. The first one I stumbled upon was a philosophers article entitled The Feels Good Theory of Pleasure.3 In order to read it I would have had to pay $39.95 for a PDF copy! Had I stumbled upon a case of the greedy writing about greed?

The Psychoanalysts Answer

Whom better to turn to than the guru of psychoanalys...


Hillsong and The Houstons alleged tax fraud and dishonesty criminal offences "IndyWatch Feed National"

March 22, 2023

Hillsong and The Houstons alleged tax fraud and dishonesty criminal offences

Tax evasion (also known as tax fraud) involves illegally reducing or eliminating tax liability. This may involve fraud by lying to the Australian Taxation Office.

The Criminal Code is expected to provide an integrated and coherent statement of the major offences against Commonwealth law. 

The maximum penalty is ten years in prison.

Main offences

  • s.134.1(1) Criminal Codedishonestly obtaining Commonwealth property
  • s.134.2(1) Criminal Codeobtain financial advantage by deception
  • s.135.4(3) Criminal Codedishonestly cause a loss to the Commonwealth.


Main offences

  • s.134.1(1) Criminal Codedishonestly obtaining Commonwealth property
  • s.134.2(1) Criminal Codeobtain financial advantage by deception
  • s.135.4(3) Criminal Codedishonestly cause a loss to the Commonwealth.


The maximum penalty for offences against sections 134.1(1), 134.2(1) and 135.4(3) of the Criminal Code is 10 years imprisonment.






The Buka Business Association last Friday elected new executives to oversee the running of the Association for the next three years.

The New executives are PRESIDENT, JEFFEREY MAGUM Vice President,MICHAEL TAKAKU, Secretary SALOME RIHATA and Treasurer, JULIE MOROKO.

The Outgoing President and man who raised the profile of the Association from nothing in the last five years, ROBERT CRITCHLEY congratulated the new executives and promised to continue to assist the Association.

He told a recent BBA meeting that he was very busy with his operation and needed a break and will not stand for this election.

New Dawn FM understands that the former BBA President initiated many activities in his term of President and most times representing the Business Community in important meetings with the ABG,Donor partners and Private possible investors.

He and his team also fought to make sure local Business interests were protected at all times.







The eye specialist who has travelled in last week to Buka have been conducting eye screening since las week Thursday.

Currently, the team have set up at Family Support Services building in the Buka General hospital.

This morning patients lined up for eye screening and test and the eye care team was so busy. So far, the team have seen 40 patients and are listed for eye surgery

The issue eye specialist team is having now is the delay of surgical equipment that will be arriving this afternoon from Air Niugini air cargo.

With the delay, Buka eye test might take five to seven days before travelling down to Arawa for eye testing there.

According to visiting eye care specialist Dr. David Pahau, these 40 patients who are waiting surgery will undergo eye surgery starting on Wednesday this week.

Dr. Pahau is encouraging patients who needs eye care to come for eye test here in Buka before travelling to Arawa next week.




The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission has confirmed it is investigating concerns raised about Hillsong Church "IndyWatch Feed National"

March 22, 2023

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission has confirmed it is investigating concerns raised about Hillsong Church. It is unusual for the ACNC to announce who it is investigating. This does not bode well for Hillsong or the Houstons.






The eye specialist who has travelled in last week to Buka have been conducting eye screening since las week Thursday.

Currently, the team have set up at Family Support Services building in the Buka General hospital.

This morning patients lined up for eye screening and test and the eye care team was so busy. So far, the team have seen 40 patients and are listed for eye surgery

The issue eye specialist team is having now is the delay of surgical equipment that will be arriving this afternoon from Air Niugini air cargo.

With the delay, Buka eye test might take five to seven days before travelling down to Arawa for eye testing there.

According to visiting eye care specialist Dr. David Pahau, these 40 patients who are waiting surgery will undergo eye surgery starting on Wednesday this week.

Dr. Pahau is encouraging patients who needs eye care to come for eye test here in Buka before travelling to Arawa next week.






The outage of PNG Power in Arawa Town has caused inconvenience to residents and the business houses since last week.

For the business houses, fuel had to be purchased to run their businesses and they are spending much on fuel.

For PNG Power limited, concerned residents and business houses in Arawa wants to know what is the story of the power outage.

Is it fuel supply causing inconvenience? The general public needs to be aware of the situation.

Since last week no notice of formalities to address the general public of the outage.

The only notice issued by PPL Arawa to their valued customers was last month on the scheduled Power interruption.

Apart from that the general public in Arawa are unaware of the Power outage.





The Bougainville Technical College administration has finally set the Graduation date for 2022 students as Thursday 20th April,2023.

The date was finally set as the Certificates have finally arrived from the Headquarters in Port Moresby.

Students and parents have been requested to be at the School on Wednesday April 19th for the Graduation.

For other information, the following students are requested to go to the School on Monday March 20th because they will meet with the Administration on Tuesday 21st March 2023.

These following students are requested to come with their Curriculum Vitae, Grade 10 and Grade 12 Certificates and references.

Under Carpentry and Construction we have five students,
Grady Luke Male
Milton Dvid Male

Under Electro Technology we have another five students,

Under Diploma in Business Management we have four students,


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Tuesday, 21 March



200323 Parents building classrooms to support ECC Immaculate Heart of Mary
New Dawn FM News

Parents of an early childhood school in Buka, are helping to raise funds to support the schools infrastructure, office and ablution blocks.
Chairman of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Vincent Kamitz said this is part of the schools fundraising committee to ensure children are given best opportunity to learn.
One hundred sixty children attend our early childhood centre and we extremely appreciate the effort of the parents who contributed through the K50 coinaton to help build two in one building.
Most early starters begin school here at Immaculate Heart of Mary ECC, he said.
Kamitz said it was important for the children to sit down on proper desks to write and learn effectively.
According to head of fundraising committee Maryann Marena the drive came from seeing her children attending the school with growing number of children with limited space.
She said she took up the responsibility after being voted and appreciates the effort of the parents for driving this project forward.
Marena is appealing to all parents yet to support the coinaton as the fundraising will end by Friday this week 24th of March, 2023. ENDS///AK




170323 Speaker of the Fourth Bougainville House of Representative commended the OBEC
New Dawn FM News

Speaker of the Fourth Bougainville House of Representative commended the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner and team, for returning the writs of two very important constituencies.
Mr Simon Pentanu said the Nissan and Haku Constituencies 1) Nissan has a good number of population but because of its location, becomes difficult to get there.
He said as for Haku, who had the highest number of candidates and a higher population was important to be represented in parliament.
I think it is important, we get someone into Parliament at this time where he can represent the people of Nissan and Haku, he said.
Mr Pentanu commended OBEC for completing the Parliament contingent and for a free, fair and accurate elections in Bougainville.
Bougainville Electoral Commission will later return the writs for the seven reruns of the community government elections to the Minister shortly.
Mr George Manu has confirmed a successful delivering of the seven Community Government reruns. ENDS////AK



170323 Nissan and Haku return of writs to Speaker of Bougainville House of Representatives today
New Dawn FM News

Bougainville Electoral Commissioner George Manu returned the writs to Nissan and Haku By-Election Constituency at Parliament House this morning.
The writs were received by the Speaker of Parliament Mr Simon Pentanu on-behalf of the Autonomous Bougainville Government.
The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner Mr Manu thanked the Australian Government for assisting the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commission to deliver the Nissan and Haku elections successfully.
Speaker I am here to return both writs for Nissan and Haku Constituency By-Election issued in January 2023.
This election had a-lot of challenges, we had two deferrals 1) polling period 2) deferred twice because no money was made available.
Then just when we went to the polls, we had to suspend polling due to bad weather.
I, thank the Australian Government for always coming to aid OBEC providing the chopper, it was expensive but nothing could stop me from conducting the successful elections, he added.
Manu also thanked the ABG government for providing the initial funding for both Constituency by-elections.
On receiving the writs Mr Simon Pentanu said it is such occasions where positive things are happening in the region, where an office like OBEC has put its time and effort to deliver on those tasks.
He added that the work of the OBEC in the region is important to the international, regional and country wide communities where very positive comments were made, he said. ENDS///AK



Alternative Solutions to the Banking Crisis - #SolutionsWatch "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ellen Brown, frequent Corbett Report guest and author of The Web of Debt and Banking on the People: Democratizing Money in the Digital Age, joins us to discuss her latest articles on the bank runs that are leading us toward the event horizon of the quadrillion dollar derivative black hole.



