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Monday, 26 February


MP calls for probe in OTML staff sacking Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

North Fly MP, James Donald wants the Minister to intervene in the sacking of a group of Ok Tedi Mine employees

Freddy Mou | Loop PNG | February 23, 2018

North Fly MP, James Donald has called on the Minister for Mining, Johnson Tuke, to immediately intervene and direct investigations into the sacking of a group of Ok Tedi Mine employees in Western Province.

Donald said the Mining Minister must ensure an investigation is conducted to determine whether the termination of 100-plus workers by OTML was proper and lawful.

His call comes after the company management terminated more than 100 of its employees on Tuesday for staging a protest against the company.

OTML said their industrial action was illegal as it did not follow the grievance process and was not supported by the union.

They were served with termination letters on...


Journos gather for remarkable Sean Dorney tribute dinner Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Rowan Callick & Sean Dorney
Eminent Pacific journalists Rowan Callick & Sean Dorney plough through Brisbane's rain on their way to Sean's tribute dinner


At the weekend 150 people assembled at a Brisbane sports club to honour the legendary Papua New Guinea and Pacific journalist and onetime rugby league star Sean Dorney AM MBE, who has motor neurone disease

BRISBANE On Saturday night I attended the Sean Dorney tribute dinner at the Wests Football Club in Toowong, Brisbane. I sat at table with ABC guys David Ransom, John Highfield, Bob Lawrence, Martin Hadlow and Don Hook.

And what a privilege to be witness to such a massive outpouring of respect from the elite of the media world of Australia. They came from all over Australia, PNG and beyond - 150 of them (another 50 on wait list).

The event was brilliantly organised by Sue Ahearn, Kevin McQuillan and Peter Lewis. Gold Walkley award winner Mary-Louise O'Callaghan was MC. It was a fantastic evening and everyone left on a high when the doors were closed at 11.30 pm and Im sure it could have gone on for many more hours.

Sean and Pauline were in sparkling form. The cream of Australian journalists had to have their say and typical of so many of them was their admiration of Sean. Many said they had learnt so much from him.

His brilliant sense of humour was obvious and Pauline was just as good. The legendary Rowan Callick said he had originally visited Australia from the UK and, after observing Sean in his offhand Aussie ways, decided to make his home here.

Graeme Dobell set off the evening with a witty speech and Bob Lawrence gave Sean a roast followed by many, many other speakers.

People I noticed in attendance included Max Uechtritz, Chris Pash, John Mangos, Paul Byrnes, Sue Hurrell Spargo, Bob Cleland, Andrea Williams, Phil Ainsworth, Tania Nugent, Liam Fox, Stefan Ambuster, Shane McLeod, Dominique Schwartz, John Cameron, Mark Willacy, Peter Cave, Peter Ryan, Craig Berkman, Quentin Dempster, Kerry Lonergan, Ben Hawk and Richard Dinnen....


Papua New Guinea hit by 7.5 magnitude earthquake Papua New Guinea Today

A large earthquake has struck the middle of Papua New Guinea.

The US Geological Survey says the magnitude-7.5 quake hit about 89 kilometres southwest of Porgera early today in the Pacific island nation.

Geological Survey geophysicist Paul Caruso says the quake, which had a depth of 35 kilometres, occurred in a rural, jungle area near a mountain range.

It wasn't immediately clear if there was damage. The Geological Survey website had 19 reports of people feeling the quake, including some saying the shaking was violent.

Caruso said there was no tsunami danger.

Homes in the region were "a mix of vulnerable and earthquake resistant construction".

The impact should be relatively localised, USGS said.

Earthquakes are common in PNG, which sits on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, a hotspot for seismic activity due to friction between tectonic plates.

- AP and Daily Mail


M7.5 Earthquake Strikes near Porgera, PNG "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Liljan 022502 Powerful Earthquake Occurs 89km SSW of Porgera, Papua New Guinea USGS EQ Details: Magnitude: 7.5mww (0.1) Location: 6.149S, 142.766E (7.1 km) 89km SSW of Porgera, Papua New Guinea Time: 2018-02-25 17:44:44.380 UTC FE Region: NEW GUINEA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA (202) [Fatalities expected.] Aftershock: M 5.5 5.760S, 142.244E [110km WSW of Porgera, []


7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea "IndyWatch Feed World"

A 7.5 magnitude earthquake has struck the Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea, in the Southern Highlands near the center of the country, US Geological Survey (USGS) has reported.

The quake took place at a depth of 35 kilometers, according to USGS and just 10 kilometers, according to European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC). Its epicenter was in a mountainous region around 40 kilometers north of Mount Bosavi, an extinct volcano.

Prelim M7.5 earthquake New Guinea, Papua New Guinea Feb-25 17:44 UTC, updates 

  • ...


Huge earthquake strikes Ring of Fire: Papua New Guinea hit by shallow 7.5 magnitude quake "IndyWatch Feed World"

PAPUA New Guinea has been rocked by a huge 7.5magnitude earthquake just moments after a smaller seismic event struck Japan, increasing fears of a natural disaster impacting the dangerous region dubbed the 'Ring of Fire'. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the heart of the island near the near the Southern Highlands area, with tremors felt across the nearby region. The phenomenon hit at a depth of two kilometers at roughly 4am local time (6pm GMT). It is currently unclea rif any damage or injuries were cause by the substantial siesmic event.


