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Friday, 22 June


Prime Minister Peter O'Neill opens Goroka Airport Malum Nalu

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's full speech when opening Goroka Airport on Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Prime Minister Peter O'Neill on the new Goroka Airport Malum Nalu

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, who has a very strong and personal relationship with Goroka, tells me what the new Goroka Airport means to him after opening it on Tuesday, June 5, 2018:


Mal 'Kela' Smith on the new Goroka Airport Malum Nalu

The legend Mal 'Kela' Smith, who has been flying in and out of Goroka since 1969, talks to me about what the new airport means to him.

He remembers his old mate, Dennis Buchanan of Talair fame, pioneer Sir Danny Leahy, and the old-timers who built Goroka.


New Goroka Airport to boost agriculture and tourism, says MP Malum Nalu

Goroka MP Henry Ame says agriculture and tourism are set to boom in his town and Eastern Highlands following the opening of the new airport there.

The airport was opened on Tuesday, June 5, by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.


China extends gas interests in Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Once again Papua New Guineas rights and resources traded internationally with no government oversight or landowner consent 

Repsol sells permits in Papua New Guinea

Rick Wilkinson | Oil and Gas Journal | 21 June 2018

Spanish firm Repsol SA will sell its exploration and development permits in Papua New Guinea to Chinese company Balang International. Repsol has not disclosed the transaction amount.

The nine permitsfour exploration and five developmenthave been in Repsols portfolio since 2015.

They include 25% of offshore retention license PRL 38, which contains the Pandora gas fields in the Gulf of Papua, along with 35.1% in the Elevala-Ketu gas-condensate fields in retention license PRL 21, and the Stanley gas fields in nearby development license PDL 10.

Repsol acquired the assets as part of the package when it bought Talisman Energy Inc. for $13 billion in late 2014.

Repsol said the business in Papua New Guinea will continue to be operated by Repsol until the transaction is completed during this years fourth quarter.

Balang is part of the China Changcheng Natural Gas Power Group, which has investm...


New Wafi Golpu association is registered Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

On June 20, the Post Courier reported landowners from the Wafi-Golpu area in Morobe Province were up in arms over a new association claiming to represent their interests.

Harmony Gold and Newcrest Mining are hoping to build a gold and copper mine in the area.

The leaders from three existing associations representing Hengambu, Yanta and Babuaf said the Wafi Golpu Area Landowners Association and its business arm, Wafi Golpu Holdings Limited had been formed by people from outside the area.

Contrary to what was reported in the Post Courier, the new association and business group are both registered with the Investment Promotion Authority.

The Wafi Golpu Area Landowners Association was registered on 8 November 2017 by Judah Jimmy. The objectives of the association are:

  1. To engage and encourage members in the community to participate in the associations projects to protect their environment from destruction as well as to reduce the impact of environmental destruction caused by mining exploration and development
  2. To reduce unemployment in the mining communities by increasing the employment of youths and other members of the member communities....


UN returns to Mendi, resumes humanitarian operation Malum Nalu

Port Moresby, June 21, 2018  United Nations (UN) staff returned to Mendi in Southern Highlands province to resume humanitarian relief activities which have been ongoing since Februarys M7.5 earthquake which took place in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

The staff were warmly greeted with chants of welkam back by communities including children, religious and local leaders. The UN relocated its personnel from Mendi following the outbreak of violence there on 14 June.

We stopped at Ilo Elementary School, Yebi Primary School and Kalape Elementary School in Imbonggu District to see the progress on latrine and water storage installations, . . . .the three schools organised a celebration, welcoming (back) UN. 

"Chants, songs, posters big and small, speeches, all thanking and welcoming UN. 



Indonesia: New Counterterrorism Law Imperils Rights West Papua Action Network

Indonesia: New Counterterrorism Law Imperils Rights

Revise Act to Uphold Protections While Meeting Security Concerns

June 20, 2018 7:45PM EDT

(New York) The Indonesian government should seek to amend provisions in the newly enacted counterterrorism law (CT Law) that threaten human rights protections, Human Rights Watch said in a letter sent on June 11, 2018, to President Joko Jokowi Widodo and other officials.

After suicide bombings by attackers aligned with the Islamic State in the city of Surabaya in May, Indonesias parliament on May 25 approved long-pending revisions to the CT Law. While the new law contains some improvements, it risks undermining human rights and could weaken efforts to counter extremist threats.