Education Minister Hon. Thomas Pataaku addressed the staff members of the education department at conference room today.
I urge everyone here today on what roles or position you play in the department you are serving to think out of the box and not be fogged down with routine activities. Education Minister said.
He was delighted to be back at the ministry because during his last term serving as the education minister, the department showed collaborations and accomplishments were done thanks to the staff members.
Minister told the staff members; he had a meeting yesterday with the secretary and executives team that he does not want to keep things within the department in regards to major agendas.
Higher education must not be kept within the department, but Information on paper must be floated to the cabinet to respond effectively of what they think is the way forward.
Mr. Pataaku assured the staff members that frame has been set and all constituency members are to report to President Hon. Ismael Toroama on independence.
Therefore, same applies to the ABG departments for Independence Readiness.
I want all of us to work together to make sure serve government to accomplish goals and most of all produce human resource for the future of Bougainville. Mr. Pataaku said.


Indigenous communities to get better mobile service "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Communications Minister Michelle Rowland announced additional funds to improving black spots in mobile coverage as part of infrastructure improvements.

She said this would help with closing the gap targets for remote Indigenous communities.

There are those who would benefit from a break from screen based slavery and this appears now to be a receding respite on the roads less travelled.

Image: Image: Shutterstock -Josu Ozkaritz

Produced By: Amanda Copp

Featured In Story: Michelle Rowland MP Minister for Communications

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 21 March 2023

The post Indigenous communities to get better mobile service appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Senators Had Questions for the Maker of a Rent-Setting Algorithm. The Answers Were Alarming. "IndyWatch Feed National"

ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up to receive our biggest stories as soon as theyre published.

After a ProPublica investigation last year, a group of senators demanded answers from a real estate tech company that helps landlords set rents across the country.

The investigation revealed how some of the nations biggest landlords share proprietary information with RealPage, a Texas company whose software uses the data to recommend rent prices for available units. Legal experts say the arrangement may facilitate cartel-like behavior among landlords, who could use the software to coordinate pricing.

Now, RealPage has responded to questions from Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Tina Smith and Ed Markey. The companys answers, the lawmakers said, revealed alarming new details.

In a letter to the Department of Justice, the senators said RealPage did not provide all the information they had asked for last November, but the answers the company did give raise concerns that its YieldStar software may play a role in driving rent inflation in some of the countrys biggest markets.

YieldStar has been most prevalent in some of the regions most heavily targeted by corporate buyers and with the highest rent increases, the senators wrote.

The legislators said that publicly available information shows the software is used in pricing more than 4 million units, representing about 8% of all rental units nationwide. RealPage has so many clients it has access to tr...


SVB contagion: Australia reportedly asks banks to report on crypto "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australias prudential regulator has reportedly told banks to improve reporting on crypto assets and provide daily updates.


Like nails down a blackboard. "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian people voted for action on climate change, and its what the Parliament should deliver by passing the Government's Safeguard Mechanism reforms, which will reduce emissions by 205 million tonnes by 2030. Chris Bowen (@Bowenchris) March 21, 2023


The Sequel: Bragg & Stormys Excellent Adventure (2023) "IndyWatch Feed National"

DA Bragg pushes through through the swamp (Bragg pic sourced from NYpost)

Some commentary on the possibility of Trump being arrested through the actions of DA Alvin Bragg. The title is a parody of the 1989 movie Bill & Teds Excellent Adventures. It is about 3.00 am in New York now on Tuesday am.

by G5

[Email 19 March 2023]

State-sponsored, induced, psychotic self-harm, on the altar of psychopathic-driven, patho...


Regional areas could decide NSW Election "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Pre-polling is well underway in NSW and a Guardian poll today showed that Dominic Perrottet is still edging out Chris Minns as preferred Premier.

Whilst many predict that Western Sydney seats are the ones to watch, country seats that were previously held by the imploded Shooters and Fishers party are likely to prove volatile as well.

Produced By: Roderick Chambers

Featured In Story: Dr Stewart Jackson Senior Lecturer in the Department of Government and International Relations, with a specialisation in Australian politics, at the University of Sydney

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 21 March 2023

The post Regional areas could decide NSW Election appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Why do you have to be a celebrity leftist to lead the Australian Republic Movement? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Republic Movement Announces Appointment of Co-Chairs Nova Peris OAM and Craig Foster AM 21.3.2023 A Special General Meeting held by the Australian Republic Movement this week resolved to change the ARM Constitution and for the first time in 32 years, adopt female and male Co-Chairs. As such, the Australian...


Beijing shows support for Russia "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

The President of China Xi Jinping has arrived in Moscow with his twelve point plan for peace, which will bring an end to the conflict.  Both sides have stated that they are not interested in a political solution, Russia still wants a total victory and the Ukrainians refuse to concede any land in a peace treaty.

The timing of the visit is raising questions as three days ago Vladimir Putin was accused of war crimes and has a warrant out for his arrest.

Every Stakeholder in the conflict knows that China cant mediate a peace deal but the question remains as to why is the President of China talking to a freshly accused war criminal?

Image: Image: Shutterstock: plavi011

Produced By: Dominic Giles

Featured In Story: Dr Sonia Mycak, Research Fellow at the Australian National University Centre for European studies., and Dr Alexey Muraviev, Associate Professor of National Security and Strategic Studies at Curtin University Perth.

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 21 March 2023

The post Beijing shows support for Russia appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Reducing Water Usage Around the Home "IndyWatch Feed National"

Since most of us are used to having access to clean water, we tend to take it for granted. We dont think twice about leaving the tap on or taking a really long shower. More concerningly, some of us dont even think about the financial and environmental consequences of wasting water on a daily basis.

If we want to save money and preserve this natural resource, we need to be more efficient with our use of water.

Luckily, there are many ways to reduce water usage. Even the smallest change can have a big impact on reducing your overall water consumption.

In this blog post, well explore some of the best ways to save water.

  1. Install Low-flow Faucets and Showerheads
    Installing low-flow faucets and showerheads is one of the most effective ways to reduce water usage. Low-flow faucet aerators limit the amount of water being used by around 2 to 4 litres per minute.

    This can help you save a significant amount of water with everyday tasks like washing dishes, brushing your teeth, and taking a shower.

  2. Use a Dishwasher
    You should also consider using your dishwasher more often as opposed to always washing your dishes by hand. Not only will this make the process easier and quicker, but it can also help you reduce water usage significantly.

    Dishwashers typically use one-eighth of an average kitchen taps flow rate, meaning theyre much more efficient when it comes to conserving water. Additionally, dishwashers are also better at killing germs than hand washing since they produce hotter water, which helps to effectively sanitise your dishes. So, the next time your kitchen is full of dirty dishes and cutlery, go for the dishwasher instead of the sponge.

  3. Turn Off the Tap When Youre Not Using It
    Kitchen Renovations MelbourneEach time you brushyour teeth, shave, or shower, think about the amount of water youre wasting. Do you have the tap on full blast while you scrub those pearly whites? Do you leave the shower on for too long while its heating up? All these seemingly harmless habits can waste a lot of water over a long period of time. Wasting heated water is also a significant concern as it can add to your utility bills and increase your personal carbon emissions.



