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Wednesday, 22 November



By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG will officially present Mining Exploration Licences to two Landowner companies tomorrow in Tinputz.
The ceremony will be witnessed by all members of the ABG including media and the people of Tinputz.
The ABG President CHIEF DR.JOHN MOMIS will officially handover the Exploration licenses to the two companies.
The ceremony will also include activities by landowners from the project sites.




221117 Terms and conditions
By Theresa Baranangko
Domestic Violence has become an offence since the passing of the Bill in 2013 by the National Parliament.
Buka Police Station Senior Constable, Ms Joyce Tseraha says that since the legalization of the Act, anyone caught breaching the law will pay the possible consequences thereof.
She says anyone caught in the act is guilty of breaking the law and will be responsible to pay a court fine of K5000 or two (2) years imprisonment.
According to the Act, victims of Domestic Violence are given the measures to weigh the law breakers. According to Ms. Tsereha, Family Protection order is made available for any members of the family to apply against any accused member.
A family member includes a spouse of a person, the child or a step child of person, in-law, grandparents or any other person that is treated by the spouse as a family member.
She says application for the protection can be made by the complainant or he or she can use another person to apply on his or her behalf. Protection order can be issued by both the village court and District court.




221117 Family protections Act,
By Theresa Baranangko
Domestic violence has become an offence within families within Papua New Guinea after the National Parliament passed the Family protection Act in 2013. This was according to the Buka Police Station Senior Constable, Ms. Joyce Tseraha.
She says the Family Protection Act calls for the right to issue family protection order for men, women and children who mainly suffers from abuse.
She says the Act is purposely framed to promote safe and strong family and to prevent domestic violence and also ensure if there is effective legal protection for victims of domestic violence.
The main principal of the Act is for everyone to be free from domestic violence, make domestic violence a public affair and not private matter and be responsible to fight against domestic violence for the benefit of our communities.
She says to achieve the objective of this Act in our communities; everyone must exercise the functions and duties of the Act and take into account the principals of the Act.



By Aloysius Laukai

The members of the ABG today spent whole day listening to presentations by UN, DFAT and Ombudsman Commission officers before sitting for their special Parliament session to gauge the views of all members on presentations that will be made on behalf of the ABG and the people of Bougainville at the December Joint Supervisory Body meeting between the ABG leaders and the National Government leaders including their technical teams.

The day started at the ABG Parliament in the morning with the ABG House convening the meeting and then adjourned to get presentations.
The first Presentation was made by UN representative LUCA who talked on the South Sudan Referendum experience, then the hot one was the presentation by the Ombudsman Commission on the roles and responsibilities on the ABG members.
The Ombudsman Commission had earlier stopped the transaction by ABG members using the Constituency grants deposited into their personal accounts.
The members were told that similar to the National Governments DSIP and PSIP funding, all monies must go into Constituency accounts that must be opened and Committees must be set up to manage these accounts with two or more signatories including the members.
The members were told that what they were doing was wrong and they could be referred to the public prosecutor for prosecution.
They told them that this was an act of misconduct in office.
After the presentations members were able to make comments on these presentations.
New Dawn FM understands that this will be the first time for the ABG members to set up constituency accounts since the Constituency Development Grants were introduced by the first ABG house.
Meanwhile the Chief Secretary, JOSEPH NOBETAU said that he was happy that the members will now comply with the Public Finance Management laws and this is part of the governments Good Governance program.
He said that the Ombudsman Commission was just performing its duties and making it clear to the members. Leaders and Senior Public Servants are guided by financial laws that guide them in carrying out their roles and responsibilities.



Australia Defends Alternative Accommodation for Asylum Seekers Against UN Criticism "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

An undated image released November 13, 2017 shows detainees staging a protest inside the compound at the Manus Island detention centre in Papua New Guinea. Refugee Action Coalition/Handout via Reuters

An undated image released November 13, 2017 shows detainees staging a protest inside the compound at the Manus Island detention centre in Papua New Guinea. Refugee Action Coalition/Handout via Reuters

Sydney/Geneva: Australias foreign minister said on Wednesday that asylum seekers occupying an abandoned Australian-run detention camp in Papua New Guinea (PNG) can relocate to...