The Indonesian governments counterterrorism measures should not come at the expense of fundamental rights, said Brad Adams, Asia director. The new counterterrorism law has provisions that will facilitate rights violations by authorities and ultimately undermine public safety.

The new law relies on an overbroad and ambiguous definition of terrorism. The definition could be used to target peaceful political activities of indigenous groups, environmental advocates, and religious or political organizations.

The CT Law also allows for prolonged pre-charge and pre-trial detention that increases the likelihood of torture and other ill-treatment in custody. It extends the period that police can detain terrorism suspects without charge from three days in the 2003 law to a maximum of 21 days. And it permits prosecutors to unilaterally extend pre-trial detention for terrorism suspects from 180 days to 240 days.

The new law has provisions that will facilitate rights violations and ultimately undermine public safety.

Brad Adams

Asia Director

The law empowers authorities to open, examine, and confiscate mail and packages by post or other means of delivery and intercept any conversation by telephone or other means of communication suspected of being used for planning or committing terrorist acts. These provisions could be used to authorize massive, disproportionate surveillance that violates privacy rights.

The new law also expands counterterrorism enforcement activities to the Indonesian armed...


Fortnightly links: Who Was in Command, Afghanistans deepening migration crisis, 2018 Lowy Institute Poll, and more "IndyWatch Feed"

Two out of three women in PNG experience abuse at the hands of an intimate partner, but volunteers are now offering safe havens across Port Moresby.

A new Australian SDGs website was launched in Sydney last week, and is a centralised platform where case studies and examples of action being taken can be shared openly.

Two Fishes is a new podcast out of Fiji exploring the ideas and stories that make our minds tick.

The 2018 Lowy Institute Poll shows that on average, Australians think 14% of the federal budget is spent on aid and that this should be reduced to 10%, where in reality aid spending is approximately 0.8%. It also has some interesting findings on how Australians feel about Papua New Guinea.

Who Was in Command is a new website containing data on the names, ranks and command responsibilities of security forces in Nigeria, Egypt and Mexico. IRIN reports on how being able to track personnel helps combat rights abuse.

This podcast by four LSE grad students discusses various aspects of global development, from an interesting variety of perspectives.

In Afghanistans deepening migration crisis, the government is trying to help returnees, but the absence of long-term reintegration plans may make the situation even more volatile.

The post Fortnightly links: Who Was in Command, Afghanistans deepening migration crisis, 2018 Lowy Institute Poll, and more appeared first on Devpolicy Blog from the Developm...


The envy that seeks to destroy the progress of women in PNG Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


PORT MORESBY - It was such a privilege to sit alongside a group of distinguished Papua New Guineans as we collectively recognised the nomination of the first book authored by PNG women as our countrys nomination for the annual UNESCO Girls and Womens Education (GWE) Prize.

In addition to counterparts and supporters of My Walk to Equality and PNG Attitude, we were joined by Ponabe Yuwa, the Education Departments UNESCO representative and Ambassador Joshua Kalinoe.

The GWE Prize was established by the UNESCO, supported by the Chinese government, in 2016 to reward outstanding efforts by individuals, institutions and other entities engaged in activities to promote girls and womens education.

The prize contributes to two of the United Nations development goals: inclusiveness and equality in education and the achievement of gender equality and empowerment for women and girls.

The successful projects in 2016, the first year, were from Indonesia and Zimbabwe and last year from Thailand and Peru. This years prize will be awarded in October at UNESCOs headquarters in Paris, France.

The My Walk to Equality project team is delighted to be PNGs candidate this prestigious international award.

MWTE is an outstanding voluntary literary project of global quality which consists of contributions from 45 women writers from PNG who originally came together to write a book, published in March last year, and since have undertaken other related projects.

The primary objective of the MWTE project is to encourage girls and women to engage in writing and publishing as a mechanism for social activism in PNG. The project captures the daily challenges and positive contributions made by PNG women to improve the livelihoods of individuals, the community and the nation as a whole.

It promotes the idea that women and girls are not to be left behind but actively included in nation building through achieving the difficult task of gender equality and participation in all aspects of society by women and girls.

Since the publication of MWTE, we have received a number of criticisms from some people seemingly because of the donors and assistance we received in publishing this great book which represented a rare window into the lives of PNG women and the challenges we face and the achie...