5 Most Common Problems with Removal Companies "IndyWatch Feed National"

Moving homes in the near future? If so, one of the first things on your checklist should be to find a reputable, trustworthy removalist company to help make your move as smooth and easy as possible.

Unfortunately, theres a fair share of removalists out there that you have to watch out for. But, as long as you do your research, you should be able to avoid some of the common problems associated with moving. What are these problems? Lets break them down below.

Missing Items

No matter how organised you are with packing and labelling your boxes, if you and your movers arent on the same page then theres a very strong chance that youll end up losing or at least temporarily misplacing some items.

Moving days are almost always chaotic and stressful, so you might not even realise something is missing until days later. All this time having passed can make finding your items incredibly difficult, especially if you were working with movers who were unprofessional or untrustworthy.

Reliable Removalists will safeguard all of your possessions big and small and have a tried and tested plan in place to move everything safely and securely. To achieve this, theyll need to be organised, experienced and have strong communication skills, all important attributes of a good removalist.

Damaged Possessions

One of the most common moving-day problems is damaged furniture and smaller items, with inexperienced movers dropping, scratching or bumping your furniture or boxes around and leaving them tattered or even broken.

As long as you take the time to research your moving company before you hire them, you shouldnt run into this issue. There are even many removalists who specialise in moving fragile, high-value items such as pianos and antiques. You can also protect your most valuable items by working with a removalist company that offers storage solutions, so that you can keep these items out of the way during the mess and stress of moving day.

Insufficient Space

Removalists Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Some moving companies dont do appraisals before moving day, or dont put in the effort to properly...

16:39 customer accused of $7M spending spree granted bail "IndyWatch Feed National"

The judge said that imprisonment wasnt necessary because Jatinder Singh couldnt flee Australia without his Indian passport.


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00002 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 4.20 AUD


ABC catastrophists warn "this time for sure" time is running out on climate change "IndyWatch Feed National"

The world's climate scientists have issued what one expert said is a "final warning" before global warming exceeds 1.5 degrees Celsius. Key points: The IPCC says it's "unequivocal" that climate is changing as a result of human activity At present, between 3.3 and 3.6 billion people are living in places...


Seventeen bits and pieces that do not add up "IndyWatch Feed National"

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The traditional theory of human evolution is predicated around humans having an ancient chimp/ape ancestry. Way back a chimp-like mummy and daddy had children that were genetically so different, of particular concern is the suturing on the skull exclusive to hominids. All apes and monkeys have no sutures, but instead a rigid sagittal keel that runs across the top of the skull which means that their skull size remains static. But the inconsistencies do not stop there, by our count there are at least another seventeen genetic/skeletal/facial/muscular points of difference that challenge any shared ancestry.

                Granted be it ever so improbable, there could be an infinitesimal chance these two non-sutured parents carried a genetic abnormality that gave rise to suturing, but it just doesnt end there. By our count there are seventeen other distinct genetic deviations from every ape/monkey norm, and just the sheer volume of these contradictions leads on to one inescapable conclusion: our ancestry and that of the monkeys/apes have nothing in common. It just did not happen, simply because it just isnt one species of apes but every animal on this planet that obeys the same rules of evolution and genesis. While we break all the ru...</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </section> </div> </div> </div>


NSW Labor leader Minns's electric campaign bus runs out of battery. "IndyWatch Feed National"

From the Sydney Morning Herald Senior Labor MPs on board the zero-emissions campaign bus on Tuesday include Penny Sharpe and Rose Jackson, with the latter playing DJ (Harry Styles so far dominating the morning playlist). The bus was back on the road about 11.30am, but travelling media and Labor staff...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

International Red Cross Says 2 Kidnapped Staff Freed in Mali


OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) Two aid workers with the International Committee of the Red Cross were freed in Mali on Monday, the organization announced.

The staff members were released unharmed but the organization would not disclose the employees identities or the circumstances of the abduction.

We are relieved to find our colleagues safe and sound. They will be reunited with their families as soon as possible, said Antoine Grand, head of the ICRC in Mali. The staff were kidnapped earlier this month in the countrys north between the towns of Gao and Kidal, part of the country riddled by jihadi violence linked to al-Qaida and the Islamic State group thats killed thousands in the last 10 years.

The ICRC said it has been operating in Malis north region for more than 30 years and said it will continue its humanitarian work in the country.

Jihadi groups have been abducting hostages for ransom as a way to fund their operations and expand their presence. There is no indication that ICRC paid a ransom for the release of their employees.

At least 25 foreigners and untold numbers of locals have been kidnapped in the Sahel the vast, semi-arid expanse below the Sahara Desert since 2015, according to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project. Several foreigners remain captive according to the organization, including Rev. Hans-Joachim Lohre, a German priest kidnapped in Malis capital Bamako in November.

Others still detained include Australian doctor Ken Elliott and Romanian national Iulian Ghergut, who was abducted from a mine in Burkina Faso and has been held since 2015.

The kidnapping of humanitarian staff by armed groups is usually done to interrogate them and make sure the aid group is doing is what they say theyre doing.

Violent extremist groups engage in kidnappings for several reasons, and is very much based on local realities and needs, as well as the level of influence they have...


Hopefully the brainless ALP, LNP duopoly will not ship these Qld made armoured cars off to Ukraine "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Defence has contracted Rheinmetall Defence Australia to deliver and support 211 Boxer 88 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) for the Australian Army.

This is a significant Army capability that will enhance the safety, security and protection of Australian troops for the next 30 years. The Boxer CRV will replace the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle, which has seen extensive operational service since its introduction in 1996.

The Boxer CRV will operate in a range of environments, from the littoral environment of our near region, to contested complex urban environments. The high levels of protection, firepower and mobility provided by the vehicle will enable sustained operations, varying from peacekeeping to close combat.

Rheinmetall Defence Australia has delivered the first 25 Boxer CRVs (known as Block I vehicles) to Defence. The Block I vehicles were built and assembled primarily in Germany and underwent final integration and acceptance testing in Australia.

With a deliberate period of transition, the remaining Boxer CRVs (known as Block II vehicles) will be built and assembled in Australia, under a gradual ramp down in Germany and ramp up in Australia. This will enable progressive technology transfer of the manufacturing techniques and assembly line processes to Australia during this period.

The Resident Project Office in Hamburg continues to support the delivery of the cap...


India asks 68 countries to renegotiate ISDS in bilateral investment treaties "IndyWatch Feed National"

March 21, 2023: The Times of India has reported that India issued termination notices to 68 countries for Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) with a request to renegotiate on the basis of the model agreement formulated in 2015.

These 68 BITs were based on a 1993 model which had been amended in 2003. Alarmed at actions taken against it using the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provision in these BITs, the Indian government developed a new model for investment treaties in 2015. India has a further six BITs under the old model, but these are not yet open for a notice of termination. There are two BITs negotiated since 2015, on the new model, and these are in force.

Minister of State for External Affairs Rajkumar Ranjan Singh said the government has signed a host country agreement with the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) for establishing a regional office in India. His Ministry is now working with the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), the PCA and other agencies to develop their capacity to manage international arbitration challenges.

Under the 2015 model, the controversial Most Favoured Nation clause was removed, and the scope of National Treatment and Fair and Equitable Treatment clauses is considerably narrowed.

Although ISDS which allows investors to initiate international arbitration against states and thereby bypass domestic courts entirely has been retained, access to ISDS comes only after the exhaustion of the relevant domestic courts for the resolution of an investment dispute.

The 2015 model provides an exhaustive list of economic, environmental and social measures which are exempt under the treaty. This includes taxation, intellectual property rights and measures to protect macroeconomic stability.