Striking photos of the past & present of Papua New Guinea Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Joseph Kayan
Joseph Kayan, a Goroka Show participant from Chimbu Province


See all of Sandros wonderful images here

WASHINGTON - Is any place on the planet less familiar to Americans than heavily forested, mountainous, linguistically complex, faraway Papua New Guinea?

The images here document just a few points on the wide spectrum of life in PNG today. At one end is what might be called extravagant tradition. To see that, the photographer Sandro, whos based in Chicago, went to the Eastern Highlands and attended the Goroka Show.

Thats a three-day festival where people from all over the country showcase their customs. In a makeshift studio Sandro photographed men and women wearing costumes unique to their villages.

This kind of undertaking is not without risk. Anthropologists rightly caution against ethnic stereotyping, and a Papuan elder in feathered regalia doesnt stand in for the entire population any more than a woman wearing a calico bonnet in Colonial Williamsburg is a typical American.

GunmanBut his headdress is an amazing heirloom, a thing of beauty deeply linked to an ancient way of life.

At the other end of the spectrum is the underworld of Port Moresby, the capital, a city plagued by car-jackings and other street crimes.

Many of the perpetrators are young...


2017 Crocodile Prize winners announced at Moresby awards Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Martyn Namorong hosts the Crocodle Prize awards
Martyn Namorong hosts the Crocodile Prize awards


PORT MORESBY - The Crocodile Prize is Papua New Guinea's highest literary award. For the past two years it has been predominantly PNG-run and funded after being handed over by its Australian founders.

I have volunteered these past two years as a member of the Crocodile Prize Organizing Committee and yesterday I hosted the Crocodile Prize literary awards ceremony.

This was witnessed by various dignitaries including Dr Anna Joskin from the University of PNG literature department and United States Ambassador to PNG, Catherine Erbet-Gray.

As the founders of the Crocodile Prize, Keith Jackson and I are as pleased as Punch to see it surviving and prospering," said Phil Fitzpatrick.

"While it was a great initiative back in 2011, we always knew that one day it would be handed over to Papua New Guinea to run.

"We must admit we had some doubts about its survival and some of the early ructions amongst the organising committee didnt inspire us with confidence," he said.

"However, under the guiding hand of chairman, Emmanuel Peni, assisted by a dedicated team of volunteers and the faith of its many sponsors the prize has emerged on a solid footing.

"We would like to congratulate all those involved and wish them and the prize much good fortune for the future. It is always great to see a good news story come out of PNG and this is one of the better ones." Phi said.

The winners of the 2017 Crocodile Prize for Literature are:

Peter Jokisie - Children's Writing
Evah Kuamin Banige - Essays and Journalism
Jordan Dean - Donald Cleland Heritage Writing
Annie Dori Poetry
Kirsten Aria - Women's Writing
Louisah Enos - Halmeier Family Facebook Competition

And many thanks to our sponsors

Port Moresby Arts Theatre (Best Short Play)
PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (Essays and Jou...


Hearts in London, 2 "GroovUs Feed Anews"


Part of the installation of Hearts at Circular Quay in December 2016

Hearts in London continued. Part 1 here.

On the Tube from Arsenal to Elephant
and Castle, a boy frowns over buttons,
dials and switches on a tiny cube. A woman
flashes me a smile that says, Hes my son, and
I see you. So I ask him what it is. A thing

for people who have restless hands.
His father adds with what may be
a Dutch accent, Its called a Fidget Cube.
Weve spent the afternoon with Sue and David
wedging clay (like kneading dough, but thumpier)

at Clay Time in N5 where Jawad our host
told migration stories to rival the worst
of Australias (well, not quite up
to Manus and Nauru standards, but bad),
and Brexit as a vicious assault on so many.

Thats Thursday. Friday we meet again to shape
clay into hearts with aorta, vena cava and
sundry pipes in six easy steps, in a windowless
room in labyrinthine Kings College London:
forty-three hearts in a tray by half past four,

then on to the launch of a new iteration
of Pennys Connecting Hearts Project
which is, after all, why were here.
Nibbles and drinks and meet-and-gree...

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Sunday, 25 February


Brisbane Broncos beat PNG Hunters 26 - 12 in a trial match Papua New Guinea Today

The Brisbane Broncos defeated PNG Hunters 26 - 12 in an entertaining trial match at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby over the weekend.  

The visitors were first to score through  Jonus Pearson.  Jordon Kau added the extras to take the lead to 6 - 0 .  The stadium erupted after Hunters forward Enock Maki bumped the defenders off and scored. The extra was added the score was leveled at 6 - 6 all. 

The stadium erupted once again when Hunters halve back Watson Boas put a grubber and recollected the ball  and scored to take the lead to 12 - 6 at half-time.

The second half was dominated by the Broncos, thanks to the NRL's new rule on the "play the ball" as the Hunters were caught aware of the rule and penalized multiple times. 