Situation on Australian Offshore Processing Centre Deteriorates by the Day UN "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

21 November 2017 Three weeks following the closure of the Manus Island regional processing centre, the situation on the ground is very serious and deteriorates by the day, a senior United Nations official on protection of refugees has said.

Offshore processing centre for asylum seekers on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. Photo: Australian Government DIBP |Source: UN News Centre

Without distribution of food and clean water over the last three weeks [and] significant accumulation of waste and rubbish in the hot and humid weather, the health and sanitation is becoming a very significant issue, Nai Jit Lam, Deputy Regional Representative of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), currently on Manus Island, told journalists in Geneva over the phone.

The people that we have spoken to are extremely angry and they see this as an opportunity to tell the world and to show the world, years of anger about how they have been treated over the four years, after being forcibly transferred to Papua New Guinea, he added.

According to the UN refugee agency, the conditions and the lack of medicines, increasing number of refugees and asylum seekers at the former facility are falling physically and mentally unwell. Alternative accommodation and services outside the facility are still under construction and it could be anothe...


Campaign to target violence towards females PNG Daily News

22nd  November 2017

The Inap Nau campaign which is aimed at reducing violence against women and girls in Papua New Guinea was recently launched in Port Moresby.


The campaign will focus on youths to be the agents of change within our communities by promoting non-violent conflict resolutions within households and community.


OxFam which is behind the campaign, highlighted that PNG is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman or a girl.


PNG in 2014 was ranked 140 out of 155 countries in the world in terms of the Gender Inequality under the Human development Index.


This equated to about 2 thirds of women in PNG experiencing physically and sexually abuse.


Unfortunately in PNG, Domestic violence against women and girls is perceived normal and most members of the society accept this behavior as being part of our culture.


This is what the Inap Nau campaign will advocate against.


Meantime, Minister for National Planning, Richard Maru at the official launching of the campaign said the government must get behind this campaign.

Author: Jemimah Sukbat via Loop PNG

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Anti corruption agency had to go: PNG PM O'Neill Papua New Guinea Today

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter ONeill told Parliament Tuesday that the Investigation Task Force Sweep Team was disbanded in 2014 because it was becoming too political and going on a political witch-hunt.

ONeill said the inter-government agency was set up to investigate specific issues of massive corruption at the National Planning Department, especially the Rehabilitation Education Sector Infrastructure (RESI) funds and National Agriculture Development Programmes.

It was not investigating suspects involved in misappropriating public funds from the National Planning Department, he said.

Millions of public monies were stolen without proper procurement process. And, of course it was due to mismanagement.

Subsequently the Task Force was becoming too political and targeting politicians when it was not authorised to do so. Thats why it was disbanded.

ONeill said the Independent Commission against Corruption Bill was tabled in Parliament to replace the disbanded agency.

But in the last parliament, we could not pass the Bill because we didnt muster the numbers. It will be reintroduced in this parliament. And Im urging all the 111 MPs to support this Bill.

He was responding to Moresby North West MP Sir Mekere Morauta who claimed that the disbanding of the Task Force was because ONeill was under investigation.

He also claimed that ONeill had ordered Police Commissioner Gari Baki to close the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate.

There was no direction from me or the Cabinet to shut down the fraud squad. This matter has been dealt in court, he said.

And many court decisions have justified Governments decision to date. Koim later challenged the Cabinet decision to disband the agency in court. But Justice Collin Makail said it would be contrary to the law for the court to intervene in policy decisions made by the Government. He said the appropriate actions, if people were aggrieved by a Cabinet decision, were to exercise their constitutional rights to replace the Cabinet members at the elections, or have the prime minister voted out of office in a vote of no-confidence through Parliament.