Visit to China sparks Australian anxiety, Chinese nonchalance Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

O'Neill & Xi
Peter O'Neill and Xi Jinping

LIU XIN | Global Times

BEIJING As Peter O'Neill visits China, local analysts say well-developed China-Papua New Guinea relations fit the interests of both countries and Australian media should not hype China's threat in the south Pacific region.

During the visit, Chinese president Xi Jinping met with prime minister O'Neill.

"Papua New Guinea, the second Pacific Island nation in the southern Pacific Ocean which stretches across Oceania and Asia, has paid attention to developing ties with Asian countries for ages, said Professor Han Feng, of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

It is natural for PNG to strengthen ties with China, considering China's increasing influence," Han said, noting that PNG is also important to promote the Belt and Road initiative.

He said some Australian experts and media are prejudiced against the Belt and Road initiative and negatively hype China's presence in the area.

But China is promoting the initiative and launching cooperation with these countries under the principle of equality, coordination and transparency.

"China and PNG have strengthened cooperation on infrastructure construction, processing trade and maritime projects recently under the Belt and Road initiative, said Yu Lei, from the Australian Studies Centre at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

The two sides also share common interests in some key issues, including climate change.

"Some countries, especially the US and Australia, are oversensitive and worried about China's increasing presence in the southern Pacific Ocean region since Chinese enterprises have curtailed their dominance in local markets, Yu said.

They can no longer pressure some countries by loan agreements as many turn to China for help," he said, adding that China's financial assistance is without subsidiary conditions.

O'Neill's China trip also comes as Australian foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop said Australia was concerned about Chinese influence in the...


New Goroka Airport a boost to tourism: Tourism Promotion Authority Malum Nalu

The new Goroka Airport will bring in an increased number of tourists to Goroka and Eastern Highlands, says Tourism Promotion Authority chief executive officer and National Airports Corporation deputy-chairman Jerry Agus.
He said this when commenting on the opening of the K110 million Goroka Airport upgrade project on Tuesday June 5 by Prime Minister Peter ONeill (click to watch full interview).

Agus said apart from the terminal, there were other things that made tourism click, if it was to grow in Eastern Highlands.


Retelling old stories tales that keep alive great traditions Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE


Viviwava: Tales from the Islands by Jordan Dean (illustrations by Tamara Jenkinson), JDT Publications, Port Moresby, 2018. ISBN: 9789980901705, PGK20, US$5, available from Amazon

TUMBY BAY - For people attuned to western traditions of storytelling the legends and folktales of pre-literate societies can often seem confusing.

Quite often these old stories mix reality and the supernatural in unfamiliar ways and make the underlying narratives elusive for western readers.

Re-interpreting these stories for popular consumption without losing their essential meaning and flavour requires great care and skill.

It is not just a case of translating the original language but also fitting the stories into a modern reading context so that people schooled in that style can understand and relate to them.

Literal translations, such as those undertaken by anthropologists, often fail to spark the interests of modern readers.

To prepare a legend or folktale for a modern audience requires someone talented in story telling in their own right.

In short, it requires someone who can grasp the original intent of the story and render it faithfully in written form.

This may sound simple enough but there are many traps. These can range from the temptation to unnecessarily embellish the original story to overreaching so that the story does not accurately reflect the original version.

One of the ways many writers fall into this trap is to introduce inappropriate terminologies from the western tradition.

In the case of traditional legends and folktales you often come across terminologies more appropriate to western fairy tales; chiefs become kings and children become princes and princesses for instance. This sort of thing can have a terrible jarring effect and ruin a good traditional story.

Another example is beginning a story with the age-old fairy tale beginning once upon a time. This really detracts from the essential nature of the traditional story.

A reading of the childrens stories submitted to the Crocodile Prize over the years illustrates this unfortunate proclivity of many Papua New Guinean writers.

Jordan has managed to avoid most of these pitfalls, although there is a king and princesses in one of his stories.


Thursday, 21 June


Nadzab Airport redevelopment to begin in 2019 Malum Nalu

Work on the much-mooted Nadzab Airport development in Morobe will begin in 2019 and be completed by 2022, says National Airports Corporation chief executive officer Richard Yopo.