Tries through Alex Glenn, Korbin Sims, Jordan Kahu and Corey Oates put  26 - 12  win for the Broncos at full time. 


Dot Island Malum Nalu

By Moasing Nalu

Oh how peaceful you are
My beautiful island home
Your turquoise seas and lush green hills
Are Mother Nature's splendour

Your colourful reefs and tropical trees
Are the best things I've ever seen
And when the sun goes down
Cool breezes come around

And palm trees sway and swing
As if they're dancing to the wind
And the melody 
The ocean sings

At last when the sun goes down
And brightness begins to fade
From a distance I can see a majestic sight
Which fills me with pride

-Picture by Milen Stiliyanov
PS: Dot Island is in Laukanu, Salamaua, Morobe


Last letter from Kurt Pfund: Eminent artist chose PNG as his home Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Chimbu Warrior (Kurt Pfund)
Chimbu Warrior (Kurt Pfund)


SYDNEY - Kurt Pfund (1935-2017) was born in Switzerland and lived, worked and played in Brazil, Canada and the Caribbean before finding his way to Papua New Guinea.

He was lured there by the ambition to become a crocodile hunter. Instead he developed an abiding love for the country and its people which he expressed through his paintings and his writing.

Kurt was already a significant artist and had held several successful exhibitions at an international level when I first met him in 1973.

He had also published two books, Islands of love: portrait of the Trobriand Islands (paintings and text by Kurt Pfund) and Legends of Papua New Guinea (paintings by Kurt Pfund, text by Jack McCarthy). His studio was on a five-acre property at Sapphire Creek.

We saw a lot of Kurt until we went our separate ways after Independence in 1975. Kurt returned to Switzerland and we returned to Australia for a while. The Sapphire Creek property became an official residence.

We kept contact over the ensuing years, exchanging letters, emails and telephone calls. We visited Kurt in Switzerland several times and he joined us in Sydney for the millennium celebrations in 1988.

In 2012, Kurt published a collection of anecdotes, Titbits von damals: Zeitrume-Zeittrume (Titbits of yesteryear: Periods of time) and he continued to worry about the threats to PNG of global warming and rising oceans. He had lived on the Mortlock Islands off Bougainville for a month in 1973.



Cyber ghosts & false hopes: Sam thought revolution would be easy Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Sam Basil
Sam Basil - social media didn't do for me what it promised


PORT MORESBY - Enough time has passed to discuss the issues at the centre of my recent decisions [to move from opposition to government]. I did not take any steps without considerable thought of the future of my political party and my country.

I spent each day imagining the wishes and aspirations of millions of people who advocated for revolutionary change in Papua New Guinea in 2017. I knew that my job was to deliver on some of the dreams expressed to me in emails, blogs, and private conversations and even in popular songs.

However, when everything was said and done many hundreds of thousands of people did not follow through with the support that appeared to be pledged to me mainly through social media.

I too was misled into believing that the growing rhetoric would match the end result.

Like any other Papua New Guinean ahead of the 2017 general election, I had expectations and high hopes for a result I knew I had worked vigorously to achieve with few resources.

I too rested my hopes on the support of millions of people who embraced my messages. I optimistically led a team of committed people who witnessed the expanding crowds and teams of women and children who rallied around our campaign to grant this country the change it was longing for.

I was there I led the charge. But this spirit was not reflected in votes.

My district and my people sacrificed politically so that I could be the voice for the entire country. The people of Wau-Bulolo District accepted the limitations of having their MP in opposition for two terms.

They understood that the resources that developed their infrastructure and delivered services to them came from my own innovation and my willingness to find new and creative ways to access funds and roll out programs in my district with very limited resources from opposition.

Today many voices and faces that were given a chance to commit to lasting change are criticizing my recent decisions and direction. Importantly, I too had...

Saturday, 24 February


Broncos v PNG Hunters Trial Match live updates Papua New Guinea Today

We are delighted to bring the live updates of Lae Snacks Tigers v Fiji Aviators Melanesian Cup and PNG Hunters vs Brisbane Broncos Trial Match  from the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby. 

We are using twitter feeds for this live updates. Follow the feed below. 

Live feed ended;

Final Score

Lae Snack Tigers  38  beat   Nadi Aviators 22  - Melanesian Cup

Brisbane Broncos 26 beat PNG Hunters 12 - Trial Match


Police Graduates told to put people first Papua New Guinea Today

243 graduate probational police Constables were told to put people first before their own interests.

Thats from Civil Aviation Minister Alfred Manase when speaking to the graduates as the guest of honour and reviewing officer after the parade.

The probational constables completed basic recruit training with a parade at the Bomana Police College today to commence to the next phase of 18 months training at the advanced skills branch or Competency Acquisition Programme (CAP) units.

The parade by the Constables Training Wing Intake 1 2017 signified the completion of six months training in the areas of:

-Basic Elements of law & GBV
-Police and Court procedures & Human rights
-Conflict resolution & First Aid
-Community Policing & Report Writing with Physical Skills

The Constables will now undergo the CAP units before confirmed and appointed to the rank of constable in the constabulary through police gazettal notice by the commissioner. PNGFM

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