The current move to terminate 68 BITs follows a 2016 attempt to terminate 57 BITs. The India-Australia BIT was terminated by India on March 23, 2017, but it has an extraordinary grandfather clause that means its provisions apply to investments made before that date for another 15 years. The Indian Adani coal company threatened to use ISDS to sue the Australian government if its investments made before the termination were harmed by government regulation.

The Interim Australia India Economic Partnership Agreement signed in 2022 did not have an Investment Chapter and so did not contain ISDS. AFTINET is...


Vatican signed up to UN "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

By Lyndesy Symonds

The Vatican was captured by the permanent, world-wide Revolution and is owned by the Big Jew Bank (Marxs 5th Plank) along with ZOGs and the BRICs.

The Vatican has signed the Roman Catholic Church right up to all UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It is not under Christ Law of Christ the King, it is under the Environmental Sustainable Governance of the UN another ESG corporate.

Pope Francis: Our Duty is to Obey the United Nations
Remnant Video


Home values steady "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Stock shortage

Very little news from the ABS this week, as the ructions continue in global markets and for banks in the US and Europe. 

In Australia bond yields have fallen markedly over recent weeks.

With a shortage of quality stock foe sale, housing prices have begin to rise in Sydney, as well as in Brisbane and Perth to a lesser degree.


New Swabia (Neuschwabenland) "IndyWatch Feed National"

J.G. Olsen / Financial Expositor

Fascinatingly, many Useless Eaters seem more au fait with the monetary aspects of the Great Reset than they do the Depopulation Agenda by Experimental Lethal Injections.

All over the world now, the winds of monetary change are felt to be rising.

Countries presently interested in joining the BRICS grouping include: Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Iran, and the front-runner, (formerly French) Algeria.

They are dissatisfied with the USD hegemony...


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

Abuser cop: Senior Constable Nathan Black

Abuser cop: Timothy Trautsch

  • Two western Sydney pigs charged with assaulting naked woman
  • The pigs, Nathan Black and Timothy Trautsch have been stood down 
  • Both pigs will face Penrith Court next month 


Queensland cops have some explaining to do over death of Steven Harrison "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Reports by the Toowoomba Chronicle revealed Harrison was highly respected in the local community.

PEOPLE in the town of Warwick and others across Australia are wondering why police used a sonic torture device and strobe lights against the political adviser and constitutional historian Steven Harrison, found dead with a gunshot wound to the head.

The Queensland Police Ethical Standards Division will be investigating the shooting. Why the devices were used against Harrison, who posed no threat to anyone but was anonymously reported to be carrying a sawn-off shotgun in his backyard, will be noted with much interest.

Harrison was well known and well respected by people in Warwick who organised a public memorial service for him on the Friday after his death on Tuesday morning. Harrison had impaired eyesight and lived on a disability benefit. He was an adviser for the Australian Federation Party and was also known as a kind and devout Christian.

Many concerned people will also be wondering if Harris...


What We Know About Irvo Otieno and the 10 People Charged in His Death "IndyWatch Feed National"

From CNN: Three of the 10 people facing murder charges in the death last week of a 28-year-old Black man at a Virginia mental health facility were security guards at the hospital who watched and then participated in the fatal smothering, the prosecutor told CNN Friday.

The victims family wants answers as to how a promising musician having what they called a mental health crisis ended with him dying and why no one stood up for him and kept him from being killed.

The county prosecutor said seven law enforcement deputies, joined by the hospital workers, smothered him to death while restraining him.

Ive never seen anything like this, Commonwealths Attorney Ann Cabell Baskervill said, referring to unreleased video that shows the mans death.

Baskervill said the hospital security guards passively watched the alleged smothering but eventually joined in and piled on top of the victim along with the deputies . . .

What are attorneys saying?

Family attorneys say Otieno posed no threat to the deputies.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is working on behalf o...


ULMWP calls on international community to seek conflict resolution in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

ULMWP calls on international community to seek conflict resolution in Papua

News Desk Susi Air Pilot Hostage

20 March 2023

Jayapura, Jubi The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) has called on the international community to pay serious attention to the escalated violence that continued to occur in Papua, or internationally known as West Papua.

Head of ULMWPs Legal and Human Rights Bureau Daniel Randongkir said that ever since the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) took hostage New Zealand Susi Air pilot Philip Mark Mehrtens on February 7, 2023, tensions in Papuas central mountainous region have escalated. The New Zealand government is pushing for Mehrtens peaceful release but the Indonesian Military (TNI) is preparing a military operation to free the pilot.

Randongkir said the TPNPB action was an effort to draw world attention to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Papua, and to ask the international community to recognize the political independence of West Papua, which has been occupied by Indonesia since May 1, 1963. Negotiations for the release of the Susi Air pilot are ongoing but TPNPB does not want the Indonesian government to intervene in the negotiations.

Randongkir said that in the past week, there had been armed conflict between TPNPB and TNI in Puncak Papua, Intan Jaya, Jayawijaya, and Yahukimo regencies. This shows the escalation of armed conflict in Papua.

According to Randongkir, since 2018 there have been more than 67,000 civilians displaced from conflict areas such as Intan Jaya, Nduga, Puncak, Puncak Jaya, Yahukimo, Bintang Mountains, and Maybrat regencies. They left their hometowns to seek refuge in other areas.

On March 16, 2023 the local government and the military began evacuating non-Papuans in Dekai, the capital of Yahukimo Regency, using military cargo planes. Meanwhile, the indigenous people of Yahukimo were not evacuated from the city of Dekai, Randongkir said in a press release received by Jubi on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

ULMWP assessed that the evacuation of non-Papuans was part of the TNIs preparation to carry out full military operations. This has the potential to cause human rights violations. Past experience showed that TNI, when conducting military operations in Papua, did not pay attention to international humanitarian law.

They will destroy...


This years Harmony Day faces new challenges in combating hate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Today 21 March is world Harmony Day and the big day in a week of activities, where we celebrate the gifts brought to all of us by people from diverse Backgrounds. This year the theme is everyone belongs. Harmony Day origin can be traced back to south Africa, where on this date in 1960, police fired live ammunition into a crowd of black people in a black township called Sharpeville, who were demanding the abolition of the pass laws. These laws had taken away their right of freedom of movement. Sixty-nine unarmed people were killed. Images of what happened reverberated around a shocked world.

Photo from The Journalist context matters: Burying the Sharpeville dead.

The killing became known as the Sharpeville Massacre. It gave rise to the global anti-Apartheid movement, and this contributed hugely to the advancing the cause against racial intolerance everywhere.

Less than a decade later the United Nations proclaimed March 21 the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Intolerance still exists in some quarters. It is usually often more subtle than it once was. The fact that it exists shows the cause not yet completely won. at the same time, there are good reasons to celebrate the achievements.

Australia is a good example. The diversity of peoples is building a new nation with a unique and exiting multicultural culture.  We are much better off for it. Hasnt this change brought about a greater depth and variety of what we eat, enriched overall culture and lives?

I remember what it was like when I first arrived in this country as a youngster. Because of my surname, I was called a Dago. This meant Italian. Although not Italian, I know something of what the Italians went through. I know how intolerance invited derision and sometimes violence. Italians were accused of being a threat to the Australian way of life.

Those who still feel threatened and insist multiculturalism is a policy thrust on them, dont yet realise that the term is only a description for what Australia has been since the arrival of the First fleet. The emergence of a multicultural identity can be traced back to the goldfields on the 1850s and the Eureka upris...


Millions of Fish Dead in Australia River Following Low Oxygen Levels, High Temperatures "IndyWatch Feed National"

In Menindee, New South Wales, millions of dead fish have been found in the Darling River. Local authorities and scientists say the die-off event is likely due to high temperatures and low oxygen levels as water from recent floods recedes.