November verse 10: Dear Tony "GroovUs Feed Anews"

On Sky News this week Tony Abbott said (and you can scroll to the bottom of the post to listen for yourself):

If you ask yourself what is the pinnacle of human achievement thus far, countries with democratic elections, with liberal institutions, with freedom and prosperity and a measure of fairness for all in other words, western countries, particularly English speaking countries this is the greatest human creation yet. We should cherish it, we should celebrate it. Unfortunately, too many of us are ignorant of that which has shaped us. Were ignorant of the great books; were ignorant of Shakespeare, ah, the New Testament. Weve forgotten so much of our history, particularly British history.

Different parts of that utterance will stick more strongly in different peoples craws. Heres what I can manage in fourteen lines (I had to leave the tokenising of Shakespeare for another day):

November verse 10: Dear Tony
Come on, Tone, this great creation
was fought for, didnt grow on trees
and its unfinished. Celebration?
Sure, but also honour, please,
the millions worldwide whove been murdered,
starved, betrayed, displaced or herded
cattle-like, by Empire Brits.
I know this thought gives you the shits
but how high on your fairness measure
are Don Dale, Manus, PNG,
or Nauru, CentreLink, or Bre?
Yes, history is rich with treasure.
Jesus? History fact for you:
brown, Aramaic-speaking  Jew.

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PNG Hunters to play Broncos, Warriors in trial matches in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Today

The PNGRFL, chairman Tsaka has announced that the PNG Hunters will play two preseason matches against NRL clubs the Brisbane Broncos and the New Zealand Warriors at the National Football Stadium in February, 2018.
These are two big lead up games for us leading to the Queensland Rugby League Intrust Super Cup in 2018, Tsaka said.
I have discussed with Michael (Marum) and hes aware of this and will draw up the training programme for the offseason next month to get the squad ready for matches against the Warriors and Broncos.

This is another big for us to have our Hunters play NRL clubs. We are sure the NFS will be packed for these two matches as fans will want to see our boys take on the best of the NRL.
Tsaka said the PNGRFL had invited the clubs to play a preseason fixture in Port Moresby against the Q-Cup champions and the Broncos and Warriors had accepted.

The Hunters played the Penrith Panthers at the beginning of 2016 in front of a sell-out NFS with the same numbers expected for the two matches.


National Agriculture Summit Underway PNG Daily News

The Inaugural National Agriculture Summit commenced on Monday.

Prime Minister, Peter ONeil, opened the summit to indicate his Governments commitment to really improve the sector.


The Summit was also attended by Government Ministers and Parliamentary Leaders.


In his Opening Remarks, Agriculture Minister, Benny Allan, said this summit gives the opportunity for the private investors both large and small to talk, and the Government to listen.


He said the Government has come up with policies for the Agriculture Sector, but has not sat down with the players to listen to them.


Referring to the theme of the Agriculture Summit of Unlocking the Power of Agriculture for PNG, Prime Minister, Peter ONeil, reiterated its importance and reaffirms his governments commitment in the sector as captured in the Alotau Accord.


Weve seen PNGs Economy go into vast cycles for quite a while, largely because we over depend ourselves on one sector of the Economy (resources). And it has serve PNG well, but I think were too complaisant and we are not realising all the other potentials that we have in our country. Especially, when all the Commodity Prices of Oil and Gas goes down, our economy goes down.


Representatives from all sectors of Agriculture packed the Lamana Conference Room to be part of this first ever organised National Agriculture Summit.


Presentations are based on each Agricultural Business and investment and the challenges they face including solutions to assist the Government improve the sector.


The conclusion of the summit will assist the Government through the Department of Agriculture, come up with a Medium Term Agriculture Development Plan.


The Summit will continue today(Monday) and will end on Wednesday afternoon.