Funding agreements between Japan and Papua New Guinea were signed in 2015 but work has not yet begun on this project, which is planned to be developed as an alternative international airport to Jackson in Port Moresby at a cost of K692 million.

Work was to have begun in 2017 and finished in 2020, but nothing has happened as yet.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) and PNG Ambassador to Japan Gabriel Dusava in 2015 signed agreements for a K578 million loan to PNG for the Nadzab upgrade.

The balance of K114 million will come from the PNG Government. 



New Dawn FM News

The ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS says Bougainville must be selective when choosing leaders to serve them.
He said leader must not serve themselves and their friends and families and completely forget the rest of the population.
President MOMIS made these remarks live on New Dawn FM this afternoon when sending condolences to the families and relatives of the two leaders, the late LEO HANNET and the late MICHAEL LAIMO who passed on this week.
He said the work of leaders is not to go look for job get money to serve themselves.
It is important at this testing time as we approach the referendum for Bougainville for the people to decide the future status of Bougainville to be strong and avoid activities that can derail the peace process when we are just about to complete the journey that we all have suffered and died to achieve.




New Dawn FM News

Reports from Buin is that the former National Member for South Bougainville and Minister for Education, MICHAEL LAIMO passed on at his village today.
The ABG President, Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS when confirming the report said he would be sending his condolence to the family and relatives of the late MICHAEL LAIMO .
He said that he was sad another leader has passed on in a short space of time.
Last week the former Premier for Bougainville, the late LEO HANNET Passed away at the Port Moresby General Hospital.





New Dawn FM News
The secretary for the Bougainville Education Department, DR JUSTIN KEHATSIN says that the students of Hutjena Secondary School were recently sent home because the School had serious water and sanitation problem.
He told New Dawn FM today that this was caused by the continuous power black outs and also their pump had developed mechanical problems.
DR. KEHATSIN said the School will resume classes once these problems have been fixed.
He also called on the parents of students to control them when they are at home and prepare them to return when the school has fixed the problem.




New Dawn FM News
Kieta leaders today called for the body of the late LEO HANNET to be taken to Buin and Arawa before going to Buka and Nissan for his final resting place.
The former chairman of the Central Bougainville Council of Elders, JOHN DONA called New Dawn FM from Arawa that the late LEO HANNET is the last of our former leaders and must be respected by the people of Bougainville.
MR. DONA said that the people of Central Bougainville want to pay their last respect for their hero and want his body to be taken to Arawa.
He also sent his condolences to the family and relatives of the Late LEO HANNET and thanked him for fighting for Bougainville over the years.
Meanwhile, the body of the Late LEO HANNET will be brought to Buka next week for a funeral service to be done at Hahela Parish before he is taken home in Nissan to his final resting place.




New Dawn FM News

ABG President Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS today sent his condolence to the family and relatives of the late MICHAEL LAIMO who passed on at his home in Buin today.
Speaking on New Dawn FM this afternoon, President MOMIS praised the effort of the two leaders the late LEO HANNET who passed away last Friday in Port Moresby and the late MICHAEL LAIMO who passed away today, President Momis said that the two leaders served under the North Solomons Provincial Government and late as members of the National Parliament.
The late LEO HANNET also became a member of the Autonomous Bougainville Government.
MR. MOMIS said that the two leaders set examples as leaders and as men of principle who served the people of Bougainville with honesty and integrity.
The President said that two leaders who were committed members to make laws and policies to help the people of Bougainville and not just their few friends and families.
He said that the leaders demonstrated their capabilities and commitment during their term in parliament and not just went there for money to help themselves.
The ABG President said that today is a sad day for Bougainville as the people mourn these two leaders of Bougainville.
President also send his condolences to the families and relatives of the two leaders the late LEO HANNET and the late MICHAEL LAIMO may their souls rest in eternal peace.


MOMIS ON LAIMO 210618 003


PNGs APEC Venue on Track for Early Completion Papua New Guinea Today

PNGs Star Mountain Plaza, which will host leaders from around the world at the APEC forum, is expected to open ahead of its planned schedule according to developers.

The landmark Star Mountain Plaza conference, accommodation and retail development is a multi-use facility, designed to help PNG attract more overseas visitors in future generations.

Mineral Resource Development Companies (MRDC) managing director Augustine Mano says construction on the venue is now expected to be completed in September - two months prior to the start of APEC.