The dead fish are primarily bony herring, or bony bream, and also include murray cod, carp, golden perch and silver perch.

These fish deaths are related to low oxygen levels in the water (hypoxia) as flood waters recede, the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries posted on Facebook. Significant volumes of fish including Carp and Bony Herring, nutrients and organic matter from the floodplain are being concentrated back into the river channel.

According to the Department of Primary Industries, the area has experienced widespread flooding. As the flood waters recede, oxygen in the water depletes. The situation is worsened by a local heat wave, which causes fish to require more oxygen, but the warmer water holds less oxygen.

The department noted that bony herring population tends to boom during floods and often then sees significant decrease as flood waters recede, especially as this species is more vulnerable to low oxygen levels and high temperatures. Similar incidents happened in 2018 and 2019, Reuters reported, where thousands of fish died from extreme temperature changes and poor water quality.

The region has been dealing with high temperatures and flooding, and residents are now grappling with the sight and smell of dead fish in the local river.

Weve just sort of started to clean up, and then this has happened, and thats sort of youre walking around in a dried-up mess and then youre smelling this putrid smell. Its a terrible smell and horrible to see all those dead fish, said local resident Jan Dening, as reported by NBC News.

Locals are also concerned about potential health impacts of the dead fish in the river.

The stink was terrible. I nearly had to put a mask on, local nature photographer Geoff Looney told NBC News. I was worried about my own health. That water right in the top comes down to our...


Donald Trump Drives His MAGA Base Down Tyranny Road( How to Destroy Democracy Brick by Brick)....And How Cleta Mitchell is the key to Proving Trump's Georgia Election Interference Crimes "IndyWatch Feed National"

Written by Grant G

Dictatorships, third world countries, tyrannies and the death of America are Donald J Trump's latest refrains on Truth Social, which get repeated widely on Twitter, Facebook, along with many other social media sites......Donald Trump is now calling on his supporters, on Republicans and anyone else to protest in the streets over his impending soft arrest(surrendering in person to an indictment regardless of the severity of the charge).

Trump wants the country to rage and protest in the streets over the fact he has to answer for crimes, for his crimes, albeit crimes(The Stormy Daniels affair and hush money cover-up) that are very minor in the scheme of things.

Donald Trump is getting his MAGA base all frothy and threatening over these minor criminal charges against him, a crime he is 100% guilty of, he had the tryst, cheated on Melania, with Stormy, he had Michael Cohen pay off Stormy to keep her silent, then Trump through financial accounting tricks used donated campaign funds to pay the hush money, he ran the payments through the Trump organization and even claimed it as a tax deductible business expense....

That is the crime for which he must answer to next week, in person. 

An indictment means, for Trump,  a quick pre-arranged arrest and, just as quick, a prearranged release from custody....Trial date(s)and appearance dates scheduled.....These crimes, even when Trump is found guilty will not result in ANY prison time and still Trump deems this action as grounds for mass protests and mayhem in the streets......(gimmee a fucking break, oh the humanity, Trump having to answer for crimes, fucking snowflake)

 Here is what Trump has bleated in the last few hours....(The all caps are Trump's doing)



Apakah Adat dan Apa Pula Kebudayaan?* "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Radar Sampit, Minggu, 19 Maret 2023

Oleh: Sita Rohana | Penyunting: Andriani SJ Kusni | Redaktur: Heru | Penata Letak: Danny

Jika kita ingin melestarikan budaya, kita harus terus menciptakannya.
          Johan Huizinga
Salah satu bentuk kebudayaan Flores (

Adat dalam Pengertian Melayu

Berikut ini adalah gambaran mengenai adat di kalangan orang Rimba (dikutip dari Steven Sager, 2008):

Sejak diri bumi setumpang tijak
langet solebor payung,
adat nenek puyong kito,
hidup, mati, do posko posko jugo nang dopakos yah
(Sejak bumi sekecil tapak [kaki]
dan langit selebar payung
adat nenek-moyang kita


It's Good To Be Mean To War Propagandists - Caitlin Johnstone "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sydney Morning Herald editor Bevan Shields has published an article titled "We are not above criticism but these attacks go too far", tearfully rending his garments over criticisms his paper's three-part war-with-China propaganda series "Red Alert" has received from former Prime Minister Paul Keating and from ABC's Media Watch.----The whole article is Shields moaning about the way Keating raked Australian war propagandists


Over the board Chess in Cairns (Discord Group) "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Just wanted to share a link for a discord group I made. I made a post before inquiring about any kind of club for playing chess in Cairns, but it seems there aren't any real options. I would like to try a grassroots effort, so if you are someone who is perhaps interested in playing some over the board games, then feel free to join and hopefully we can arrange something.

submitted by /u/Towel-Sniffer
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IndyWatch Cairns QLD All Topics Summary Today.

Go Forward:1 Day | 2 Days | 7 Days | 30 Days

Monday, 20 March


Prolonging the Agony the Book To End All Wars "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Lord Milner, Photo: (C) stained glass windows at Canberras War Memorial  (R) Cover of Andrew Gibbs book With Winston Churchill at the Front

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Please play this game with me for a moment. Pretend there is a bloke named Johnny living in Blandland.  He knows of a very rich man in his country. Johnny goes to him and says he has heard that the chemical rubi will soon be needed by everyone and he knows of the only land where rubi is found. He offers to do all the violence necessary to take ov...


Statement from Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming. "IndyWatch Feed National"

PRESS RELEASE MOIRA DEEMING LIBERAL MP WESTERN METROPOLITAN REGION Personal statement: I have been informed that there will be a vote in the Liberal Party room to determine whether I should be allowed to remain or be expelled from the Parliamentary Party. Let me clear I have done...


Spent Matters: The AUKUS Nuclear Waste Problem "IndyWatch Feed National"

When Australia vassal be thy name assumed responsibilities for not only throwing money at both US and British shipbuilders, lending up territory and naval facilities for war like a gambling drunk, and essentially asking its officials to commit seppuku for the Imperium, another task was given. While the []

The post Spent Matters: The AUKUS Nuclear Waste Problem appeared first on


Coalition special forces in Afghanistan - the Joint Priority Effects List (JPEL) and Rules of Engagement (ROE) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Coalition forces in Afghanistan, including Australian Special Forces acted under instruction from the Coalition to engage in missions to kill high value targets who appeared on a sanctioned liquidation list - the Joint Priority Effects List (JPEL). These were high value targets, Directly Participating in Hostilities (DPH). The parameters for...


Eating disorder survey (individuals who have an eating disorder 18+) "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Hi I am a researcher from the University of Sydney. We are recruiting participants to better understand lived experience of individuals with an eating disorder who are on prescription medications and/or other drugs, for recreational and/or therapeutic purposes. Please help us learn more by completing our anonymous (18+) and confidential survey

submitted by /u/sarod_37
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Victoria Police covering up child abuse in Mildura? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Victoria Police have been covering up crimes of people in positions of authority, especially their 'bosses' you know those in government, since their inception in 1853.

NEVER forget that the colonys criminals (albeit better behaved ones), instead of 'honourable' people, were recruited by the government to become police officers, where they have evolved into a more formidable (criminal) force.

Today its very difficult to get an officer charged by our corrupt legal system.

Even if the police get caught by the serfs committing criminal offences, their brethren in the judicature will exonerate them of any alleged wrong-doing.

Those who arent are the scapegoats, only for display purposes to give the serfs the illusion that justice exists.

It seems that police have been covering for Monseigneur Day from Mildura with regards to child abuse.

As the saying goes: We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong.

Heres Deputy Commissioner of the day, Neil OLoughlin to the rescue.

See pdf:


Formal Car "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

I've been looking on the Townsville Facebook page, with no luck. I might try my luck here. Would anyone have or know somebody, with a nice car to take to formal?