Author: Charmaine Poriambep of Loop PNG

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Do Australians care more about their phones than refugees on Manus Island? "IndyWatch Feed"

Do Australians care more about their phones than refugees on Manus Island?Even if Australians are racist and indifferent to the plight of refugees, pointing this out is hardly likely to win support for the cause. read now...


Seven questions for Derek Aihari, Director of InvestSolomons Business Advantage PNG

The Solomon Islands economy has experienced steady growth over the last two years. Derek Aihari, Director of InvestSolomons tells Business Advantage PNG that the country is looking to develop its already close links to Papua New Guinea.

The Heritage Park Hotel in Honiara. Credit: Heritage Park.

Business Advantage PNG (BAPNG): What are the most important sectors in the Solomon Islands?

Derek Aihari (DA): We mainly depend on fisheries and agriculture as our main sectors. We also rely on forestry.

BAPNG: The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) ended in June 30 of this year. How has this affected the country?

InvestSolomons Derek Aihari

DA: During the times when RAMSI was with us it brought in a number of good things, including improvements in security and also the general environment in terms of improving the social sector as well as the economic reforms we underwent. We are confident that we will continue after they have left.

Over the last few yearssince the problems we have hadwe have recovered. We have...


Big Gerry says Jacinda has gone too far regarding Manus Island "IndyWatch Feed"

Gerry Brownlee was shaping up to be a good Foreign Minister until Bill lost the election. He was on Radio NZ yesterday morning talking about the ham-fisted and embarrassing manner in which Jacinda Ardern has been pushing the Manus Island issue. National foreign spokesperson Gerry Brownlee has backed the Australian approach to asylum seekers who []

The post Big Gerry says Jacinda has gone too far regarding Manus Island appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


PNG RFL Praise Kumuls Performances PNG Daily News

Despite A Successful Campaign In The 2017 RLWC, PNG Kumuls Arrived Into The Country Yesterday On A Quite Mode.



Source: Post-Courier

Despite a successful campaign in the 2017 RLWC, PNG Kumuls arrived into the country yesterday on a quite mode.

PNG Rugby Football League (RFL) Chairman Sandis Tsaka praised the efforts of the team and said despite going down to England in the quarter final, PNG Kumuls now have the opportunity to take on other nations in the upcoming world Cup in 2021.

The Kumuls are now split up, with several NRL players based in Australia remaining.
The other Super League and PNG based players arrived in the country and will depart for their home provinces.
Tsaka thanked the efforts of coach Michael Marum with his coaching staff, the players, and officials behind the scene to participate in the competition.

Tsaka said PNGs ranking will now change as a result depending on their finish on the quarterfinals but will wait after the end of the World Cup to determine PNGS new ranking in the world.

This year has being a good one for the code itself, PNG was ranked 16th in the last World Cup but we know we can take on from this experience to improve the code through junior programs starting next year, he added.

Meanwhile, coach Marum was hopeful of the teams performance and said the boys had displayed to the best of their ability in all four matches.

Marum said without the support of the coaching staff, players and supporters, the team would not have made it to the quarterfinals.

However, Kumuls captain David Mead who seemed disappointed due to him missing out on the match said the team put a bravery show on their performance.

It was great being part of the team for the last seven weeks of the World Cup, he added.
Mead said it was an emotional experience, but the exposure has brought a new stepping stone and adventure for the code of rugby league in PNG.

For Meads career, he said he will still show up in the next World Cup in 2021 but will travel to Australia to continue his contract with the NRL Brisbane Broncos in the next season.

The PNG Kumuls will meet again for another camp for the 2018 Pacific test by mid June next year.



Mead: Ive learned to accept it and move on PNG Daily News

Captain of the PNG LNG Kumuls, David Mead says he was disappointed on how the World Cup ended for him.

Mead only lasted 90 seconds in PNGs 36-6 quarter-final loss to England on Sunday and was ruled out for the remainder of the match after failing his Head Injury Assessment.