Mr Mano says the project is on schedule due to the efforts of more than 800 team members who have worked in shifts 24 hours a day to ensure its early completion.

This workforce is expected to increase by a further 200 over the next six weeks as the interior fit out progresses.

It has been truly humbling to see the passion and national pride that our local workforce has brought to this project. Their dedication has helped us bring to a life a project which will showcase the best of PNG to the worlds leaders later this year, he says

Mr Mano made the comments during an onsite event with local press and stakeholders who also had the opportunity to tour the venue and hear about the handover of the first phase of construction - the hotel and convention centre.

Our project will be delivered in multiple phases enabling Hilton to gradually assume control, It is with great pleasure that we can officially handover the the first area of the new five star hotel and Kutubu convention centre to Hilton.

Over the coming weeks, more areas of the development will be handed over in the lead up to the final construction completion date on 13 September 2018, he says.

Mr Mano says in addition to the conference venue the introduction of the Hilton Hotel brand to the PNG market marks a coming of age for the nation.

The opening of the 212 room Hilton Port Moresby will have wide ranging and long term benefits for the country.

The first guests will be welcomed at the hotel soon after the construction is completed, he says.

Data from independent reports project the Star Mountain Plaza development to bring in more than $235 million Kina in tourism revenue and other economic benefits over a 20 year horizon.

We are creating a legacy asset for future generations of Papua New G...


Decade old story wins GTBanks dusty manuscript contest "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A manuscript written almost ten years ago has been selected as the winner of the Dusty Manuscript Contest; a Prize organized for budding Nigerian writers. Written by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, the winning manuscript, titled Devils Pawn clinched the top prize ahead of The Orchid Protocol by Onoche Emeka Onyekwena andThe Other Side of Truth by []

The post Decade old story wins GTBanks dusty manuscript contest appeared first on Newtelegraph.


Economics in Two Lessons, Chapter 13 "IndyWatch Feed"

Thanks to everyone who commented on the first twelve chapters of my book-in-progress, Economics in Two Lessons.

Heres a draft of Chapter 13 on Redistribution

Comments, criticism and praise are welcome.

Earlier draft chapters are available. These arent final versions, as I am now editing the entire manuscript, but you can read them to see where the book is coming from.>Table of Contents>Introduction;.>Chapter 1: What is opportunity cost?>Chapter 2: Markets, opportunity cost and equilibrium>Chapter 3:Time, information and uncertainty>Chapter 4:Lesson 1: Applications.>Chapter 5: Lesson 1 and economic policy.>Chapter 6: The opportunity cost of destruction


Pacific Nations teams push for more home Tests Papua New Guinea Today

Players from Pacific Island nations have called for end of season Test matches to be played in their home countries as part of the code's plans for international expansion ahead of the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.

The success of last year's tournament across Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand has opened the door for international games to be showcased in a similar way to the NRL taking clashes to regional areas in Australia throughout 2018.

The annual mid-season Pacific Tests, which have been played since 2013, have been based in Sydney's west for the last five years an agreement that will continue next season.

But with the mid-year Denver Test match featuring New Zealand and England kicking off on Sunday, the clash could kick off a new era for international scheduling and locations.

All four Pacific nations teams attended a Pacific Test gala day in Campbelltown on Wednesday and backed the possible expansion of the game involving playing hosts.

Tongan forward Jason Taumalolo told it was only a matter of time before the powerhouse second-tier nation hosted an international fixture.

The World Cup squad travelled back to Tonga following the tournament and were overwhelmed by the support.

"That's one of many things we're trying to achieve is to get a game over there," Taumalolo said.

"There are a lot of Tongan fans in Australia and New Zealand so playing a game back there would only grow the game.

"There wouldn't be a spare seat in the house if it were to happen."

Samoa is in a similar boat to their Tongan rivals but were able to last hosted a game in Apia during the Four Nations tournament in 2016, which coincided with their 30th rugby league anniversary celebrations.

"It was unreal," Samoan prop Sam Kasiano said, after being part of the side that loss to Fiji 20-18.

"I think I scored a try that game. It was just awesome to be able to play in front of our people who live in our country. I think it's time to do it again, we love it wherever we play but being at home is something special."