Thank you!

submitted by /u/Aussie_Traxxx
[link] [comments]


NSW Labor's last ditch email to Party members - Labor's #1 priority? CLIMATE CHANGE!!! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Weve reached the final week of the campaign, and many of you will read this email while on pre-poll or the doors, speaking to voters and persuading them to choose Labor and a Fresh Start for NSW. Its been a hectic campaign and we know that when youre working this...


The Recent Arrest Orders For Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump Ought to Be a Wake-Up Call "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rolo Slavskiy Slavland Chronicles March 19, 2023

By now, everyone has heard the news that the ICC wants Putin to answer for his heinous war crimes. The reason given for his summons? He helped relocate children from the Donbass to Russia and put the orphans up for adoption with church families.

Internally, it made for good PR.

But, youd never hear about it in the West, because the media is controlled by the you-know-whos and the various spook agencies, who are themselves also largely taken over by you-know-whoish interests.

Undoubtedly, this marks an escalation. No negotiations are allowed with a country led by an Amalek war criminal. Putin is now officially Gadaffi, Milosevic, and Hitler. Lets hope, for Russias sake at least, that things turns out better for him.

Heres what Strelkov thinks:

A day has passed since the media informed us that the Hague freaks issued a warrant for the arrest of Putin. Frankly, at the beginning I had a mixed feeling from this news: 1) bad (no matter how I personally feel about the personality of the person who is our president we have no other (we are being punished for our sins). And as regards the insulting warrant this is a spit not only on him, but also on Russia (which, alas, he is being allowed to lead); 2) at the same time, the timid hope has revived again that at least fearing the same fate of Gaddafi, this will stir things up a little This is, of course, unjustified optimistim. At the moment there is no proof for this hope in just a day, loyal officials, deputies and journalists of all stripes managed to convince me that the authorities are stronger than ever in their implacable cretinism and we can only hope for their enlightenment immediately before the end of Putins career a la Gaddafi when for us (and for them too) it will be too late. (Well, that is, I havent lost all hope, but so far there is nothing to be optimistic about).

Strelkov makes the same argument that I did recently. T...


Australian Banking Associations cost of living inquiry reveals bank pressure "IndyWatch Feed National"

An analysis of the rising inflation and concurrent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank proved that more than 186 banks in the U.S. are at risk of a similar shutdown if depositors decide to withdraw all funds.


Brisbane Students March for Climate Action "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

A recent wave of climate protests has been sweeping through Australia this past week, including a march through Brisbanes Queen Street Mall.

The protest was led by student organisations including Socialist Alternative and UQ and QUT student union, who were pushing against major coal and gas projects which they say would greatly exacerbate the effects of climate change.

The Wires Nicholas Powell spoke to organisers and protesters about the event and how different generations are reacting to the changes.

Image: Brisbane climate activists: Photo by Nicholas Powell

Produced By: Nicholas Powell

Featured In Story: UQ Student Union Environment Officer, Laura Nolan, UQ Student Union Environment Officer, Ella, and Extinction Rebellion climate activist, John Sheridan

First aired on The Wire, Monday 20 March 2023

The post Brisbane Students March for Climate Action appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Connecting with community this Neighbours Every Day "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Australians have shown themselves to be a resilient lot over recent years. But behind such a broad statement, the reality also is that 1 in 4 Australians are currently experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation, which is why making connections with our neighbors and local community so important and this is what Neighbours Every Day is all about.

Neighbours Every Day is Australias year-round celebration of community by encouraging all of us to build respectful and supportive relationships with their community every day.

This Sunday, March 26 is Neighbour Day, and to talk about the importance of connecting with our neighbors, The Wires Aryana Mohmood spoke with ABC TVs Gardening Australia and environmental educator, Costa Georgiadis 

Produced By: Aryana Mohmood

Featured In Story: ABC TVs Gardening Australia and environmental educator, Costa Georgiadis

First aired on The Wire, Monday 20 March 2023

The post Connecting with community this Neighbours Every Day appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Artificial intelligence: friend or foe? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Australian students have been found to be using AI software ChatGPT to write whole university assignments, and this has spread concern about how AI will threaten current university policies.


ChatGPT works by scanning the web in real time and writing text in a human-like manner to any prompt given to it by the user. 


Many universities hold opposing responses to the use of AI technology, with some considering it to be cheating, others are encouraging the integration of this software and proposing policy changes to allow for it.


The Wires Kailah Rushton spoke to University of Queensland professor, Brian Lovell to find out more

Image: courtesy of Andrew Neel | Pexels

Produced By: Kailah Rushton

Featured In Story: University of Queensland professor, Brian Lovell, and University of South Australia lecturer, Vitomir Kovanovic

First aired on The Wire, Monday 20 March 2023

The post Artificial intelligence: friend or foe? appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Refugees in Australia continue living in limbo "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

The Australian Governments announcement to create a path to permanent residence for Temporary Protection and SHEV visa holders has been welcomed by refugee advocate groups. However, the fate of thousands of other refugees and asylum seekers in Australia remains uncertain.

The changes fall short of an across-the-board solution for all 31,000 people subject to the TPV and SHEV regime. So, while there have been changes, the TPV structures remain intact. 

Approximately 12,000 people who hadnt yet been issued a TPV or SHEV will continue to live in limbo. 

The Wires Aryana Mohmood spoke with Migration Community Engagement Practitioner, Rebecca Lim, to find out more. 

Rebeccas book Does Australia Love Its NeighbourLived Experiences of Queenslanders Working with People Seeking Asylum, is available for purchase. 

Image: Image courtesy of Alex Dugquem | Pexels

Produced By: Aryana Mohmood

Featured In Story: Migration Community Engagement Practitioner, Rebecca Lim

First aired on The Wire, Monday 20 March 2023

The post Refugees in Australia continue living in limbo appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


Protest against the Voice to Parliament in Meanjin (Brisbane) "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

On Saturday the 18th of March, the Brisbane community joined the Black Peoples Union and Treaty Before the Voice Members in protesting against the voice to parliament. 

While support for the Voice is widespread, some sections of the population both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal have dismissed the Voice as inconsequential, arguing the focus should instead be on establishing a treaty. 

Activists and protesters argue a Voice will lead only to talk, and the real goal should be a law that guarantees the civil rights of First Nations peoples.

The Wires Chloe White attended the rally and spoke with protesters and organisers of the event.

Image: Protest against the voice members | Courtesy Chloe White

Produced By: Chloe White

Featured In Story: Sam Watson | BPU Member , Em Randall | BPU Member , Uncle Koko | Member of the Treaty Before Voice movement , and Afrida | Supporter and Protester

First aired on The Wire, Monday 20 March 2023

The post Protest against the Voice to Parliament in Meanjin (Brisbane) appeared first on 4YOU 98.5FM Capricorn Community Radio.


AFP arrest former SASR soldier - charged with War Crime - Murder. "IndyWatch Feed National"

UPDATE - from The Australian. Former SAS trooper Oliver Schulz, 41, was arrested in regional NSW on Monday morning and was expected to face local court later in the day. It will be alleged he murdered an Afghan man while deployed to Afghanistan with the Australian Defence Force, the AFP...


Five Fun and Easy Ways to Change Your Style "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sometimes, comfort and routine can prevent us from blossoming into the best person that we can be. After a while, many of us get used to wearing the same jeans and jacket every time we go out.

While theres nothing wrong with wearing simple outfits, changing up your style every once in a while might actually do wonders for your self confidence.

In this blog, were going to discuss five fun and easy ways to change your style.

  1. Hair Extensions
    If you want to know what you look like with longer hair, you dont have to wait for it to grow out anymore.