It was obviously very frustrating sitting on the sideline and watching. It was pretty hard to accept at first four or five hours after the game.


As a player, you dont ever want to miss a single game at a World Cup. But that stuff happens in rugby league so you have to learn to accept it.


It would have been good to finish, but it wasnt to be.


Ive learned to accept it and move on.


On the game, Mead said the whole team was shattered after Sundays loss, and breaking camp was very emotional.


The boys were disappointed. But we can be better going forward.


The 29 year old finished by saying he still wants to play on until the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.


I still feel pretty young. Hopefully Im still playing well by then.

 Author: Troy Taule

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Canadian diamond producer to resume mining off Namibian coast Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

DF Discoverer on mining site. Reference photo by Diamond Fields International.

Valentina Ruiz Leotaud | | November 21, 2017

Vancouver-based Diamond Fields International announced that it is set to resume its mining activities off the coast of Namibia in 2018.

In an alliance with International Mining and Dredging Holdings, the Canadian miner ran a bulk sampling program whose results officials say were extremely encouraging, with an unexpected high frequency of large, high-value stones.

According to a press release signed by DFIs CEO Sybrand Van Der Spuy, diamonds recovered from the so called concession ML 111 are of the highest gem quality. The recent testing, he said, even exceeded his...


ONeill flags new initiatives to promote agriculture in Papua New Guinea Business Advantage PNG

Prime Minister Peter ONeill and his Agriculture Minister, Benny Allen, have promised to boost access to credit for agricultural projects, develop import substitution and strengthen agricultural institutions. They were addressing the countrys inaugural National Agriculture Summit in Port Moresby this week.

The Inaugural National Agriculture Summit in Port Moresby.

The PNG economy has been through boom and bust cycles over the years, largely because the successive governments have depended on one sector of the economy, the resources sector, Prime Minister Peter ONeill told the conference.

When the commodity prices for copper, oil, gold and gas go down, our economy takes a huge dive.

For example, about 10 years ago, we used to earn K2 billion in oil and gas taxes. Last year, we would have been lucky if we got K200 million. No country can afford that kind of decline and that it is why it is crucial that we continue to build the potential we have in other sectors of the economy, building the base of our economy so it can sustain such shocks.


Import replacement

Agriculture is P...


Aust responsible for Manus refugees: UN "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Manus Island refugees.

Manus Island refugees.

The situation for hundreds of asylum seekers stranded on a Papua New Guinea island is getting worse every day, a UN refugee official says, urging Australia to resume its responsibility for them.

Australia closed the offshore detention centre on Manus Island at the end of October, but some 380 refugees and asylum seekers have refused to leave, citing safety fears outside the centres walls.

The situation on the ground is very serious and deteriorating day by day, said Nai Jit Lam, a regional representative of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) on Tuesday.

Lam said medicines ran out last week, their health is suffering in the hot and humid weather, and they have started digging wells inside the centre to get water.

The 250 others who have moved out of the centre face an apprehensive local population and unfinished alternative housing on the island, Lam said, adding that the migrants do not speak the local language.

Australia must continue to take responsibility and play an active role in achieving solutions, Lam said.

The United Nations had long criticised the living conditions on Australias offshore migrant centres, while the government argued that they deter people smugglers.

Last year, Papua New Guineas Supreme Court ruled the Manus camp illegal and asked the government to close it.

The post Aust responsible for Manus refugees: UN appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Why is Fiji selling out its coastlines? Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

The Sigatoka River Valley. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

A mining project at the mouth of Fijis second biggest river undermines the governments stated commitment to green development.

Kate Wheeling | Pacific Standard | 21 November 2017

Some years back, Angie Lalabalavus grandson dipped a fishing net into a hidden pool he discovered in the stretch of shoreline in front of her house on Fijis Viti Levu island, right where the Sigatoka River meets the Pacific Ocean. When he pulled it out, the net was crawling with hundreds of mud crabs. They picked out the very biggest and threw the rest back, and the family frequently harvested dinners from the pool.