The Fijian side hosted Australia in a warm-up last year leading into the World Cup, while Papua New Guinea play host to the Prime Ministers XIII annually and co-hosted last year's tournament in spectacular fashion.

"Playing back in PNG, there is nothing better than pulli...


Vanuatu PM to visit Australia Papua New Guinea Today

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbul has announced that Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas, will visit Australia from 23 to 29 June.

Australia enjoys a close relationship with Vanuatu, with our two nations sharing strong economic, security and people to people links.

The visit will provide an opportunity for Australia and Vanuatu to enhance our strategic partnership and deepen our economic and security cooperation, he said.

Discussions will focus on opportunities to increase bilateral trade and investment. In line with existing areas of cooperation, leaders will also discuss bilateral cooperation on labour mobility, policing and cyber security.

The visit will provide an opportunity to discuss shared regional challenges, such as climate change and transnational crime.

We are committed to stepping up our engagement in the Pacific in support of a stable and prosperous region. As Vanuatus largest bilateral aid donor, we invest approximately $69 million in development assistance annually.

Our cooperation focuses on supporting economic governance, infrastructure, education health, law and justice, Turnbull said in a statement.

Prime Minister Salwai will be accompanied by Marie-Justine Salwai and will travel to Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane as part of the visit.



Indonesia slams UN Human Rights office over planned Papua visit Papua New Guinea Today

Indonesia has criticised the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, saying that his regional office in Bangkok should first coordinate with the government before sending a mission to Papua, instead of demanding immediate access.

"It is deeply regrettable that the staff members of his regional office in Bangkok, instead of coordinating the planned visit with Indonesian authorities, have unilaterally set the dates and areas to visit in Papua and West Papua, while demanding immediate access, Hasan Kleib, Indonesia's permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva, said in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement, delivered during a general debate session at the United Nations in Geneva, came in response to a remark by UN human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, who said the government's invitation to his office to visit Indonesia's easternmost provinces had not yet materialised.

In Indonesia, I am concerned that despite positive engagement by the authorities in many respects, the government's invitation to my office to visit Papua which was made during my visit in February has still not been honoured, Zeid said during the 38th session of the Human Rights Council on Monday.
During his three-day visit to Indonesia in February, Zeid expressed concern over the excessive use of force by Indonesian security forces, harassment, arbitrary arrests and detentions in Papua. He was in the country at the time to meet with government officials, who invited his office to visit the country's poorest region.

According to Hasan, the UN human rights chief informed the Indonesian government that his regional office in Bangkok would represent him on the visit.

In a follow-up, Hasan said staff of the regional office misleadingly acted as if a mutually agreed schedule was already in place for the visit, but that the Indonesian government had yet to grant them access. He added that this conduct was deplorable.

Hasan said Indonesia is still committed to invite Zeid or his office to visit Papua but asserted that the regional office in Bangkok must respect the principles of consent by the host government in the future.

For years, political grievances and an active independence movement in Papua have generated headlines, in spite of the government's focus on economic development to improve the situation.

In a report published in November last year, the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict said Papua has suffered human rights violations in the past, whi...


Papua New Guinea Receives Full Ceremonial Honours in China Papua New Guinea Today

The Papua New Guinea Government and Business delegation, headed by the Prime Minister, Hon. Peter ONeill CMG MP, was accorded full ceremonial honours by the Government of China on their arrival in Beijing overnight.

Prime Minister ONeill, Mrs Lynda Babao-ONeill, senior Government Ministers and Members of Parliament, together with a delegation of senior business representatives, now begin a series of engagements that includes bilateral meetings with the Premier and President of China, and current and potential Chinese investors.

Papua New Guinea must reach out and engage with our foreign partners so we can increase trade, stimulate business and create new jobs, the Prime Minister said.

China is now the second largest economy in the world and has enormous market potential for our exports.

This includes exports of oil and gas, but now that we are broadening our own economic base in areas such as agriculture and tourism, we can attract future business from China.

This is important for current economic growth, and even more important, the economy opportunities we are creating for our children and future generations.


National Geographic Lists #Lebanon on its 2018 Best Summer Destinations "IndyWatch Feed World"

National Geographic listed #lebanon as one of the top destinations this summer. The list contains the likes of Iceland, Southern Indonesia, Masai Mara, Mongolia and aPapua New Guinea.

Heres what the article said about Lebanon:

Check out the full list [here].

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