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Saturday, 24 February


Broncos v PNG Hunters Trial Match live updates Papua New Guinea Today

We are delighted to bring the live updates of Lae Snacks Tigers v Fiji Aviators Melanesian Cup and PNG Hunters vs Brisbane Broncos Trial Match  from the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby. 

We are using twitter feeds for this live updates. Follow the feed below. 

Live feed ended;

Final Score

Lae Snack Tigers  38  beat   Nadi Aviators 22  - Melanesian Cup

Brisbane Broncos 26 beat PNG Hunters 12 - Trial Match


Police Graduates told to put people first Papua New Guinea Today

243 graduate probational police Constables were told to put people first before their own interests.

Thats from Civil Aviation Minister Alfred Manase when speaking to the graduates as the guest of honour and reviewing officer after the parade.

The probational constables completed basic recruit training with a parade at the Bomana Police College today to commence to the next phase of 18 months training at the advanced skills branch or Competency Acquisition Programme (CAP) units.

The parade by the Constables Training Wing Intake 1 2017 signified the completion of six months training in the areas of:

-Basic Elements of law & GBV
-Police and Court procedures & Human rights
-Conflict resolution & First Aid
-Community Policing & Report Writing with Physical Skills

The Constables will now undergo the CAP units before confirmed and appointed to the rank of constable in the constabulary through police gazettal notice by the commissioner. PNGFM


Ok Tedi workers advised they were sacked because of illegal stop work Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

The National aka The Loggers Times | February 22, 2018

THE workers of Ok Tedi Mining Ltd sacked on Tuesday were advised in their termination letters that they had taken part in an illegal stop work. A copy of the letter obtained by The National yesterday dated Feb 20, 2018, read: This letter is to inform you that you had participated in an illegal stop work and was absent from duties on Tuesday 20th of February 2018.
As stipulated in our Terms and Conditions of your employment employees resorting to withdrawing their labour or restricting other employees from working will have their employment terminated.
There will be no recourse to appeal. The company is therefore terminating your services effective immediately and you will be advised of your repatriation arrangements.
The letter was signed by the manager mine maintenance and endorsed by acting manager human resources John Kalu. It was copied to Susan Songoa, the senior workplace relations adviser, and Harold Duigu, the manager human resources.


Alluvial Mining To Be Reserved For Locals Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Post Courier | February 22, 2018

Alluvial mining is now [to be] reserved for Papua New Guineans according to the Minister for Mining Johnson Tuke.

This will also see for regional alluvial (small scale) mining schools to be established in the country and the sector to be funded by the government.

Mr Tuke made this announcement in Milne Bay province during the 2018 alluvial and small scale mining convention and Exposition.

This exposition is a regional initiative of the Esaala district development administration in partnership with the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), and supported by the Milne Bay Provincial Government.

Since taking office as the Mining Minister, I have been passionately attracted to the growth of the alluvial industry.

My desire is to help Papua New Guineans to train professionally and acquire necessary skills and knowledge on how to mine the alluvial exceptionally well and build up the wealth capital to be able to engage productively in the exploration and mining stages of...


Social Concerns Notes February 2018 Social Concerns

7000 positions still unfilled at government health centres
February 12, 2018 The National
PAPUA New Guinea has more than 7000 positions still vacant at Government-run health facilities in the country. According to the 2016 annual health report tabled in parliament last week by Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu stated that out of the 17,878 positions available in government-run health facilities, only 9985 positions were occupied.The report said the number of vacancies were due to many reasons, which included funding constraints, rural-urban migration, shifting from clinical to administration and sometimes remoteness of rural health centres which did not attract health workers. Another reason is that the country has only one medical school that produces only 50 doctors a year, so from 2010 to 2016 only 316 doctors graduated, the report said. Also from 2010 to 2016, only 1364 nurses graduated and 2326 community health workers graduated in the country.The report said that the country had only 446 registered medical officers of which 421 were in government-run health facilities.The National Capital District has the highest number of health workers with more than 15 per cent of the total population of the health workforce practising at the Port Moresby General Hospital, followed by Central. And Hela has the lowest with only one per cent of the health workforce practising in the province, the report said.
Better development alternatives (Letters Post Courier, 29 January)
I support the call by one Alphonse Roy to ban all logging operations in PNG (Post-Courier, December 22, 2017). There are now better development alternatives for our forest resources. Consequently, there is no need for landowners to pursue an outdated development option like logging. We can do forest conservation to mitigate climate change and benefit through climate funding. A tree is now worth more money standing than dead, so it is worthwhile to conserve our forests and attain more social, economic and environmental benefits than to earn a few lousy kina from a cubic meter of wood.The Managalas Plateau, an area of 360 thousand hectares in the Oro Province, has recently been declared a biodiversity conservation area along with Yus in Morobe Province. So biodiversity conservation is no longer a myth in PNG but a development option that promises more than just the preservation of peoples culture and natural environment.The Rottock Bay landowners of Kandrian-Gloucester in West New Britain Province are now calling on the PNGFA to action recommendations of an audit that was carried out on logging operations in their forests. They claim they are owed millions of kina by the developer, having been paid in part or not at all since 1991 for many of the development benefits.If the benefits of 60 per cent for infrastructure and the collective 40 per cent levies for education, business, agriculture, spiritual and...