Now the pool is gone, and the crabs with it, and Lalabalavu doesnt think theyll ever come back.This place was full of fish, crabs, and prawns, the 60-year-old says, gesturing to the break in the tree line. In earlier...


The late President Kabuis family reunites after 9 years Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

Tomb of the late President Joseph Kabui
The tomb of late Bougainville President Joseph Kabui


ARAWA - It was in June 2008, whilst he was still in office, that Joseph Kabui, the founding president of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, died.

Conflict immediately broke out over the burial place of the deceased between Kabuis matrilineal family of Enamira Village in the Panguna District of central Bougainville and his widow and her four daughters from Tadolima Village in the Bana District of south Bougainville.

The friction developed because, to the Nasioi people, a deceased chief of a family must be buried in his original homeland amongst his family so the power and respect he had will flow down his family line.

This Nasioi belief however was not in line with what the public wanted during the funeral ceremony of the president. Many of them stood up to the concerned nieces of the president and said the casket was state property and the rightful owners should be his wife and daughters.

Only now has that conflict been resolved. On Saturday 21 October the argument was laid to rest in a small reconciliation ceremony beside President Kabuis tomb at Tadolima village.

The confrontation erupted on the same day the president was pronounced dead at his official Hutjena residence in Buka in 2008.

It persisted as the presidents casket travelled throughout locations in PNG and in Bougainville and it went on for nine years during which there was no interaction between the two parties.


Neighbors rescue 6yo girl from witch hunters' deadly knife attack "IndyWatch Feed World"

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has called on tribes to end ritualistic torture, after a six-year-old child was attacked with knives on the suspicion she brought a hex on her community. O'Neill said violent abuse, largely perpetrated by men, against women and girls accused of sorcery must stop. His call comes after the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation, a charity to help indigenous peoples, revealed the rescue of a young girl from a village in Enga province last week. The girl had been accused of 'sanguma,' a fabled practice of witchcraft. According to the charity, the girl received burns and slash wounds from heated knives.


Population explosion makes protection of customary land vital Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

PNG Population ProjectionEDDIE TANAGO

PORT MORESBY - Papua New Guineas population is growing at an explosive rate, which makes retaining control of customary land vitally important.

Customary land is very valuable. It sustains a huge economy and provides employment for three million local farmers.

Customary land is also vital for food security and it makes people strong and self-reliant.

The 2011 national census reported PNGs population to be 7.2 million but, at a growth rate of over 2% a year, it has already grown to an estimated 8.3 million.[

That is a 1.1 million or 15% increase in just 6 years.

By 2030, it is estimated our population will be 10.5 million - an increase of 2.2 million or 26% on todays figure.

This increase in population cannot go unnoticed by the government, which must stop its efforts to register customary land as that opens the door to illegal land deals and land alienation.

The government must also stop encouraging and allowing foreign owned industries to take control of customary land.

Our customary land is already valuable and, when we allow outsiders onto it under the guise of logging, mining, oil palm or other activities, we lose a vital asset; one that is only going to be even more crucial for our children and their children's children.

Retaining control of customary land will help reduce the impacts of PNGs population explosion by providing a home, food security and employment for our children.

Tuesday, 21 November


Australia, New Zealand, PNG combined disciplined forces Training ends Papua New Guinea Today

The Public Order Management Tactical Trainer Qualifying program between the three discipline forces in the country and Australian Federal Police including New Zealand Police officially ended this morning at the McGregor Police Barracks. The training purposely was to teach officers crowd control especially rioting situations in the future.

Australian Federal Police Detective Superintendent Shane McLennan said they have gone through three weeks of internship training and he is happy to see participants eventually graduate from the three weeks training program led by AFP Sergeant Garry Hahn.
Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo said he was happy to see the three discipline forces in the country doing trainings together to prepare for the upcoming APEC Summit next year.