    Hair extensions are a great, low commitment way of changing up your hairstyle. With the added length you can begin experimenting with styles like dutch braids, high ponytails, updos and so on.

    This temporary accessory can be used to figure out what hairstyle suits you without having to commit too much time and effort into growing out and maintaining your real hair.

    There are also a wide variety of coloured extensions, ranging from blonde to fuchsia pink. This is a great way to try out different highlights and to see what suits your natural hair colour and your overall style.

  2. Experiment With Jewellery
    Jewellery has been used for many different purposes throughout history. Theyve been used as status symbols, spiritual artifacts, mediums of artistic expression and so on.

    As a result of jewellery being a prominent part of many cultures throughout the ages, there is now a diverse range of jewellery designs available in stores all around the world.Nowadays, plenty of online stores on Etsy and other sites sell a lot of jewellery with innovative designs that arent available in most retailers.

    Some designers put a modern spin on traditional jewellery but plenty of manufacturers still maintain the original aesthetics. So, if you want to represent your own culture within a modern outfit, jewellery is a great way to do so.

  3. Change Your Makeup Routine
    Clothes and accessories arent the only things that contribute to your look. Your choice of ...


Mainstream media's lies on Putin's so called 'arrest warrant' "IndyWatch Feed National"

Lies come in all shapes and forms, where some are blatant and others are 'white' ones.

Also a common lie is one of omission, where this is the case with regards to a so called 'arrest' warrant against USSR President Vladimir Putin.

Rupert Murdoch's 'investigative' journalists stated that there has been an arrest warrant issued for Vladimir Putin from the ICC (International Criminal Court).

BUT, those so called 'investigative' journalists' (deliberately) forgot to mention how invalid this so called 'warrant' really is.

The ICC is not a 'real' court but rather an organisation or tribunal with very limited jurisdiction.

IT is based on consent from its signatories only where those who have not signed up the court cannot issued with any lawful instruments to make executable warrant valid.

Currently, Russia, illustrated in orange was a signatory that withdrew its signature consent.

Ukraine depicted in yellow, indicates that it is a signatory, where there is no formal ratification, keeping in mind that Crimea is an (allegedly) autonomous republic in the south.



Papua New Guineas war for talent "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinean employers are bracing for a fierce battle to attract and retain skilled workers.

talent Papua New Guinea

Students at the University of Papua New Guineas School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Credit: Australian Government

While the skills base in PNG has improved significantly since the construction period of the countrys first LNG project, which peaked in 2012, employers and recruiters are already witnessing a new war for talent in anticipation of PNGs next gas project, Papua LNG.

We will be doubling our team in PNG. Thats reflective of the growth we see coming on the horizon, Kristine Berry, Managing Director of recruitment company Peopleconnexion, tells Business Advantage PNG.

Its growth across the board; from hospitality through to senior executives, to sales, and a lot more technical specialist roles.

Filling the void

Employers are already struggling to find staff for key specialist roles.

Were operating with over 20 vacancies including maintenance and automation engineers thats where we have big gaps, says Ed Weggemans, Managing Director of SP Brewery.

Finding good skilled people has been a bit of a challenge for us, agrees Hulala Tokome, Country Director of Puma Energy. Tokome notes, however, the country has an abundance of unskilled labour.

While recruiters typically start by trying to match employers with skilled Papua New Guinean workers, hiring offshore talent can be equally tough, given global skills shortages. The Australian labour market, which has historically supplied many skilled workers to PNG, is super tight and super expensive, says Berry. Her company has expanded its skills search globally: We are bringing people from everywhere in the world to PNG.

We shouldnt be importing unskilled or semi-skilled labour. But, unfortunately,...


Posie Parker, you cant hide. Youve got Nazis on your side. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Huh. That was interesting. Having previously blessed Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide with her presence, the fifth leg of Posie Parkers publicity tour took place in Melbourne on the steps of the Victorian Parliament on Saturday. Along with a posse Continue reading


Spot on. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank you Damo, great find.


Curlew overhead, crab underfoot, heron into prawn "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Plenty of Bush Stone Curlews on the ground in Townsville (lately breeding in gardens close to my door) but less often caught overhead in daylight. Above, one of 36 or so put to flight as I sploshed  the other morning across Rowes Bay Lagoon, part of which backs onto my retirement village.

Even less common, mud crab - getting crabby about camera lens being thrust in its face on the same morning.

Rather better looking (unless you're into crabs) and always sounding joyously alive, Varied Honeyeater in pink cl...


You idiot, no way this passes the pub test. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Heres Victorian Opposition leader John Pesutto saying Moira Deeming will be sacked from the Liberal Party because she has an association with people who promote Nazi views. Its a slur that is equally outrageous and false. He looks stressed. @MoiraDeemingMP John Ruddick (@JohnRuddick2) March 19, 2023


7 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship "IndyWatch Feed National"

If I asked you what the signs of a toxic relationship were, what would you say? Most of us would likely name off something obvious, like abuse or something to that effect, but at the end of the day, the signs of a toxic relationship arent always so overt or even expected.

Being in a toxic relationship can be draining, and destructive, and can change who you are as a person. No one walks away from a toxic relationship unscathed, even if the damage is just slight. With that being said, the signs arent always obvious. Below, I will go over 7 signs of a toxic relationship.

1. Contempt.

Contempt is what happens when you begin tearing your partner down, or vice versa, in passive-aggressive ways. Based on the research, this habit is the number one predictor of relationship failure. Examples of contempt are mocking your partner while they are in another room, snide remarks, or merely feelings of complete disdain towards your partner.

2. Lack of support.

In a toxic relationship, there is no support. Instead, both partners are always at odds with one another. Rather than building each other up, they are too busy tearing each other down.

3. Control/obsession.

It is not cute or healthy for control and obsession to be the main theme in a relationship. When one or both partners begins blowing up the others phone because they didnt answer back within a few minutes, there is a problem. Other examples of this may be if your partner wont allow you around certain people, stalks you down when you arent around one another, or refuses to let you have any time apart because you might cheat.

4. You are always trying to change each other.

Toxic relationships arent always toxic people. In fact, a toxic dynamic can be born when two people just simply arent right for one another. When this happens, a toxic push/pull begins to take place, in which both partners are always trying to get their needs met by someone who simply cannot meet them.

5. Dishonesty.

Dishonesty is toxic, plain and simple. While we may all say a little white lie here and there, when one or both partners is always lying, it reaches a toxic level.

6. Denial.

One major sign of toxicity is denial. Do you find yourself constantly making excuses for your relationship? If so, then its likely toxic.

7. Walking on eggshells.

If you are always having to walk on eggshells, to avoid setting your partner off, then you are likely in a toxic relationship. No one should have to hold back how they really feel, If you cannot express a different opinion in the presence of your partner because you fear retaliation, your relationship is toxic.


Those poor girls, working so hard all their lives for this man to steal their glory. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Valentina Petrillo, a male runner who self identifies as a woman, breaks the record and wins his 8th women's title in Italy Edwin (@Edwin07011) March 19, 2023


The bus to Baghdad "IndyWatch Feed National"

In place of reflection and reform, our leaders have committed to an ever-greater intermeshing of Australian and American forces: what is referred to in contemporary military double-speak as interoperability. The new AUKUS framework has largely extended the surrendering of our sovereignty and capacity for independent defence decision-making to the American Empire.

The post The bus to Baghdad appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Widgee Say NO to the Lines Rally: Meet the Aussie Battlers Standing Up to Big Green "IndyWatch Feed National"

When Net Zero obsessed Aussie Federal and State Governments announced large scale electricity grid extensions to service renewable energy installations, they forgot to talk to the land owners.

The post Widgee Say NO to the Lines Rally: Meet the Aussie Battlers Standing Up to Big Green first appeared on Watts Up With That?.