The present review considers the literature on the effects of botanicals on BDNF. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Neural Plast. 2017 ;2017:5965371. Epub 2017 Dec 31. PMID: 29464125 Abstract Title:  Botanicals as Modulators of Neuroplasticity: Focus on BDNF. Abstract:  The involvement of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in different central nervous system (CNS) diseases suggests that this neurotrophin may represent an interesting and reliable therapeutic target. Accordingly, the search for new compounds, also from natural sources, able to modulate BDNF has been increasingly explored. The present review considers the literature on the effects of botanicals on BDNF. Botanicals considered were(L.) Pennell,L.,L.,Maxim.,(L.) Kuntze (green tea),L.,L.,L. (olive oil),C.A. Meyer,L.,Bunge,L.,(L.) Dunal, and(L.) Britton. The effect of the active principles responsible for the efficacy of the extracts is reviewed and discussed as well. The high number of articles published (more than one hundred manuscripts for 14 botanicals) supports the growing interest in the use of natural products as BDNF modulators. The studies reported strengthen the hypothesis that botanicals may be considered useful modulators of BDNF in CNS diseases, without high side effects. Further clinical studies are mandatory to confirm botanicals as preventive agents or as useful adjuvant to the pharmacological treatment.

read more


Is PNG a lynchpin in Chinas expansion into the Pacific? Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Phil Fitzpatrick at mic
Phil Fitzpatrick


TUMBY BAY - In the ongoing debate about governance in Papua New Guinea and the internal and external forces influencing it, we tend to make certain assumptions as if they are foregone conclusions requiring no further examination.

One of these is that PNG is a very small fish in an extremely large pond and is irrelevant in terms of global geo-politics.

From this we then assert that it has no role in wider events such as globalisation and the rise of China.

Im not sure this assumption is necessarily true, especially when one begins to examine the motives and methods used by the key players in these power struggles.

Late last year both the USA and Australia released strategy documents that attempted to define Chinese ambitions and suggest ways to deal with them.

These documents all concluded that China is a revisionist power that wants to displace the USA in the Indo-Pacific and, using predatory economics, reorder the region in its favour.

Neither the USA nor Australia wants this to happen but both are unsure how to prevent it.

China maintains that its intentions are wholly peaceful. Its chief strategy seems to be finding weaknesses in the affairs of places of interest to it and infiltrating itself into them. This sort of strategy is often called soft power.

The USA, in contrast, has often used its military might to get what it wants. If the Chinese strategy is called soft power the USA strategy could be characterised as hard power. These kinds of opposing forces dont work well together.

Rather than sending in tanks and missiles China prefers to compromise the ruling elites in nations of interest so it can influence the political process and, among other things, entrap the nation in debt exactly what it is currently doing in PNG.

And it doesnt just involve PNGs politicians and business elites, it includes the churches and other institutions like universities.

For instance, a Christian Chinese website in Australia proclaims: The awe-inspiring...


Belt and Road to nowhere: Chinas incoherent aid in PNG Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Graeme Smith
Dr Graeme Smith

GRAEME SMITH | The Interpreter

CANBERRA - At the tail end of this months episode of The Little Red Podcast, a show I host, Jo Chandler shares a story from her visit to Manus in 2014, when she caught up with Powes Parkop, a native Manusian, current governor of Port Moresby and one of Papua New Guineas most respected politicians:

Manus Harbour was absolutely enormous; it was almost the scale of Pearl Harbour. MacArthur won the Pacific out of Manus. Strategically, it was this enormous resource a million American military went through this tiny little place toward the end of the war and this PNG politician [Powes Parkop] is pointing out to me it wouldnt take too much work to clear some of that rubbish off and youd have those lovely runways back, and if Australias not going to help us out, Im pretty sure the Chinese might like to ... Just put that in your newspaper for me will you?