PNGDF Lieutenant Colonel Boniface Aruma said the type of training led by AFP to engage our discipline forces was crucial and he applauded them. He was pleased to see everyone contributing their efforts to host one of the biggest national events next year.

He added that such training will go a long way into the future after the APEC summit. He said preparations of APEC in the country have truly boosted the capability of the three discipline forces through the assistance of Australian and New Zealand governments.

Participants included three PNGDF Officers, three CIS officers and eight police personnel, six from Special Service Division and two from Police Public Safety Division and one AFP officer.
AFP imparted skills the officers needed and they are now ready to become trainers of local discipline forces personnel around the country for crowd control.



Media must ask LNP: Do you intend to allow the Manus refugees to die? "IndyWatch Feed"

Since the days of the Tampa, seventeen years ago,  Ive heard it said repeatedly that Australians dont care about what happens to asylum seekers and refugees who arrived here by boat, perfectly legitimately, seeking only sanctuary. Obviously after seventeen years, during which the treatment of boat arrivals has only gone downhill, I must finally accept

The post Media must ask LNP: Do you intend to allow the Manus refugees to die? appeared first on The AIM Network.


Fiji Bati bid to win Papua New Guinea Today

The never-say-die attitude of the Vodafone Fiji Bati players on Saturday showed how important brotherhood was to the team.

Towards the end of the game, players were slower to get up and looked injured, but stood up anyway playing their hearts out.

"It is a sign of team spirit and harmony. They are prepared to do anything for each other. The credit goes to the senior player Kevin Naiqama, who instilled a proud culture," former Fiji Bati captain Petero Civoniceva said.

"We are proud of the brotherhood, which has grown throughout the course of this tournament."

A former Kangaroo himself, Civoniceva said if Fiji's defensive line held, the Bati could also surprise the Australian Kangaroos on Friday.

"We have a wonderful occasion for the boys to take on the world's best. It would be a game that many outside our time wouldn't think we would be capable of playing.

"But we've given ourselves every chance and we have shown last week that anything is possible.

"With the style we played last week, we showed that we could control the ball really well, we completed our sets well and that gave us a chance and defence was the cornerstone of that victory."

Civoniceva said defence would be critical when playing against players such as Cooper Cronk, Bill Slater and Cameron Smith.

"Your defence has to be on point, if it's not, Australia's got players who can really hurt or expose you," Civoniceva said.

Meanwhile,  Fiji Bati team spent most of Monday relaxing, but had an hour or so of recovery session at the Southbank in Brisbane, Australia.

Players had a pool session and finished with stretching exercises.

"I think for all of us we want to put what happened in the week behind us now. Now we focus on the next few days really to get preparation right.

"We need to make sure we have enough time to get over the bumps and bruises from the weekend and be ready.

"We have pretty much come through the game in good shape, only few bumps and bruises.

"It was a tough physical match(on Saturday)for Mick Reid (trainer), in his program it is all about rest and recovery and for the body to be back to 110 per cent as quickly as possible."

While Fijian fans celebrated all over the globe on Sunday, the Fiji Bati team travelled to Brisbane.

"It (the win) was amazing and definitely announced ourselves to the Rugby League World that Fiji is a country on the rise.

"The general mood is tha...



By Aloysius Laukai

Early Childhood learning centres from North and Central Bougainville combined and commemorated the International Childrens Day at the Hahela Parish on Buka island.
Schools from as far as Wakunai, Tinputz and Selau Suir plus Schools on Buka island, Halia, Hagohe and Tsitalato met at the Hahela Parish and commemorated this day.
Bougainville Diocese Early Childhood coordinator, MARIETHA RUMINA said that celebrating childrens day after four years of operation throughout Bougainville was a big achievement.
She called on Parents to support their children at these early age as these are the critical years of learning for the Children.
She said that children are the future leaders and must be supported by all.

Childrens day 2017 150

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