Child Abduction and a Glance At Todays Headlines (in The Age) "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Dee McLachlan

This morning, over a coffee at my local, I paged through The Age newspaper. The headline: Japan Does Nothing As Australian Kids Snatched (below) and double-page spread above Japan does nothing as 82 Australian kids abducted. This is The Age online report:

An investigation by The AgeThe Sydney Morning Herald and 60 Minute...


AFTINET calls for human rights, labour rights and environmental standards in Southeast Asia Strategy 2040 "IndyWatch Feed National"

March 20, 2023: DFAT has called for submissions for the Governments Southeast Asia strategy 2040.

Despite the long-term time frame of the strategy, there is no reference so far to inequality in the region or to human rights, labour rights or environmental standards.

The strategy will not take the form of a legally enforceable trade agreement, but is likely to be a series of Memoranda of Understanding to increase Australian trade and investment in the region. The strategy will include topics like supply chains, green economy/environment, agriculture and digital trade. These will sit alongside trade agreements like the Australia-ASEAN-NZ FTA and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

The AFTINET submission argues that the strategy should include the Governments goals consisting of justice and equality, sharing the benefits of increased trade and investment, and the need to reduce carbon emissions.

The submission notes that seven of the ten ASEAN countries are also involved in the Indo-Pacific Economic Forum (IPEF). This is also not a traditional trade agreement. However, human rights, labour rights and environmental standards are included in the negotiating goals, even if it is not clear how they will be implemented.

The submission provides evidence of deficits in both commitments and implementation of human rights and labour rights in some ASEAN countries, and serious violations, including imprisonment and unlawful killings in Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Indonesia (West Papua).

The submission recognises that ASEAN trading partners include developing countries and least developed countries and that they will require cooperation and support to implement these standards over time, including specific support from Australias Official Development Assistance programs.

These commitments should ultimately be incorporated into legally enforceable trade agreements with the same access to dispute settlement as other chapters in those agreements.


Racism: A Sticky Issue In Australia PNG Relations "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

By: Sekinolo Sawala 

Australias relationship with Papua New Guinea continues to be tainted by racism inherent in Australia's predominantly  European society. In many respects, Australia has its doors closed on Papua New Guinea, be it in politics, economics, business, or in social and cultural domains such as sports. 

Australia treats PNG at a different level of cooperation characterized by racially discriminatory attitudes, which is very unbecoming of regional power. It is pretty difficult for a PNG native to enter Australia and access its goods and services which other Pacific Islanders can do with ease. 

Some examples of incidents that come to mind are; 

Papua New Guineans are not at all considered for taking up citizenship in Australia. In other words, PNG remains the least considered country by Australia for awarding citizenship. 

In 2022, there were only 2 native Papua New Guineans, apart from a mixed parentage, playing first-grade rugby in the NRL despite the fact that PNG has a feeder club in Hunters to NRL. On the other hand, other Pacific Islanders are recruited in big numbers, although they don't have a feeder club like PNG does. 

We can give Australians visas on arrival yet they cannot reciprocate. Visa processing for PNG is done in another foreign country away from PNG despite the fact that Australia has the biggest embassy in PNG. Currently, the Australian embassy in Fiji serves visas for  PNG citizens traveling to Australia.

We contribute a small number of Seasonal Workers yet under strict conditions whereas other Pacific Islanders are recruited in big numbers minus the restrictions applied on PNG citizens. 

Business Conferences for PNG Businesses are conducted in Australia rather than in PNG exploiting and depriving PNG of much-needed income created from such events. 

Almost 50 years of Australias Aid has seen little or no impact on the development prospects for PNG as the boomerang aid money continues to be systematically channeled back to Australia. 

The downsizing of PNG'...


Important RBA statement on Australia's banks and interest rates. "IndyWatch Feed National"

It's quite a technical speech from the RBA's Assistant Governor - you might like to give it a miss if monetary policy isn't your thing. ...conditions in global bond markets have been strained recently following the failure of Silicon Valley Bank in the United States. Volatility in Australian financial markets...


France erupts as Macron moves to force through raising the pension age "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ben Wilson

French President Emmanuel Macron is facing an enormous backlash against his attempt to force through a rise in the pension age from 62 to 64. Facing the possibility of a loss in the parliament, Macron used the controversial and unpopular 49.3 special powers, which provide the means to avoid a vote. This time he faced the prospect of some of his Renaissance party members crossing the floor.

These powers have been increasingly used since the government lost its majority in the last election in June last year.

Protests against the latest move to increase he pension age were immediate. French citizens hit the streets, and they have gone on since without letup.  In some Cases, notably in the capital Paris, police moved in with batons and shields, and used teargas and water cannon. Similar scenes have been seen in other major cities like Rennes, Nantes, Lyon, Marseille, and Bordeaux.

France pension protests

Video from CNN News 18

Unions have vowed to keep on fighting to protect pension rights that they had fought for in the past.

Justifying the move, Prime Minister lisabeth Borne told the lower house of parliament, known as the National Assembly:

We cannot bet on the future of our pensions and this reform is necessary,

Most French do not agree.

Macron Has threatened to dissolve the Assembly and call new elections. The threat is not likely to materialise because there is a very good chance he would lose.

Protests sweep France after pension reform is forced through by Macron.

Video from, Time



TNPM19690 "IndyWatch Feed National"

21st December 2021 a totial of 2,238 had died from covid-19

Good news at last but not for the 261 families of the lastest victims of the illegal importation of COVID-19. The death toll has slowed down for the moment, but will soon reach and then pass 20,000.

This posting short link:

The last death toll report:


Channel 9 runs analysis of the Tara shootout utilising the Port Arthur script "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

A well-selected Channel 9 team at the oval table reflects the correct amount of bias. The panel was factually misinformed and full of speculation to deflect the real story of the Train family.

Download here:

Sunday, 19 March


Lobby Team from West Papua assures Dalesa of same focus for full MSG Membership "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Lobby Team from West Papua assures Dalesa of same focus for full MSG Membership

  • By Len Garae
  • Mar 18, 2023

Papua Merderka Leaders of Chiefs Councils of Port Vila Town, Silae Vanua and Tabumamele, Chairman Dalesas Executive and Mr. Rumakiek
By Len Garae

The highest ranking lobby team from all regions of West Papua made up of high chiefs say they and their people support United Liberation Movement of West Papuas (ULMWP) sole application for full membership in the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

The team has delivered an assurance to the Chiefs, Government, Civil Society and people of Vanuatu that their people support ULMWPs application word for word.

The confirmation was made in its first discussions with the Chairman of Vanuatu Free West Papua Association (VFWPA), Mr. Job Dalesa and his Executive in Port Vila this week.

They delivered the message following a similar extensive tour of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Fiji with the same appeal seeking all forms of support from each Melanesian country to support ULMWPs application for full membership of MSG this year.

The assurance by the team that it is carrying the wishes of the people of Mainland West Papua has been welcomed by Chairman Dalesa and his group since it has erased any rumour of disunity by different groups concerning the ULMWP application for full membership of MSG, at this time of the countdown towards the MSG Summit in Port Vila by mid-year.

This was the thorn which was understood to have continued to deny all ULMWPs applications in the past.

Now what this amounts to is a heart throbbing desire for all chiefs backed by a prayer by all churches throughout Melanesia, for all member countries of MSG to grant ULMWP full membership of its God given right to claim its empty chair in the Melanesian body.

The team from West Papua is led by ULMWP Secretary General, Rex Rumakiek, who is based in Australia.

Mr. Rumakiek has been a constant campaigner for West Papua freedom since the 1970s when Vanuatu was still a British/French colony.


2) Fiji shines on ULMWP
By Len Garae Mar 18, 2023

Mr. Morris Kaloran, the Interim Dep...

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