With this single anecdote, Chandler captures how chance, accident, and a willing Pacific partner can shift the geostrategic game.

When Concetta Fierravanti-Wells railed against Chinese aids white elephants and roads to nowhere in the Pacific, part of her frustration was with the speed and surprise attached to these projects.

Ironically, this feeling is shared by many Chinese diplomats in the Pacific, who often along with their Pacific counterparts first find out about projects in the morning news.

One project that fits squarely in that category is the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) in Madang, my vote for the worst of more than 200 Chinese aid projects in the Pacific.

When the project was first announced as one of four PNG projects funded by China Exim Banks 2006 Concessional Loan Facility, the economic rationale was clear: PNG needed modern canning facilities to capture more value from tuna caught in its waters. Ten canneries were to be built.

A decade later, there are no canneries, only an access road, a fence, and a gate that cost $1 million.

The PMIZs backstory is murky. I...

Friday, 23 February


Barnaby Joyce quits as Australian deputy prime minister and National party leader Papua New Guinea Today

Barnaby Joyce has finally caved under pressure and sensationally stepped down as leader of the Nationals and as Deputy Prime Minister.

After a tumultuous month for the beleaguered politician, Joyce announced his resignation in a dramatic press conference in Armidale this afternoon.

Pressure has been mounting on Joyce ever since it was revealed that he had an affair with his staffer Vikki Campion, who is now his partner. They are now living together and their baby is due in April.

The member for New England confirmed he would remain in the seat but would be moving to the backbench

Can I say right from the start, this is never about me, he said in the press conference. Its about the person in the weather board, something that manifestly expressed what the National Party is about.

Its about the person in many places, their right to transcend through the economic and social stratification of life.

Joyce said it has been an incredible privilege to serve as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

It went from bad to worse for Joyce this week. Thursday, he denied claims of sexual harassment against him as spurious and defamatory as he faces fresh questions about an 11-day road trip he undertook in December.

The Deputy PM said there has been a litany of allegations none of which have been sustained.

Might I say right here, any person in any political party always says, the leaking, the backgrounding, all that, it will destroy not only our government, it will destroy any government, he said at the press conference today.

Now, might I say, with the last allegation that was in the paper today, I have asked that be referred to the police. Ive asked for the right of the person whos made the allegation and Ive asked for my right of defence that be referred to the police, he said.

But its quite evident that you cant go to the Despatch Box with issues like that surrounding you.

Joyce said the media attention was completely and utterly unwarranted.

He said he came to the decision to step down following the allegations describing it as the straw that broke the camels back.

Obviously, it was confirmed by the allegations that I read in the paper. I just thought that has to be the straw that breaks the camels back, he said.

Just hours ago, Nine News political reporter Lane Calcutt asked the Deputy PM if he was going anywhere following the sexual harassment complaint.

Lets just do...


Cyber Ghosts and False Hopes Papua New Guinea Today

Commentary By Sam Basil

Enough time has passed to discuss the issues at the centre of my recent decisions. I did not take any steps without considerable thought of the future of my political party and my country.

I spent each day imagining the wishes and aspirations of millions of people who advocated for revolutionary change in PNG in 2017. I knew that my job was to deliver on some of the dreams expressed to me in emails, blogs, and private conversations and even in popular songs.

However, when everything was said and done many hundreds of thousands of people did not follow through with the support that appeared to be pledged to me mainly through social media.

I too was misled into believing that the growing rhetoric would match the end result.

Like any other Papua New Guinean ahead of the 2017 General Election, I had expectations and high hopes for a result I knew I had worked vigorously to achieve with few resources.

I too rested my hopes on the support of millions of people who embraced my messages. I optimistically led a team of committed people who witnessed the expanding crowds and teams of women and children who rallied around our campaign to grant this country the change it was longing for.

I was there I led the charge. But this spirit was not reflected in votes.

My district and my people sacrificed politically so that I could be the voice for the entire country. The people of Wau-Bulolo District accepted the limitations of having their MP in opposition for 2 terms.

They understood that the resources that developed their infrastructure and delivered services to them came from my own innovation and my willingness to find new and creative ways to access funds and roll out programs in my district with very limited resources from opposition.

Today many voices and faces that were given a chance to commit to lasting change are criticizing my recent decisions and direction. Importantly, I too had beliefs in those in all electorates in PNG that are criticizing me now.

My expectation was that they were going to help me to create change with confidence. Many social media campaigners will never do anything more than sit in the luxury of a virtual reality and criticize.

They will use the thin veil of online chat rooms to analyse and theorize without ever risking anything, not even a vote in a secret ballot.

I respect...

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